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									Google Stocks - Five Years On The Nasdaq
On nineteenth August 2004 , Google experienced their long awaited first day of buying and selling.
Listing on the NASDAQ with an initial cost of $85, these people ended the times trading at $100.33 ,
up 18%.
The sale associated with 19.6 million shares elevated over $1.6 million , making the google floatation
the third wealthiest US-based initial public offering at the time.
Its market capitalization, at well over $25 billion, was on a par with Alcoa and Colgate-Palmolive and
greater than the kia Motor company.
In keeping with their own habit of performing things differently , Google planed their initial public
offering to give small investors an improved chance of getting shares. The initial public offering was
therefore produced by means of a "Dutch auction ". This is where possible investors location a bid for
that price they are willing to pay and the number of shares they would like to purchase.
The prices for bids are placed so as and starting from the highest bid , stock requests are stuffed until
all the allocated shares have been offered. The price of the final share may be the issue cost.
Initially, there was speak of the issue being as high as $135. Weakness in the technologies sector as
well as an informal inquiry by the securities and exchange commission's into shares given to
employees dampened some of the expected excitement.
The first five years is a wild trip for investors with several large rises and falls.
The Google stock price peaked in November 07 at $747.24. Since then the Global financial crisis has
affect Google like everyone else. Its share price on its five year anniversary is likely to be around
At this level, its market capital is around $140 billion, more than 6 times what it was in 2004.
Google's dominance in the Internet research and advertising market has continued to grow. The
recent yahoo / ms agreement is designed to problem this however time willtell if they have what it
takes to make inroads into the search engines market share.
Millions of people around the globe are utilized to "Googling it ", I am not sure that they'll be just like
happy to "msn it"

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