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                                                        Buying a Used Car Online
                                                                 By Jay Gaulard

   There are a couple of major benefits to buying a used car online. You do not have to spend hours
going from one dealership to another. Even better, you will not have to deal with overly pushy
salespeople attempting to sell you more than you can logically afford. You can always look through
your local newspaper's online automotive classified website.

Tip #1 - Before Buying a Used Auto

 Before buying a used car online, learn everything you can about what it should and could include.
Learn about both standard and optional automotive equipment and the fair market value for the used
car. Also, consider your budget. Knowing how much you have available before you start looking will
help narrow down your choices. You will also be less tempted by an unaffordable auto.

 Examine exactly why you want to buy a used car. The way you will use it can have a big impact on
what type of auto you purchase. If you need an automotive for family outings or carpooling, a 2-seater
sports car will not work.

Tip #2 - Questions to Ask Auto Seller

Ask the seller the following questions before buying an automotive online:

* Why are they selling the car? Beware if their reason seems unreasonable.

 * Do you have service records? Having the service records will let you know what required services
have and have not been completed. This will help you determine possible costs after you have
purchased the auto.

 * Is the title in the seller's name? It can be difficult and time consuming to get the title changed from a
previous owner. Another possibility is that you or the seller may be unable to locate the previous owner

* Are there any liens attached?

* Can I have an independent mechanic physically inspect the used car?

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

* Can I test drive the used car before buying it?

Tip #3 – Pictures of the Used Auto

 Whenever possible, check out the used car in person. Otherwise, ask for pictures of the vehicle from
every angle possible (inside and out), including the engine. Although not a sure-fire way to verify if the
seller is being completely honest, this can help you to avoid some surprises. Even with pictures, you
still need to be careful. Read over the original description of the used car and verify that it matches the
one in the photo.

Tip #4 – CarFax Automotive Report

 Ask the seller for the vehicle identification number, which you will need to run a CarFax report. This is
a necessary step to protect you from fraud. A CarFax report will show you most major completed
repairs and whether the car has been involved in an accident. If the report shows the vehicle has been
in a bad accident, but the seller says the car is in tip-top shape, consider buying a different vehicle.

Tip #5 – Automotive Pricing

 Before shelling out money or agreeing to a sales price, visit the Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds website
to find the fair market value of the auto. Do this after you have seen pictures of the car so that you can
be accurate about the car's condition. Keep in mind that the sales price listed online probably does not
include sales tax, registration, financing fees, or licensing and title fees.

Tip #6 - Where to Buy a Used Auto

 You have several options regarding where to buy a used car online. Try looking through online
automotive classified ads or on dealer websites. Another possibility is visiting online auto auction sites.
Whichever way you choose, always follow the previously provided tips before making a purchase.

 For many reasons, buying a car online can be much trickier than buying one in person. This is
especially true when you decide to buy a non-local car, as you normally will not be able to see the car
in person before you get it. Following the tips above can do away with many of the pitfalls.

Jay Gaulard writes for a wide selection of websites on various topics. He is a veteran of the internet
and has come to be respected in his many areas of expertise. This article was written on behalf of , a popular car classifieds website.

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                                   Buying A Used Audi A3 Then Research Beforehand
                                                          By Louis Rix

 As when buying any new car when considering buying a used Audi A3 you should do as much
research as possible beforehand. This means learning about the model you are interested in
purchasing and could include things that are known to go wrong with the car and recalls which the
manufacturer made. This information can all be found online. One of the best places to begin learning
about the model is of course with Audi themselves.

Of course there are also some basic requirements that you have to consider as there is when buying
any second hand car. These are for your safety to ensure you do not get "ripped-off" and can also help
you to get the best deal. You should take advantage of having a car data check made as this will tell
you if the car is what the seller says it is. It can tell you if the car has been reported stolen, the year it
was made, if it has debt owing on it and if the car has been involved in an accident and it was scraped
by the insurance company. Always make your own check, never take the word of the seller that they
have made a check on the car, even if they show you the results as they could have been modified.

Along with checking out the car you would also be wise to check out the seller of the used Audi A3 you
are looking at buying. While the majority of used cars sold online only come with the sellers mobile
number you should also get their landline number. When going to view the car always ensure that you
are able to view the car at the home address of the seller. Always be very wary if the seller insists that
you meet them somewhere to look over the car. This could mean they have something to hide and if
there are problems with the car you would have no way of finding the seller again.

The seller should of course have all the relevant documentation for the car and it should be up to date.
Check that the MOT has been done where it says is has and also check out the history when it comes
to the servicing and repairs made to the car. It goes without saying that you should take the car on an
extensive road test before handing over your money. Try to be as varied as possible when testing the
car and look for how the card handles and its response, try to test it on clear stretches of road such as
the motorway and in the city streets.

You also have to be aware of specific problems that could be related just to the Audi A3. If you are
worried about any recalls then you can check these out on the Audi site where they are listed along
with the models and dates of the faults. Of course if any of these apply to the specific model you are
considering buying then check that the faults were rectified by the owner of the car and they have the
documentation to support it.

Louis Rix is a Director of NetCars (, one of the UK's leading motoring
websites. First established in January 2000, its mission is to become the UK's number one site for
used car searches and motoring information. NetCars also provide car finance, loans and

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