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									State or region Organization

Alabama        Alabama Library Association

Alaska         Alaska Association of School Librarians

Arizona        AzLA Annual Conference

Arkansas       Arkansas Association of School Librarians

Arkansas       Arkansas Library Association

California     California School Library Association
               Colorado Association of School Librarians Technology
Colorado       in Education

Connecticut    Connecticut Association of School Librarians

Delaware       Delaware School Library Media Association DSLMA

Florida        Association of Media in Education
Florida        Florida educational technology conference FETC
               The Georgia Council of Media Organizations
Georgia        (GaCOMO)
               Hawaii Association of school Librarians Fall Help
Hawaii         Session
Hawaii         Hawaii Association of school Librarians

Idaho          Educational Media Division Idaho Library Association
               Illinois Technology Conference for Educators
Illinois       sponsored by Illinois Computing educators

Illinois       Illinois School library Media Association (ISLMA)
Indiana        Indiana Computer Educators
               Indiana Library Federation Indianapolis Association of
Indiana        Indiana Media Educators

               Iowa Association of School Librarians Iowa Library
Iowa           Association
Kansas         Kansas Association of school Libraries
               Kentucky School Media Association Kentucky Library
Kentucky       Association
               Louisana Association of School Librarians Louisians
Louisiana      Library Association
               Maine Association of School Libraries Maine Library
Maine          Association

Maryland       Maryland Association of School Librarians

Massachusetts Massachusetts School Library Association

               Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning
Michigan       MACUL

Michigan       Association for Media in Education MAME

Minnesota      TIES (Minnesota Tech Conference)
Minnesota      Educational Media Organization (MEMO)

Mississippi    Mississippi Library Association

Missouri       Missouri Association of School Librarians
Montana        Montana Library Association
               NCTE/ALAN (National Council of Teachers of
National       English/Assembly on Literature for Adolescents
               Internet@Schools West MultiMedia &
National       Internet@Schools magazine

               Nebraska Educational Media Association Nebraska
Nebraska       Library Association
               Nevada Library Association Nevada School and
Nevada         Childrens Library Seciton
Hampshire      New Hampshire Educational Media Association
Hampshire      New Hampshire Educational Media Association/ AASL

New Jersey     New Jersey Association of School Librarians'
               New Mexico Library Association SIG Advocacy for
New Mexico     School Libraries

New York       SLMS (School Library Media Specialists)

North Carolina North Carolina School Library Media Assocciation
               North Dakota Library Association School Libraries and
North Dakota   Youth Services Section

Ohio           Ohio Educational Library Media Association

               Encyclo-Media Oklahoma State Department of
Oklahoma       Education
               Oregon Assocation of School Libraries/ Washington
Oregon         Library Media Association

Pennsylvania   Pennsylvania School Librarians Association

Regional       Pacific Northwest Library Association

Regional       North West Council for Computer Education NCCE
               Southeastern Library Association/ Joint Conference
Regional       with Kentucky Library Association

Regional       New England Library Association

Rhode Island   Rhode Island Educational Media Association

South Carolina South Carolina Assn of School Librarians

South Dakota   South Dakota Library Association

Tennessee      Tennessee Association of School Librarians
               Texas Computer Education Association TCEA has a
Texas          very active Library Special Interest Group
Texas          The Texas Library Association

Utah           Utah Educational Library Media Association UELMA

Vermont         Information Technology Association

Vermont        Vermont Information Technology Association
               Vermont School Library Association VSLA Annual 1-
Vermont        Day Conference

Virginia       Virginia Library Association's
Washington     Washington Library Media Association/ Oregon Assocation of School Libraries
West Virginia   West Virginia Library Association

                Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology
Wisconsin       Association
Wyoming         Wyoming Library Association
Date                             City               Web site
April 7-10                       Auburn             ation.cfm

August 3rd                       Kodiak
December 8-10                    Glendale       on.cfm
July 27-28                       Eureka Springs sl/index.php
October 5-7                      Rogers         e.htm

November 21-13                   Sacremento

June 23rd

November 9 - 10,                 Cromwell 
May 7-8 with state association   Dover              dex.htm
just had their conference in     Orlando,
Orlando.                         Florida. 
January 21-24                             

October 15-17, 2008              Athens, GA

October 24th                              
September 18 - 19, 2008                   
October 1-4                      Idaho Falls        190
February 24-27                   St Charles         d=10
November 6-8                     Chicago  
January 27-29, 2009              Indianapolis

November 18-20                   Indianapolis
October 15-17                    Dubuque  
April 1-3                        Junction City

October 1-4                      Louisville, KY
March 12 - 14, 2009               Baton Rouge, LA   erence.php
October 23-24            Bethel

October 16-17            Ellicot City

November 2-3             Sturbridge

March 18 – 20, 2009      Michigan

November 5 – 7           Dearborn
December 6-9             MN   
October 2-4, 2008        Louis Park
October 22-24            Natchez        spring/SC2009.php
April 19-21              Osage Beach    spring/SC2009.php
November 20 - 25         San Antonio    antonio-2008/

October 20-21, 2008           

October 15-17            Lincoln        nference/2008/
August 14-16             Las Vegas      s/news.html

May 7-9                  Conway

October 10th             Bedford
November 13-15           Brunswick, NJ m

April 30 - May 2, 2009   Springs        e_id=52

October 29-31            Winston Salem
September 24-26             Mandan           conf.htm
October 22-24               Columbus         008/default.asp

September 18 and 19, 2008                    media/

October 9-11                Portland
April 30 - May 2            State College    nferences.php4
                            Post Falls
August 6-8                  Idaho            nce08/index.htm
February 17-20, 200         Portland         on=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

October 1-4                 Louisville, KY
October 19-21               NH               08/


March 11-13                 Greenville
September 24-26             Chamberlain      nce.asp

November 20-22              Cool Springs
February 2-6                Austin           Pages/Welcome.aspx
March 31-April 3 2009       Houston
March 5th                   Ogden            .htm

May 16th                    Burlington, VT

November 5-7                Killington, VT
October 23rd 2008                            a-fall-conference
October 23-24, 2008         VA.              e.html
October 9-11                Portland
                White Sulpher
December 3-5    Springs       ex.html
March 22 – 24   Madison       eniesite=139
October 1-3     Casper

Invite, Involve, Inform, Inspire
Schol Library Leadership
New Frontiers: Moving into the

"Reading Safari"
Arkansas Libraries: Tradition and
School Libraries Make

Wireless Dreams
“New Beginnings...the Best Is Yet
to Come”

Intellectual fREADom

Blogs, Wikis, Social Networking

Ahh The Magic of Libraries

Learning Without Borders

Invest in Futures
Innovate, Collaborate, Educate
Libraries without walls, always
here, virutally there

Iowa Libraries: Anwhere, anyway,
Expect Excellence

Together WE Make a Difference
Renew, Refresh, Reconnect
21st Century Libraries and
Survive and thrive with new
strategies and tools for 21st
century learning

Teaching and Learning in a
Digital World

Just the Facts, Using Data
Creative Minds Collaborating for
a 3.0 Web World

At the Center of Everything
Passport to Treasure at your

Bridging the Gap@Nevada

AASL Advocacy Institute for
School Librarians

Educational Leaders @ your
Innovation: Media Specialists for
Change ”
Librarians Under Construction: A
Life of Continuous Education"
School Libraries Transforming
 focusing on the fields of library
media, reading, counseling,
gifted and talented, and

Elect to Lead

Evidence Found!!!@your library
Libraries Go Wild! Beyond the

Taking Charge of Change

SCASL 2.0: Experience the

Your Passport to Success
Be a Guiding Light @ your

Accelerate Technology
Books, Bytes and Beyond

Dynamic Landscapes
Technology Conference
Transforming Teaching Through

Libraries, Champions of
Elect to Lead
Networking for Accountability:
Weaving a Web of Best Practice
Wyoming Resolve

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