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									Tips to Buy Used Cars

The article will lead you to your perfect used car. So please have a read to this article that cover all the necessary tips that you need to consider while buying a used car. Why do people buy used car? This will be a good question to ask. Is it not good to go for a new car? That is all good with new technology and latest gadgets installed. These are the some reasons why people will buy a used car.  It is less in price/ cheap. Less capital investment.  You get a luxurious car for fewer prices.  Deprecation of used car Is less  You get used car from car maker that sell certified used car with includes warranties. But buying a second hand car also has some drawbacks. Please keep in mind that used car have more maintenance cost then new cars they usually breakdown and would keep you in trouble. Replace tiers, battery and some general parts like clutch plates etc. So know you have a brief idea about used cars. Then lets start with the search for used car. 1. Decide your budget: this is the first thing you need to think. Budget also includes the other expenses like the taxes, insurance and also the running cost etc. 2. Decide which type of car you want to buy: You have a wide range of choice you can go you a hatch back, sedan, family car a wagon etc. you should not be too specific with your car like the color, make ,model. If you are too specific this will shoot up your car price. 3. Look for a seller: These days there are many seller for example you can buy a car form a owner of the car, a private dealer that sellers used cars or a car seller that is certified by a company.  Owner of the car: While buying a car forma private owner you need to be very care full as you won’t be getting any warranty on it. So you need to inspect the car very carefully and also look for all records for services to look for any major damages.  Private Dealers: This are the dealer that buy cars from owner and sell them they would be giving you warranty but it would be on certain parts only. So you need to go through warranty that he is offering you. In this case you also need to get the vehicle inspected.  Certified Dealer: Here when you buy a car form a certified dealer you should be a bit relaxed as you won’t be cheated but the car prices would be a bit high. They company it self will service the car before selling it and all the necessary parts are already changed by them. Also you get free services for a limited time and warranty on the car just similar to what you get for a new car. 4. Inspection of car: when you buy from owner of vehicle get it checked by a mechanic. This will give you the history of the car and will also let you know if there is any major damage to the car. Are the parts that are changed genuine and lot more things. Vehicle should also be inspected if you are buying from a private dealer. Where as when you go

through a certified dealer it makes you life easy you should not worry about inspection. You can do it on your own. Following things need to be inspected.  The engine should run smoothly.  Check for the body of the car is there any dents on it or has it meat into any accident.  Look if the car is been repainted. Is there any sign of vehicle been painted.  Check the battery.  Check for all the lights of cars. Indicators and head lights are they in order.  Look for the temperature of the engine is it over heating.  Look for the tires. 5. Get a Test Drive: While you are having a test drive you come to know the condition of the car and engine. Try to drive the car to its top speed and look if the engine is running smoothly. Look for the alignment of the wheels. Look for the smooth movement of the steering wheel turn right and left. Look if the breaks are in order. 6. Look for the papers: Go through all the paper this will give you a brief idea about the car. It is a single owner car? Has it been in a major accident? Which parts have been changed for this car? How old is this car? Is this car insured? Also look for the invoice. 7. Negotiate the price: have a through look at the car before negotiating its price. If some parts need to be changed then it should be taken into consideration while fixing the final price of vehicle. 8. Transfer Owner ship: this is the last thing that’s need to be done once you are sure with the car you can know get the vehicle transfer to you name. This means that now this car is been recorded into government record at you name. Look for Used cars at

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