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Who Was Ben Franklin Lesson


									            Who Was Ben Franklin? by Dennis Brindell Fradin Lesson

In this book students learn that Ben Franklin was a statesman, an inventor, a
printer, and an author-a man of such amazingly varied talents that some people
claimed he had magical powers! It is a true story of the life of Benjamin Franklin at
times sad and funny, but always honest and awe-inspiring.

Objectives: Students will explore the nature and accomplishments of Ben Franklin;
appreciate the importance of experimentation and perseverance; and investigate
the beginnings of many of our institutions and conventions.

Strategies: These are mere recommendations; teachers should use the most
appropriate practices for their individual classes.

      1. After doing pre-reading activity in the Ben Franklin Opening Lesson assign
      chapters 1-2 for reading.

      2. Assign chapters 3-4.

             a. Insert lesson on Poor Richard’s Almanack during/after chapter 4

      3. Assign chapters 5-6.

             a. Insert Science lesson when covering chapter 5.

             b. Insert Gallery Walk Lesson

             c. Have students complete essay

             d. Insert Stamp Act Cartoon Analysis lesson before starting chapter
                6 (chapter 6 covers the act)

             e. Insert One Day Play: Dr. Franklin Goes to Parliament before
                students read page 77 (page 77 tells the results of Ben’s efforts
                and you want the students to predict this)

      4. Assign chapters 7-8.

             a. Insert math lesson at any point.

             b. Supplemental readings on the Declaration of Independence and the
                Constitution are included and may be used to introduce students to
                those documents.

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