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					Midweek worship                            Pancakes, sausage                          Voters support study
will start March 9                         on Shrove Tuesday                          of additional staff
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                                                                      The Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany
                                                                                            Feb. 19/20, 2011
                                                                                              Vol. 35, No. 2

Galilee Gazette
Galilee Lutheran Church  4652 Mountain Road, Pasadena, MD 21122         410-255-8236

                                                    Worship moves from
                                                    mountaintop to Lent,
                                                    „Healing for Hurting‟
                                                    Worship in the next four weekends moves from the Epiphany‘s
                                                    discipleship emphasis… to climbing the mountain of Jesus‘ Trans-
                                                    figuration… and then moving into Lenten preparation for Easter.
                                                    Lenten weekend worship will use the theme ―Healing for the
                                                    Hurting‖ as we explore how Jesus‘ suffering and death bring healing
                                                    a variety of problems that hurt us in life. Here are worship details:
                                                    “You‟ve Got It All: a Foundation” is the worship theme for Feb.
                                                    19/20, based on 1 Corinthians 3:10-23. When we look for solid
                                                    ground on which to build our lives, the Apostle Paul points us to
                                                    Jesus as our foundation. More than that, we even are gathered to
                                                    form God‘s temple. Come to find out what that means in 21st
                                                    Century America.
                                                    “You‟ve Got It All: Enough” is the worship theme for Feb. 26/27,
                                                    based on 1 Corinthians 4:1-13. If we‘re ever tempted to pat ourselves
                                                    on the back because we think we‘re good Christians, Paul can help
                                                    us get a grip on reality… and show us how we are really blessed!
                                                    “Seeing the Glory” is the worship theme for March 6/7, based on 2
                                                    Peter 1:16-21. Celebrating the Transfiguration of Jesus climaxes the
                                                    Epiphany Season. We hear from Peter what it was like to see Jesus in
                                                    all His glory. But Peter also points those of us not personally on the
                                                    mountain to the Scriptures. They are a ―more certain‖ way to see the
                                                    true glory of Jesus.
EPIPHANY SEASON worship has focused
on texts from the first four chapters of Paul‘s     “Healing When We are Tempted” is the worship theme for March
first letter to the Christians in Corinth with      13/14, based on Romans 5:12-19. We begin Lenten weekend
the theme, ―You‘ve Got it All – From God.‖          worship by listening to the Apostle Paul tell us Jesus can help us
                                                    when we are tempted as our ancestors Adam and Eve were.
From Simon of Galilee

       It’s good to be
      a pastor when…
 …FRIENDS of our congregation learn a neigh-
boring family is looking for a church home. So they
invite that family to come to worship with them.

Many of our members also have done that in the past
five years. That‘s great! It‘s encouraging, too, when
other people who consider Galilee their church home             Adult inquiry process to cover
feel positive enough about us to bring their friends.
                                                                six hours Saturday, March 5
Some of those first entering our doors as guests of other         Are you a guest at Galilee who‘s interested in learning how
worshippers now are members.                                    Lutherans approach the Christian faith?
                                                                  Are you a veteran member who would like a refresher in
                                                                the basics of belief?
 …OUR LEADERS are told by a retired executive
                                                                  A one-day seminar on Saturday, March 5 is designed for
of our Southeastern District that ―your Strategic               you… or anyone else who is spiritually searching.
Ministry Plan shows that you do one of the best jobs in           ―Connecting‖ serves as an introduction to the Christian
planning of the congregations I‘ve seen.‖                       faith from a Lutheran perspective.
                                                                  Pastor Hank will teach the seminar from 9 am to 3 pm.
Our leaders invest much time and energy in seeking to           Lunch and childcare will be provided. It would be helpful to
be faithful to the mission we believe God has given us:         know about needed childcare by Wednesday noon, March 2
―Sharing God‘s Love, Changing Lives.‖ It‘s nice when            to the church office (410-255-8236).
someone says their planning for our mission and                   Reservations for the seminar can be made on the sign-up
ministry is obvious.                                            sheet on the information table in the narthex (lobby).
                                                                  The seminar also is the first step for non-Lutherans
                                                                interested in joining Galilee, although no obligation is
 …A MEMBER who‘s been away over Christmas
                                                                involved in attending. Questions? Contact Pastor Hank at
returns and learns that we fell $359 short of balancing         ( or (410-255-8236).
our expenses with offerings in 2010. So that person
makes an anonymous gift to get us ―in the black.‖
                                                                                Galilee Lutheran Church
That kind of generosity also is shown in the slips taken            4652 Mountain Rd Pasadena, MD 21122-5463
from the Epiphany Chest for jobs ranging from window               Phone: 410-255-8236 
washing to polishing pews to cleaning cutters, as well as       The Galilee Gazette is published monthly for members and friends of
funding some items.                                             Galilee Lutheran Church, Pasadena, Md. Edited by Rev. Henry Simon,
                                                                produced by Cheryl Reese, technical advice by Dan Beard; proofread by
                                                                Dale Bennett; assembled and mailed by Pat Archibald, Marty Reville,
When people demonstrate their faith in these ways, it‘s         Myrle Pugh, Pat Archibald, Penny Burke, Dale Bennett, Barb Hudgens,
good to be your pastor!                                         Bekki Higgs and Jerry Poling. Digital edition prepared by Jean Hase,

                                                                Rev. Henry A. Simon, pastor e-mail:
                                                                Cheryl Reese, office secretary e-mail:
                                                                Janet Gallo, preschool director (410-255-3504)
PS. If you‘ve been away from worship recently because                                       e-mail:
                                                                Joel Borelli-Boudreau, music director*
of sickness or travels, please know that we are praying         Wade Ritchie, organist*
for you at every service. If you would like a copy of the       G. Thomas Neuenschwander, handbell choirs director*
                                                                Gene Sanders, visitation associate *
latest weekend bulletin, please phone or e-mail the             Eileen Sanders, administration associate*
church office (info in box to the right).                       Penny Burke, cleaning service*                             * = Part-time

Midweek worship begins                                                World Religions 101 will be
Ash Wednesday, March 9,                                               offered at 9:20 am Sundays
                                                                      World Religions 101 – an eight-week class comparing
focuses on „Body of Christ‟                                           Christianity with the other major religions on our planet –
Lenten midweek worship at 11:30 am and 7 pm Wednesdays                will begin at 9:20 am Sunday, Feb. 27.
begins with solemn Holy Communion on Ash Wednesday,
March 9.                                                              The group will meet in the sanctuary each Sunday for an
                                                                      introductory video presentation by Rev. Dr. Paul Maier,
―The Body of Christ‖                                                  professor of ancient history at Western Michigan University,
will provide a theme for                                              best-selling author and former vice-president of the Lutheran
each week. Worshipers                                                 Church-Missouri Synod.
will be invited to
meditate on the human                                                 The video presentations will be followed by discussion and
body with which Jesus                                                 Bible study led by Pastor Hank in the Fellowship Hall.
brought God‘s saving
love to the world.                                                    THE VIDEO begins with the assumption that class
                                                                      participants are familiar with the basics of the Christian faith.
―The Feet of Christ: to                                               This allows comparison with non-Christian faiths in the areas
lead the way‖ will be the                                             of historical evidence, sacred writings and meaning for life.
theme on March 9.
                                                                      After the Feb. 27 introductory session, the March 5 class will
―The Hands of Christ: to                                              look at religions of the Far East – Hinduism, Buddhism,
help and heal‖ is the                                                 Sikhs, Confucianism, Taoism and Shintoism.
emphasis for March 16.
                                                                      Faiths of the Middle East, especially Judaism and Baha‘i, will
Meals and 35-minute prayer services will start March 16. A            be considered on Sunday, March 12.
light lunch will follow Noonday Prayer, while Lenten supper
from 6 to 6:45 pm will precede Evening Prayer.                        TWO SESSIONS will be devoted to Islam, the next largest
                                                                      world religion after Christianity.
Menus for the meals will be available in the bulletin for the
preceding weekend. Freewill offerings will be available to            A pair of sessions also
help cover food preparation costs.                                    will deal with religions
                                                                      that, unlike Christ-
Dale Bennett is recruiting groups to serve either the light           ianity, began in the
lunches or coordinate the suppers. If you are interested in           Western Hemisphere.
leading a group or helping serve or clean up, please contact          These include Christ-
the church office (                 ian Science, the Latter
                                                                      Day Saints (Mor-
                                                                      mons), Jehovah‘s Wit-
                                                                      nesses and Scientology
Volunteers needed for Anne Arundel
Homeless Resource Day March 26                                        A      final   wrap-up
BY BARB HUDGENS                                                       session will summarize
  Anne Arundel County will partner with several private               the findings and draw conclusions about Christianity.
agencies to hold a Homeless Resource Day on March 26.
  This event needs 300 volunteers to help welcome, direct,            The class also is offered on a monthly basis at noon on the
complete intake information, and pass out food and donated            first Wednesday of the month in the Brown Bag Bible Class.
items.                                                                That next session on March 2 will consider the religions of
  I am praying we can assemble a group of volunteers from             the Far East.
Galilee to help. If you would like more information please
contact      me      at     (410-360-2131)        or      email
(                                            Vacation Bible
  Information will also be available in the narthex (lobby).          School dates:                           July 11-15

                                                                     If you appreciate the
                                                                     video screens in church,
                                                                     can you help prep slides?
                                                                     BY DAN BEARD
                                                                     Slides Team Coordinator
                                                                     During the past four years, we've become accustomed to
                                                                     seeing the weekly announcement slides and visuals
                                                                     supporting sermons on the video screens next to the chancel
                                                                     in our sanctuary.

                                                                     Those slides are produced by a small group of people who,
                                                                     despite their busy personal lives, find the time to selflessly
DEAN CASTLE gets ready to stack supplies headed for                  give of their talents.
Lutheran mission efforts in Cameroon, West Africa.
Photo by Maryland Division, Orphan Grain Train                       However, there are occasions when it's difficult for them to
                                                                     produce slides because of work, family obligations, or
                                                                     previously planned or unforeseen events, so we could use
                                                                     some additional help.
Galilee thanked for                                                  If you're familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint and have an
assistance in shipping                                               interest in helping Galilee grow, we'd ask that you prayerfully
                                                                     consider joining the Galilee Slides Team.

container to Cameroon                                                You don't need to be a PowerPoint expert. We'll get you
                                                                     started, provide technical help, and all the moral support you
Chairperson, Maryland Division, Orphan Grain Train                   need.
Thank you, Galilee Lutheran Church, for supporting the
ministry of Orphan Grain Train for some time now.                    If you'd like to find out more about this rewarding activity,
                                                                     please contact slides team coordinator Dan Beard (410-437-
You have been such a great blessing to us and more                   6186) or (
importantly to the needy we seek to serve. Thank you from
the bottom of my heart.

The photo above shows the loading of the Cameroon
                                                                     LWML zone sets March 5 for
container on Wednesday, Nov. 17. Your member Dean
Castle is our fabulous warehouse chair.                              Catonsville prayer breakfast
                                                                     BY MARY POLING
                                                                     Galilee Lutheran Women‘s Missionary League
HE GUIDES the shipping of our containers step by step to
the final conclusion at the steel banding after each container       The Lutheran Women‘s Missionary League Baltimore Zone
is loaded and then taken to the Port of Baltimore. Ken Wilde         will hold its annual Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, March 5 at
also has been a faithful worker at these container loadings.         St. Paul Lutheran Church, Catonsville from 9 am to noon.

                                                                     There is no registration cost, but everyone is encouraged to
How blessed we are to have them and many other members
                                                                     bring PBJ (peanut butter & jelly) for the Catonsville Food
of Galilee give of their gifts and energy.
Would you pray with us that we follow the Spirit's leading as
                                                                     Following breakfast, we will meet for Bible study and
we move forward in the building of our warehouse in
                                                                     prayers. All Galilee women and their female friends are
                                                                     invited to attend. We will carpool and leave from Galilee‘s
                                                                     parking lot at 8:15 a.m.
May God bless you day by day.
                                                                     Call Mary Poling (410-437-1045) for more information.
       Opportunities to grow
   Sunday School. Classes for three-year-olds through high
school. Students through sixth grade gather at 9:15 am for
opening worship in the upstairs Preschool Classroom.
Seventh grade and older classes meet in their classrooms.
   “World Religions 101,” comparing Christianity with
claims of other world religions, using video intro and Bible
study, short-term class, Pastor Hank, sanctuary, 9:20 am.
   “Today‟s Headlines,” weekly discussions of current
news from Bible viewpoint, Headlines Class, Ken Gast,
Music-Multipurpose Room, 9:30 am.
   “Encountering Jesus,” new Bible study, Sunday
Morning Studies, George Smith, north class area, Fellowship
Hall, 9:30 am.                                                                         Friday, March 4
   “Reading Through the Bible,” guidance and help for                  “The Pilgrim‟s Progress,” discussion of John Bunyan‘s
reading the entire Bible in 365 days. Bible in a Year Class,         famous Christian allegory, after $7.50 carry-in supper,
Sara Thomas, Quiet Room, 9:30 am.                                    followed by prayer and dessert. Galilee Dinner & Book Club,
                         Monday                                      Marty & Janie Reville, Reville home (call 410-255-4684),
   “Angels and Demons,” learning about God‘s creation of            6:30 pm.
angels and how some of them fell from grace to become                                 Saturday, March 5
demons. Monday Night Bible Class, Gene Sanders, Sanders‘                “Connecting,” six-hour introduction to the basics of the
home (8439 Alvin Road, 410-360-8551), 7:30 pm.                       Christian faith from a Lutheran perspective, using the Bible
                         Tuesday                                     and Martin Luther‘s Small Catechism, childcare provided
   “Imagine Life God's Way,” exploring the parables of              (upon request) and lunch, Spring Adult Inquiry Seminar,
Jesus to gain insight for daily living, Tuesday Women‘s              Fellowship Hall, Pastor Hank, 9 am-3 pm.
Class, Vicky Eden, Eden home (419 Virginia Avenue, 410-                              Saturday, March 12
360-2572), 7 pm.                                                        “Elisha, the Ups and Downs of Discipleship,” verse-by-
                      Wednesday                                      verse study on a great Old Testament prophet, moving into 2
   “Wired Word,” one-session discussions on current                 Kings 7. Monthly Men‘s Bible Breakfast, Pastor Hank,
events and Scripture, Circuit-4 Bible Class, Atlanta Bread Co.       Fellowship Hall, 8 am.
in Village at Waugh Chapel, 6:30 pm.                                    “[Christian] Girl Talk,” surprise topic over a light
                                                                     breakfast, monthly Women‘s Saturday Class, Mary Poling,
                        Thursday                                     Capernaum Room, 8 am.
   “In the Word,” Early Risers Prayer and Bible Study, on
winter recess.
   “Out of Nothing: the Word, Creation and Faith,”
exploring what the Bible teaches about creation and how it
                                                                     Shrove Tuesday dinner offers
connects with our faith. Men‘s Thursday Night Bible Class,           pancakes, sausage on March 8
Herb LeCompte, Capernaum Room, 6:30 pm.                              A pancake dinner including sausage, apple sauce, beverages
                  Saturday, Feb. 26                                  and dessert will be served from 5 to 8 pm Shrove Tuesday,
   “Dare to be Different,” a study on witnessing to Jesus,          March 8 in our Fellowship Hall.
drawing guidance from the Scripture and other Christians,
Monthly Barnabas Breakfast Class for men, Pastor Hank,                                       Ken Gast, who is coordinating the
pick up breakfast in Fellowship Hall, meet in Nazareth, 8 am.                                fellowship meal for the Lay Ministry
                                                                                             Team, says that such suppers came
               Wednesday, March 2                                                            from the Middle Ages practice of
   “World Religions 101: the Far East,” comparing
                                                                                             using up meat and any food
Christianity with claims of other world religions, using video
                                                                                             involving frying before the Lenten
intro and Bible study, Brown Bag Bible Class (bring your
                                                                                             ―fast‖ began the next day.
lunch if you wish), Pastor Hank, Fellowship Hall, noon.
                                                                     Cost will be $6 for adults; $4 for children under 12; and
                                                                     children under 5 admitted free.

                                                                     ($800 from LWML, including $400 match by Thrivent)
Galilee organizations                                               Orphan Grain Train                                $800
                                                                     ($800 from LWML, including $400 match by Thrivent)

provide funding for                                                 Mites to regional and national LWML projects
                                                                     Individual contributions

                                                                    Road to New Life Prison Ministries                $800
missions in 2010                                                     ($800 from LWML, including $400 match by Thrivent)
    Part of every offering gathered in our worship services         Samaritan‘s Purse Postage (LWML)                          $619
goes to mission activities through the Southeastern District        St. Joseph‘s Indian School (Men of Galilee)               $200
and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.                             Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity                 $500
    But various groups in our congregation also provide               (Men of Galilee)
funding for various mission efforts of the church locally,          World Vision (Galilee Youth)                             $1,432
regionally, nationally and internationally. They are the
Lutheran Women‘s Missionary League (LWML), Men of                   Grand Total                                         $14,844
Galilee, Galilee Youth, Vacation Bible School (VBS) and
Sunday School.                                                      These figures do not include a number of projects that
    They do it through fund-raising activities and/or special       benefited Galilee in its local ministry.
    Here are the mission agencies which received funding
outside of Galilee‘s ―spending plan for ministry‖ (budget) in       LWML seeks recipes for cookbook
2010 – but still were supported by our congregation:                  The Galilee Lutheran Women‘s Missionary League
                                                                    (LWML) will be putting together a cookbook of favorite
Adopt A Student program - $100 monthly                $1,000        recipes from the ladies (and gentlemen) of our congregation.
 for ten months to a student at Concordia Seminary,                   The cookbook will be sold at the Spring Thing on Saturday,
 St. Louis. (LWML)                                                  April 30.
Angel Tree                                              $300          Proceeds will go towards:
 (Prison ministry program for children of incarcerated;                   Samaritan‘s Purse
 Men of Galilee)                                                          Emmaus Center for the homeless
Birthright                                              $800              LWML
 ($800 from LWML, including $400 match by Thrivent)                   So please dig out your favorite recipe and email it to Bekki
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch (Men of Galilee)            $200        Higgs ( or drop off at the church
                                                                    office no later than April 1. Thank you! – BH for the LWML
Emmaus Center for the homeless (LWML)              $179
Habitat for Humanity (LWML)                        $500
Heifer Project International                     $1,332
 (LWML $800, including $400 match by Thrivent, and                  Let Men of Galilee serve
 $532.25 from VBS)
Helping Up Mission
 ($800 from LWML, including $400 match by Thrivent)
                                                   $800             you breakfast on Feb. 26
                                                                      Men of Galilee are planning on serving their delicious, all-
                                                                    u-can-eat breakfast on Saturday, Feb. 26.
Holiday Food Baskets (Men of Galilee)                  $400
                                                                                                          Come and enjoy eggs,
International Children‘s Fund & Children‘s             $525
                                                                                                       sausage, creamed chip
  Christian Concern Society (Sunday School)
                                                                                                       beef, pancakes, scrapple,
Ingathering—Seminarian Gift Cards (LWML)               $100
                                                                                                       potatoes, toast, fruit,
Lutheran Bible Translators (Men of Galilee)            $300
                                                                                                       juice, coffee and more for
LINC Baltimore                                         $800
                                                                                                       only $7 a person.
  ($800 from LWML, including $400 match by
                                                                                                       Children five and under
                                                                                                       are free.
                                                                                                          There is no better
Lutheran Hour Ministry-Cameroon                   $800
                                                                                                       breakfast in Pasadena and
 ($800 from LWML, including match by Thrivent)
                                                                    you can come back for seconds or thirds.
Lutheran Mission Society                          $800
                                                                      All profits go to support the benevolence projects of the
 ($800 from LWML, including $400 match by Thrivent)
                                                                    Men of Galilee. Hope to see you there between 7 am and
Lutheran Orient Mission                           $800
                                                                    10:30 am! – Herb LeCompte
SMILING WIDELY after completing all the orders for Super Bowl Subs from Galilee Youth on the Saturday
before the big game are, from left, Erin Brandt, Matthew Santos, Joe Brice, Jillian Lee, Kylie Brandt, Tony Brandt,
Mikey Santos, Ryan Brenneman, Kim Bruchey, Dave Bruchey, Caitlyn Vernon, Austin Bruchey, Mike Santos
(partially hidden), Betty Brenneman, Donna Vernon, Mitchell Santos (in front), Danny King, Laurajean Brice, Jim
Burke and Byron Brice.                                                                   Photo by Jean Hase

Thank you for buying our subs. The Galilee Youth Super Bowl sub sale was a hugh success.                   Thanks to all those
Galileans who purchased subs, we raised more than $600 for youth activities, retreats and conferences. We hope you all enjoyed
the food and the game.

Thank you to Cathy King for coordinating our Super Bowl Sub Sale! Great job, Cathy, and youth who made the subs.

                                                   High School Zone
                                            Virginia Beach       March 4-6
                             It’s not too late to sign up: great speaker: Bill Yonkers
            If you‘ve never had a chance to hear Bill Yonkers speak, you are really missing something special. Bill will be the
featured speaker at the 2011 High School Zone convention in Virginia Beach on March 4-6. In addition, the featured band will
 be Echelon – a totally phenomenal group! We strongly encourage any high school (ninth through twelfth) grade youth to sign
               up for this event. Late Registration is $160 for Galilee Youth, $174 for friends of Galilee Youth!

                       Galilee 30-hour famine 2011 – New date: April 1 & 2
It‘s no joke! Thirty hours without food? We‘re starving to raise money for children who are starving! Galilee Youth will be
holding the 30-hour famine on Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2.
Every dollar donated will feed a child in a war-torn or poverty-stricken area of the world for a day! Watch the upcoming
weekly bulletins for Fast Facts on Famine. Youth will start collecting donations in March. The 500,000 pennies can is still in
the narthex (lobby) for that uncommitted change in your pocket!

Youth Ministry Update                                                                                  by Jean Hase, Counselor
     In loving memory
                                                                         We commend Lee to the Savior in whose promise she
                                                                       trusted: ―I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever
                                                                       believes in me will live, even though he dies.‖

   CYNTHIA A. MATHIAS was born on Feb. 2, 1947 in                      THELMA V. HUBER was born on Jan. 27, 1920 to Ella and
Baltimore to John and Hazel Tracey. She was received into              Leonard Worley in Anderson, SC. She had been a resident of
the kingdom of God as an infant through the washing of Holy            Glen Burnie since 1984.
Baptism at what is now Otterbein Memorial Methodist                       When Galilee Lutheran Church began weekly worship
Church, Baltimore.                                                     services at the Glen Square Apartments in 2004, Thelma
   She married Murrell (Rick) Mathias on May 7, 1966 at St.            became a regular participant. Since she was uncertain
Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church, Baltimore. She became a              whether she had been baptized as a child, she was baptized on
member of Galilee Lutheran Church on June 8, 1986 by                   Ash Wednesday, March 1, 2006.
affirmation of her baptismal faith. In the months of her illness          She joined Galilee Lutheran Church on Sept. 5, 2007.
and stay at Glen Burnie Health and Rehabilitation Center, she          Thelma was regular in worship at the Glen Square services
was served by Galilee‘s Visitation Ministry. She died on Jan.          until she moved. After that time, she was served by our
2.                                                                     Visitation Ministry.
   Cindy was preceded in death by her brother David McKeon                Preceding her in death were her husbands, Calvin Collins
and her sister Virginia Gosnell. She is survived by her                and Frank Huber, and 13 siblings.
                          husband; son Richard S. Mathias,                She is survived by daughter, Jacqueline McDonald, North
                          Pasadena; brothers John Tracey,              Carolina, and Richard A. Collins, Severn; grandchildren
                          Baltimore, and Carl Tracey,                  Christina D. Neal, Richard A. Collins II, Lisa M. Chick and
                          Bozeman Mt; sister Dorothy Gover,            Brian McDonald; and five great-grandchildren.
                          Deep       Creek,    and     two     2          She died on Jan. 27. Rev. Henry Simon conducted her
                          grandchildren.                               funeral on Feb. 2 at Kirkley-Ruddick Funeral Home, Glen
                             Rev. Henry Simon conducted her            Burnie. Interment was at Moreland Memorial Park Cemetery,
                          funeral service on Jan. 5 at Stallings       where her body awaits the resurrection from the dead and the
                          Funeral Home. Interment followed             life everlasting.
                          at     the     Maryland      Veterans
                          Cemetery, Crownsville, to await the
resurrection from the dead and the life of the world to come.          FBI agent at March 1
  LENEIDE (LEE) BURNICK was born April 29, 1922 in
Fort Totten, New York. She was baptized in 1934, probably
                                                                       seminar on bullying
at First Baptist Church, Babylon, NY. She affirmed that faith          BY MARY POLING
                                                                       Education Ministry Team
by affirmation of Baptism when she joined Galilee on Nov.
19, 2006.                                                              With the current news headlines about the tragic effects of
  Lee‘s first encounter with our church was at the harvest             bullying, we are offering a free public information session
bazaar of the Lutheran Women‘s Missionary League. She                  starting at 7 pm Tuesday, March 1 to parents and friends with
said that she enjoyed the event and the friendliness of the            suggestions for preventing bullying.
people.                                                                Our speaker is Agent Marc Southland of the FBI office in
  When a friend later asked Lee if she would like to become a          Baltimore. He also will speak on sexting and its consequences.
member of the church, she decided to make Galilee her                  This is a rescheduling, since the original date for the seminar
church home. Even though she was blind, Lee was faithful in            (Jan. 27) was cancelled due to bad weather.
worship, as former member Jean Hansen and others brought
her to church.                                                         The event is free of charge, but pre-registration is requested to
  In her final years, Lee lived at Glen Burnie Nursing and             Barbara (410-360-2131) or e-mail: scarlet
Rehabilitation Center. She was served by our Visitation                Please encourage your friends to attend.
Ministry, as well as receiving visits from Sharon Smith.
  She died on Dec. 30. Our church learned about her death in           Newsletter deadline is March 6
early January, when Visitation Associate Gene Sanders went             Deadline for articles for the next issue of this newsletter is
to visit her, as he did monthly. No further details about her          noon Sunday, March 6.
death were made available.
  Preceding Lee in death was her husband Herman, to whom               They may be submitted in hard copy to the church office or e-
she was married for 24 years. Details about other family               mailed to ( The issue will
members were not available.                                            cover March 19 through April 22.

  Epiphany Chest offers                                                Galilee’s Gratitude goes to…
                                                                        …Anne Arundel County Police Officers (and husband and
                                                                       wife) Tony and Erin Brandt for serving as guest resource
  ways to get involved                                                 persons for our youth confirmation class.
                                                                         Tony talked about the Law and the Fifth Commandment,
    We are celebrating the Epiphany season that began Jan. 6
  as we observed the Magi presenting gifts to the baby Jesus.          while Erin reflected on her experience in law enforcement
     Our Epiphany Chest could be your opportunity to present           when the class was studying the Sixth Commandment.
  a gift to Galilee.
     The large chest in the narthex (lobby) has gift tags with           … Memorial funds designated by the families of Paul
  jobs (big and little) that people can ―gift‖ to Galilee.             Archibald, Gene Cuzzart, Jack Lowe, Phil Martin, Lee
    This is an opportunity for young and senior, individuals or        Weibe and Clara Sommers (mother of Alice Allison) for
  families to get involved.                                            purchasing a new set of green paraments (chancel hangings)
    This is a great way for people to get together in fellowship       and vestments (pastoral garb).
  and fun to do a project for church.                                    Many positive comments have been made about the bright
     The chest also has the alternative way of ―gifting‖:              green color and the symbols reflecting that we are ―fishers
  projects that people can fund in an ―above and beyond‖               for people.‖
  offering.                                                              That theme reflects both our location next to a lake and
    Check out the chest; don‘t be afraid to look at many tags          our emphasis on reaching out with the Good News of Jesus
  to see if you can find something that fits your talents.             as our No. 1 value.
     Then if you decide to be involved, please note that on the           Thanks also to past and present Worship Ministry Team
  chart next to the chest. Thank you. – Stewardship Ministry           coordinators Jean Bender and Judy Engelmeyer for leading
  Team                                                                 this project.

Reserve the date:

                                  March 8 (Shrove Tuesday)
       For the return of the pancake and sausage dinner

                                               Serving from 5 – 8 pm

              Pancakes (all you can eat), sausage, applesauce, dessert and beverages
                 $6 for adults; $5 for children under 12; children under 5 free

                                                   Carryout available

                 Brought to you by the Lay Ministry Team, Ken Gast, head chef
Voters support Council‟s                                                     Stepping Up for Jesus
                                                                               Some measures of how we have invested

study on additional staff                                                          for our Lord through Jan. 31

                                                                                                          2011             2010
     Mortgage refinance okayed, deficit erased                              Year to date average           215              247
Voters took two actions looking to the future as they held their annual     weekend attendance
meeting before a Celebration Sunday meal on Sunday, Jan. 30.                Offerings                  $ 28,871        $ 26,491
Part of the annual ―year in review‖ congregation meeting included news      Expenses                   $ 26,054        $ 25,386
that the Church Council and the Future Ministry Task Force (FMTF)           Balance                    $ 2,817         $ 1,185
met with Rev. Ken Carlson, retired regional mission and ministry staffer
for our area of the Southeastern District.
                                                                            Council slates dates
Carlson spent a recent Saturday morning helping leaders in the two
groups work through ―Key Questions to Ask About Adding Staff.‖              for ministry planning
                                                                              The Church Council set dates for the all-con-
PRESIDENT RAY Macfarlane said the FMTF reported to the Council              gregation Strategic Ministry Planning (SMP)
recently that studies show a congregation needs to have one program         meeting and a joint session with the Future
staff person for every 100 weekend worshipers if the church is serious      Ministry Task Force when it met Feb. 8.
about growing.                                                                The SMP evening will be Tuesday, May 10. A
                                                                            supper will be provided by the Lay Ministry Team
That kind of staffing does not include office support, music ministry or    from 6 to 6:30 pm, with the SMP planning session
custodial support. Galilee currently has one program staff person: the                                     starting at 6:45 pm.
pastor.                                                                                                      Much of that time
                                                                                                           will be spent by
Ray also noted research shows a congregation‘s worship attendance may                                      ministry          team
start to slip if it is understaffed. Galilee averaged 260 worshippers per                                  coordinators meeting
weekend in 2006 and 236 in 2010.                                                                           with team members
                                                                                                           and other interested
THE PRESIDENT indicated that the Council and FMTF will continue
to meet monthly. Plans for research will be a primary topic at the                                         members to review
February joint session, he said.                                            the past 12 months and set plans for SMP Year 4,
                                                                            which will run from June 2011 through May 2012.
The second future-oriented action was approving a refinancing of the          Council members also agreed to meet at 9:15 am
congregation‘s mortgage with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. About        Saturday, Feb. 26 with the Future Ministry Task
$100 per month will be added to the payment for interest and principal,     Force. In other action, the Council:
according to Vice-President/Chief Financial Officer Gary Thomas.               LEARNED that the boiler serving the north
                                                                            wing of the facilities is leaking. Bids are being
This will enable Galilee to move from a loan with 15 years remaining at     sought for a replacement.
6.125 percent to a 10-year loan at 5.375 percent. This will amount to           REJOICED that the mortgage is under
saving more than $23,800 by the time the loan is paid off.                  $353,000.

BOTH ACTIONS were approved by voters without a dissenting vote.
Ray also reported that an anonymous gift by a member had wiped out                     Our mission statement:
the $359 deficit in the 2010 Current Fund, leaving black ink of $16.              Sharing God’s Love, Changing Lives

Copies of the annual report were distributed and outgoing ministry team                      Our values:
coordinators invited to speak briefly and/or answer questions.                            Reaching the Lost
                                                                                     Trusting God & His promises
A Celebration Meal followed in the Fellowship Hall, hosted by the Lay                Loving one another & others
Ministry Team.                                                                      Treasuring Word & Sacrament
                                                                                    Committed to doing God’s work
New members who joined Galilee in 2010 had been invited to attend as                     Growing spiritually
special guests. Those present were formally introduced and greeted with                 Worshipping joyfully
                                                 Sit ‗n‘ Knit
          March 2011                  9:30 am
                                      4:30 pm    Living Water HC            6:30 pm
                                                                                       Tuesday – March 22
                                                                                        Youth Bell Choir
                                                                            7:00 pm     Women‘s BC
           Tuesday – March 1                     Sunday – March 13
6:30 pm    Youth Bell Choir           8:00 am     Classic Praise Worship           Wednesday – March 23
7:00 pm    Women‘s BC                 9:15 am     Sunday School             2:30 pm Glen Square Worship
7:00 pm    Seminar on Bullying        9:20 am     World Religions 101       7:30pm Chancel Choir
                                      9:30 am     Today‘s Headlines Class
          Wednesday – March 2         9:30 am     Sunday AM Studies                   Thursday – March 24
Noon       Brown Bag Bible Class      9:30 am     Through the Bible Class
                                                                            6:30 pm    Men‘s BC
2:30 pm    Glen Square Worship        10:45 am    Sunday Joy HC
7:30 pm    Chancel Choir              6:00 pm     Confirmation Class
                                                                                    Saturday – March 26
           Thursday – March 3                    Monday – March 14          10:00 am Chicken BBQ
6:30 pm     Men‘s BC                  6:00 pm    Galilee Ringers            8:00 am Barnabas BC @ Golden
7:00 pm     Education Ministry Team   7:00 pm    Monday BC                           Corral
                                                                            4:30 pm Living Water HC
            Friday – March 4                     Tuesday – March 15
                                      6:30 pm     Youth Bell Choir                     Sunday – March 27
6:30 pm     Galilee Dinner & Book
            Club                      7:00 pm     Women‘s BC                8:00 am     Classic Praise Worship
                                      7:00 pm     Men‘s Group               9:15 am     Sunday School
                                                                            9:20 am     World Religions 101
           Saturday – March 5                                               9:30 am     Today‘s Headlines Class
9:00 am     Adult Inquiry Seminar            Wednesday – March 16
                                                                            9:30 am     Sunday AM Studies
4:30 pm     Living Water HC           9:00 am Newsletter Assembly
                                                                            9:30 am     Through the Bible Class
                                      11:30 am Noonday Prayer
                                                                            10:45 am    Sunday Joy HC
           Sunday – March 6           12:05 pm Lenten Lunch                 6:00 pm     Confirmation Class
                                      2:30 pm Glen Square Worship
8:00 am    Classic Praise HC
                                      6:00 pm Lenten Supper
9:15 am    Sunday School
                                      7:00 pm Evening Prayer                        Monday – March 28
9:20 am    World Religions 101                                              6:00 pm Galilee Ringers
                                      7:30 pm Chancel Choir
9:30 am    Today‘s Headlines Class                                          7:00 pm Monday BC
9:30 am    Sunday AM Studies
9:30 am    Through the Bible Class              Thursday – March 17
                                      6:30 pm    Men‘s BC                              Tuesday – March 29
10:45 am   Sunday Joy Worship
                                      6:45 pm    LWML                       6:30 pm     Youth Bell Choir
                                                                            7:00 pm     Women‘s BC
           Monday – March 7
6:00 pm    Galilee Ringers                       Friday – March 18
                                                                                   Wednesday – March 30
7:00 pm    Monday BC                  6:30 pm    Galilee Dinner & Book
                                                 Club                       11:30 am Noonday Prayer
                                                                            12:05 pm Lenten Lunch
           Tuesday – March 8                                                2:30 pm Glen Square Worship
5:00 pm    Pancake Dinner                       Saturday – March 19         6:00 pm Lenten Supper
6:30 pm    Youth Bell Choir           4:30 pm    Living Water Worship       7:00 pm Evening Prayer
7:00 pm    Church Council                                                   7:30 pm Chancel Choir
7:00 pm    Women‘s BC                          Sunday – March 20
                                      8:00 am   Classic Praise HC                  Thursday – March 31
        Wednesday– March 9            9:15 am   Sunday School (Special      6:30 pm Men‘s BC
11:30 am Ash Wednesday HC                       Family & Friend Sunday)
2:30 pm Glen Square Worship           9:20 am World Religions 101
7:00 pm Ash Wednesday HC              9:30 am Today‘s Headlines Class                Abbreviation guide
8:00 pm Chancel Choir                 9:30 am Sunday AM Studies             BC = Bible Class
                                      9:30 am Through the Bible Class       HC = Holy Communion
          Thursday – March 10         10:45 am Sunday Joy Worship           LMS = Lutheran Mission Society
6:30 pm    Men‘s BC                                                         LWML = Lutheran Women‘s
                                                 Monday – March 21                   Missionary League
       Saturday – March 12            6:00 pm    Galilee Ringers
8:00 am Men‘s Bible Breakfast         7:00 pm    Monday BC
8:00 am Women‘s BC
4652 Mountain Road                                                                                 NON-PROFIT ORG.
Pasadena, MD 21122                                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
(410) 255-8236                                                                                            PAID                                                                       PERMIT NO. 39
                                                                                                   GLEN BURNIE, MD

DATED MATERIAL; mailed Feb. 16
Please do not hold
Return service requested
                                                                         Jesus is God’s love
                                                                         come in person for:

Choose your
option for worship:
 4:30 p.m. Living Water Worship
    “come as you are” informal
 8 a.m. Sunday Classic Praise
     traditional sung liturgical worship
 10:45 a.m. Sunday Joy
      liturgical worship with a variety
     of musical styles

Galilee Fine Arts Series

                 Renowned pianist returns on Feb. 20
An internationally-renowned pianist will be in recital on our sanctuary grand piano starting at day, Feb. 20.
Reynaldo Reyes was a piano prodigy as a child in the Philippines, where he earned a bachelor‘s degree in music at age 17.
He went on to gain the coveted Premier Prix du Piano at the Conservatoire National Superior de Musique de Paris, as well as
winning contests in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Bolzano, Italy and the Marguerite Long-Jacques Thibaud Internationale Piano
Competition in Paris.
HE WILL PLAY music by Antonio Soler, Frederic Chopin, Alexander Scriabin, Franz Liszt and
Claude Debussy.
Reyes has taught in five decades at the Department of Music at Towson University. In 2009, he
received the annual President‘s Award for Distinguished Service to the University.
There is no charge to attend the recital, but a freewill offering will be available after the recital to
help support a music scholarship fund that Reyes has established. A reception at which attendees
will be able to meet Reyes will follow the concert.
The presentation is open to the public at no charge and is part of the Galilee Fine Arts Series, a
cycle of concerts presented each year by our church as a service to the community.

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