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Strategy by xiaopangnv



                                       Belfast Community Safety Partnership (CSP)
                                       would like to thank all the organisations and
                                       individuals who have contributed their knowledge
                                       and expertise in producing this strategy.
                                       In particular, the hard work by those who have     Finally, the partnership acknowledges the
                                       provided statistical evidence and analysis from    commitment shown by many organisations
                                       a range of public, voluntary, community and        to delivering this first Community Safety
                                       business sector agencies has resulted in one of    Strategy and looks forward to continuing this
                                       the clearest pictures yet of levels of crime and   collaboration for the benefit of Belfast.
                                       the fear of crime in Belfast.

                                       Thanks are also due to the many local people
                                       who have taken part in the household survey
                                       and participated in public consultation
                                       exercises. Your experiences and insights
                                       broaden the partnership’s understanding and
                                       have greatly enriched this document.

Belfast Community Safety Partnership
                                                                              Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 3

INTRODUCTION                                   Responses to the key issues:

2   Acknowledgements                           23 Anti-social behaviour
                                                  and neighbourhood disorder
4 Foreword by Belfast CSP Chair
                                               25 Car crime
5   Foreword by Head of CSU
                                               27 Drug, substance and alcohol abuse
                                               29 Domestic burglary
BACKGROUND                                     31 Offences motivated by prejudice and hatred
7   What is community safety?                  33 Offences against individuals, in particular
8 Key information about Belfast                   domestic violence and sexual assault
                                               35 Business and retail crime
11 Community safety in Belfast                 IMPLEMENTING THE
THE STRATEGY                                   39 How will this be done?
17 Responding to the community safety
   issues in Belfast
Overarching aims, principles and themes:
                                               41 Appendix 1 – Who will do it?
18 Purpose Statement and Core Principles
                                               42 Appendix 2 – Current activities
19 Fear of crime, particularly amongst older
   people, vulnerable adults, children and     43 Appendix 3 – Methodology
   victims of crime
20 Youth offending and reducing criminality

                                                                FOREWORD BY BELFAST COMMUNITY
                                                                SAFETY PARTNERSHIP CHAIR
                                      Peter McNaney
                                      Chairman of Belfast CSP
                                                                Last year, 2004, marked the launch of             safety issues we undertook a community safety
                                                                Belfast Community Safety Partnership.             audit, which combined official statistics with
                                                                During the first year of operation we              the views of people in Belfast.
                                                                established positive working relationships
                                                                with organisations and groups                     Using the findings of the audit and ongoing
                                                                throughout the city and developed                 discussions with key stakeholders the
                                                                a considerable portfolio of service               Community Safety Partnership has developed
                                                                provision (as detailed in Appendix 2).            this 3-year strategy for Belfast.

                                                                The partnership approach embodied by the          We hope, therefore, that the commitment
                                                                Community Safety Partnership has led to           demonstrated by our partners in our first year
                                                                improved service provision for residents,         will continue to grow and assist us in creating
                                                                visitors and businesses. However, due to the      an even safer city.
                                                                growing community safety agenda it was
                                                                felt that the partnership should have a more      Our thanks go to those organisations
    The purpose of Belfast                                      directed approach to the key community            and individuals who have assisted Belfast
    Community Safety Partnership                                safety issues affecting Belfast.                  Community Safety Partnership in its work and
    is to help Belfast be safer and                                                                               we look forward to our continued success.
                                                                The Northern Ireland Community Safety
    feel safer by addressing the
                                                                Strategy tasked local partnerships with
    key issues identified in the                                 tackling nine key themes encompassing many
    NIO Strategy, Creating a Safer                              aspects of crime, fear of crime and anti-social
    Northern Ireland Through                                    behaviour.
                                                                                                                  Peter McNaney
    Partnership.                                                To understand what the people of Belfast          Chairman of Belfast CSP
                                                                thought were the most important community
                                                                                                                            Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 5

                    FOREWORD BY HEAD OF
                    COMMUNITY SAFETY UNIT
Conal Devitt
Head of Community
Safety Unit         On behalf of all the staff in the Community       The Government is determined to play its
                    Safety Unit of the NIO, I would like to           part in building safer communities, but it can
                    congratulate everyone associated with             only do that if it gains the co-operation of
                    the production of this local Community            all the agencies and organisations who can
                    Safety Strategy.                                  help prevent and deter crime, apprehend and
                                                                      convict criminals and rehabilitate and resettle
                    In a relatively short time, Community Safety      ex-offenders. Most importantly, unless we
                    Partnerships (CSPs) have been established,        as individuals accept some responsibility for
                    Community Safety Co-ordinators appointed          both our personal safety and the safety of our
                    and Community Safety Projects implemented         community, then much of the good work by
                    throughout Northern Ireland.                      local CSPs and others will be in vain.

                    We know from extensive consultation on the        I am convinced that the process of creating a
                    Northern Ireland Community Safety Strategy that   safer Northern Ireland is underway and through
                    these developments are of great importance        local Community Safety Strategy follow-up and
                    to all of us. Crime, anti-social behaviour and    Action Plans we are providing the necessary vehicle
                    the fear of crime has a devastating impact on     for local bodies and the communities they
                    individuals, destroys communities and erodes      serve to deliver local solutions to local problems.
                    the overall quality of life of our society.
                                                                      The publication of this document is an
                                                                      important step along that road.

                                                                      Conal Devitt
                                                                      Head of Community Safety Unit
                                                                                                                                                                                     Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 7

BACKGROUND                                    The first step began with the publication of the
The Review of The Criminal Justice            Northern Ireland Office’s Community Safety Unit’s   BELFAST COMMUNITY SAFETY                          This Community Safety Strategy for Belfast
System in Northern Ireland (2000)             strategy, Creating a Safer Northern Ireland        PARTNERSHIP                                       will align the local priorities identified in the audit
recommended, “The development                 Through Partnership in March 2003. This sets       A partnership approach to community safety        (see Appendix 3), with the regional community
of a Northern Ireland Community               out a broad framework for the development          in Belfast was formalised by Belfast City         safety objectives of the NIO. The strategy will also
Safety Strategy based on extensive            of local strategies and Action Plans.              Council and a range of partner organisations      allow the partnership flexibility to design Action
consultation with relevant agencies,                                                             in January 2004. At its inaugural meeting on      Plans against which Belfast Community Safety
political structures and the voluntary,       Widespread consultation between October            8th January 2004 partners acknowledged that       Partnership will distribute its resources in the city.
private and community sectors.”               2001 and March 2002 helped the Northern            to reduce crime, the fear of crime and tackle
                                              Ireland Office to identify nine key issues          anti-social behaviour, the active participation   INDICATORS OF SUCCESS
It saw the aim of such a strategy as being,   relating to community safety. These are:           and representation of all major stakeholders      The work of Belfast Community Safety
“to create the conditions which promote                                                          was required. Representatives from a range        Partnership will be reviewed on an annual basis.
                                              • car crime;
an inclusive partnership-based approach in                                                       of statutory, voluntary and private sector        At present the partnership has a monitoring
developing community safety initiatives...    • domestic burglary;                               organisations have since met together on a        and evaluation subgroup which quality
with a view to reducing crime and enhancing                                                      regular basis to develop a strategic approach     assures its work and determines its success
                                              • business and retail crime;
community safety.”                                                                               to community safety in Belfast.                   and impact on an ongoing and consistent
                                              • fear of crime, particularly amongst older                                                          basis. It also intends to establish focused task
                                                people, vulnerable people, victims and           WHY HAVE A COMMUNITY SAFETY                       groups responsible for developing local Action
  Community safety is defined as                 children;                                        STRATEGY?                                         Plans. The final Action Plans to implement
  “preventing, reducing and containing the                                                       The aim of the Community Safety Strategy          this strategy will clearly indicate targets and
  social, environmental and intimidatory      • anti-social behaviour and low-level
                                                                                                 for Northern Ireland is to bring about a more     other performance management measures for
  factors, which affect people’s right to       neighbourhood disorder;
                                                                                                 co-ordinated approach to reducing crime, the      each of the determined priorities so that the
  live without fear of crime and which        • offences against individuals, particularly       fear of crime and anti-social behaviour, and to   partnership can measure its success.
  impact upon their quality of life. It         domestic violence and sexual assault;            make the best possible use of existing and new
  includes preventative measures that                                                            resources. A key focus must be to continue to     HOW THE STRATEGY WAS DEVELOPED
  contribute to crime reduction and tackle    • youth offending and reducing criminality;
                                                                                                 build confidence in the criminal justice system    Appendix 3 outlines the methodology which
  anti-social behaviour. Community safety     • offences motivated by prejudice and hatred;      and empower communities to engage with            was adopted in developing this strategy, which
  is about delivering local solutions to                                                         government, statutory and voluntary agencies      includes collection of existing statistical data,
  local problems that have been identified     • drug, substance and alcohol abuse.
                                                                                                 in the development, design and delivery of        public consultation and partnership input via
  by local people.”                                                                              successful community safety initiatives.          strategy planning workshops. The next stage
                                                                                                                                                   is Action Plan development as discussed in the

    SETTING THE SCENE FOR OUR STRATEGY                The next two sections seek to present a              ECONOMY
    When developing our strategy it was               synopsis of some other key statistics and            Throughout the 1990s, Northern Ireland
    apparent that, as the capital city,               findings in relation to Belfast, which have           enjoyed the fastest economic growth of any
    Belfast faces a series of long-term and           helped inform our strategic development.             UK region. 49% of all foreign-owned businesses
    short-term opportunities and challenges.                                                               in Northern Ireland are based in Belfast and
    These range from an ever-changing                 DEMOGRAPHICS                                         there is continual regeneration of areas such
    political climate, to expanding economic          Belfast City has 51 electoral wards and a            as Laganside, the Waterfront Hall and the
    investment and the social change which            resident population of 277,391, with two-thirds      development of the new commercial area
    accompanies both.                                 of the population of Northern Ireland living         Victoria Square. Tourism is also growing and
                                                      within a 50km radius of the city. The population     during 2002 Belfast attracted 1.1 million out-
    Naturally, it should be acknowledged that         has declined over the last 30 years, falling by      of-state visitors and 3 million additional day-
    the legacy of decades of conflict has had          5% since 1991. One of the main causes of this        trippers, injecting an estimated £127.5 million
    an inevitable impact upon crime in the city       has been migration to the surrounding district       and £248 million respectively into Belfast’s
    - both its causes and symptoms. Over 1500         council areas. 22% of the Belfast population is      economy.
    people were killed in Belfast due to ‘the         under the age of 16 and more than a quarter
    troubles’; around one-third took place within     (26.5%) of Northern Ireland’s minority ethnic        JOB PROSPECTS
    5 postal areas in North and West Belfast.         groups live in Belfast, including one-third of the   Belfast has the highest number of jobs
    The legacy of ‘the troubles’ therefore shapes     Chinese population.                                  (182,957) of any district council area in
    the context within which Belfast Community                                                             Northern Ireland, with most people employed
    Safety Partnership operates; with inevitable      As the capital city, Belfast has a large number      in the service sector. While there remain areas
    consequences for community engagement.            of commuters travelling to their places of           of higher concentrations of unemployment, the
    Moreover, the ongoing impact and presence         employment every day. Similarly many people          overall Belfast rate has fallen to 4.9%, which is
    of paramilitary activity adds to the complexity   travel to Belfast to take advantage of the           well below the European average of 7.9%.
    of the causes and effects of crime.               thriving night-time economy.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 9

EDUCATION                                          ENVIRONMENT
In Northern Ireland, children perform better       Belfast covers 11,488 hectares and has within it                                                                                   ���������������
in terms of educational attainment than            areas of significant environmental importance                                                         �����������   ��������
their peers in England or Wales, with 61%          and interest, including the Belfast Lough Shore.                                              ������������                ��������                �����������
of Belfast school leavers entering further or      Air quality in Belfast has improved since 1990,    BELFAST CITY             ��������
                                                                                                                                                                  �������                              ����� �����
higher education. However, a higher proportion     with an 80% reduction in the level of smoke        COUNCIL                       ��������        �������
of Belfast school leavers depart with no           and a 75% reduction in the level of sulphur        WARD MAP                                                                                          ��������
                                                                                                                                     ��������                                                       ���
qualifications (7.6%), compared to Northern         dioxide (SO2), primarily due to the smoke                                                                                                                       ������
Ireland as a whole (5.8%).                         control programme. The public transport                                           ���������                                                                      ��������
                                                   infrastructure in Northern Ireland has suffered                                                                                                                 �������
SOCIAL ISSUES & HEALTH                             from long-term under-investment and low
Nine of the ten most deprived electoral wards      levels of use. For example, 45% of Belfast                                    �����
in Northern Ireland in terms of multiple           residents travel to work by car or van.                               ���������
deprivation are in Belfast. The 10 worst wards                                                                         ���������                                                                                               �����
in terms of poor health are all in Belfast.                                                                    ����������������
Inequalities in health persist from childhood                                                                          ����������
into adulthood; children from deprived areas                                                                           ���������
experience higher rates of death due to                                                                                                                                                                               ����������
accidents and are seven times more likely to die                                                                     �������������
as a result of a road traffic accident than those                                                                                 ���������                                                                ��������������
living in more affluent areas.                                                                                                         ����������                            �������                     ���������
Belfast is a city which has experienced over                                                                                                            �������             �����               �������
30 years of conflict and division, a situation                                                                                            �����������              ������
                                                                                                                                                                            ������         ������������
which has impacted on our society in many                                                                                                                                                 �����������
different ways, including physical separation of
communities by interfaces and ‘peace-walls’.
Emerging from such a protracted conflict brings
unique challenges and new opportunities.
                                                                                                                                                                      Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 11

OVERALL CRIME                                    The crime rate in Belfast1 was 167 crimes per
Though Belfast experiences the highest           thousand people which accounted for 45,301         TABLE 1: TEN WARDS WITH HIGHEST RATE FOR ALL RECORDED CRIME
volume of crime within Northern Ireland          recorded crimes throughout the city. This
                                                                                                    WARD                 CRIME RATE PER 1000 POPULATION
it has relatively low levels of crime in         is almost twice the rate of overall crime for
comparison to other major UK cities.             Northern Ireland - 84 crimes per 1000 people.
                                                                                                    Shaftesbury                                                                                              1019
                                                 Twenty-nine of the Belfast wards had crime
For example in the category burglary in a        rates higher than the Northern Ireland average     Falls                                                       522
dwelling, Belfast (pop. 277,391) experienced     crime rate (See Table 1 opposite).                 Duncairn                                                   497
2572 incidents (2002–2003) while Nottingham                                                         Botanic                                              301
(pop. 267,000) experienced 7641 incidents,       In Belfast, eleven wards had a higher rate of
                                                 overall crime than the average for the city        Island                                             263
Cardiff (pop. 305,200) 2792 incidents and
Coventry (pop.300,700) 3128 incidents.           (167 per 1000 population).                         New Lodge                                    227
                                                                                                    Ballymacarrett                             202
Nevertheless, it is estimated that the cost      The five wards with the highest rate of crime
                                                                                                    Water Works                                199
of crime to each resident of Belfast is in the   in the city were:
region of £4,049 per year and the cost to each                                                      Windsor                                   193
                                                 • Shaftesbury (1019 crimes per 1000 people)
resident aged 18 – 65 is approximately £6,748                                                       Chichester Park                           185
per year.                                        • Falls (522 crimes per 1000 people)
                                                 • Duncairn (497 crimes per 1000 people)
                                                                                                    (PSNI 2002-2003)
                                                 • Botanic (301 crimes per 1000 people)
                                                 • Island (263 crimes per 1000 people)

                                                                                                  1 Figures are based on PSNI recorded crime figures,
                                                                                                  1st April 2002 - 31st March 2003

                  Figure 1 1, 2, 3                                             Figure 2 2, 3                                                      Figure 3 2, 3           Figure 4 2, 3, 4
        Actual    Violence against the person                                  Domestic burglary                                                  Theft of vehicle        All recorded crime
     population   per 1000 population                                          per 1000 households                                                per 1000 population     per 1000 population
       per area     2002/03       2003/04                                        2002/03        2003/04                                             2002/03     2003/04     2002/03      2003/04


                  Footnotes 1-4
                  1 Violence against the person typically includes assaults,   3 Violence against the person, domestic burglary and all                                       Source: PSNI Recorded Crime Statistics
                    intimidation, harassment and murder/conspiracy/threats.      recorded crime rates are rounded to the nearest whole number.                                        NI Census 2001.
                                                                                 Theft of vehicle rates are rounded to one decimal place.
                  2 Violence against the person, theft of vehicle and all
                    recorded crime rates are based on number per 1000          4 All recorded crime also includes sex offences, other burglary,
                    population (excludes communal establishments).               other theft, fraud and forgery, criminal damage, drug offences
                    Domestic burglary rates based on per 1000 households.        and offences against the state.
                                                                                                                                                       Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 13

PUBLIC PRIORITIES                                The concerns, as identified in the NIO Community      Young people
Residents                                        Safety Strategy, in order of public priority were:   Young people who were surveyed as part of
Belfast Community Safety Partnership felt that                                                        Belfast Community Safety Partnership’s public
                                                 • anti-social behaviour;
the community should have the opportunity                                                             consultation identified the following as their
to influence the priority assigned to each of     • car crime;                                         top four issues:
the community safety issues at a local level.
                                                 • drug, substance and alcohol abuse;                 • car crime;
Hence, the partnership undertook a public
consultation where residents were asked to       • domestic burglary;                                 • burglary;
identify the most important community safety
                                                 • offences motivated by prejudice & hatred;          • people being attacked or getting into fights;
issue to them.
                                                 • offences against individuals;                      • people causing a nuisance to others.
Overall the consultation has allowed us to
                                                 • crimes against older people, vulnerable
understand the level of importance that people
                                                   adults, children and repeat victims;
attach to community safety issues throughout
the city.                                        • business and retail crime.


 PRIORITY              BELFAST                      NORTH                       SOUTH                  EAST                       WEST
 No. 1 Priority        Anti-social                  Car crime                   Anti-social            Drug, substance,           Anti-social
                       behaviour                                                behaviour              & alcohol abuse            behaviour
 No. 2 Priority        Car crime                    Anti-social                 Drug, substance,       Domestic burglary          Car crime
                                                    behaviour                   & alcohol abuse
 No. 3 Priority        Drug, substance,             Drug, substance,            Car crime              Anti-social                Domestic burglary
                       & alcohol abuse              & alcohol abuse;                                   behaviour
                                                    Domestic burglary

     Business                                         Gay, lesbian, bisexual and                        THE COST OF CRIME IN BELFAST
     Businesses that were surveyed as part of the     transgender issues                                We know that the cost of crime to society is
     consultation identified the following as their    The gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender        great, both in terms of financial drain as well as
     top three issues:                                community of the city felt that Belfast is not    the social and human cost.
                                                      safe for them, with too many homophobic
     • burglary/robbery;
                                                      assaults and intimidation. They were mostly       Table 3 seeks to provide an indication of the
     • anti-social behaviour;                         worried about crimes motivated by prejudice       financial cost of crime to the city and its
                                                      and hatred, a rise in fear of crime in their      residents taking into account crime’s wider
     • shop window breakage/vandalism.
                                                      community and intimidating anti-social            cost; e.g. policing, forensics, healthcare, courts,
                                                      behaviour.                                        probation etc. Using a template and formula
     Older people and parents of young children
                                                                                                        devised by the Manchester Crime and Disorder
     Domestic burglary was reported as one of
                                                      People with a disability                          Audit (1998-2001) and inputting relevant local
     the biggest areas of concern amongst elderly
                                                      People with a disability identified drug,          data, the cost of crime has been estimated
     people and parents of young children. Elderly
                                                      substance and alcohol abuse as the most           for Belfast.
     people also included muggings or attacks and
                                                      important community safety issue, particularly
     parents of young children included crimes
                                                      as it fuels anti-social behaviour. Offences       While these figures are purely an indicator of
     against children such as bullying in their top
                                                      motivated by prejudice and hatred and fear of     the cost of crime in Belfast and indeed exclude
     three issues.
                                                      crime were the third biggest issues of concern.   several recorded crime categories, such as drug
                                                                                                        offences and offences against the state, they
     Ethnic minorities
                                                                                                        illustrate the huge impact of crime on society.
     With regard to ethnic minorities, offences
                                                                                                        They also allow us to analyse crime on the
     motivated by racism such as verbal or physical
                                                                                                        basis of its financial impact. Indeed, the figures
     abuse and attacks gave greatest cause for
                                                                                                        as they stand indicate that violent crime has
     concern. This was strongly articulated by
                                                                                                        a much greater impact financially than other
     members of the Chinese community.
                                                                                                        crimes. It is also important to note that there
                                                                                                        is under-reporting of crime in some areas.
                                                                                                                                                         Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 15

Using census 2001 population data the cost
per head has been calculated. The population     TABLE 3: ESTIMATED COST OF CRIME PER YEAR TO RESIDENTS OF BELFAST
of Belfast at the last count (2001 census)
                                                 TYPE OF CRIME                TOTAL COST       POLICE RECORDED            BCS     ESTIMATE OF ACTUAL    AVERAGE COST
was 277,391. Based on this formula, therefore,
                                                                                OF CRIME       CRIME (NO. 02-03)    MULTIPLIER       NO. OF OFFENCES     PER OFFENCE
it is estimated that the cost of crime to each
resident of Belfast is in the region of £4,049
                                                 Wounding/GBH/AOABH            £890,630,000                1,903           3.6                  6,851             £130,000
per year and the cost to each resident aged
                                                 (incl. with intent)
18 - 65 is approximately £6,748 per year.
                                                 Murder                         £17,600,000                   16             1                     16           £1,100,000
                                                 All robbery                    £38,455,000                 1,326          5.8                  7,691                 £5,000
                                                 Burglary in a dwelling         £18,929,000                 2,572          3.2                  8,230                 £2,300
                                                 Theft of a vehicle             £20,481,600                3,556           1.2                  4,267                 £4,800
                                                 Sexual offences                £20,748,000                  312           3.5                  1,092               £19,000
                                                 Shoplifting                    £18,480,000                1,848           100                184,800                    £100
                                                 Burglary in a non-dwelling     £11,442,600                2,018            2.1                 4,238                 £2,700
                                                 All criminal damage            £50,799,000                11,519          6.3                 72,570                    £700
                                                 Theft from a vehicle            £5,483,320                2,424           3.9                  9,454                   £580
                                                 Other theft                    £25,268,460                 7,507          9.9                 74,319                   £340
                                                 Common/aggravated assault       £4,887,540                 4114           2.2                  9,051                   £540

                                                 Total cost to city           £1,123,204,520               39,115                                              £1,266,060
                                                                                                                                                           Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 17

The understanding gained from the                  STRUCTURE OF THE STRATEGY                              It should be noted that the activities listed
Belfast Community Safety Audit (2005)              The NIO Community Safety Strategy identified            alongside each of the aims are suggestions,
has enabled the partnership to develop             nine key issues. Seven of these refer to specific       giving examples of how the aims could be met.
this Community Safety Strategy for                 types of behaviour/crime. The remaining two
Belfast for 2005 - 2008.                           key issues, namely fear of crime and youth             The strategy provides a basis from which local
                                                   offending, concern specific groups of people            Action Plans, which help to determine local
The strategy was developed by operational          and are integral to the other seven behaviour/         service provision, can be developed.
and strategic tier members, as well as             crime issues. For that reason the partnership
representatives from other key departments         has developed a series of aims addressing fear         It is intended that these Action Plans will be
and organisations.                                 of crime and youth offending that shall be             in place by the end of 2005.
                                                   encompassed throughout the partnership’s
The following sections articulate the              work in addressing the 7 remaining key issues.
commitment of Belfast Community Safety
Partnership to improving, promoting and            The strategy is hence divided into two sections:
communicating community safety to
                                                   • the overarching aims of the partnership
help Belfast be safer and feel safer. This
                                                     which will be integral to all aspects of the
commitment to contributing to the wider
                                                     partnership’s work, including tackling crimes
community safety agenda within Belfast is
                                                     against vulnerable people, fear of crime and
of particular importance as inevitably new
                                                     youth offending;
resources will be limited. Hence the strategy
must combine and build on the excellent            • the key statistics and the aims of the
work of the community, voluntary, private            partnership in relation to the key issues
and statutory sectors in this field and create        identified in the Northern Ireland Community
linkages with other relevant strategies. It will     Safety Strategy (in order of priority as identified
also seek to tap into existing and new funding       through public consultation).
streams such as Neighbourhood Renewal and
the Big Lottery.
                                         OVERARCHING AIMS, PRINCIPLES AND THEMES

                                       CORE PRINCIPLES
                                       The following principles will underpin            PROMOTE                                          COMMUNICATE
     The purpose of Belfast
                                       the work of the partnership throughout            Promote community safety by:                     Communicate community safety by:
     Community Safety Partnership      its work in each of the specific key issues.
                                                                                         • leading the strategic commitment to and        • developing and promoting a consistent
     is to help Belfast be safer and                                                       development of, community safety;                brand image for community safety;
     feel safer by addressing the      IMPROVE
                                       Improve community safety by:                      • supporting collaborative working with          • communicating effectively with service
     key issues identified in the                                                           communities and service providers;               providers, local communities and our
     NIO Strategy, Creating a Safer    • identifying community safety priorities
                                                                                                                                            partnership members;
                                         through community safety audits;                • generating ideas and developing expertise in
     Northern Ireland Through                                                              the field of community safety;                  • raising awareness of the partnership’s work
                                       • channelling existing and securing new
     Partnership.                                                                                                                           and community safety priorities;
                                         resources to support agreed plans;              • reducing fear of crime by challenging
                                                                                           misconceptions in the public realm;            • promoting and sharing good practice on
                                       • delivering services to meet gaps in provision
                                                                                                                                            community safety;
                                         and tackling the identified priorities;          • influencing related policy and practice
                                                                                           through lobbying and advocacy;                 • establishing means of receiving and sharing
                                       • enhancing existing service provision and
                                         preventing duplication;                         • seeking sustainable resources to support the
                                                                                           partnership and its work.
                                       • monitoring and evaluating our work.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 19

INTRODUCTION                                       NI OBJECTIVE                                      BELFAST CSP AIM 2                               Figure 4
Those crimes which generate a real, yet            To reduce the fear of crime in Northern           Reduce the fear of crime amongst the most       Fear of Crime Index - Belfast (household survey)
often disproportionate, fear of crime              Ireland particularly amongst older people,        vulnerable.
amongst the more vulnerable groups in              vulnerable adults, victims and children;
                                                                                                     Activities may include:
society have few quantitative statistics
                                                   To reduce the percentage of people whose
which illustrate their impact.                                                                       • support evidence based projects that reduce
                                                   lives are moderately or greatly affected by
                                                                                                       the fear of specific crimes amongst the most
                                                   fear of crime as measured by the 2007 NICS
To that end the impact of fear of crime is                                                             vulnerable (e.g. Good Morning projects,
                                                   (baseline 39% Northern Ireland Crime Survey).
often hard to measure. As part of its audit                                                            inter-generational projects, Safety of
process, however, Belfast Community Safety                                                             Seniors events etc);
                                                   BELFAST CSP AIM 1
Partnership developed a fear of crime index.
                                                   Reduce the fear of crime.                         • assist organisations that support victims.
The numbers within the index relate to the
responses of residents to the household survey.    Activities may include:
                                                                                                     BELFAST CSP AIM 3
A higher response rate to a particular issue
                                                   • provide public reassurance on the positive      Influencing others.
means that it receives a higher score. The index
                                                     progress made by Belfast Community Safety
does not place a value upon the fear of crime                                                        Activities may include:
associated with particular types of crime or
                                                                                                     • work with the criminal justice service with
behaviour.                                         • assist in the development of a visibly safer                                                      Anti-social behaviour
                                                                                                       regard to consistent and appropriate use of
                                                     city by encouraging investment in public and                                                      Car crime
SUMMARY STATISTICS                                   environmental regeneration schemes;                                                               Drug, substance & alcohol abuse
Figure 4 illustrates the Fear of Crime Index                                                         • increase confidence in reporting mechanisms,
                                                   • promote high-visibility, reassurance services                                                     Domestic burglary
as identified in the Community Safety                                                                   particularly amongst vulnerable people.
                                                     in hot spot areas and at special events;                                                          Offences motivated by prejudice
Partnership’s audit. This index provides a
benchmark against which changes in the level       • work with communities to reduce the fear                                                          Crimes against older people, vulnerable adults,
of fear of crime will be measured over time.         of crime.                                                                                         children and recent victims
The index (2005) supports the finding that                                                                                                              Offences against individuals
anti-social behaviour, car crime and drug,                                                                                                             Business & retail crime
substance and alcohol abuse are the top three
concerns for respondents followed closely
by domestic burglary.

     INTRODUCTION                                        • 13.48% (48) were criminal damage cases;             Primary schools
     The key issue of youth offending and                • 12.92% (46) were shoplifting;
                                                                                                               • 3% of children had serious behavioural
     reducing criminality focuses on young                                                                       problems;
     people’s role in, and experiences of,               • 9.8% (35) were for other types of theft;
                                                                                                               • 17% had moderate problems;
     all other aspects of community safety.              • 7.3% (26) were for disorderly behaviour.
     Notably, the definition of a young person                                                                  • 30% of children had mild behavioural problems.
     is inconsistent between the main service            Research from the British Audit Commission
     providers in this field, ranging from up             (Misspent Youth, Young People and Crime,
                                                                                                               Post primary school sector
     to 18 years old to 25 years old. However,           1996) identified aggressive, hyperactive
                                                                                                               • 8% of children had serious behavioural
     for the purposes of this strategy we will           behaviour, truancy and exclusion as factors
     consider children and young people as               that can contribute to crime.                         • 13% had moderate behavioural problems;
     people aged 21 years and under.
                                                                                                               • 29% had mild behavioural problems.
                                                         Education and welfare
     The issue of youth offending and reducing
                                                         Belfast Education and Library Board (BELB)
     criminality was explored in the public                                                                    Truancy & school attendance (2002-2003)
                                                         research identified that of the 42,778 pupils
     consultation by asking people who they                                                                    224 pupils were referred to the Education
                                                         that participated in their 2004 research:
     thought were the perpetrators of crime.                                                                   Welfare Service for attendance below 85% and
     Unfortunately, as can be seen from Table 5,         • 51% pupils were on the continuum of                 for displaying behaviour which caused concern.
     young people are sometimes perceived as the           serious, moderate or mild bad behaviours;
                                                                                                               515 referrals to the Educational Psychology
     sole or main perpetrators of certain crimes,
                                                         • 29% of children were considered to have             Service (2002-2003). 1540 suspensions from
     particularly anti-social behaviour and car crime.
                                                           mild behavioural problems;                          school in 2002 – 2003 in Belfast.
     Notably, however, it was perceived that adults
     are also involved or responsible for many types     • 15% had moderate difficulties and 5% of
                                                                                                               Between 1997 and 2002:
     of crime.                                             pupils (1995) had serious behavioural problems.
                                                                                                               • 82% of suspensions were from secondary schools;
     SUMMARY STATISTICS (2002 – 2003)                    Nursery sector
                                                                                                               • 11.5% were from grammar schools;
                                                         • 28% of children had mild behavioural difficulties;
     Youth justice (Belfast & Newtownabbey 02)                                                                 • 9.5% were from special schools;
     Of 356 offences tried by the Juvenile Court:        • 17% had moderate problems;
                                                                                                               • 7% were from primary schools.
                                                         • 7% had serious behavioural problems.
                                                                                                                                                             Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 21

NI OBJECTIVE                                   BELFAST CSP AIM 2
To reduce the level of crime and criminality   To reduce youth offending by tackling the
                                                                                                   TABLE 5: PERCEPTIONS OF PERPETRATORS OF CRIME (HOUSEHOLD SURVEY)
specifically attributable to young people,      root causes.
                                                                                                   CONSULTATION                      MAINLY         MAINLY     BOTH YOUNG
through the provision of an appropriate
                                               Activities may include:                             THEME                             YOUNG PEOPLE   ADULTS     PEOPLE & ADULTS
range of services.
                                               • develop and promote a wider understanding
                                                                                                   Car crime                         YES            –          –
BELFAST CSP AIM 1                                of the factors which contribute to youth
To engage local communities and young            and subsequently adult, offending and tackle      Domestic burglary                 –              –          YES
people to tackle youth offending.                public misperceptions of young people’s           Business & retail crime           –              –          YES
                                                 involvement in crime;
Activities may include:                                                                            Offences motivated by prejudice   –              –          YES
                                               • support services which reduce the at-risk         Offences against individuals      –              –          YES
• promote active citizenship among young
                                                 factors in relation to youth offending e.g.       (primarily assault)
  people, parents and communities;
                                                 diversionary, educational, leisure and family
• identify mechanisms to share information       support work and restorative justice;             Drug, substance & alcohol abuse   –              –          YES
  with local communities, key stakeholders                                                         Anti-social behaviour             YES            –          –
                                               • promote the appropriate use of Acceptable
  and service providers;
                                                 Behaviour Contracts, ASBOs and other              Crimes against older people,      –              –          YES
• raise awareness of community safety            interventions.                                    vulnerable adults and victims
  activities in local communities;                                                                 of crime
                                               BELFAST CSP AIM 3
• support best-practice such as diversionary
                                               To gain an understanding of existing and
  work and restorative justice;
                                               planned services which might impact upon
• support communities, families and young      youth offending.
  people to address youth offending at a
                                               Activities may include:
  local level;
                                               • promote a holistic approach to youth offending;
• develop and strengthen relationships with
  the youth sector.                            • map existing and planned services in the
                                                 Belfast area;
                                               • to identify gaps in service provision.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 23

 NO. 1 PUBLIC PRIORITY                            Wards with the highest rates of criminal       Activities may include:                           BELFAST CSP AIM 2
                                                  damage are:                                                                                      To understand the motivation and causes of
                                                                                                 • support work with the community, parents
SUMMARY STATISTICS (2002 – 2003)                                                                                                                   anti-social behaviour.
                                                  • Shaftesbury (143 per 1000 people)              and young people to tackle anti-social
Anti-social behaviour (ASB)                                                                        behaviour at a local level;                     Activities may include:
                                                  • Duncairn (108 per 1000 people)
• the NI Housing Executive dealt with 952                                                        • promote the use of preventative and             • map existing provision of services tackling the
                                                  • Ballymacarrett (90 per 1000 people)
  reports of anti-social behaviour;                                                                diversionary work (such as mediation,             causes and effects of anti-social behaviour;
                                                  • Falls (76 per 1000 people)                     diversionary activities, parenting
• 260 incidents of damage to NI Fire and                                                                                                           • identify gaps in current youth provision;
                                                                                                   development, community safety wardens,
  Rescue Service property and personnel;          • Cliftonville (70 per 1000 people)
                                                                                                   inter-generational work, environmental          • compile existing research on the motivation
• 3281 complaints about noise (BCC)                                                                improvement, designing out crime,                 of gangs.
                                                  NI OBJECTIVE
  (32%) originating in South Belfast;                                                              restorative justice and outreach work);
                                                  To reduce the level of anti-social behaviour
                                                  and to promote measures to combat              • develop better use of civic space in both
                                                                                                                                                   BELFAST CSP AIM 3
• 281 incidents of damage to Translink vehicles                                                                                                    To proactively deal with criminal behaviour
  costing £140,500;                               low-level neighbourhood disorder.                existing and newly arising public and private
                                                                                                                                                   linked to group/gang activity.
                                                                                                   spaces, including the city centre;
• the highest number of attacks to Translink      BELFAST CSP AIM 1                                                                                Activities may include:
  property took place in Legoniel (26),                                                          • support promotional campaigns and
                                                  To reduce the number of incidents and
  Crumlin (19), Shaftesbury and Shankill (14),                                                     awards such as the Best Kept Street/Area        • see Action Plan on youth offending and
                                                  the impact of:
  Ballymacarrett and Woodvale (12).                                                                competitions;                                     reducing criminality;
                                                  • anti-social behaviour;
                                                                                                 • support the appropriate use of existing         • promote the involvement of other agencies
Criminal damage                                   • noise;                                         legislation to create greater involvement         in relation to tackling anti-social behaviour.
Belfast average: 42 offences per 1000 people                                                       from other agencies e.g. ASBOs, ABCs and
Northern Ireland: 22 offences per 1000 people     • attacks on essential services;
                                                                                                   bye-law enforcement;
                                                  • vandalism and graffiti;
                                                                                                 • lobby government to provide sustainable
                                                  • community conflict.                             funding and encourage a joined-up,
                                                                                                   consistent approach to dealing with anti-
                                                                                                   social behaviour.

                                                                                   Figure 7
     TABLE 6: TOP 10 HOT SPOTS OF ASB INCIDENTS IN COUNCIL OPEN SPACES (02-03)     Perceived perpetrators of anti-social behaviour - Belfast (household survey)

     OPEN SPACE                           NUMBER OF INCIDENTS                      Where you live:
                                                                                   • Which types of anti-social behaviour take place in your area?
     Alexandra Park                                                           73   • Who do you consider to be responsible for committing each of these types of anti-social behaviour?
     Grove Playing Fields                                                55
     Ardoyne Pitch & Mitch                                              52
     Cherryvale Playing Fields                                      48
     Orangefield Playing Fields                                     46
     Waterworks in Queen Mary’s Gardens                            44
     Knocknagoney Park                                        38
     Loop River Playcentre & Open Space                  33
     Skippers Playground                                 32
     Dixon Park Playing Fields                          31

                                                                                     Mainly young people
                                                                                     Mainly adults
                                                                                     Both young people & adults
                                                                                                                                                                                            Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 25

 NO. 2 PUBLIC PRIORITY                              NI OBJECTIVE                                       BELFAST CSP AIM 3                               BELFAST CSP AIM 4
                                                    To reduce the theft of and theft from motor        To reduce the incidence of theft of motor       To reduce the incidence of theft from
SUMMARY STATISTICS (2002-2003)                      vehicles by 10% by 2007, using 2001/02 as          vehicles in Belfast.                            motor vehicles.
                                                    the base year.
Theft of vehicles                                                                                      Activities may include:                         Activities may include:
Belfast average: 13 offences per 1000 people        BELFAST CSP AIM 1                                  • facilitate inter-agency co-operation of       • support existing initiatives and the use of
Northern Ireland: 5 offences per 1000 people        To reduce the incidence of deathriding.              agencies with a contribution to make in         best-practice to target theft from vehicles;
                                                                                                         the reduction of theft of motor vehicles
Theft from vehicles                                 Activities may include:                                                                            • promote public awareness of crime
                                                                                                         e.g. DRD, PSNI etc;
Belfast average: 9 offences per 1000 people                                                                                                              prevention measures through education
                                                    • challenge public perception of this behaviour,
Northern Ireland: 4 offences per 1000 people                                                           • promote the use of and investment in,           and advertising campaigns e.g. If they see it,
                                                      including the use of the term joyriding;
                                                                                                         protective and preventative measures such       they’ll steal it (NIO).
Damage to vehicles                                  • support work with the community, parents           as anti-theft devices;
Belfast average: 9 offences per 1000 people           and young people to tackle deathriding
                                                                                                       • encourage private and business sector
Northern Ireland: 8 offences per 1000 people          at a local level;
                                                                                                         engagement in promoting crime prevention
                                                    • support best-practice such as the IMPACT           measures e.g. insurance discounts etc;
Wards with the highest rate of criminal
damage to a vehicle are:                                                                               • to promote public awareness campaign
• Shaftesbury (70 per 1000 people)                  • promote the designing-out of environments          promoting crime prevention techniques;
• Duncairn (44 per 1000 people)                       which facilitate this crime.
                                                                                                       • support existing initiatives and the use of
• Ballymacarrett (38 per 1000 people)
                                                                                                         best-practice to target theft of vehicles.
• Falls (34 per 1000 people)                        BELFAST CSP AIM 2
• Legoniel (30 per 1000 people)                     To tackle the effects of abandoned/
                                                    runabout vehicles.
Dangerous driving
                                                    Activities may include:
• 101 collisions due to excessive speed/
                                                    • support existing initiatives and secure                                                          Information leaflet and poster on theft from vehicles
  disregard of driving conditions;
                                                      sustainable funding for schemes such as
• 136 collisions and casualties as a result of        Operation Cleanup.
  either drugs or alcohol or as the result of the
  actions of pedestrians, drivers and passengers.


     WARD          RATE PER 1000 POPULATION

     Shaftesbury                                                              72
     Duncairn                                                       50
     Island                                                    45
     Falls                                               36
     Botanic                                        29
     New Lodge                            20
                                                                                   Figure 10
     Shankill                    16                                                Perceived perpetrators of car crime - Belfast (household survey)
     Blackstaff                 15
                                                                                   Where you live:
     Ravenhill                  15                                                 • Which types of car crime take place in your area?
     Water Works                14                                                 • Who do you consider to be responsible for committing each of these types of car crime?

     (PSNI 2002-2003)


     WARD          RATE PER 1000 POPULATION

     Shaftesbury                                                         54
     Duncairn                                                 43
     Falls                                     26
     Island                                    25
     Botanic                         18
     Blackstaff                      17                                              Mainly young people

     New Lodge                  15                                                   Mainly adults
                                                                                     Both young people & adults
     Shankill              11
     Stranmillis          10
     Windsor              10

     (PSNI 2002-2003)
                                                                                                                                                                           Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 27

 NO. 3 PUBLIC PRIORITY                        Referrals to treatment services                  NI OBJECTIVE                                   BELFAST CSP AIM 3
                                                                                               To contribute to the achievement of the        To help people to cause less self-harm when
                                              • 371 referrals to treatment agencies for drug
SUMMARY STATISTICS (2002-2003)                                                                 overall aims and objectives of the Northern    misusing drugs, substances and alcohol.
                                                use in Belfast (2002-2003);
                                                                                               Ireland Drug and Alcohol Strategies.
Drug Offences                                                                                                                                 Activities may include:
                                              • 1787 referrals to treatment agencies for
Belfast average: 2 offences per 1000 people     alcohol use in Belfast (2002-2003).            BELFAST CSP AIM 1                              • promote harm reduction behaviour in
Northern Ireland: 1 offence per 1000 people                                                    To prevent people from misusing drugs,           relation to alcohol abuse; challenging the
                                              Drug seizures in Belfast (2002-2003)             substances and alcohol.                          drink culture currently promoted;
Wards with the highest rates of drug          The following figures are from EDACT
offences are:                                                                                  Activities may include:                        • promote harm reduction behaviour in
                                              Report 2003;
                                                                                                                                                relation to drug and substance abuse.
• Shaftesbury (12 per 1000 people)                                                             • support existing community networks/
                                              • Ecstasy (number of tablets) 311,515
                                                                                                 groups who are tackling misuse of drugs,
• Falls (7 per 1000 people)                   • Cannabis resin (grams) 155,151                   substances and alcohol e.g. EDACT;
• Duncairn (5 per 1000 people)                • Cannabis herbal (grams) 10,535                 • support education programmes in schools
• Chichester Park (3 per 1000 people)                                                            (primary and post primary), in communities
                                              • Amphetamines (grams) 533
                                                                                                 and for parents.
• Ballyhackamore (2 per 1000 people)          • Cocaine (grams) 106
• Island (2 per 1000 people)                                                                   BELFAST CSP AIM 2
                                              • Heroin (grams) 52
                                                                                               To help people to stop misusing drugs,
• Woodstock (2 per 1000 people)                                                                substances and alcohol.
• Castleview (2 per 1000 people)                                                               Activities may include:
• New Lodge (2 per 1000 people)                                                                • support treatment services and
• Shankill (2 per 1000 people)                                                                   rehabilitation for users;

• Water Works (2 per 1000 people)                                                              • promote social inclusion and employment
                                                                                                 to break the cycle of dependency.
• Botanic (2 per 1000 people)

     Figure 12                                                                                BELFAST CSP AIM 4                               BELFAST CSP AIM 5
     Perceived perpetrators of drug, substance & alcohol abuse - Belfast (household survey)   To reduce the black market sale of              To reduce drug, substance and alcohol
                                                                                              illegal alcohol.                                related anti-social behaviour and crime.
     Where you live:
     • Which types of drug, substance & alcohol abuse take place in your area?                Activities may include:                         Activities may include:
     • Who do you consider to be responsible for committing each of these types of crime?
                                                                                              • support existing service providers who        • target the causes and effects of binge
                                                                                                are tackling the illegal supply of alcohol,     drinking in Belfast;
                                                                                                such as Belfast City Council;
                                                                                                                                              • target under age drinking;
                                                                                              • promote awareness around the dangers
                                                                                                                                              • target the supply of alcohol to young
                                                                                                of the black market to the community
                                                                                                in Belfast.
                                                                                                                                              • use ASBOs to tackle these problems in a
                                                                                                                                                quick and effective way;
                                                                                                                                              • contribute to the review of licensing laws
                                                                                                                                                and other relevant policy and practice.

       Mainly young people
       Mainly adults
       Both young people & adults
                                                                                                                                                                                            Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 29

 NO. 4 PUBLIC PRIORITY                          NI OBJECTIVE                                        Figure 13
                                                To reduce the rate of domestic burglary by          Perceived perpetrators of domestic burglary - Belfast (household survey)
SUMMARY STATISTICS (2002-2004)                  15% by 2007, using 2001/02 as the base year.
                                                                                                    Where you live:
Rate of burglary                                                                                    • Which types of domestic burglary take place in your area?
                                                BELFAST CSP AIM 1                                   • Who do you consider to be responsible for committing domestic burglary?
Belfast average: 9 offences per 1000 people     To reduce the incidence of domestic burglary
Northern Ireland: 6 offences per 1000 people    with specific focus on vulnerable groups and
Wards with the highest rates of burglary are:
                                                Activities may include:
• Windsor (32 per 1000 people)
                                                • promotion of personal responsibility in
• Botanic (29 per 1000 people)                    preventing domestic burglary e.g. secure by
                                                                                                      Mainly young people
• Ballynafeigh (24 per 1000 people)               design, household insurance, Safety of Seniors;
                                                                                                      Mainly adults
• Stranmillis (22 per 1000 people)              • explore the causal factors of domestic              Both young people & adults
                                                  burglary hot spots;
• Ravenhill (18 per 1000 people)
                                                • support practical home and property
                                                  protection measures amongst the most
                                                  vulnerable e.g. alley-gating;
                                                • promote sustainable funding to focus on
                                                  hot spots, yet prevent displacement and
                                                  ensure long-term impact.

                                                                                                                                                                 Information leaflet for   Information leaflet for handling
                                                                                                                                                                 Neighbourhood Watch      unknown callers to the home
                                                                                                                                                      Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 31

 NO. 5 PUBLIC PRIORITY                               NI OBJECTIVE                                     BELFAST CSP AIM 2
                                                     To work with community relations and other       To reduce the incidence of crimes motivated
SUMMARY STATISTICS (2002-2003)                       organisations to reduce the levels of crime      by prejudice and hatred.
                                                     with a sectarian motivation.
Homophobic incidents                                                                                  Activities may include:
13 homophobic incidents (Belfast)                    To promote and enhance the safety of
                                                                                                      • support effective programmes of education
                                                     minority ethnic residents.
Incidents motivated by racism                                                                           promoting anti-prejudice;
85 incidents motivated by prejudice (Belfast)        BELFAST CSP AIM 1                                • support prevention through evidence based
South Belfast - 67%                                  To contribute to the reduction of the level of     interventions;
                                                     prejudice and hatred that leads to hate crime.
Breakdown of incidents:                                                                               • develop a consistent, multi-agency response
• verbal threats/abuse (26);                         Activities may include:                            to offences motivated by prejudice.
• racist attacks on the home (20);                   • map multi-agency and community
• physical assaults (18).                                                                             BELFAST CSP AIM 3
                                                       initiatives and identify gaps;
                                                                                                      To support the victims of offences motivated
Incidents motivated by sectarianism                  • support ongoing work to develop a greater      by prejudice and hatred.
410 incidents due to security situation (Belfast):     understanding of diversity within Belfast
                                                                                                      Activities may include:
• 40% were shootings;                                  among local communities and residents;
• 30% were bombing incidents;                                                                         • support better links between service
                                                     • work with communities in vulnerable areas
• 47 paramilitary style assaults.                                                                       providers & voluntary organisations
                                                       by supporting meaningful acceptance and
                                                                                                        providing support for victims of offences
Offences against the state                                                                              motivated by prejudice and hatred;
Wards with the highest rates are:                    • strengthen links with groups representing
                                                                                                      • support ongoing relationship building
                                                       people who are victimised due to prejudice
• Shaftesbury (22 crimes per 1000 people)                                                               between isolated and marginalised groups/
                                                       and hatred.
• Ballymacarrett (9 crimes per 1000 people)                                                             individuals and service providers;
• New Lodge (8 crimes per 1000 people)
                                                                                                      • work with key service providers to tackle
Perpetrators                                                                                            the effects of fear of crime, displacement,
Quite high proportions of respondents                                                                   victimisation and criminal activity.
attributed graffiti and murals and interface
conflict solely to young people.

     Figure 14                          Figure 15
     Number of people in Belfast from   Perceived perpetrators of offences motivated by prejudice - Belfast (household survey)
     ethnic minorities (Census 2001)
                                        Where you live:
                                        • Which types of offences motivated by prejudice take place in your area?
                                        • Who do you consider to be responsible for committing these types of offence?

       Irish Traveller (251)
       Black Caribbean (62)
       Mixed (729)
       Bangladeshi (62)
       Indian (438)
       Other Black (74)
       Pakistani (158)
       Chinese (1318)
       Other Asian (76)
       Other Ethnic Group (480)
       Black African (148)                Mainly young people
                                          Mainly adults
                                          Both young people & adults
                                                                                                                                                                                 Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 33

 NO. 6 PUBLIC PRIORITY                          Translink                                     Sexual offences
                                                38 attacks on staff, each costing             Belfast average: 1 offence per 1000 people
SUMMARY STATISTICS (2002-2003)                  approximately £4,000;                         Northern Ireland: 1 offence per 1000 people
                                                Total cost approximately £152,000.
Physical assault                                                                              Wards with the highest rates are:
Belfast average: 30 offences per 1000 people    Wards with the highest number of attacks
Northern Ireland: 17 offences per 1000 people                                                 • Shaftesbury (6 per 1000 people)
                                                on Translink staff are:
                                                                                              • Duncairn (3 per 1000 people)
Wards with the highest rates are:               • Ballysillan (6 attacks)
                                                                                              • The Mount (1 per 1000 people)
• Shaftesbury (219 per 1000 people)             • Ballymacarrett (4 attacks)
                                                                                              • Chichester Park (1 per 1000 people)
• Falls (72 per 1000 people)                    • Shankill (4 attacks)
                                                                                              • Shankill (1 per 1000 people)
• Duncairn (70 per 1000 people)                 Domestic violence and sexual assault
                                                                                              • Botanic (1 per 1000 people)
• Botanic (54 per 1000 people)                  3654 incidents in total related to domestic
                                                violence in Belfast (2002-2003).              • Falls (1 per 1000 people)
• Ballymacarrett (48 per 1000 people)           335 male victims representing just over 13%
                                                                                              • Falls Park (1 per 1000 people)
                                                of the total number of victims.
Victims of violence:
• 48.74% were aged 24-44;                       Women’s Aid:
                                                                                              Of the 95% of respondents to the Belfast
• 31.96% were aged 16-25;                       • 407 women and 454 children were housed      Community Safety Household Survey who
                                                  in their Belfast refuges;                   stated that assault takes place in their area,
• 19.3% were aged 45 and over.                                                                the majority believed that both young people
                                                • 13% came from North Belfast;
                                                                                              and adults are responsible for committing
South Belfast contained 33% of the victims      • 13% came from South Belfast;                this crime.
of violent crime. West Belfast contained 26%
of the victims of violent crime.                • 7% came from East Belfast;
                                                • 21% came from West Belfast.

                                                                                                                                               Poster advertising new domestic
                                                                                                                                               violence helpline

                                                                                 NI OBJECTIVE                                       BELFAST CSP AIM 2
     TABLE 16: TOP 10 WARDS WITH HIGHEST RATES OF VIOLENCE AGAINST INDIVIDUALS   To work in partnership with others to reduce       To reduce the incidence of violence in
                                                                                 the rate of increase in violent crime.             the home.
     WARD             RATE PER 1000 POPULATION
                                                                                 To publish a draft strategy and Action Plan        Activities may include:
     Shaftesbury                                                           219   to address violence against women, including
                                                                                                                                    • support the implementation of the
     Falls                                  72                                   domestic violence, by May 2003.
                                                                                                                                      Violence at Home Strategy.
     Duncairn                               70                                   To work with others to reduce levels of sexual
     Botanic                           54                                        assault and sexual abuse.                          BELFAST CSP AIM 3
                                                                                                                                    To work in partnership to reduce the
     Ballymacarrett                 48
                                                                                 BELFAST CSP AIM 1                                  incidence of child abuse.
     Water Works                    47                                           To reduce the level of violent crime in Belfast,
                                                                                                                                    Activities may include:
     New Lodge                    42                                             particularly assault and sexual assault.
     The Mount                 39                                                                                                   • map existing service provision to determine
                                                                                 Activities may include:
                                                                                                                                      gaps or duplication;
     Island                   34                                                 • proactively tackle the causal factors of
     Woodstock               32                                                                                                     • support the development of an integrated
                                                                                   violent crime e.g. binge drinking;
                                                                                                                                      strategy to tackle child abuse;
                                                                                 • promote a joined-up approach to target
                                                                                                                                    • target the safety of children when using the
                                                                                   those most at risk of committing and being
     (PSNI 2002-2003)                                                                                                                 internet;
                                                                                   victims of violent crime through diversion,
                                                                                   prevention, education and enforcement;           • promote an understanding and awareness
                                                                                                                                      of indicators of child abuse and what can
                                                                                 • pilot, sustain and develop existing best-
                                                                                                                                      lawfully be done if you suspect that it is
                                                                                   practice such as Get Home Safe scheme,
                                                                                                                                      happening to someone in your area.
                                                                                   CCTV and community safety wardens;
                                                                                 • support sustained support for victims e.g.
                                                                                   counselling services;
                                                                                 • promote community, public and private
                                                                                   sector awareness of issues such as personal
                                                                                   safety and crime prevention.
                                                                                               Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 35

 NO. 8 PUBLIC PRIORITY                          Shoplifting
                                                Belfast average: 7 offences per 1000 people
SUMMARY STATISTICS (2002-2003)                  Northern Ireland: 3 offences per 1000 people

Robbery (Theft with violence)                   Perpetrators
Belfast average: 5 offences per 1000 people
Northern Ireland: 1 offence per 1000 people     • both young people and adults were
                                                  considered to be mainly responsible for
Wards with the highest rates are:                 breaking into properties (67%) and assault
                                                  on staff (59%);
• Shaftesbury (27 per 1000 people)
                                                • however, the results also show that adults
• Falls (16 per 1000 people)                      were perceived to be the main perpetrators
• Duncairn (14 per 1000 people)                   of fraud (51%) and armed robbery (46%);

• The Mount, Windsor                            • young people were deemed largely
  and Musgrave (8 per 1000 people)                responsible for abuse of staff (48%)
                                                  and theft or shoplifting (48%).
Theft (without violence)
Belfast average: 56 offences per 1000 people
Northern Ireland: 25 offences per 1000 people

Wards with the highest rates are:
• Shaftesbury (462 per 1000 people)
• Falls (268 per 1000 people)
• Duncairn (229 per 1000 people)
• Island (140 per 1000 people)
• Botanic (118 per 1000 people)

                                                                     Figure 18
     TABLE 17: TOP 10 WARDS WITH HIGHEST RATES OF SHOPLIFTING        Perceived perpetrators of business and retail crime - Belfast (household survey)

     WARD          RATE PER 1000 POPULATION                          Where you live:
                                                                     • Which types of business and retail crime take place in your area?
     Falls                                                      92   • Who do you consider to be responsible for committing each of these types of offence?
     Shaftesbury                                       68
     Duncairn                        30
     Bloomfield                  19
     Fortwilliam            9
     New Lodge              9
     Blackstaff             9
     Windsor                9
     Ravenhill          8
     Falls Park         7

     (PSNI 2002-2003)

                                                                       Mainly young people
                                                                       Mainly adults
                                                                       Both young people & adults
                                                                                                   Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 37

NI OBJECTIVE                                       BELFAST CSP AIM 2
To reduce the rate of increase in business         To reduce the incidence of assaults on/abuse
crime by 2005.                                     of staff.
                                                   Activities may include:
To promote measures to prevent and reduce          • support the co-ordination of accredited
business crime including burglary, robbery,          training for businesses and their staff on
shoplifting and fraud.                               personal safety and crime prevention
Activities may include:
• promote investment in protection and             BELFAST CSP AIM 3
  prevention measures by public and private        To support the development of an integrated
  sectors, including physical measures,            approach to reducing business and retail
  education and the use of technology              crime in Belfast city centre and out-lying
  (e.g. Chip & Pin);                               commercial areas.
• facilitate the establishment of information      Activities may include:
  sharing schemes to promote awareness of
                                                   • facilitate links between key businesses and
  key crimes, crime patterns and causal factors
                                                     service providers and existing strategies
  among relevant stakeholders;
                                                     such as Arterial Routes and Neighbourhood
• support, expand and integrate (where               Renewal;
  appropriate) the use of existing best-practice
                                                   • encourage city-wide investment in
  such as CCTV and Radio Link scheme;
                                                     community safety and crime prevention
• support advice and information services on         measures among the private sector.
  crime prevention for the business sector and
  in particular Small and Medium Enterprises;
• promote education campaign to increase
  awareness among the public of the
  consequences of purchasing stolen and
  illegal goods.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 39

At present Belfast Community Safety                  and other criteria such as the cost of the          Resources                                          Figure 19
Partnership consists of two tiers.                   activity, existing investment within this field,     A range of factors will be used to determine       The structure of Belfast Community Safety Partnership
                                                     the potential degree of impact, the level of        the distribution of the partnership’s resources.
The Strategic Tier, which includes locally elected   need (as identified through the audit) and           These will include public priorities, gaps in
representatives, brings high-level buy-in and        the likelihood of success.                          service provision, geographic and/or themed                         STRATEGIC TIER
the Operational Tier which ensures that the                                                              priorities, the recorded crime rates, proof of
work of the Community Safety Partnership is          As per the core principles of the Community         success elsewhere and the availability of our
driven forward at service delivery level.            Safety Partnership, we will work with existing      own (and other) resources. To support this
Members of both tiers include representatives        networks and groups where they exist, bringing      work Belfast Community Safety Partnership                         OPERATIONAL TIER
from statutory, private and voluntary/               benefits through partnership working and             will receive an allocation of indicative funding
community sector organisations.                      avoiding duplication to deliver the best value      from the NIO Community Safety Unit which
                                                     for the people of Belfast. Importantly, the         it will distribute according to the strategy and
The completion of the audit and strategy has         establishment of task groups is also seen                                                                  Monitoring
                                                                                                         Action Plans. This funding shall hence underpin                                        Communication
identified the need to establish more specific task    as a key opportunity to engage with local                                                                  & Evaluation
                                                                                                         the delivery of the Belfast Community Safety
groups which will be focused around either a         residents and community groups, as well as          Strategy 2005 -2008.
particular community safety topic/issue and/or       other partners, who will play a vital role in the
a geographical area. A Design Group has been         success of the Community Safety Strategy.           However, the intention is that this will not
set up to produce recommendations for action
                                                                                                         be the sole resource for community safety
plan development, implementation & monitoring.       How will the partnership ensure delivery?           in Belfast but should be seen as one of a            Issue/Area         Issue/Area             Issue/Area
                                                     The partnership will ensure that the Action Plans   number of measures available to the Belfast
In the first instance these task groups will                                                                                                                   task group         task group             task group
                                                     are delivered through a number of mechanisms:       Community Safety Partnership. The partnership
revisit the audit findings relating to the specific
issue and consider how it affects different          • influencing the strategic plans of the various     is also committed to proactively securing
parts of the city. They will scope and gain an         partner agencies;                                 new or in-kind resources to enhance services.
understanding of the current infrastructure                                                              Moreover, through the Strategic Tier the
                                                     • lobbying for changes in high level policy and     partnership will seek to influence the policies
and service provision, as well as existing
                                                       legislation;                                      and service provision plans of key agencies
strategies. This will assist the identification of
gaps in services and policy. The task groups         • commissioning and funding research, projects      to ensure existing and new resources are
will also identify effective good practice and         and educational/promotional campaigns;            effectively targeted.
make specific recommendations for action
                                                     • identifying additional resources for projects;
to the partnership. The partnership will make
decisions on the priorities for action over the      • raising the profile of various community
three year period, based on the strategy aims          safety issues.
                                                                                                                                                   Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 41

                                   APPENDIX 1 - WHO WILL DO IT?
                                                                                The team can be contacted at:                BELFAST CSP - SUMMARY OF MEMBERS (2005)
                                                                                Belfast City Council                         •   Belfast City Council
                                                                                The Cecil Ward Building
                                                                                                                             •   Belfast City Centre Management
                                                                                4 - 10 Linenhall Street
                                                                                Belfast BT2 8BP                              •   Belfast Women’s Aid
                                                                                T 028 9032 0202                              •   East Belfast Partnership Board
              (L-R) Eve Bremner,
              Richard McLernon                                                  F 028 9024 0396                              •   Eastern Drugs and Alcohol Co-ordination Team
             & Suzanne Gowling                                                  E         •   Eastern Health and Social Services Board
              Belfast Community
                     Safety Team                                                                                             •   Engage with Age
                                                                                For more specific details about Belfast
                                                                                Community Safety Partnership and its work,   •   Greater Shankill Partnership Board
                                   Belfast Community Safety Partnership         please contact a member of the team:         •   Institute for Conflict Research
                                   has a wide-ranging membership and is         Eve Bremner                                  •   North and West Belfast Health Action Zone
                                   led by Belfast City Council. Members will    Community Safety Manager                     •   North Belfast Partnership Board
                                   take the lead to implement the parts of      E
                                   the strategy that are most relevant to                                                    •   Northern Ireland Association for the Care and
                                   their area of expertise. We also intend      Richard McLernon                                 Resettlement of Offenders (NIACRO)
                                   to work closely with the community and       Community Safety Co-ordinator                •   Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service
                                   support them to make their areas safer.      (North and West)                             •   Northern Ireland Housing Executive
                                                                                                                             •   Police Service of Northern Ireland
                                   Belfast Community Safety Partnership is
                                                                                Suzanne Gowling                              •   Probation Board for Northern Ireland
                                   supported by a Community Safety Team
                                                                                Community Safety Co-ordinator
                                   jointly funded by the NIO Community Safety                                                •   South and East Belfast Health and Social
                                                                                (South and East)
                                   Unit and Belfast City Council.                                                                Services Trust
                                                                                                                             •   South Belfast Partnership Board
                                                                                                                             •   Translink
                                                                                                                             •   Victim Support
                                                                                                                             •   Youth Justice Agency

     Although Belfast Community Safety                  • Safer City - the team are currently leading         • Anti-Social Behaviour Count Day -               Domestic burglary
     Partnership is a young partnership, we               progress towards integrating the related              following the earlier Count Day in March        • Lock Out Crime scheme - the team
     have been very busy. In addition to                  activities of a number of council services;           2004, the team co-ordinated a second event        currently receive and make referrals for the
     establishing ourselves and developing                such as the District Policing Partnership and         in September 2004. 671 incidents were             NIO-funded Locks for the Elderly scheme
     the partnership structure, we have                   Good Relations. This includes proposals to            recorded by council services throughout           which provides home security measures for
     several services already in operation.               establish a Safer City Officers’ forum, a joint        Belfast during a 24 hour period.                  residents aged over 75 and in receipt of benefits;
                                                          CSP/DPP/Good Relations communications                 The Anti-social Behaviour Count Day will
                                                                                                                                                                • Alley Gates - funded by the NIO CSU,
     The following projects are funded through a          strategy and joint events such as Safer City Day.     be held annually from 2005 onwards.
                                                                                                                                                                  Belfast Community Safety Partnership is
     range of sources, including the NIO Community
                                                                                                                                                                  co-ordinating the first large-scale alley-gating
     Safety Unit and contributions from other           Youth offending and reducing criminality              Car crime
                                                                                                                                                                  scheme in Northern Ireland. Two pilot areas
     community safety partners. Each project is         • Inter-Action Belfast - a holistic approach          • Operation Clean Up - this scheme removes
                                                                                                                                                                  were selected in North and South Belfast,
     designed to address at least one of the nine         to addressing anti-social behaviour and               runabout vehicles from the streets of Belfast
                                                                                                                                                                  with a view to further expansion of the
     regional community safety priorities. Many           neighbourhood disorder along the Springfield           and beyond. It became operational in early
                                                                                                                                                                  scheme subject to resources. The scheme
     however, address multiple issues and work            Road/Falls/Shankill Interface. This pilot             November 2004. It is hoped that it will
                                                                                                                                                                  directly targets domestic burglary, but brings
     with a wide variety of service users.                project will undertake inter-generational             contribute to reducing crime and fear of
                                                                                                                                                                  the added value of addressing quality of
                                                          work around issues such as drug, alcohol and          crime by lifting up to 15 vehicles per day
                                                                                                                                                                  life issues such as dumping and anti-social
     Fear of crime amongst older people,                  substance abuse as well as sectarianism. The          from the Belfast area;
     vulnerable adults, victims and children              project will work with statutory agencies
                                                                                                              • Theft from Vehicles - in conjunction with 3
     • Lagan Village Home Safety - to reduce              and community groups to seek out positive
                                                          alternatives for local young people.
                                                                                                                other Community Safety Partnerships Belfast     Offences motivated by prejudice
       fear of crime and increase awareness of
                                                          (July 04 - June 05).
                                                                                                                launched the joint PSNI and NIO awareness       and hatred
       community safety issues among the elderly
                                                                                                                campaign to reduce theft from vehicles on       • Night Owl North Belfast Rough Sleepers -
       and vulnerable groups in the Lagan Village,
                                                                                                                15th November 2004.                               operating after-hours to assist those sleeping
       Woodstock and neighbouring areas.                Anti-social behavior and
                                                                                                                                                                  rough to reduce fear of crime, crime and
       (Dec 03 - Nov 05);                               neighbourhood disorder
                                                                                                              Drug, substance and alcohol abuse                   anti-social behaviour both from rough
                                                        • Translink Child Safety Initiative - targeting
     • Safety of Seniors - the team hosts events                                                              • Get Home Safe - the team have secured             sleepers and against the client group.
                                                          children aged 9-11 and 13-15 years to highlight
       through the city for senior citizens providing                                                           funding for and are co-ordinating, this           (Nov 03 - Oct 06);
                                                          safety issues on public transport including the
       information on community safety and crime                                                                campaign to tackle alcohol-related violence.
                                                          dangers presented to children, Translink staff &                                                      • Daytime Outreach project - a joined-up
       prevention measures. (2004 onwards);                                                                     (2004 onwards).
                                                          the community when children misuse or attack                                                            approach to tackling rough sleeping,
                                                          public transport. (June 03 - May 05);                                                                   street drinking, aggressive and anti-social
                                                                                                                                                                  street activities and crime. This project
                                                                                                                                                                       Belfast Community Safety Partnership | Strategy 43

                                                  APPENDIX 3 - METHODOLOGY
  will complement the existing night-time         AUDIT PHASE I                                AUDIT PHASE II                             STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT
  outreach services in line with the NI Housing   Collation of existing statistical data       Public consultation to determine           In order to encourage joined-up working and
  Executive and Rough Sleepers Forum’s Rough      provided by a range of statutory and         perceived priorities and hot spots.        common ownership of the strategy partnership
  Sleeper Strategy (Nov 04 - Oct 05).             voluntary sector organisations.                                                         members and other relevant organisations/
                                                                                               Our response to this consultation          departments were invited to attend two
Offences against individuals, particularly        Beginning in March 2004 relevant             involved:                                  strategy planning events on 7th and 11th
domestic violence and sexual assault              organisations were asked to provide a                                                   February 2005.
• Rebuilding of Belfast Women’s Aid Refuge -      series of key data relating to the period
                                                                                               • household survey;                        Participants were asked to work collaboratively
  to offer a higher standard of accommodation     1st April 2002 - 31st March 2003 in the
                                                                                               • self completion survey.                  to identify and prioritise community safety
  to women and children forced to leave           following formats:
                                                                                                                                          aims for Belfast. They then included activities
  their homes because of domestic violence.                                                    Section 75 Groups
                                                  • Belfast-wide;                                                                         that may allow the partnership to meet
  (August 04 - Oct 05).                                                                        • young people - school survey / RPA;
                                                                                                                                          its aims. This document contains all the
                                                  • electoral ward level.                      • elderly people - RPA;
                                                                                                                                          suggestions of participants, placed in their
Business and retail crime                                                                      • parents - RPA;
                                                                                                                                          order of priority.
• City Centre Representatives - to improve        In relevant cases data may also have         • ethnic minorities - mini focus groups;
  perceptions of safety within the city centre    been asked pertaining to:                    • cross-section 75 - mini focus groups;
                                                                                                                                          Overall, the history and future plans for
  by providing a welcoming, guiding service and                                                • people with disabilities;
                                                  • specific properties;                                                                   Belfast Community Safety Partnership are:
  by improving the environmental quality of the                                                • gay, lesbian, bisexual,
  city centre through the employment of 3 city    • cost of incidents/damage;                    and transgendered people.                • January 2004 - formal establishment of
  centre representatives. (Sept 03 - Aug 06);                                                                                               Belfast Community Safety Partnership;
                                                  • notable hot spots and peak-times.          Community
• City Safe - to reduce retail crime & improve                                                 • focus groups (x5);                       • December 2004 - Community Safety
  perceptions of safety by business community     The collation of relevant data took          • self completion survey.                    Audit Phase I completed;
  in the city centre. (Oct 03 - Sept 06);         approximately 8 months. It should also
                                                                                               Business                                   • February 2005 - Community Safety
                                                  be noted that certain difficulties emerged
• Radio Link and Publink schemes - to allow                                                    • telephone survey.                          Audit Phase II completed;
                                                  as organisations sometimes collate data
  better communication within the daytime
                                                  based on differing geographical boundaries   Belfast City Councillors                   • February 2005 - strategy planning days;
  and the night time economy in Belfast
                                                  and timescales.                              • workshops (x4);
  city centre. This will allow proprietors to                                                                                             • March 2005 - Strategy Document;
                                                                                               • self completion survey.
  communicate swiftly and efficiently and
                                                                                                                                          • June 2005 - task groups established;
  take pre-emptive action to prevent crime.
  (August 04 – July 05).                                                                                                                  • December 2005 - Action Plans agreed.
You can find out more about this        Further information about NI-wide   Alternative formats including
Community Safety Strategy or about     community safety issues may be
Belfast Community Safety Partnership   obtained by contacting the NIO      Braille, large print, disc, audio
by contacting:                         Community Safety Unit:              cassette or other languages are
Belfast City Council
                                                                           available upon request.
                                       NIO Community Safety Unit
The Cecil Ward Building                Millennium House
4 - 10 Linenhall Street                Great Victoria Street
Belfast BT2 8BP                        Belfast BT2 7AQ
T 028 9032 0202                        T 028 9082 8555
F 028 9024 0396                        F 028 9082 8556

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