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									Understanding Music

Music is the sound received by the individual and vary based on history, location, culture and
tastes of a person. True definition of music is also diverse among others:

• Music is Beep / impression of something that was captured by the listener senses.
• Music is A work of art with all our constituents and supporters.
• Music is Everything sound produced intentionally by a person or a collection and presented as a

Some people think music is not tangible at all. Music by Aristotle has the ability to reconcile a
troubled heart, has a recreational therapy and foster patriotism spirit.

Music History

Music has been known since the days of our ancestors. Music often accompanies the ceremony -
certain ceremonies. Indonesia itself has a variety of types of music, it is influenced by many
indigenous tribes there. Of the 17,508 islands in Indonesia have their own cultures and types of
music. Nothing wrong if Indonesia is rich in art and culture, including the art of music. Traditional
music of the most popular is the Gamelan music and Keroncong. While the most popular modern
music is pop and dangdut. Music by Aristotle has kemapuan reconcile the troubled soul, has a
recreational therapy and soul munumbuhkan patriotism.
If I think music is a rhythm that comes from a musical instrument played simultaneously.
Sometimes music can also be derived from the sounds of things - objects are played by a group of
people, an example of such a group - a group that plays percussion objects are not included
musical instruments (gallons of water, buckets, bottles, etc.).
Music, Keroncong, traditional music, Aristotle, pop music, dangdut, Gamelan, a musical instrument.

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