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									Corporate Background
                                    Company Background

For over 22 years, Targus, Inc. has been recognized as the
  world’s best-selling notebook carrying case and mobile
                     accessories brand.

Our goal is to provide our customers with unrivaled quality,
   superior service and access to the Targus brand in a
      growing number of countries around the world.

  Our relationships with our private-label computer partners are
especially important to Targus. We take pride in our long-standing
  partnerships with companies like HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell.

                                Targus distribution channels
                                and customers include:
                                      Fortune 500 corporations
                                      Government and educational
                                      Major retailers and consumers
                                      The world's top ten notebook
                                      computer manufacturers
                                          Product Offerings

Targus prides itself on delivering a full complement of mobile
 accessories and cases designed to enhance your mobile life
            while working, traveling and playing.

  Targus Cases            Targus Accessories
        Classic                 Power
        Rolling                 Security
        Backpacks               Mice/Pointers
        Women’s Cases           Keyboards/Keypads
        Top-Loading             Cables & Hubs
        Messenger               Drives/Storage
        Slip Cases              Workspace Enhancement
        iPod®                   Digital Entertainment
                                                  Ultimate Protection

The SafePORT® Air Cushion System

How SafePORT works:
  The System combines vented air cushioning and high-
  density foam padding in a single chamber.
  Padded shock reducing PVC panels, covered with soft
  Nyflex material lines the notebook compartment, providing
  additional cushioning from side impacts. These specially
  engineered polyurethane pillows “float” the notebook
  inside the case.
  The four cushions, 2 for side impact protection and 2 for
  vertical impacts, are adjustable.
  Two self-closing straps are placed across the top of the
  notebook to minimize movement.
  If the case is dropped the pillows absorb shock and slowly
  force air out of the vents on impact. The pillows then
  return to their full protective strength.
                                           Ultimate Protection

What is the Dome Protection System™?
The Dome Protection System (DPS) is the first sidewall impact
notebook protection technology developed to help prevent scratches
caused by a screen being forced into the keypad – a common
problem caused during travel.
                                        If dropped, weight is
                                        dispersed to the outside
                                        edges where the notebook
                                        is significantly stronger.
The System is a series
of layered, shock-
absorbing circles
which are inserted
into the walls of a                      The result is less pressure
notebook case.                           on the most vulnerable
                                         area, the center of the
                                         screen and greater overall
                                         protection right where it’s
                                         needed most.

Coupling DPS with SafePORT means ultimate notebook protection!
                                                The Targus Answer

  Four Corporate Case Lines - 14 Collective Products

         Top-Loading – 3 models offer protection and functionality
         Target audience: new laptop owners; sporadic travel; price sensitive

Better   Corporate Traveler – 4 models ideal for comfort, protection &
         Target audience: on-to-go professionals; value conscious
         PORT – 3 models designed for form, fit and function
         Target audience: frequent travellers; rely on their mobile office;
Best     Global Executive - 4 models offer innovative features and
         Target audience: advanced notebook users; like necessities and
         luxuries; fairly price insensitive
Great For First-time Laptop Owners
  Top-loading design for
                                     Targus TL Standard
  notebooks with up to 15”
                                       Notebook Case
                                      TTL300 - $59.99
  Constructed with our
  patented SafePORT® Air
                                                Targus TL Deluxe
  Cushion System for ultimate                    Notebook Case
  notebook protection
                                                TTL400 - $79.99
                                              Includes dual-file folder
  Zip-down workstation
                                                   storage area
  includes pockets for PDA,
  media, business cards, pens
  and pencils                        Targus TL Universal
                                       Notebook Case
  Front stash pocket, trolley          TTL500- $99.99
  strap and shock-absorbing     Includes a section for a projector
  EqualizerStrap™                    or additional notebook

  Lightweight design in
  rugged ballistic nylon
                                            Corporate Traveler
Perfect For Professionals On-The-Go                                   Better
                                14” Targus Ultra Lite Corporate
  Top-loading design for          Traveler with Air Protection
  notebooks with up to 15”
                                      CUCT01UA - $69.99
                                              15.4” Targus Corporate Traveler
  Constructed with our
                                                      Notebook Case
  patented SafePORT® Air
  Cushion System for ultimate                          CUCT01 - $79.99
  notebook protection                           Includes 3 section expandable file
                                            storage, removable portfolio and a Targus
                                                           luggage tag
  Spacious storage &
  EqualizerStrap™                 15” Targus Corporate
                                Traveler w/Air Protection
  Side mobile phone pocket         CUCT01A - $89.99
                                Includes removable slip case
  and pockets for your PDA,
  media, business cards and
  pen/pencils                              15” Targus Leather Corporate
                                            Traveler with Air Protection
                                               CUCT014AL - $99.99
  1680D ballistic nylon
Quality Construction and Comfort
  Top-loading design for
  notebooks with up to 15”                   15” Notebook Backpack
  screens                                          PR600- $79.99
  Constructed with our                    Includes detachable mobile phone
  patented SafePORT® Air
  Cushion System for ultimate
  notebook protection
  Well-planned workstation       15” Commuter Case
  neatly packages, retractable    PR300 - $99.99
  blue light, trolley strap,
  hideaway water bottle
  holder and CD/DVD sleeves
  EqualizerStrap™ and
                                                   15” EasyRoller
  removable accessory pouch
                                                PR300 - $149.99
  Shock absorbing feet,
  water-resistant bottom
  ballistic 2520D and 840D
                                              Global Executive

Ultimate Protection and Functionality
  Top-loading design for                     Targus Global Executive
  notebooks with up to 15.4”                        Backpack
  screens                                      TEB001US - $89.99
  Constructed with our Dome
  Protection System™ and        Targus Global Executive Case
  SafePORT® Air Cushion               TET004US - $99.99
  System for ultimate
  notebook protection                          Targus Global Executive
                                                    Deluxe Case
  Feature packed - deluxe
  workstation w/removable                        TET005US- $109.99
                                             Includes dual-file folder storage
  CD/DVD sleeve, retractable                  and separate file compartment
  blue light, mobile phone
  pouch, retractable            Targus Global Executive
  ticket/passport holder,           Universal Case
  water bottle pouch and         TET006US - $129.99
  more                            Includes a projector or
                                additional notebook section
  Rugged 2050D ballistic with
  840D nylon accents
                                          Our Guarantee

At Targus, we craft cases that will endure the demands of
   our customers’ schedule without losing their stylish
      appearance. That’s why we take pride in our
         Lifetime Guarantee for all of our cases.

 We hold true to the guarantee that our cases will stand
  up to your mobile lifestyle no matter what the day
               Mobile Accessory Categories

Workspace Enhancement





                      Value Proposition-Workspace

2002 study shows notebook stands improve overall
performance and comfort:
     17% increase in productivity
     21% increase in comfort
     32% decrease in neck stress

                                                  2002 Study by Umea University, Sweden

Notebook Cooling products improve laptop performance
     CPUs will have higher performance when notebook runs cooler
     Heat from notebooks may harm male reproductive health, according
     to a study by State University of New York, Stony Brook
                     Highlighted Products-Workspace

Targus D-Pro and M-Pro Common Features
     Ergonomic stands that incorporate in-line document holder, designed by
     an award winning ergonomic design company, BakkerElkhuizen
     Productivity increases by 17%, comfort increases by 21% with in-line
     document holder, and neck stress decreases by 32%

Targus D-Pro Desktop Notebook Stand AWE0501US
     Feature: Ergonomic design allows notebook to be used as a desktop
     computer replacement
     Benefits: Improves user comfort and ergonomics, positions notebook
     display in proper position, built in document holder positions work
     documents properly, takes up smaller foot print on the desktop

Targus M-Pro Mobile Notebook Stand AWE04US
     Feature: Portable design allows mobile users to position their notebooks
     in proper ergonomic position when on the road or perfect for remote
     office locations (telecommuting)
     Benefit: Improves user comfort and ergonomics, positions notebook
     display in proper position, built in document holder positions documents
     properly, lightweight, portable design allows for use anywhere
                               Value Proposition-Security

97% of stolen computers are never recovered-FBI
Total loss of stolen notebook = $6,285
      According to Gartner Group, when the cost of lost productivity,
      replacement of lost data, software, and hardware costs are considered--
      this does not include the value of information
More than 600,000 PCs stolen in 2003
      Source: Safeware The Insurance Agency 2004
Theft ranks as the #2 cause for overall PC loss
      Source: Safeware The Insurance Agency 2003
                            Highlighted Products-Security

Video Port Locks PA492U/PA496U
     Metal-to-metal locking strength
     2 screws, improved material, for higher breaking point
     Single die-cast connector for added strength
     By-pass cable ensures video output
     Much stronger than lock slot—notebooks vary on strength of slot

Serialized Locks—PA410S, PA492S-1
     Instant online web access for IT manager to retrieve combination
     Immediate solution for user at remote location—no need to Fed-Ex keys
     No keys left in lock
     No worries about lost or stolen keys
     Database of combinations not required—able to lookup on web
                                    Value Proposition-Input

All Targus rechargeable mice are more productive

      Even while using the mouse, batteries can be charged --

      no more dead batteries, no charge cradle required

Targus high technology Laser mice are priced for the

  mainstream market
                              Highlighted Products-Input

Notebook Laser Mice: AMU18US/AMW15US
     20X more sensitive than typical optical
     Improved use on shiny surfaces
     Recharge batteries while using mouse
     Family look with AMW05US & AMU02US

Desktop Laser Mice: AMU14US/AMW14US
     20X more sensitive, rechargeable batteries
     8 dedicated hot key buttons for increased productivity
     Ergonomic shape and comfortable feel for extended use
     Featured and priced for the mainstream market
                                    Value Proposition- Power

Targus notebook power adapters are compatible with greater than
90% of notebooks (Compaq, Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM, Sony, Toshiba,
and others)
      Targus’ APA10US is the 2nd best selling power adapter after IBM (NPD data)
      Targus’ PAPWR005U is the #1 selling 90W inverter (NPD data)

Less expensive alternative than branded OEM
      Fixed voltage adapters priced at $59.99

      Power adapter comes with various tips compatible with many notebooks

Compatible with low power products
      Dual charging feature of various digital devices through PPS port
                          Value Proposition - USB Hubs

Top tier vendor in hubs

Sleek designs for true portability
      Smallest 4-port hub in market place (ACH63US, ACH74US)

      One of the best selling overall hub in industry (PA055U)

Widest product selection

      7 and 4-port hubs

      Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and USB 1.1

      USB powered or AC adapter powered

      Desktop or mobile

Plug and Play
      Backward compatible with older USB technology
                                       Targus Docking Stations

Market leader next to OEM branded (IBM, Toshiba, Sony)
      More than double units compared to Dell, Compaq, Gateway, Fujitsu,
      Kensington, Belkin, and others

Low cost alternative to OEM branded
      40%-70% less depending on model and features
      Provides up to 95% of port replicator functionality

Universal solution
      Not restricted to specific platform, USB port connection

The ACP50US “A first for USB connection Port Replicators”
   according to PC Magazine (July 2005)
                                        Targus Optical Drives

Lightweight, ideal for mobile professional
Targus unique features
      Easy hot pluggable – no need to reboot computer
      Powered by USB ports – no need for AC adapter
      USB pass through connector

Available in latest technologies
      CD-ROM, DVD read/write, CD-RW

Slim designs for ease of portability
CD-RW and DVD write software included
Plug & Play
Targus is dedicated to supporting its
valued Channel Partners by providing
 the best and most complete mix of
    mobile cases and accessories.
What is the new PartnerVantage Program from Targus?

This new program is designed to give our reseller partners
essentials tools, product information and incentive
programs designed at growing your business and increasing
your profit margins.

PartnerVantage™ Program Features:

   Priority Partner Support and 800 number
   Dedicated Partner Web site
   Sales and marketing support and training materials
   Sales incentive programs
   Government and Education Incentives
   Customer Service and Technical Support
   Key account samples and demo program
   Partner e-newsletter
   Bid desk assistance
Our PartnerVantage™ Support Program offers specific programs and
tools to help differentiate your business and build higher levels of
customer satisfaction, expertise and profitability.

Program Benefits:

Priority Partner Support and 800 number -
   Targus offers a priority support number dedicated exclusively for
   program members because we know your time is valuable and
   supporting your customer’s needs is crucial to your business.

Dedicated Partner Website -
  As a member you have access to a password protected site that will
  make your job easier. The latest, most up to date information is just a
  click away. Through our special e-newsletter, find out all about the
  latest promotions, product announcements, sales and marketing
  support, news and events and much more!

Sales and marketing support and training materials -
   As part of the Targus Partner program, you have access on the partner
   site to sales and marketing tools such as promotions, product
   information, product comparisons, literature, newsletter, logo program,
   case and tip configurator, all designed to maximize your business.
Other Benefits Include…
 Sales incentive programs -
Promotions and specials will be featured every month. Such as product
bundles, a value designed to suit the needs of your customer.

 Government and Education Incentives -
Receive a discount of 3-5% for government and education sales through

 Customer Service and Technical Support -
The Targus sales and support team is ready to answer your questions and
technical issues through our dedicated 800 number

 Key account samples and demo program -
A new enhancement to our partner program will be a product demo
program. More details will follow when the plan is implemented. The plan
is to allow our program members to get key samples to show your
prospective customers first hand.

 Bid desk assistance/pre/post sales support -
Targus bid/special opportunity team is on hand to work with you on bids to
help generate new opportunities with your strategic accounts. Please call
1-866-788-7488 for more information or special bid requests.
                    Contact PartnerVantage:
     For further details about the Targus PartnerVantage™
      Program, please visit the PartnerVantage Website at
 www.partnervantage.com, contact our Inside Sales Team at: 1-866-
           or email us at partnersupport@targus.com.

Targus strives to provide better partner communications and welcomes
 any suggestions for improvements. Please let us know your thoughts
                      and contact us at any time.

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