How To Stop A Dog Fighte by ibrahimr


									 How to stop a dog fight
Here are some suggestions:

Stick your finger up the behind of the aggressor - this should distract
If 2 people are present - grab a dog each by the hind legs, lift the hind
legs off the ground, & pull back. The dogs no longer have a grip on the
ground & loose power.
Empty a can of pepper, chilli, or curry on the dogs' noses. This should
not harm them.
Spray the face with Avert, or other bitter aloe type spray. Get it from
the vet, & keep it handy. Avoid the eyes with all sprays.
Spray mouths with lemon juice.
Find out WHY they fought. If they were fighting over a possession - eg
a toy, or food, remove it.
Generally, dogs of opposite sex do not fight. But 2 boys may fight, & 2
girls may fight.
If fights often break out in the car (an enclosed space)
    · Just take 1 dog at a time in the car.
    · Put one dog in a travel crate. Your local airport cargo livestock
       section will have contacts where to get one. Or a pet shop can
       order one.
    · Divide the car into sections with a steel grid
    · Use a dog trailer
Dousing the dogs with a hosepipe or bucket of water may not be
enough to deter them once the fight is in full force. But when the early
warning signals start - hackles raised, growling, showing teeth, giving
each other dirty looks, a squirt from a sqeezy bottle of water can
remind them that YOU are the Pack Leader. The dogs should be given
a command like, SIT, to put them in their place.
Some Dont's:
Don't shout & hit the dogs. This gets them more worked up.
Don't grab the collar & pull. The dog may twist it's head & bite you,
thinking another dog has joined the fray.

Important : Once a fight starts, dogs are fearless. This fearlessness -
this standing up to the enemy - is an example of how we should fight
for our faith. "Fight as one man for the gospel without being frightened
in any way by those who oppose you. This is a sign to them that they
will be destroyed, but that you will be saved - and that by God. For we
mustn't just believe in Christ, we must suffer for him too!" These
words are from Paul's letter, written in jail. Philippians 1 verse 27 - 29

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