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									                       Work from home jobs in Dallas (Texas)

Dallas has more number of options to work from home like virtual call center,
marketing from home, virtual assistants, Incomplete Records Analyst, etc. Let us
see some of the work from home jobs available and the basic things needed to
work from home.
To work from home you just need a computer with basic features, good and
reliable internet connection and a phone.
To work from home you need to have self discipline. You might get back to back
calls so complete attention is needed. You are the face of the company for which
you are working for, so work with at most efficiency and without any disturbances.
Flair for customer service is the vital ingredient for this position and that will give
satisfaction with your work.
First let us see about the different kinds of virtual call center jobs that are available
to work from home. These positions are either on temporary basis or permanent
positions. It basically depends on the nature of the employer.
Who would hire you as virtual call center agent? Hotels, florist, builders, hospitals,
Technology giant, and so many others are also opting to hire virtual call center
Let us see some of the companies which hire home based call center agents.
Floral companies hire call center employees to work from home both on temporary
basis and on permanent basis. During peak sales season floral companies hires
persons on temporary basis but regularly. They also hire permanent at home call
center agents, but they look for person who is fluent in two or more languages.
Most of the big names in hotel industry also hire home based call center agents.
They hire according to their needs, like you will have to take call during certain
time in a day. Some of the hotels also provide you with computer, keyboard,
mouse, headset, phone and all the software’s that are needed. Most of them will
give you training with their tools and all the basics. Mostly the training will be
conducted at their premises (Some they give online training). These are paid
training (mostly) and attendance for this training is also taken into account. The
pay ranges from $9 per hour to $15 per hour. High school education is the basic
qualification required. If you have prior call center experience then it would be an
added advantage
Technology giants also have their work from home employees. Basically you will
have to assess the problem of the customer with his or her computer and trouble
shoot accordingly. It could be computer, laptop, palmtop, etc. Basic trouble
shooting knowledge will be an added advantage but not a must for this position.
The pay could be $10- $15 per hour.
For hospitals you can work from home as Incomplete Records Analyst. The
responsibility of this position is to review medical records and if needed you will
create or assign it to the concerned department for the documentation to be
completed. Basically you have to check whether all the proper documentation has
been done before the medical record is filed as a completed one.
Go ahead with your customer servicing skill and earn that extra cash that is needed
every month.

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