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                                         How to Clean Your Car From Top to Bottom
                                                                By Tom Tessin

   Majority of Americans consider autos as their second biggest asset of after homes. Studies show
that the average cost of regular car is around $28,715. Therefore, it makes logic to get your car
cleaned annually to preserve as well as maintain it. Technical experts say that aesthetic maintenance
of autos is important to maintain their value as well as integrity. Hence, here are few cleaning tips for
your autos.

 Routine maintenance such as washing, waxing helps to preserve the paint of your autos, thereby
helping you to restore its polished look for long time. Most people tend to ignore tires as well as wheels
of the autos, while washing the car, which is not a good thing.

 Brake dust, road grime and salt get collected on tires and wheels and if you do not remove it properly,
it leads to staining as well as corrosion of aluminum alloys and steel alloys of the wheels.

 Thus, you need to remove the debris, while cleaning the autos. Use pH-balanced cleaning solution to
prevent any damage to the finishing as well as the composition of wheels. Such cleaning solutions
contain strong shine and cleaning agents, but they are mild as soaps and safely clean cars and work
on all sort of wheels.

Important Tips:

Cleaning tips for your autos also include giving priority to safety features of autos. You need to check
whether your car glass offers the same clear visibility as that of when you purchased it. If not, then you
will have to replace the glass. Change the wipers of your autos every year.

 Use hydrophobic repellent on the windshield, because it dramatically gives clear vision of the
roadway. It also seals off microscopic pores in the glass.

 However, regular maintenance of the auto does not mean that you only take care of the exterior of the
vehicle. Cleaning tips for your autos also include looking after the maintenance of other parts of car.
With the rising cost of gas, many people auto owners are turning towards engine maintenance,
because a dirt stuffed engine consumes huge quantity of gasoline.

Some people use cheap gas in the autos. If you use low quality gasoline in your vehicle, it degrades

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the engine and its parts. So, first avoid using cheap quality fuel, fill the tank in some reputed and
credible gas station.

Cleaning The Gunk Deposit In Engine:

 If your fuel system has gunk deposits, one way to remove the slug is by using fuel additive. Additives
clear off deposits of gunk from combustion chambers, fuel injector and intake valves of an auto. Next,
treating the interiors of your auto with fuel additives actively cleans all other components too.

 It restores the optimum performance of your vehicle and helps to cut down the fuel consumption. It
also protects your vehicle from future gunk buildups, reduces the emission of carbon monoxide.

 Thus, incorporating these cleaning tips for your autos in your annual auto cleaning routine and
execution of regular maintenance are two crucial steps to avert the deterioration of your auto.

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                                 Quick and Easy Ways to Clean Your Vehicles Interior
                                                       By Samantha McCartney

Whether you are prepping your car to be sold or you just want it to be clean there are easy ways to
achieve that goal. Since many car owners lead busy lives, they sometimes find it hard to keep their
car’s interior clean. It may surprise you that if you clean your car’s interior on a regular basis it will not
take long at all to clean it when it is necessary. Also if you have a method or step by step process that
can eliminate some wasted time. Here are some quick and easy ways to clean your vehicles interior.

 It is best to have everything you need already and in one spot where you can always find it. If you
have to go to the store you will be less likely to clean your car’s interior. Also keeping it all together will
save you time from hunting down all the products you need.

 You first want to remove items that don’t belong and trash. Trash and clutter really adds to your car
not feeling clean. If don’t do this first you will take more time trying to work around the items.

 Once you have a clear working area, you should vacuum your car. Take your floor mats out and
vacuum them outside your car. You will need to vacuum the carpet and seats and door upholstery. If
you have leather seats being careful not to scratch them while vacuuming. This will remove any
remaining small pieces of trash, crumbs and dirt. You can even vacuum the console and dash with a
soft attachment.

 Then if there are any soiled spots you should take care to clean them with an upholstery cleaning
product. Be sure to test spot an unnoticeable area first. It is important to clean these soiled areas as
soon as possible. The longer they sit the harder it is to get them removed.

 You will also want to clean your windows with a mild window cleanser and a soft towel. You want them
to be clean and streak free.

 Then you should dust the interior of your car like the dash and console areas. After you have dusted
those area’s you should polish them. Polishing them protects them from fading and cracking from the
suns heat.

 Once you put your floor mats back in and the car is nice and clean I always like to put a new air
freshener in the car. It really makes the car smell and feel clean!

 You may even want to ask a friend, neighbor or family member to clean with you. That way you will
both get your car’s interior clean and faster. It is always nice to work with someone who enjoys taking
care of their car as much as you do.

 If you simply don’t have time or like cleaning your car yourself you can take your car to get
professionally detailed. They will take good care of your car and it will look great. Just remember you
will be sacrificing your time for a little more money.

If your car is in need of auto reconditioning start looking for a qualified professional to handle your
concerns. Look for an auto body professional to take care of your ride from auto detailing to fixing the
major auto body repairs at

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