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Buying Fashion Jewelry Earrings


At Trashy Earings, we are providing the necessary information to the women about the several types of trendy and fashionable earrings available in the market.

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									Buying Fashion Jewelry
Silver drop earrings are great for if you looking for a
stunning pair of earrings for a special night. Drop pairs
look like a string of jewels dropping down from the ear.
These tend to be rather expensive, but look stunning with
the right dress. If you are looking for some silver stud
earrings to wear to work or for casual purposes then there
a few that will be suitable. You will be able to find a lot of
creative designs to choose from that will suit your
personal style and preferences. If you are someone who
likes designs such as hearts and stars, then you will be
able to find those designs.
However, there are a lot of artistic designs available
for those who like to wear jewelry that features
unique designs. These are all acceptable for
business or casual wear as long as the place you
work does not have a strict dress code.
In jewelry terms, a "finding" is a component of jewelry
less than a finished piece. One type of finding used for
earrings is an earwire. An "earring post" has a "post" that
fits through the piercing, with an "earnut" that fits over
the stick behind the ear. A full ball, half ball, shield, or
other design will be soldered onto the front of the post.
Wire wrapped handmade earrings was popular in these
ancient times because it didn't require any type of
welding or special tools in order to make it. All one
needs is wire cutters and something to bend the wire
with, such as pliers. There is no fire involved, nothing that
would typically be considered as metal working.
However, this method of making jewelry certainly works
metal, but in an entirely different way.
Adding some sparkle to your look is easy. Earrings,
necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, belts, shoes and
purses can all be used to accessorize. Generally it's best
to keep the glitz to one or two items though. Even a
metallic thread running through a sweater or on the
pocket of a pair of jeans can add some fun! The key is to
have balance in the total finished look. So if you choose
a plunging neckline, you should wear your hair in a
polished and classic style, such as a chignon.
Or you might choose to wear a smoky eye and long
trashy earrings with a more moderate neckline. Another
possibility is to wear a dress that is form-fitting but with a
more modest cut. Look for a gown that skims the body
without clinging tightly anywhere. With body-conscious
styles, you also have to choose just the right
undergarments for a smooth look.
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