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Windle Valley News
                                                      Issued to all Members of Windle Valley Runners


   Inside this issue:            The AGM for the running club          but will look at the way we
                                 will once again be held at the        promote the event, suggestions
                                 W in d l e s h a m T h e a t re o n   for increasing the publicity of the
                                 Wednesday 27th October, first         event would be welcome.
Page 1                           drink on the club!
                                 The agenda for the AGM has            It is encouraging to be able to
                                 been emailed out together with        include a large number of race
Page 2                           the notice of the meeting.            results in this newsletter, this
                                 However there are several items       suggests that many club
         Race Results            which the committee would like        members are representing the
                                 to discuss at the AGM under           club in both local and not so
Page 3                           AOB. These will be emailed out        local events. Well done to all
                                 to you in due course so that you      those who have represented the
         Race Results            will have time to consider your       club at any race this year.
Page 4                                                                 Our membership is starting to
                                 The majority of the committee         grow again and we are
         Club Member Profile
         Keith Hull              are standing for re-election but      approaching the 100 mark, this
                                 our Ladies’ Captain, Katie            helps with regard to club
Page 5                           Cousins, is resigning and so we       marathon entries, although does
                                 will be looking for a new Ladies’     cost more in subscriptions.
         Adventure Racing        Captain.
         Lucy Allen                                                    It is hoped to show new sample
                                 The Annual Dinner/Presentation        items of club clothing at the
Page 6                           Evening is booked at Chobham          AGM. We still have some old
                                 Golf Club for Saturday 22nd           stock to sell and this will be
         Captain’s Report        January 2011. More details to         available at the AGM.
         Chris Dent
                                 follow. This will be one of the
                                 items discussed at the AGM, so        Club training schedules have
                                 if you have any views please try      been published and emailed to
                                 to be there.                          all members, the newsletter will
                                                                       be emailed out and posted to
                                 Unfortunately the club run Relay      those few members who are
                                 Marathon had to be cancelled.         unable to access the internet.
                                 The number of entered teams at
                                 the closing date made the             Barry Andrews
                                 running of the competition un-
                                 economic . We hope to be able
                                 to run the event again next year

            EDITOR          Barry Andrews, 12 Osborne Drive, Lightwater, Surrey GU18 5QU
                                 01276 473757
Page 2                                                                                 Windle Valley News

Race Results                                    Wargrave 10k             13th June

Shinfield 10k             3rd May               59     Laura Hales                  42.03
                                                66     Keith Hull                   42.25
162      Chris Dent                 46.15       166    Gordon Trout                 47.27
                                                177    Chris Dent                   48.09
                                                365    Dave Pearce                  57.31
Dorney Dash 10k           8th May

63       Keith Hull                 41.28       Alresford 10k            13th June
301      Colin Woods                52.07
                                                121    Richard Sherlock             52.47

Marlow 5 mile             9th May
                                                QMR 10k                  15th June
32       Rob Batchelor              29.31(sc)
                                                17     Laura Hales                  42.18
                                                62     Chris Dent                   48.29
Bracknell half            9th May
                                                QMR 5k                   15th June
30       Peter Mannion              1.27.28
418      Robin Wakefield            1.50.53     5      Peter Mannion                19.11
                                                12     Laura Hales                  20.47

Staines 10k               16th May
                                                Forest 5                 16th June
23       Laura Hales                40.34
31       Keith Hull                 41.24       35     Ian Lee-Emery                32.55
50       Geoff Williams             42.54       57     Keith Hull                   34.35
254      Colin Woods                54.10       140    Lucy Allen                   38.58
                                                145    Elaine McEvilly              39.06
                                                198    Mark Coxhead                 42.36(sc)
QMR 10k                   18th May

19       Laura Hales                41.58       Richmond 10k             20th June

QMR 5k                    18th May              421    Colin Woods                  52.41

10       Keith Hull                 20.24
                                                Great Sam 10k            27th June

Woodland 5                26th May              26     Laura Hales                  42.25
                                                29     Keith Hull                   42.37
24       Laura Hales                37.11       124    Sabine El-Bacha              55.08
25       Keith Hull                 37.20       133    Mark Coxhead                 55.37(sc)
73       Mark Coxhead               43.41(sc)
78       Robin Wakefield            44.40
85       Nathan Green               45.24       Woodland 5               30th June

                                                22     Laura Hales                  37.27
Yateley 10k               2nd June              23     Keith Hull                   37.31
                                                63     Mark Coxhead                 45.42(sc)
60       Peter Mannion              40.50
75       Laura Hales                42.02
93       Geoff Williams             42.52       Tadley 10k               4th July
250      Robert Littlejohn          47.41
303      Chris Dent                 49.27       87     Chris Dent                   46.39
452      Colin Woods                53.36
501      Nick Cook                  55.42
                                                Cranleigh 10k            4th July

                                                70     Richard Sherlock             50.51
Windle Valley News                                                                            Page 3

Yateley 10k            7th July
                                                 Thanks to all members who helped with this edi-
111    Geoff Williams             43.02
                                                 tion. Any contributions are gratefully received.
209    Chris Dent                 46.38
                                                 However, please be aware that work may appear
244    Mark Wye                   47.31
                                                 on the internet and the Editor reserves the right to
286    Robert Littlejohn          48.21
                                                 alter it. Unless otherwise stated views are those of
362    Richard Sherlock           50.38
                                                 the editor. Please notify me of any mistakes or
411    Colin Woods                52.17
                                                 omissions. Thank you. .
473    Nick Cook                  54.16

QMR 10k                13th July
                                                      2009/2010 Committee
19     Laura Hales                42.17
46     Chris Dent                 46.50         CHAIRMAN
QMR 5k                 13th July                Ken Anckorn                  01276 855205
9      Peter Mannion              18.43
                                                Barry Andrews                01276 473757
Elmbridge 10k          25th July      

135    Laura Hales                41.20         TREASURER
172    Keith Hull                 42.43
                                                Jon Vickery                  01276 502969
Woodland 5             28th July                MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY
27     Laura Hales                36.50         Keith Hull                   01276 24077
31     Keith Hull                 37.25
89     Mark Coxhead               45.49(sc)
                                                Chris Dent                   01276 25108
Wedding Day 7k         30th July      

273    Richard Sherlock           35.29         Katie Cousins                01344 302842
393    Colin Woods                40.58

                                                GENERAL MEMBERS
Yateley 10k            4th August
                                                Bob Webb                     01276 473202
55     Peter Mannion              38.56
79     Laura Hales                40.38         Jo Smith                     01276 472904
115    Geoff Williams             42.46
220    Chris Dent                 46.12
323    Mark Wye                   48,53         Dave Pearce                  01276 856349
357    Richard Sherlock           49.25
473    Colin Woods                52.47
                                                Tony Sheridan                01276 471931
Dunsfold Park 10k      22nd August
                                                Christelle Gental            01276 28262
51     Chris Dent                 46.35
                                                Bridget Morris               01483 466320
Dunsfold Park Duathlon 22nd Aug
                                                Jill Hopkins                 01276 472509
90     Martin Cox                 1.14.55

Burnham Beeches half       22nd Aug             Lucie Dennison               01344 426587
573    Mark Coxhead               1.57.52(sc)
Page 4                                                                                            Windle Valley News

KEITH HULL : Profile

Born : 6th December 1948          Lewisham, London

Occupation : Retired Airline Pilot

PB’s : 10k 38.02      1989, 1993, 1994 :  10 Mile               62.05     Woking 10     1994
Half Marathon 1.22.35 Wokingham 1994, Fleet 1994
Marathon      2.59.20 London 1994

When/why did you start running: 1983 Age 35. I needed a new sport to keep fit & had an excellent running partner
[my boxer dog].

Enjoy/dislike most about running : I enjoy most aspects but I’m not keen on long races in hot weather .

How did you hear about the club: I knew several WV members while running for Camberley A.C. and joined the
club when I was last man standing at CAC.

Most memorable race: 1996 (100th) Boston Marathon. A great event with 38000 runners including at least one who
ran the whole way backwards!

Recommended event: London Marathon or for those with masochistic tendencies, the Beachy Head marathon &
The Beast.

Favourite event: London Marathon – fantastic atmosphere & organisation from start to finish.

Least favourite event: Marathon des Sables (looks horrendous -haven’t done it & never will).

Favourite training run: I enjoy most runs – even hard sessions. In my job I was fortunate to be able to run in
fantastic locations around the world.

Best race performance: 1994 London Marathon. I ran an even 6.45 minute mile pace to 24 miles & then I could
enjoy the last 2 knowing I would finish in under 3 hours.

Worst race performance: Windsor half 2004. I started with a slight muscle injury (which worsened) in hot/humid
conditions – not an enjoyable experience.

Running ambitions: To continue to enjoy running as long as possible and not slow too much each year.

Best Championship position: 1st 2002

Running tips: Don’t race with an injury - rest (or easy runs if you must). Use Vaseline to prevent blisters on your feet
( or anywhere else).

Typical training week: Sunday – club run or race, Monday & Wednesday – Look Out, Tuesday – club run, Friday –
gym/swim, Saturday – Steve’s run at the Look Out.

Marathons & half marathons run: 18 London Marathons, 3 Beachy Head and 1 Boston marathon. 100+ half

Sporting Heroes: Haile Gebrselassie, Paula Radcliffe, Jonny Wilkinson.

Favourite Shoes: Have tried most brands. Presently using Nike racing shoes and Asics for training/off road.

Favourite pre-race food: Pasta) the night before. Porridge, 2-3 hours before a race.

Participation in other sports : Swimming and hill walking (recently completed the 3 Peaks Challenge together with
WV members, Laura Hales, Jo Obertell, Elaine McEvilly and Chris Drew).
Windle Valley News                                                                                             Page 5

Redwood Creek Green Belter – Saturday 4th September          following purpose built mountain biking trails around the
At the last committee meeting I told Barry that I’d write    Forest created by a local mountain biking club which
about my 1st ever triathlon for the next news letter.        were marked as “difficult”. In actual fact the trails were
However, last weekend I completed the Redwood Creek          fab! They were technical (as promised) with bridges, a
Green Belter Adventure Race and loved every minute of        few drop offs, fast descents and some steep climbs but
it so thought that would be more interesting to write        they were also great fun! And, I only came off 3 times!!!
about, and hopefully to read about too. To keep my           Plus, 2 of those “graceful dismounts” were due to
promise to Barry though, a quick overview of my 1st, and     “technical malfunctions”. Keeping within 50 m of your
possibly only, triathlon goes something like......came       partner in the pairs category can become quite a
close to drowning in the swim and finally hauled myself      challenge when one of the team keeps being catapulted
out of the water fairly well down the pack (all part of my   from their bike into various hedges and trees due to
race plan....), then managed to overtake almost all of the   gears and pedals jamming! To his credit though, my
competitors on the bike and catch a few more in the run,     team mate was very patient, although offering to help me
despite the post-cycle jelly legs. To my surprise,           out of whatever contorted position I’d landed in rather
considering the shaky start with the swim, I managed to      than giggling uncontrollably might have been more of a
end up 5th in my age category. I’m glad I finally got to     help!!!
tick “complete a triathlon” off my list of things to do
before I die but I’m not sure how I feel about doing more.   So, covered in scrapes, bruises, mud and bike chain oil,
Maybe this winter I’ll focus on my swimming but I’m sure     we returned to transition and set off, with heavy legs, on
I’ve pretty much made that same resolution for at least      the final run section. The start of the run wasn’t great as
the last 2 winters!                                          we ended up running through chest high ferms but
                                                             eventually it opened out onto wider but undulating trails.
The Redwood Creek Green Belter Adventure was held            Within a few km we reached our 1st “challenge”....a 400
at Bedgebury Forest in Kent, and was organised by the        m wide pond....that we had to wade round. David
Rat Race team. This event is one of a series of              seemed to find the best route whilst I, at one point,
adventure races held this summer called “Green               disappeared off an unmarked underwater ledge and
Belters”, which also now includes the event held around      ended up to my armpits in cold, muddy water. It was
Bracknell Forest in July that was previously called the      nice to cool the legs off a bit though, and the
Ace Race. The Redwood Creek event was the last in            photographer sat on the far bank seemed to be having a
the series for this year and, as the name suggests, was      great time laughing at everyone.
sponsored by the wine producers Redwood Creek!
Wine tasting before the start of the race was a nice
addition to the event village, but in the interests of
personal safety, I decided to wait until the post-race
celebrations to indulge. The race format was a short 1.6
km off road run followed by a 13 km mountain bike
course with a final 7.5 km run. During the final run
course there were also a few added “challenges” and a 1
km kayak section. There was also the added excitement
of two celebrity competitors in the form of Matt Dawson
and Mitch Tonk (apparently he’s a celebrity chef!!!!!).
You could enter the race as a solo competitor or as a
pair. The only difference between the solos and the
pairs is that the pairs have to stay within 50 m of each
other, and paddle a double kayak rather than a single. I
entered as a mixed pair team with a good friend and
previous work colleague/ running buddy.           Despite
everyone’s nerves, and the Race Directors’ attempts to
increase the tension with threats of technical mountain
biking single track, undulating running routes and
insurmountable obstacle courses during the race
briefing, the atmosphere at the start was very light-
hearted. My only aim for the race was the beat Matt
Dawson – which turned out to be a bit of rubbish goal
since we overtook him and Mitch within 400 m of the
start, and he finally finished about an hour after us. In
his defence, apparently he was having to hold back to        The next challenge, apart from trying to run with soggy
wait for his team mate Mitch, who had possibly being         clothes and heavy trainers full of water, was to scale a
doing too much cooking and not enough running.               10 ft slippery wall and then we were into the kayak. The
The first run section was uneventful and soon we’d           location of the kayak section was beautiful, not that we
swapped our trainers for our bikes, and suddenly my          noticed too much of it though as our heads were down
heart rate had sky rocketed at the thought of the scary      trying to catch some of the pairs in front of us! We didn’t
single track ahead of us. It didn’t help that we were        manage to catch anyone in the water but did pick off a
Page 6                                                                                                Windle Valley News

few people in the last part of the run. As we reached the      Captain’s Report
top of the final hill and were heading back into the race
venue there was a definite feeling of relief at being so       Summer is over and we are now about to start our
close to the finish as the run had been quite tough.           Tuesday and Thursday Winter programme from Prior
However, the relief turned out to be short-lived as we         Heath Car Park. I would like to thank our leaders and
were suddenly faced with the final challenge - the Green       trainers for all their hard work on our summer sessions.
Belter obstacle course! The obstacle course is a series        The turnouts for Tuesdays have been consistently good
of cargo nets, walls and inflatables that you need to          but the numbers on Thursdays have been a little
scramble under, climb through or get yourself over! The        disappointing at times. Any suggestion for next summer ?.
“highlight” – possibly for the spectators more than the
competitors – is a 10 ft high inflatable square “box”. The     Congratulations to all who have been racing this summer.
idea is, you climb in one side and then get yourself out       Barry and I have try to identify as many race results as
the other. The only drawback to this is the lack of hand       possible and have been posting them onto the website on
or foot holds on the way in, and only one – which is at        a regular basis. If we have missed any then please contact
above my should height – on the way out. Watching              me and we will get them added to the publication.
later from the sidelines there appeared to be lots of tired
competitors disappearing into the box, several screams         Just a reminder to anyone who has changed their email
of “ouch, I’ve got cramp” and not many people appearing        address to contact either Keith Hull or myself so we can
out the other side!                                            amend our records accordingly.

Once we’d successfully got ourselves, and another solo         Chris Dent
female competitor through the obstacle course, it was
just a gentle 10 m stumble towards the finish line. At this
point we were met by screams of “we got our first ladies           NEW WEBSITE                     CLUB CLOTHING
finishing” from an overly excited and precariously                   ADDRESS                         AVAILABLE
balanced Race Director who decided to base himself on                                                  Men’s Vests
                                                               Don’t forget that up to the
the top of one of the inflatable’s! It turned out that I was                                          M/L/XL - £12.00
                                                               minute information is
the 1st female to finish and therefore David and I were        available on our website                XXL - £12.00
also the 1st mixed pair – which won us a new pair of New       which is produced by Phil
Balance off road trainers each and several bottles of red      Morley. We now have a                Ladies Vests - £12.00
wine! Happy days!                                              new address which is                   T-Shirts - £14.00
                                                               much easier to remember:
                                                                                                    Contact Katie Cousins

                                                                                    RACE RESULTS
                                                                                 Could members taking part in
                                                                                 events who would like details
                                                                                 mentioned in the newsletter
                                                                                 please send them to me.

                                                                                        Barry Andrews

                                                                                 For all training
                                                                              check club website
                                                                        Ring Chris Dent or Katie Cousins

                                                                    Your “Windle Valley News” was very kindly
                                                                                 photocopied by
If anyone is considering doing an Adventure Race, I can
highly recommend this Green Belter series, particularly               CHANCELLOR & SONS
for beginners. The courses are challenging but short
enough to still be fun, and there’s no navigation involved               (Estate Agents)
so no chance of getting lost, which is always a bonus!             26 High Street, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3RS
Lucy Allen                                                                          Tel. 01276 401500
                                                                  “You don’t want your house sale to be a long running

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