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					                                                                                   Brianna Buroker
                                                                                 December 17, 2009

                         GOOGLE: MAKING WORK ENJOYABLE


       When people think of working for a company, there is an abundance of information they

would want to know before applying. Such information would include benefits, diversity and

fairness, ethics, number of employees, employee training, and employee creditability. Since

Google exceeds at all of these factors, it comes as no surprise that they receive an average of

1,300 résumés each day. Based in Mountain View, California, Google is ranked 4th as best

company to work for and 117th on the Fortune 1000 list. There are 20,222 employees working

at Google.

Diversity and Fairness

       Google is built on being equal opportunity. They want their work environment to be

safe, supportive, and productive, so that each employee can reach their full potential. Google's

goal is to "create a respectful workplace culture that is free of harassment, intimidation, bias and

unlawful discrimination of any kind". They do not turn away anybody based on "race, color,

religion, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy status, sex, gender identity or

expression, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, medical condition, sexual

orientation or any other characteristics protected by law". Google states that they will only hire a

person based on their individual merit and qualifications directly related to professional

competence. Google chooses to not only spend their 100 hours per year training their employees

on how to actually work for the company, but how to accept diversity and allow people to

respect each other. Their website is quoted as saying, "the Diversity training is designed to

ensure our employees have the awareness, skills and knowledge to build and retain the

workforce to fuel Google globally. Our diversity education programs includes all aspects

surrounding employment that aim to create a culture of inclusion with a focus on improving

recruitment strategies and techniques for identifying high-value diverse talent." Clearly, keeping

their employees aware and accepting is something that Google strives to do, so each and every

employee feels welcome while working there.


       When it comes to benefits, Google's got their employees covered. Not only do they

supply them with health insurance benefits and retirement plans, but they give them an

atmosphere that is not only a great place to work, but a fun place to work. Google supplies their

employees with ample vacation time. A person working there for a year will receive 15 paid

vacation days. Once the person works there for four years, they will receive 20 paid vacation

days. On an employee's sixth year, they will be given 25 paid vacation days. Employees are

given 12 paid holidays, with sick days taken as necessary. Maternity benefits include up to 18

weeks off at approximately 100% pay. Paternity benefits for non-primary caregivers include up

to 7 weeks off at approximately 100% pay. One unique benefit that Google supplies to their

employees who are new mothers and fathers is the Take-Out Benefit. It supplies the employee

with $500 to use towards take-out meals for the first three months they are home with their child.

If you are working for Google and would like to continue your education, they offer up to

$12,000 in tuition reimbursement as long as the employee receives a grade of at least a "B". In

addition to these fairly standard benefits, Google has many benefits that aren't as normal. At the

Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, there are 12 gourmet restaurants with a wide

variety of types of food. They have gourmet chefs working all day to provide the employees

with delicious food while at work. Not only can an employee eat breakfast, lunch and dinner

while on the job, but they can also eat a snack provided by the company to keep them full and

energized while at work. All the food given to the employees comes at no charge to them.

Google has an on-site doctor and dentist for those employees with an incredibly busy schedule.

They also have a shuttle service from the headquarters in Mountain View, California to other

locations including San Francisco, East Bay, and South Bay. Google provides their employees

with financial education classes to learn a wide variety of topics. Employees receive many

benefits in the multiple on-site services that Google provides them with. Such services include

the following: on-site oil changes, car wash, dry cleaning, massage therapy, gym, sauna, hair

stylist, fitness classes, and bike repair. There are also many locations employees can go to have

a little fun while at work. Such places are a roller hockey rink, an outdoor volleyball court, and a

game room. One of the most unique and appreciated aspects of Google’s benefits is that they

allow employees what is called the “20% project”. This project allows employees to be able to

work on personal projects during 20% of their work day. The 20% project is a great benefit

because it provides employees with relaxation and down-time to work on whatever they please.

Employee Credibility

       Every week, the employees of Google meet in a company-wide get-together to welcome

new employees and for senior leaders to present news about the company. They call it TGIF and

it’s not only used for the reasons stated, but the focal point of this meeting is the question and

answer section. The senior management believes that all employees should be able to openly ask

them questions about the company. Google puts this meeting online, so other Google offices and

employees not able to attend the meeting are capable of watching it. Another way to give

employees credibility is through Google’s internal e-mail lists. These lists are used as discussion

boards for the employees to share ideas and discuss what they think would be a benefit to the

company. Other employees are able to give feedback on the ideas so that everyone has a voice

in the company. Improvements and suggestions are made on these e-mail lists, which are then

seen by the management team. This team pays very close attention to the lists so that they are

able to see the ideas of the employees. Sometimes, these ideas or suggestions are then even

discussed during their TGIF meetings. By allowing employees these opportunities, they are

giving them the chance to voice their opinions and feel valued by the company.


        Obviously, most people would not turn down a job from a company as successful and

accepting as Google. People look for many important factors of a job. Google has all the factors

that make it stand out as one of the best companies to work for. These factors include benefits,

diversity and fairness, ethics, number of employees, employee training, and employee



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