Christmas Eve Midnight Service

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    Christmas Eve Midnight Service
              December 24, 2010

Celebrating 10 years of Hope
                                     Please remember to silence or turn off your cell phone

Chiming in the Hour

The Church Gathers in God’s Presence

Prelude	      	       	        																					Christmas Medley	         	           	   	            						Steve	Filkins

Welcome and Announcements	                            	           	           	           	   																				

*Processional Hymn	            										Angels We Have Heard on High	                    	   									    													see	pg	9

*Invocation 	         	        	          	           	           	           	           	   							      							Peter	Keltch

      God of all ages,
      in the birth of Christ
      your boundless love for your people
      shattered the power of darkness.
      Be born in us with that same love and light,
      that our song may blend with all the choirs of heaven and earth
      to the glory of your holy name. Amen.

Lighting of the Advent Candle	                        	           	           	

      One:	   Rejoice,	people	of 	God!	The	light	has	come	into	the	world.
              (member lights the four Advent candles)
      	       O	God,	now	we	light	the	candle	of 	your	nativity!
              (member lights the center white Christ candle)
      Two:	   With	the	company	of 	heaven	and	with	sounds	of 	great	joy,	you	come	to	us.	This	is	the	time	
      	       of 	light	and	resplendent	joy.	
      One:	   The	prophet	Isaiah	proclaimed	a	time	when	those	who	walked	in	the	shadows	would	see	
      	       a	great	light.	A	light	would	shine	and	a	child	would	be	born	to	us.	The	evangelist	Luke	
      	       painted	the	nativity	sky	and	repeated	the	heavenly	song	of 	the	angels,	“Glory,	peace	on	earth	
      	       and	goodwill!”	John	declared	that	this	great	light	is	Christ,	the	Word	made	flesh.	This	great	
      	       light	lives	among	us.	By	it	we	behold	God’s	glory—full	of 	grace	and	truth.	At	Christ’s	
      	       nativity,	we	now	rejoice.	
      All:    God, our Life and Light, thank you for coming this night to us. Thanks for touching
              all heaven and earth with your splendor. In every corner of the world, shine this
              night with your peace. In every corner of our hearts, shine this night with your grace.

                                   * The People will rise in body or spirit
                                                  Page 2
*Carol Medley
                                    Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
                Hark!	The	herald	angels	sing,	“Glory	to	the	Christ-child	bring;
                 Peace	on	earth	and	mercy	mild,	God	and	sinner	reconciled!”
                    Joyful,	all	ye	nations	rise,	join	the	triumph	of 	the	skies;
                With	th’angelic	host	proclaim,	“Christ	is	born	in	Bethlehem!”
                Hark!	The	herald	angels	sing,	“Glory	to	the	Christ-child	bring.”
                Hail	the	Bearer	of 	God’s	peace!	Hail	the	Sun	of 	righteousness,
                Light	and	life	to	all	you	bring,	risen	with	healing	in	your	wings.
                  Mild	you	lay	your	glory	by,	born	that	we	no	more	may	die,
                 Born	to	raise	us	all	from	earth,	born	to	give	us	second	birth.
                Hark!	The	herald	angels	sing,	“Glory	to	the	Christ-child	bring.”

                                    Go, Tell It on the Mountain
                 Go,	tell	it	on	the	mountain,	Over	the	hills	and	everywhere;
                    Go,	tell	it	on	the	mountain	that	Jesus	Christ	is	born!
               While	shepherds	kept	their	watching	o’er	silent	flocks	by	night,
              Behold!	throughout	the	heavens	there	shone	a	holy	light.	(Chorus)
                   Down	in	a	lowly	manger	the	humble	Christ	was	born,
            And	brought	us	God’s	salvation	that	blessed	Christmas	morn.	(Chorus)

                            * The People will rise in body or spirit
                                           Page 3
                                      It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
                       It	came	upon	a	midnight	clear,	that	glorious	song	of 	old,
                   From	angels	bending	near	the	earth	to	touch	their	harps	of 	gold:
                 “Peace	on	the	earth,	good	will	to	all,	from	heaven	the	news	we	bring.”
                       The	world	in	solemn	stillness	lay	to	hear	the	angels	sing.
                      For	lo,	the	days	are	hast’ning	on,	by	prophets	seen	of 	old,
                    When	with	the	ever-circling	years	shall	come	the	time	foretold,
                     When	peace	shall	over	all	the	earth	its	ancient	splendors	fling,
                  And	the	whole	world	send	back	the	song	which	now	the	angels	sing.

The Church Proclaims the Word

First Reading	        	       																								Isaiah	9:2-7	   	      	   	         							Peter	Keltch

      One:	   Words	of 	hope	and	promise.
      All:    Thanks be to God.	     	              								

Ministry in Music	 	          	          										O Holy Night	      	      	   								Steve	Filkins,	soloist


                                  * The People will rise in body or spirit
                                                 Page 4
*Second Reading	 				                  																							Luke	2:1-20	      	         	        	         							Diana	Treat

         One:		    God	be	with	you.
         All:      And also with you.
         One:		    A	reading	from	the	Holy	Gospel	according	to	Luke.
         All:      Glory to you O God.

         One:		 This	is	the	Gospel	of 	Hope.
         All:   Praise to you Creator, Christ and Holy Spirit.


Sermon	            	         	         	         	          	          	        	         	        					Rev.	Dr.	Joe	Meinhart

The Church Lives Its Calling

Invitation to Discipleship	                      	          	          	        	         	        																			Beth	Sterling

         Open our eyes to Christ’s presence in the shadows of our world,
         so that we, like him, may become beacons of God’s justice,
         and defenders of all for whom there is no room.

*Exchange of Peace	                    	         	          	          																		You	are	invited	to	greet	those	near	you

Offertory																											 																	Some Children See Him								
                                                  	                                       	        												Bill	Wade,	soloist
                                                          Alfred	Burt

                                           * The People will rise in body or spirit
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Christmas Eve Holy Communion

Sursum Corda

	    One:	   God	be	with	you.
     All:    And also with you.
     One:	   Open	your	hearts.
     All:    We open our hearts for the coming of Christ.
     One:	   Let	us	give	thanks	and	praise	to	God.
     All:    It is right to give God thanks and praise.
     One:	   And	so,	we	praise	you,	Emmanuel,	God	among	us:
     	       As	we	celebrate	Jesus’	birth,	Mary’s	son,	Child	of 	Promise,	Sign	of 	your	constant	presence.
     	       Emmanuel,	God	among	us,
     All:    We give you thanks and praise.
     One:	   Held	safe	in	his	mother’s	arms,	one	of 	the	weak	in	a	land	taken	by	those	who	were	strong.		
     	       Welcomed	by	fabled	visitors	from	afar,	and	awe-struck	locals.	Fleeing	danger	at	home,	and		
     	       finding	refuge	in	a	strange	land.
     	       Emmanuel,	God	among	us,
     All:    We give you thanks and praise.
     One:	   One	of 	the	poor,	Jesus	taught	us	to	share	what	we	have	with	others.	With	nowhere	to	call	
     	       home,	Jesus	taught	us	to	welcome	others	at	our	table.
     	       Emmanuel,	God	among	us,
     All:    We give you thanks and praise.
     One:	   Without	ears	to	hear	or	eyes	to	see,	those	with	much	to	lose	tried	to	destroy	him.	But	your	
     	       constant	love	broke	death’s	hold	on	him	and	Christ	became	our	way	into	your	divine	life.
     	       Emmanuel,	God	among	us,
     All:    We give you thanks and praise.
     One:	   And	so	with	all	who	love	and	serve	you,	in	the	way	that	Jesus	walked,	We	join	our	voices	in	
     	       the	angels’	song.


                              * The People will rise in body or spirit
                                             Page 6
Holy Communion
                                                           Cathedral of Hope celebrates an open communion. We
                                                           understand the sharing of the bread and the cup in Jesus’ name
Words of Institution                                       to be a representation of an ancient vision of God’s feast for all
                                                           people. We don’t require you to be a member of this church, or
                                                           any church at all, to participate with us in this feast of grace. Simply
Prayer of Consecration                                     come forward at the usher’s direction. After dipping a wafer in
                                                           the cup, the minister will place it on your tongue and offer a brief
                                                           blessing. If you prefer to serve yourself, cup your hands in front
Invitation to the Feast                                    of you as you come to receive communion. For those allergic to
                                                           gluten, gluten-free wafers are available. When you go forward for
Distribution of the Elements                               communion, simply ask for a gluten-free wafer.

                                             What Child Is This?	 	                	           									Steve	Filkins,	piano
It is our tradition at Cathedral
of Hope to rise as we end                       Joy to the World
our time of communion (as
indicated by **), join hands        **Joy	to	the	world!	the	Lord	is	come;
as an expression of our unity            Let	earth	with	praises	ring!
in Christ, and lift them up in         Let	every	heart	prepare	a	room,
glory to God.
                                         and	heaven	and	nature	sing.
We invite you to join us as you         And	heaven	and	nature	sing,
are able, in body or spirit.
                                   and	heaven,	and	heaven	and	nature	sing.

*Prayer of Thanksgiving

                                   * The People will rise in body or spirit
                                                  Page 7
*Welcoming Christmas


Postlude	   	   	      	         											Silent Night											 	   							   									Steve	Filkins,	piano

                           * The People will rise in body or spirit
                                          Page 8
*Processional Hymn	   										Angels We Have Heard on High	     	   									   							

                       * The People will rise in body or spirit
                                      Page 9
             C a thed ral o f Ho p e Okla h oma City

           w i shes everyone a Merry Ch ristma s!

   Remember the reason                        T e x t M sg Al e r ts N o w Ava i l a b l e
for the season . . . a Savior,
                                             Wi th winter fast approaching, we want
  who loves you no matter                     to be able to keep you informed. We
                                                  now have Text Message Alerts.
 who you are or where you                          Sign up at
  may be on life’s journey.

      Winds House Collection                        Council on Ministries
The Winds House collection will take place   D ue to the hol i days, we wi l l not have
       each Sunday of the month.             a Counci l on M i ni stri es Meeti ng thi s
                                                  month. S ee you i n J anuar y!
December’s collection - Cleaning Supplies
  (bathroom & kitchen cleaning supplies)

                                                   C om ing soon!
                                                Be on t h e look out
                                               for our ch urch log o
                                               on a T y le r Out door
                                                  b us b e nch a nd
                                                in t h e Me t roSt a r.
Rev. Dr. Joe Meinhart
Interim Pastor
                                                                                                            T h e Cir c le o f H o pe

Bill Wade
Minister of Music & Worship                                                                                    Bible S tudy is a
                                                                                                            time f or inte r active
Eric Brooks
                                                                                                                plan nin g an d
                                                                                                                disc u ssion f or
Larry Cassil
                                                                                                              spir itu al gr o wth
                                    CongregationaL offiCerS

Daniel Ashford                                                                                              and f e llowship. We
                                                                                                  will be discussing
Marta Patton                                                                                  A d ve n t i n th e m o n th o f
                                                                            Dec em b e r, o n th e 1 s t & 1 5 th ,
John Staton
                                                                             a t 7 p m i n th e Yo u th Ro o m .
Beth Sterling
Member                                                           S t a r t i n g J anu ar y 12th, Cir cle o f H o pe
                                                                            w i l l me e t e ve r y We dn e sday.

                                                                                               Liturgy Ministers
Judy Hey
Health & Wellness Ministry

Erik Kendall                                                  Candles: Alfredo Bahamonde                                            Cross: Beth Sterling
Communications Team                                                                Communion: Beth Sterling, Diana Treat
                                                                                     Ushers: Paul Marek, Rich Monnier
Rev. Scott Love
Liturgy Coordinator                                           Acknowledgements: Cover image: Cover Quote: Holy Bible. Printed prayers and
                                                              readings were adapted from & United Church of Canada.
Rev. Tom McDonald
Facilities Coordinator                                                                                 Choir
                                    Lay LeaderShip

Rich Monnier
Usher Coordinator
                                                                 Have you ever considered joining the choir? We meet at 4:30pm every
                                                                Sunday for rehearsal. It is a great avenue for service and spiritual growth.
Nancy Sanders
Financial Secretary
                                                                                  See Bill Wade for more information.

John Schenberg
Fellowship Team
Diana Treat                                                                             blog:
Membership Team & Liturgy Coordinator
James White                                                                     facebook:
YouTube Videographer                                                                      vimeo:
                                                                                    prayer requests:

  Giving and Expenses:                                        YTD Giving and Expenses:
                                                                                                                 To report an illness or hospitalization,
  Last Sunday Attendance:                                     YTD Giving: $
                                                                                                                               contact Nancy Sanders
  Last Sunday Giving: $                                       YTD Actual: $
                                                                                                                                    at (405) 706-7433.
  Building Fund Savings: $                                    YTD Budget: $
             Cathedral Calendar
                         December 2010 - January 2011
   Sunday          Monday          Tuesday        Wednesday             Thursday           Friday             Saturday
             19          20              21                   22                 23                 24                 25
4:30 - Choir                                                                           9:00 pm -
6:00 - Worship                                                                         Mayflower
7:00 - Afterglow                                                                       Candlelight
                                                                                       11:00 pm -
                                                                                       Midnight Service

                                                                                       Christmas Eve        Christmas Day

             26          27              28                   29                 30                 31                      1
4:30 - Choir
6:00 - Worship
7:00 - Afterglow

                                                                                       New Year’s Eve       New Year’s Day

              2             3                4                    5                6                    7                   8
4:30 - Choir
6:00 - Worship
7:00 - Afterglow

                                                 Epiphany Eve         Epiphany

              9          10              11                   12                 13                 14                 15
4:30 - Choir                                     7:00 pm -
6:00 - Worship                                   Circle of Hope
7:00 - Afterglow

                   Isaiah 63:7-9             Readings foR                        Hebrews 2:10-18
                     Psalm 148                the Week                           Matthew 2:13-23
 Cathedral of Hope Oklahoma City - PO Box 58116 Oklahoma City, OK 73157 - 405.232.HOPE

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