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August 18, 2011


821 Pasig City, Philippines

                                  Re: NOTE OF FINAL DEMAND FOR PAYMENT

                                  ABU DHABI COMMERCIAL BANK- 671959132001

                                             Total Amount Due AED 3, 048.99

Dear Sir or Madam:

We regret to inform you that we will finally bring to court for JUDICIAL ACTION your failure, neglect, and refusal
without just and valid grounds, to pay your long overdue accounts with our clients, the plaintiff on the case.

With this judicial action, we shall demand 25% of the accounts due as Attorney’s fees, another 25% as collection
charges/liquidated damages and other related litigation expenses. Also as a consequence of this case, banks and
other lending institutions, being CREDIT UNWORTHY, will BLACKLIST you.

We have tried to arrange with you an out of court settlement but you declined by failing to voluntarily pay your just
obligation. While the case is pending formal hearing, you have the chance to settle the accounts, directly with our
clients or to our offices, thus avoiding the trouble of going through a costly judicial process.

Contact our Legal Assistants immediately should you wish to stop this legal action.

Very truly yours,


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