; Introduction to NetIQ AppManager 5
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Introduction to NetIQ AppManager 5


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									Nebula Internals Today

           Brian Arkills
                Problems Today
• Problems reported daily with vbAdm. Errors often are
  cryptic. Repros involve long sequences of actions.
• Last stable version of vbAdm? No one knows! 
• A fix to a vbAdm problem breaks something else.
• Long lead time to adjust all code to respond to
  environment changes or to create new reports
• Sporadic strange errors passed to users by loginnt.
  These are directly linked to limitations in the Access
  technology behind the Nebula DB.
                  A Vision For 2006
• Separation of core code into a clear framework
   – Framework provides basis for architectural assumptions and core
       • Consistent functionality across any application that makes use of it
       • A framework for easily adding additional functionality outside of the
         GUI interface.
• Takeaways:
   – This should result in much quicker response to changes and
   – Greater stability will result as a fix won’t cause unforeseen
     (broken) behavior elsewhere
                I’m Not Dead Yet!
• vbAdm dies. New application with both GUI and web
  interface are provided with cleaner design and
   – Same underlying functionality is retained
   – Exceptions are passed to the user, so debugging is simplified
   – We lose the nest of ugly code we inherited that’s very difficult to
            How’d We Get Here?
• Grew out of Windows for Workgroups and NT 3.5
• Microsoft Access database format was cutting edge
• Inability/reluctance to use Active Directory to store user
  info from other services
• Pasted Calendaring service onto existing Windows +
  Unix services
• Low engineer count (had to fit this in somewhere )
• Lack of structured approach to coding
                vbAdm At A Glance
Behind vbAdm are almost all the core pieces of the Nebula
infrastructure. They include:
   – UW Staff Directory
   – Active Directory
   – Nebula DB which most notably manages:
      • Loginnt and application packages
      • Web reports
   – Oracle Calendar
   – “Ref” which manages:
      •   Nebula-unified Unix password file for file servers
      •   Nebula home directories
      •   Pine configuration files
      •   Account/Group creation in Active Directory
   – Shiva for on-demand port scans
   – LPN for printer queues
Delving Into vbAdm
  Where We Want To Go Tomorrow
• Veteran’s Day, 2005: Have working demo of re-
  architected Nebula core
• Thanksgiving, 2005: Begin review within Nebula
  Engineering on design and implementation details
• Christmas, 2005: Migrate Nebula DB to SQL Server 2005
  and Active Directory
• Martin Luther King Day, 2005: Release replacement for
• Groundhog’s Day 2006: Throw release party
Nebula Internals Tomorrow
•   The Nebula infrastructure is complex
•   vbAdm bridges that complexity, but it’s not optimal
•   Nebula Engineering knows vbAdm isn’t optimal
•   Nebula Engineering is working on a BIG fix
•   Be patient. 

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