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									       Welcome to the Rancho Bernardo Dance Program Tryouts. We are looking
forward to a new and exciting season as we continue to make some changes to our
successful dance team programs. Included in this packet you will find a brief
overview and explanation of our Elite Tour De Force Advanced Dance Team and
information regarding the Competition Dance Team. Please read this packet
carefully and be familiar with the team expectations and responsibilities before
auditioning for the team. You are responsible for knowing and complying with all
policies, rules and requirements listed within. The teams success relies heavily on
the dedication and commitment of its members.

Finally, we are confident that this audition will run fairly and smoothly. There is
absolutely no priority or favoritism in relation to previous team members,
seniority, or members of any particular studios. Although both coaches will not be
judging we have complete trust in those that are.

Good Luck!

                 Questions: contact Michelle Ling, RBHS Dance Advisor
         or call 858-485-4800 X 4538
                        RANCHO BERNARDO HIGH SCHOOL
           Advanced Dance Team (Tour De Force) Explanation and Requirements

***Please note that this class takes place DURING school and you will receive credit for P.E., Fine Arts,
or Elective Units (Depending on your need).

Tour De Force Expectations
        As a member of the Tour De Force team you will be performing at the pre game or
halftime of all Varsity home football games and up to five home varsity basketball games. You
will participate in two concerts, (a winter and a spring) as well as the Poway Festival held in the
spring. Most of the routines performed at these events are student choreography and will be
rehearsed during your second period school dance team hour although there is occasional outside
rehearsals. Failure to comply with these qualifications can result in a reduced grade, temporary
suspension or removal from the team. All grading procedures and classroom expectations will
be discussed in detail at the parent meeting.

NEW: Please be aware that there is a chance (NOT YET DECIDED) that the whole team might
be competing this year. If you audition for the Tour De Force Team- you are choosing to
compete on the teams behalf for the season. Please see the section labeled “Competition Dance
Team” for a brief overview and expectations.

Tour De Force Tentative dates:
    Parent/Team Meeting: June 1, 2010 at 7:00 pm in room E-8.
    Summer Dance Camp: August 6-8 in Thousand Oaks
    Summer Practices: dates will be set after 1st team meeting
    All Home Varsity Football Games (Friday Nights)
    Early Morning Thursday Practice before Friday Football games (6:45 am on the field)
    Selected Home Varsity Basketball Games (Tuesday-Friday Nights)
    Winter Concert December 2009
    PUSD Dance Festival April/May 2010
    Spring Concert May 2010
    Various School Assemblies and Activities throughout the year
*Calendars will be distributed and updated each month

Tour De Force Expenses:
(Will be discussed in further detail at parent meeting)
Summer Camp: $350
Camp Clothes (team clothes): $200
Team Uniform: $125
Fall Fee: $100 (due at beginning of fall semester)
Spring Fee: $100 (due at beginning of spring semester)
*all prices listed are an average cost
*fundraising opportunities run throughout the semester
                      RANCHO BERNARDO HIGH SCHOOL
                                  Competition Dance Team

***Please note that this team is not guaranteed rehearsal time during school hours and is mostly
                                  organized in extra rehearsals
Competition Team
     Also included in this tryout is the audition for the competition team
coached by Tiffani Francy King. It is both a reward and a privilege to be
a member of this team and although it is a lot of fun it requires a lot of
work. Past years are a perfect example that hard work and dedication
can pay off. Because of their efforts the RB dance team has been put on
the map and has become one of the teams to beat, receiving at least 19
national championships in the last ten years.

       Due to the amount of information involved with this team there is
an additional packet available upon request that includes more detailed
information. Please keep in mind that although this team does not
typically practice during the summer there is still a required extra
practice one night a week during their season (Sep-March/April) and the
potential for some extra rehearsals for choreography or additional
rehearsal time. Being a part of this team is an amazing experience and
an opportunity to not only support your school but to work with various
top choreographers, travel as a team, compete and perform all over.
Although this is the only dance team in the Poway district that allows
participation in other sports and programs it is important to realize that
there is still an extra commitment, both financial and with your time,
that is involved with this team. Participation in outside studios is always
encouraged and due to the close relationships and earliness of the
competition teams season, conflicts are usually resolved very easily.

      This year the competition team tryout will occur at the same time
that the Tour De Force Team is chosen. There may be a few extra
elements required for this audition so please be sure to check all of the
information within that packet. If you are interested in finding out more,
please be sure to request the competition team information and notify
Michelle Ling or Tiffani Francy of your intent to audition.
              Audition Information and Times
    ***Please note all workshops and auditions will be held in the RBHS Dance Room

                  Monday May 3rd from 5:30 – 8:30pm
                  Tuesday May 4th from 5:30 – 8:30pm
     All Dancers are highly encouraged to attend both of the workshops in order to learn all
     necessary material for the audition. Points will be given for attendance.

                                Audition Criteria
                         Points based in these categories:
               One jazz dance combination taught at workshops
            A short lyrical/contemporary combo taught at workshops
                A 45 second solo routine performed at auditions
                                 Across the Floors
                          Completed Application Packet
                             Attendance at workshops

                    Thursday May 8th beginning at 6:00pm
    Dancers must wear all black and no pants (please wear tights). Your hair
            should be securely pulled back and away from your face.
    You will not be able to request specific tryout times and will be assigned
              your expected audition time at the second workshop.

     The results will be posted on the RB Dance website-
     on Sunday May 9th by 12pm. If there are any technical problems you will be
     called or emailed.

                                 Parent Meeting
All dancers and parents of 2010- 2011 Tour De Force team members are
expected to be at the meeting on Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 7:00 pm in
                               room E-8.
                                   RANCHO BERNARDO HIGH SCHOOL
                                         Dance Team APPLICATION
                               (Due: Friday, April 30, 2010 by 3:30p.m.)
Section I (Please Print)
Name_________________________ Current Grade_________                  Birthday ____/____/____
Cell Phone _____________________ Student email ____________________________
I would like to tryout for:
You may choose all four:
 { } Tour De Force (Advanced Dance)
 { } Competition Dance Team
 { } A Competitive Solo
 { } I will take Intermediate Dance if not selected for the Advanced Dance team
(If you are not chosen to be a part of the TDF team for the 2010-2011 season, you do not need to be at the Intermediate audition;
you will be evaluated at the Advanced Dance Tryout)

I would like to be considered for captain:                     { } Yes { } No

Address_________________________________                             City___________________ Zip_________

Home Number____________ Parent’s Cell_____________ Parent’s email _________________

Parent(s) First and Last Name______________________________________________________

Years of High School Dance Experience:
____ Modern/Aerobics Dance ____ Intermediate Dance                                      ____Advanced Dance

Years of Dance Experience outside of High School (please list): __________________________
Section II (Parent Section)
       My student,____________________, has my permission to participate in the dance
       workshops and tryout in the dance room at Rancho Bernardo High School on May 3-6. I
       understand that they must submit this application, a copy of the most recent official grade
       report, and parent permission form on file at RBHS by Friday, April 30, 2010.
                (Parent Signature)
Section III
progress notice).

Section IV
Please type a paragraph explaining why you will be a productive and positive member of the dance
team including your experience and the qualities you can bring to the dance team.

-------------------------------------------------------Office use only------------------------------------------------------
Date app. Rec’d: ______ Report Card Attached: ___ Coach Evaluation: __ Parent Permission: ___
                                   PARENTAL PERMISSION
                                     Student to Participate
                                   RBHS Dance Clinic/Tryouts

   Student’s Name – Please Print

Has my/our permission to try out for dance team at Rancho Bernardo High School for the
coming school year of 2010-2011. If selected, my student has my permission to participate as a
member of that team for the semester.

I have read the Dance Requirements established for the Dance Team and understand the
responsibilities of being a member. I will assist in every way to see that these rules and
regulations are adhered to.

I understand that the school, Advisors, and coaches assume no financial obligations due to
expenses incurred by the dance, this includes team uniform, sweats, camp, etc.

I also understand that the school, Advisors, Coaches assume no responsibility for any accident or
injury that might occur at school during practice or event or away from the school grounds at any
time, including travel.

I do hereby give my consent for my child to be a member of the dance team at Rancho Bernardo
High School.

Date:                                  ________________________________

Parent/Legal Guardian Signature:       ________________________________

Advisor’s Signature:                   ________________________________

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