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									                                              UNISYS BELGIUM NV/SA                        Unisys offers:
                                                                                          Unisys business strategy is built on the
                                              Activity sector:                            company’s strength in delivering
                                              Unisys is a worldwide technology            solutions secure business operations.
                                              services and solutions company and          Creating visibility is done throughout all
                                              provider of solutions for secure business   layers of the enterprise: exposing cause-
                                              operations.                                 effect relationships between strategy,
                                                                                          business processes, applications and
                                              Address:                                    infrastructure. To help our clients
                                              Avenue du Bourget, 20 Bourgetlaan           achieve secure business operations, our
                                              B-1130 Brussels                             consultants apply Unisys expertise in
                                                                                          the following domains:
                                              Telephone: 02/728.07.11                        •     Consulting
                                              Telefax:     02/726.68.10                      •     Systems integration
                                              Internet:    www.unisys.be                     •     Outsourcing
                                              e-mail: unisysbelgium@be.unisys.com            •     Infrastructure
                                                                                             •     Server technology
Marc LAMBOTTE                                 Company origin (date of creation):
General Manager Belgium                       1987, through the merge between             Unisys solutions offering focuses on
VP & GM Benelux & Nordics, S&T                Burroughs, existing in Belgium since        four strategic areas:
UNISYS BELGIUM NV/SA                          1925 and Sperry Univac, existing in         Outsourcing: Unisys IT outsourcing
Belgian, born on 07.03.1956                   Belgium since 1955.                         ranges from the desktop to the data
                                                                                          centre. We also serve the business pro-
E-mail: marc.lambotte@be.unisys.com           Belongs to a holding/group:                 cess outsourcing market in remittance
Languages:                                    Unisys Corporation – with 30,000            and check processing. We are one of the
Dutch, French, English.                       employees in more than 100 countries.       largest global outsourcing providers of
                                              Revenue in 2007: $5,65 billion              technology support and maintenance.
Teacher, Hoger Pedagogisch Instituut,                                                     Enterprise security: Unisys has strong
Antwerp, Belgium                              Country General Manager:                    credentials to build on in the security
                                              Marc LAMBOTTE                               arena. We’ve created national ID cards,
Career:                                                                                   registered traveller systems,
Marc Lambotte started his career with         Executive Assistant:
                                              Emma VERSCHAEREN,                           authentication for visitors entering a
Unisys Belgium in 1985 as a trainer in the
                                              Nico RAMAN                                  country, and biometric access controls.
Customer Education department. He
became product manager for a mainframe
                                                                                          Open Source: We integrate open
                                              Managing Partner Global Industries          source servers, middleware, databases
product line and was promoted in 1992 to
                                              Continental Europe:                         and applications into an end-to-end
marketing and sales support manager for
                                              Bart STEUKERS                               “stack”.
enterprise servers in Europe. In 1995,
Marc Lambotte assumed a sales                 HPC Director, Cluster North:                Microsoft: We deliver Microsoft
management role, responsible for handling     David GRAY                                  solutions at an enterprise scale,
one of Unisys largest customers. Two                                                      including enterprise-class servers and
years later he was named vice president,      Financial Director:                         services to gain the economic benefits
Enterprise Server Systems, Europe             Gilbert WILMART                             of a uniform Microsoft platform from
Middle-East & Africa (EMEA), and was          General Counsel:                            the data center to the desktop.
promoted in 1999 to director, ClearPath       Benoît PIRLOT de CORBION                    Technology: In addition to our focus
business initiatives in EMEA. As of April                                                 solutions, we continue to invest in our
2004, Marc Lambotte held the position of      Human Resource Business Partner for         ClearPath and ES7000 enterprise server
vice president, ClearPath sales for Europe,   Continental Europe:                         platforms. We remain strongly
and became a leader in Belgium's local        Filip ROELS                                 committed to these systems.
management team. He was appointed
                                              Marketing Manager:
Country General Manager Belgium &
                                              Mic ADAM                                    The Unisys approach and its people:
Luxemburg in May 2005. Since 2008 he
combines his function of Managing
                                                                                          Precision thinking and relentless
Director of Unissys Belgium NV with that      Turnover in 2007:                           execution drive our clients' business
of VP & GM Europe North, S&T                  168.2 million $                             transformation. The differentiator in our
                                                                                          end-to-end approach is the 3D-
Memberships – Clubs:                          Manpower:                                   Blueprinting, a business blueprinting
AmCham - Voka – Agoria – CIOnet –             350 employees                               methodology that integrates business
Piazza Club – ADM – Cercle de Lorraine
                                                                                          vision and IT execution, allowing you to
Hobbies:                                                                                  know the results of your business
Motorcycling, karate & photography                                                        decisions before you make them, the
Personal views on business life:                                                          benefits of spending money before you
Pride generates business.                                                                 spend it, and to make changes in the full
                                                                                          knowledge of what the consequences
                                                                                          will be – across your entire
Date info: 08.04.2008 Ref: 22/76093                                                       organization. We ask our clients: How
                                                                                          can you secure what you can’t see?

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