The Beginnings of Religion and Islam Assignment by xiaopangnv


									     The beginnings of Religion and Islam

Instructions: Follow the steps below. For each of the questions type your answer on this page using a
different colour of font. When you have completed the assignment save a copy to your memory stick.

    1) Log onto the following site
    2) Read the short introduction on the history of religion and answer the following questions.

                a) What is the difference between polytheism and monotheism?

                b) Where did the idea of monotheism first begin?

    3) Click on the following site and watch the 90 second interactive map on religion, and then answer
       the question below.

                a) According to the interactive map, where and when did each of the major religions

                    Christianity –
                    Islam –
                    Hinduism –
                    Buddhism –
                    Judaism –

    4) Click on the following Link
    5) Read through the information provided about the history of the Muslim religion known as Islam
       and then answer the following questions.

        a) Is Islam a polytheist or monotheist religion?
        b) Which two religions is Islam most similar to?
        c) What is the Islamic god referred to as?
        d) In relation to Christianity, Jesus and the Bible are the equivalent to what in Islam?
                 Jesus -                          Bible –
        e) What were the five pillars of Islam? ( do not list them, describe what they are)

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