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Greenhand Degree


									        Greenhand Degree

All First years can receive by December
Components of Agricultural
            The FFA Purpose
The purpose of the FFA is to develop:

 • Leadership              •   Recreation
 • Scholarship             •   Patriotism
 • Improved                •   Service
    Agriculture            •   Character
 • Cooperation             •   Thrift
 • Citizenship

The FFA stresses three closely related areas:
leadership, personal growth, and career
             Why earn IT?

• Its an AWARD

• Challenging

• 1st step to earning Chapter
  and State Degree’s

• Why Not?
           What’s Involved?
• Must be Enrolled in Agriscience

• Have an SAE

• Have access to an FFA Manual and Handbook

• Have learned the FFA Salute

• Is Familiar with the FFA CREED
     What’s Left – Easy Stuff
• Have Learned the Motto

Have Learned the FFA Colors

 • As the Blue field of our nation’s flag and
   the golden fields of ripened corn unify our
   country, the FFA colors are . . .

  Have Learned the Emblem
• The Cross section of the earn of corn

• The Rising Sun

• The Plow

• The Eagle

• The Owl

• Agricultural Education & FFA
What are the parts of the
    FFA Emblem?
Have Learned FFA Code of Ethics
•   Dress Appropriately
•   Show Respect to Others
•   Be Honest
•   Respect Property
•   Refrain from Swearing
•   Demonstrate Sportsmanship
•   Attend Meetings Promptly
•   Take Pride in the Organization
•   Share your Experiences with Others
Have Learned Proper Use of Jacket
 •   Jacket worn only by members
 •   Jacket kept clean & neat
 •   Jacket worn on official occasions
 •   Jacket worn to appropriate places
 •   No other Insignia attached to Jacket
 •   Always acts professional in Jacket
 •   Members must refrain from tobacco or
     alcohol use while wearing jacket
  Learned Mission Statement

• FFA makes a positive difference in
  the lives of students by developing
  their potential for Premier
  Leadership, Personal Growth and
  Career Success through
  agricultural education.
     Do Understand FFA History
• Began in 1928 with 33 gentlemen as The Future Farmers
  of America
• E.M. Tiffany wrote the Creed in 1930
• Blue jackets adopted in 1934
• In 1965 “The Future Farmers of America” merged with
  the “New Farmers of America”
• In 1969 Women were allowed in the organization
• In 1988 the name changed to recognize the growth of
  agriculture & to encompass the more than 300 careers in
  the science, business and technology of agriculture.
• Today we have over 505,000 FFA MEMBERS!
There is a lot of history
with this Organization!
             FFA CREED
I believe in the future of agriculture with
a faith born not of words but of deeds--
achievements won by the present and past
generations of agriculturists; in the
promise of better days through better
ways, even as the better things we now
enjoy have come to us from the struggles
of former years.
             FFA CREED
I believe that to live and work on a good
farm, or to be engaged in other agricultural
pursuits, is pleasant as well as challenging;
for I know the joys and discomforts of
agricultural life and hold an inborn
fondness for those associations which,
even in hours of discouragement, I cannot
           FFA CREED
I believe in leadership from ourselves
and respect from others. I believe in my
own ability to work efficiently and think
clearly, with such knowledge and skill as
I can secure, and in the ability of
progressive agriculturists to serve our
own and public interest in producing and
marketing the product of our toil.
          FFA CREED

I believe in less dependence on
begging and more power in
bargaining; in the life abundant and
enough honest wealth to help make it
so--for others as well as myself; in
less need for charity and more of it
when needed; in being happy myself
and playing square with those whose
happiness depends on me.
          FFA CREED

I believe that American
agriculture can and will hold true
to the best traditions of our
national life and that I can exert an
influence in my home and
community which will stand solid
for my part in that inspiring task.

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