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									Overview to Mental Illness:
Mental illness is the disorder of the brain in which the
chemical composition of brain changes that result in
changing of behavior of the affected person.
Important Facts About Mental Illness:
 Mental illness mainly
strike the adolescents in their
most productive age, 15-25.

 One out of every four
Americans has mental

 Mental illness not only
devastate ill people but also
their family and surrounding
          Different Forms of Mental Illness:
   Bipolar Disorders
   Panic Anxiety Disorders
   Severe Anxiety Disorders
   Compulsive Disorders
   Schizoaffective Disorders
   Hyperactivity Disorders
   Attention Deficit Disorders
   Depression
Treatment for Mental Illness
Mental illnesses are treatable.
Different treatments are provided
to a sick person which includes:

 Supportive Counseling
 Self-help Group
 Vocational Rehabilitation
 Medication
 Psychotherapy
 Assistance with Housing
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