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					                                                                                                1842 Otts Chapel Rd
                                                                                                 Newark, DE 19702
                                                                                                  (302) 368-8050

                                               Summer Internship General Description

Thank you for your interest in a Summer Pastoral Internship with Lighthouse Baptist Church in Newark,
Delaware. LBC is a dynamic church founded in 2000 that has enjoyed ministering for the glory of God in
a balanced, thriving, loving church environment. It is the burden of the Pastors to commit the things
that they have learned to other men who will be able to teach others also!

Please return the Internship Packet to LBC by April 1st to be considered for the program. The packet
        1. LBC Church Constitution and
        2. Church History. From Humble Beginnings to Thriving Ministry
        3. General Description
        4. Internship Application

General Description:

Full-time position - The internship involves a full time position from roughly the beginning of June until
the end of August. (12 weeks) Dates are flexible. Expect 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday, with time
for additional church events on the weekends. Some evenings will be required as the ministry demands.

Compensation - The Salary for the Summer internship is $2000.00 plus an offering taken at the end of
the Internship. Housing is provided on site, but interns are responsible for their groceries.

Outreach - Interns will be involved in the following Outreach activities:

             o     Canvassing
             o     SWAT
             o     Visitation (with pastors)
             o     VBS

Scheduled Mentoring with each Pastor at least once a week, informally at other times

Pastoral Mentoring - Interns will spend a good amount of time each week with Pastor Witmer learning
study habits, philosophy of ministry, philosophy of preaching, church organization, philosophy of
shepherding, building projects, church finance, ministry and the home, etc. Interns will go on church
business, hospital, church discipline, etc. meetings with Pastor Witmer.

Reading assignments and reports - Interns will read at least 3 assigned ministry books and prepare
written book *reports due on the last Tues. of June, July, and the 15th of August. (7 page min).

Office procedures - Interns will be trained on efficient church organization behind the scenes.

Special projects

       Coordinate children's ministry (in place of Kings Kids over summer)

Tobe Witmer, Senior Pastor       Charles Pritt, Pastor of Music Ministries   Justin Cruice, Pastor of Youth and Outreach
       Preaching opportunities (events, teens, Wednesday nights)
       Attend staff meetings, services, and at least one deacon meeting
       Assist with Nehemiah's Men (Maintaining the church property)
       Maintaining their living quarters
       Participate in music ministry (if possible) and planning and preparation of teen activities
       Church ministry opportunities

History of Lighthouse Baptist Church:

LBC was born when a group of conservative layman objected to their church joining the Willow
Creek Association of Churches under Bill Hybels. The group followed proper church
Constitution procedure, but were forcibly given an ultimatum of expulsion in a public meeting.
Several men left the meeting and agreed in the parking lot to start a church.

Because of the size of the group departing, joining another church was not considered an
option. Lighthouse Baptist Church was born in 2000 in a Union Hall. Later it moved to an
industrial building, then purchased land in 2005 and renovated a building into its present

Two years after conception, the church called Pastor Tobe Witmer to be its first pastor. Pastor
Witmer is a BJU graduate and has enjoyed a ministry of mentoring men from what God has
taught him.

LBC is a thriving ministry that balances Worship, Evangelism and Sanctification as constant
priorities of local church. The philosophy is a grace philosophy based on the understanding of
Christ’s work of the cross that both saves us, then grows us in grace. The preaching is
expository, music is dynamic yet conservative. Pastor Charles Pritt works very hard as Music
Pastor to consistently develop all the musical abilities of the congregation. Pastor Pritt also is
developing the Counseling Ministries at LBC. Pastor Justin Cruice heads up the Youth and
Outreach ministries. The Youth group is a very active element both of ministering and life in
the church. The Lighthouse work is a pioneering ministry that is being built as a first
generational work from the ground up. Each element of the church has taken place in the last
ten years. An Intern would have the opportunity to experience this “pioneering feel” of a
young work. There are over forty developed ministries within the church and approximately
forty supported missionaries. There is an emphasis on excellence with love in all things.

LBC has a wide variety of ages and cultures and growing people spiritually is a huge focus.

The church is presently going through a building project and is on the verge of breaking ground
as of January of 2011.

As a Pastoral staff, we humbly believe that we have a lot to offer a young man headed for

Tobe Witmer, Senior Pastor    Charles Pritt, Pastor of Music Ministries   Justin Cruice, Pastor of Youth and Outreach

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