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					                  Introduction to the International
                   Protection of Industrial Designs
                       under the Hague Agreement

                                                Grégoire Bisson
               International Registration Systems Legal Section
Hague System

                            What is the Hague Agreement?

               • A procedural filing system for the international
                 registration and protection of industrial designs,
                 administered by the International Bureau of WIPO in
                 Geneva (Switzerland).

               • Registration and Administration of Industrial
                 Designs in Contracting Parties by means of:
Hague System

                  – a single procedure
                  – with a single administration
                  – in one language
                  – on payment of a fee in a single currency
                                  Direct filing vs the Hague Route

                      Direct                             Hague

               •   file in many Offices            •   file in one Office of origin
               •   follow different requirements   •   one set of requirements
               •   fees in many local currencies   •   fees in one currency
               •   usually local agent             •   foreign agent only if refused
Hague System

               •   many registrations              •   one international registration
               •   many renewals                   •   one renewal
               •   changes recorded via            •   changes recorded via the
                   each national office                the International Bureau

               Multiple Procedures                     One Single Procedure
                      Objectives of the Hague Agreement

               Since the Hague System is primarily a procedural
               arrangement, it does not determine:

                 the conditions for protection;
                 the refusal procedure to be applied when deciding
                 whether a design may be protected; or
Hague System

                 the rights which result from protection.

               Such issues are governed by the law of each
               Contracting Party designated in an international
                  Components of the Hague Agreement

               The Hague Agreement was adopted in 1925 and entered
               into force in June 1928, and now comprises 3 Acts:

                  – the 1934 Act
                  – the 1960 Act
                  – the 1999 Act

               The Common Regulations and Administrative Instructions
Hague System

               National/regional laws
                                                    13 October 2006

                      Hague Union Members (44)
                                              (by most recent act)
Hague System

                                    20 Geneva Act (1999)
                                    21 Hague Act (1960)
               By Most Recent Act
                                     3 London Act (1934)
                                                                    13 October 2006

                               Hague Union Members (44)
                                                             (by most recent act)





Hague System

                    1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
               99    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -      11   15    18   20
               60   19    20   23   23   24   24   24   25     21   21    21   21
               34    6    6    6    6    5    5    5    5      4     3    3     3
                                         Topics Addressed:

               • Filing procedure

               • Contents of the application

               • Requirements relating to reproductions

               • Timing of publication
Hague System

               • Examination work by the IB

               • Management of the international registration
                                              Filing procedure
               How to file?

               • Directly with the International Bureau
               • First national filing not required
               • Official application form in English or French
               • No need to appoint a representative with IB
Hague System

               • Need to be “entitled” to apply
                     •   establishment
                     •   domicile
                     •   nationality
                     •   habitual residence
                           … in at least one Contracting Party
                                        The Application Form
Hague System
               Mandatory Contents of the Application
                              Designation of Contracting Parties
Hague System
               Mandatory Contents of the Application
                     Entitlement & Designation of Contracting Parties
Hague System
               Mandatory Contents of the Application
                             Indication of the Designs Deposited
Hague System

               MAX = 100    SAME CLASS
               DESIGNS      OF LOCARNO
                                     Filing of Reproductions
                Article 5(1), Rule 9, Administrative Instructions S. 401-405

               • No requirements on views, number nor

               • Requirements concern :
Hague System

                 – Contents
                 – Quality
                 – Physical Presentation
                           Filing of Reproductions (1/2)

               • Contents
                 – Deposited design or product alone
                 – Plain and neutral background        A
                 – Technical drawings not allowed

               • Quality
Hague System

                 – Photographs / drawings /CAD
                 – Colour or B&W
                 – Aim : publication in the Bulletin

               • Reminder : no refusal on formal grounds
               Acceptable Reproductions
Hague System
                       Filing of Reproductions (2/2)

               • Physical Presentation

                 – Highly regulated issue, pragmatically enforced
Hague System

                 – Hard copies required

                 – Impact on the fees
               • Basic Fee covering the expenses of dealing with the
                 application by the International Bureau :
                  – 397 plus 19/additional design

               • Publication fees, covering the expenses of the IB :
                  – 12/BW image or 75/color image
                            Tip : page submitted
                  – 150/additionalUse Fee Calculator
               • State fees, for each designation of a Contracting Party
Hague System

                  – 42 plus 2/additional design OR
                  – State Novelty examination fee lower than national fees

               • Description fee, covering translation costs of the IB
                  – 2/additional word over 100
               The Fee calculator
Hague System
                                                Payment of the Fees

               • Direct to the International Bureau

               • In Swiss Francs

               • Different modes of payment
                 – Through a current account opened with the IB
Hague System

                 – Bank transfer
                 – Check
                 Optional Contents of the Application
               Elements with an * may be required by certain designated CPs

                    • Priority claim under Article 4 PC

                    • Declaration under Art. 11 PC

                    • Description, Claim or Disclaimer*
Hague System

                    • Identity of the Creator*

                    • Statement that Applicant is the creator*
               Optional Contents of the Application
                                          Appointment of a Representative

               • Not subjected to any conditions
                    • no territorial constraints
                    • no title nor qualifications required

               • Effects of appointment
                    •   all Office actions addressed to the representative
Hague System

                    •   all requests may be made by the representative
                    •   Can be changed at any time in life of registration
                    •   Different from representative that may have to be
                        appointed before a refusing office
               Optional contents of the Application
                     Requesting Immediate Publication or Deferment
Hague System
               Optional Contents of the Application
                                       Requesting deferred publication

               • Reasons to request deferment

                  – Commercial strategic reasons

                  – Pay publication fee at end of deferment
Hague System

                  – Reduce publication fee through cancellation
                    (textile industry)
                    The Role of the
               International Bureau
Hague System
                                        Formal Examination

               When the International Bureau receives the
               international application, it checks that it
               complies with the prescribed formal

               WIPO does not appraise in any way the novelty
               of the designs and therefore it is not entitled to
Hague System

               reject an international application on this
                   Formal Examination by the IB (1/2)

               • Application complete and in order?
                   • compulsory requirements are all there and correctly
                     indicated or presented
                   • optional elements are correctly indicated
                   • unauthorized elements are excluded

               • Irregular application
Hague System

                   • 3 months from notice to correct the deficiencies
                   • application deemed abandoned if not corrected
                   • if corrected, most deficiencies do not affect the IRD
                    Formal Examination by the IB (2/2)

               • Irregularities affecting the IFD :

                    •   Identity of the applicant
                    •   Entitlement of the applicant
                    •   Reproductions of the ID(s)
                    •   Designation of at least one CP
Hague System

               • Irregularities affecting the IRD
                    • Concern elements required by certain designated CPs

               An application complying with the prescribed
               formal requirements is registered and published
               by the International Bureau in the International
               Designs Bulletin.

               Publication of in the Bulletin takes the place of
Hague System

               national publication.
                        The Role of the Office of a
               Designated Contracting Party under
                           The Hague Agreement
Hague System
                                      Declarations under the 1999 Act
                    that concern the designation of a Contracting Party

               •   Art.5(2) - Description/Claim/Identity of creator required
               •   Art.7(2) - Individual fee in respect of a designation or a Renewal
               •   Art.11(1)(a) - Deferment of publ. for a period less than 30 months
               •   Art.11(1)(b) - No deferment of publ.
               •   Art.13(1) - Requirement of unity of design
               •   Art.14(3) - Prohibition of self-designation
               •   Art.16(2) - No effect of change in ownership until specified docs. are
                                 received by the Office
               •   Rule 6(3)(ii) - Language of the communication
Hague System

               •   Rule 8(1) - Special requirements concerning the applicant
               •   Rule 9(3)(a) - Certain views of the design required
               •   Rule 13(4) - Security clearance
               •   Rule 18(1)(b) - extended period of refusal
               •   Rule 18(1)(c ) - delayed starting date of effect as a registration
                            Office of a Designated CP

               • No specific examination required
                 – Office relieved from formal examination
                 – substantive examination : same as for
                   applications filed under national law
                 – If novelty examination, then is considered an
                   “examining Office” under the System
Hague System

               • Starts with notification through the
                 International Designs Bulletin
Hague System   Examination
Hague System   Examination
               Loading International Registrations into the national database

                     • All data files extracted from the International Register as
                       part of the regular automated procedures are disseminated
                       via the internet, absolutely free of charge and includes both
                       bibliographic and image data

                     • The format of the data is XML (eXstensible Markup
Hague System


                                            Refusals - Procedure

               • Notification addressed to the IB
                 –   Examined by IB and forwarded to holder
                 –   Ensuing procedure devolves under national law
                 –   Withdrawal may be further notified
                 –   Grant of protection may be issued

               • Examination by the IB (Rules 18 & 20)
Hague System

                 – Time limit respected
                 – Mandatory contents

               • As to the time frame :
                 – For “examining office” or if opposition procedure
                    • Time limit may be extended to 12 months*

               • As to the grounds
                 – Principle : substantive grounds only
Hague System

                 – Exceptions :
                    • insufficient disclosure of the design
                    • specific views of the design not furnished*
                    • requirement as to unity of design*

                 * Declaration required
                              Effects of the Int’l Registration

               • effect of an application from the date of the IR

               • if no refusal is notified : effect as registration
                 at the latest from the expiry date of the refusal
                  – could be postponed to up to 6 months after 12-month
                    refusal period *
                  – even after, where a decision regarding the grant of
Hague System

                    protection was unintentionally not communicated *

               • if refusal is withdrawn : effect as registration
                 at the latest from the date of withdrawal
                       *For “examining office” or if opposition procedure
                Invalidation of the Int’l Registration

               • By a competent authority of the CP

               • Holder should have been given the
                 opportunity of defending his rights

               • Office, if aware of the invalidation, notifies IB
Hague System

               • Invalidation recorded in the International
                 Register and only affects that CP
                                                Distribution of Fees

               • Designation fee for each designation of a
                 Contracting Party (42 SF for the first design and
                 2 SF for each additional design). Remitted in full
                 to each Contracting Party concerned or
Hague System

               • Individual Designation Fee*
                  – Also for renewal
                  – May be made payable in two parts

                 * subject to declaration and for CPs with an “examining office” only
               Management of International
Hague System
                 Centralized and Streamlined Procedures

               • Renewal
               • Change in Ownership

               • Change of Name or Address

               • Renunciation, Limitation and
Hague System

                                    Types of Recordings

                         All industrial designs
                         All Contracting Parties

                         Some industrial designs
Hague System

                         Some Contracting Parties

               • Every 5 years from IR date
               • If the domestic legislation of a Contracting Party
                 allows a term of protection of more than 10 or 15
                 years for national registrations, then the
                 international registration may be renewed in
                 respect of that Contracting Party for additional
Hague System

                 periods of 5 years, up to the expiry of the total
                 term of protection allowed for such national
               • Notice of expiry sent to both holder
                 and representative
                                             Thank You
                                                Grégoire Bisson
               International Registration Systems Legal Section
Hague System


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