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					MAY 2006


             OTHERWISE NOTED

                     MAY 7
                  JOHN 10:11-18

             MAY 14(Mother’s Day)
                 ACTS 8:26-40

                     MAY 21
                 JOHN 15:9-17

               MAY 27 (Saturday)

              QUIET, REFRESHING
                    6:00 PM
       FOLLOWED BY A FELLOWSHIP DINNER                  Inside this Issue
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                   Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ
            916 West Prospect Road • Fort Collins, CO 80526 • 970.482.9212
                 www.plymouthucc.orgPage 1
                                                          done to build up this community of faith. We need
Learning to Grieve                                        to honor her contributions and her gifts.
                                                                   I’ve never been good at long good-byes, but
         In my family of origin grieving was never        there is a time and place to acknowledge that this is
practiced, but rather scrupulously avoided. My            a significant transition for Plymouth, and that we
parents were averse to the idea of funerals, thinking     will miss Alice on many different levels. So, I hope
they were morbid. So, when my dad died 20 years           you will join me and others to honor Alice and
ago, he and my mom had arranged that there would          celebrate her ministry at a reception on Sunday,
be no funeral, but rather a memorial service held         May 21 at 4:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.
some months later. My father died in June, and it                  Like all losses, this particular grief will give
wasn’t until September that we held a service for         way, but only after we’ve had a chance to
him. During the three intervening months my family        acknowledge our feelings and celebrate all that
basically put their grieving on hold…or more              Alice has done. It’s important to do that even as we
accurately we denied it. At my dad’s service, my          commit to continuing the legacy of outstanding
brother cried hard, and continued to do so at the         ministry that she have given us.
reception afterward. When my mother told him to
stop, my sisters and I nearly slugged her. It was the             Shalom!
first time he (who was the only child at home when
my father died of a heart attack) had been able to
shed tears about his father’s death. Those tears are
         I tell this story to illustrate what NOT to do
with grief. Acknowledging and allowing ourselves to
feel grief is a natural, healthy part of moving through
a loss. Grief accompanies more than just deaths. At
times we might grieve a child going off to college, a
divorce, a shift in employment, or moving away
from friends and neighbors.
         Churches are more like families than
businesses in this regard: we are bound by the same
systemic dynamics that are at play within every family.
And if we fail to grieve a loss, it will come back to
haunt us later.
         By now, you’ve received letters from Alice
Clark and me announcing the conclusion of Alice’s
13-year ministry with us at Plymouth. Hers has been
a very significant ministry in the life of this
congregation. The Adult Education program she
developed was one of the first things that attracted
me to Plymouth when I looked at the congregation’s                 PLACARD DEADLINE
profile almost five years ago. Alice has been a part of
                                                           THE NEXT PLACARD DEADLINE IS
our lives at Plymouth for 13 years, developing close
working relationships with members of staff and the        MAY 19TH. PLEASE RESPECT OUR
congregation, building deep friendships as well.           DEADLINE AND PLEASE KEEP
         So, I would ask us to go ahead and grieve         ARTICLES AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE,
Alice’s leaving. It’s important to acknowledge that        NO LONGER THAN 300 WORDS.
she won’t be part of our lives in quite the same way.      PLEASE SEND ALL ARTICLES TO:
At the same time we acknowledge our grief, it’s
important – both for Alice and for the congregation
– that we celebrate her ministry and all that she has

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AVON WALK                                               Hilltoppers
FOR                                                     BBQ & Fiddler
BREAST                                                  Conclusion
CANCER                                                  12-2:30pm Thursday, May 11th
                                                        We’ll move from lunch on the patio to the Fireside
                                                        Room where we’ll finish watching Fiddler on the Roof.
On June 3-4, my mom, sister and I will be among         Sign up in the Fellowship Hall or call Karin to RSVP
thousands of people dedicating their weekend to         (482-9212).
taking extraordinary steps (many, many steps!) to
help fight breast cancer.
                                                        Confirmation/Affirmation Sunday
We'll be participating in the Chicago Avon Walk
for Breast Cancer and will walk the distance of a       For the past church year, 12 youth have gathered
marathon and a half (39.3 miles) over the               regularly to consider their faith as Christians, what
weekend. We're calling our team "Ede's Girls" in        that means to them, and how the church fits into it
honor of my grandmother, Ede Baur, who died of          all. On May 14th they will make their covenants –
breast cancer in 1983. We're also walking in            either to be Confirmed and join Plymouth
memory of Anne Mathews Scott, a childhood               Congregational UCC, or to be Affirmed in the
friend, who lost her six-year battle with breast        continuation of their seeking. Both Confirmands
cancer last year at the age of 37.                      and Affirmands will continue their faith journeys,
                                                        challenging and being challenged by their individual
I've committed to raising $1800 to help support         calls, just as each of us journeys and changes
the fight against breast cancer. In less time than it   throughout our lives. Join us at the 10:45 service to
will take you to read this another woman in the in      meet these inspiring and thoughtful young people
the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer.          and their mentors!
Please help to support our efforts and the breast
cancer cause by making a generous contribution.
You can make your donation online by going to                   May(!) Taizé Date Change (you'll have to search for me
on the Chicago walk) or you can contact me at:                   Well, yes, we did say in last month’s Placard or 493-7596 and I'll          that May 21 would be our next Taizé service day, but
provide you with a donation form and envelope.          things have changed since then. We have been
                                                        asked to move the service to Saturday, May 20, in
The money raised goes to the Avon Foundation            order to avoid overlapping with the special activity
for Breast Cancer Crusade, whose mission is to          in the fellowship hall on Sunday. This is just a
fund access to care and finding a cure. They            temporary switch; we do plan to resume our normal
provide funding to organizations all over the           schedule in September, with our Taizé service
country in five areas: medical research, clinical       celebration back on the third Sunday of the month.
care, support services, educational and advocacy        Remember that we do not hold Taizé services
seminars and community-based, non-profit early          during the summer months.
detection breast health programs.
                                                                So—plan to see us on Saturday, May 20
Thanks for your support,                                at 6:00 pm for the next celebration of our Taizé
Michele M. Betsill
Assistant Professor                                            P.S. Thank you for your patience!
Department of Political Science                         Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.
Colorado State University                               Contact Mary Sue Rowan, 663-4327, for more
                                                    Page 3

PLYMOUTH MENS                                            PLYMOUTH CHURCH
FELLOWSHIP                                               ANNUAL
                                                         ‘GOOD STUFF”
                                                         YARD SALE
It seems to be a necessary part of our lives. It helps   As you start those “spring” cleaning chores, don’t
us keep our balance. But what about misdirected          forget that we are having a yard sale here at
humor?                                                   Plymouth. All proceeds will go towards the
                                                         remodeling of our church. The scheduled date for
Humor that needs a victim? And what is humor             the sale is August 19, Saturday.
anyway? If these topics pique your interest, mark
your calendar for the Annual Fall Retreat, to be held    The church will be available to bring your
the last weekend of October, Friday, 27 Oct 2006         treasured items the week before the sale August
through Sunday, 29 Oct at the Sunshine Mountain          13-18. We’ll need help during that week to sort
Inn, Allenspark. Questions? Contact coordinators         and on the day of the sale to keep things going. If
Les Fraley or Bob Crandall.                              you’ve never worked one of our sales before – it is
                                                         loads of fun☺
The Plymouth Men’s Fellowship will sponsor a
family bike ride in the mountains on Saturday, 19        As we approach the week before the sale, if you
Aug 2006. Tentative plans call for riding Larimer        need someone to come by and pick up your stuff,
County road 103 (Laramie River Rd) from CO-14 in         call either Eva Wallace (482-8329), Marcia Hoefer
about 2.5 miles, investigate the Boston Peak Fenn        (377-1950) or Mary Freeland (484-9389). If you
(contains above average concentrations of naturally      wish to help sort or work the day of the sale, give
occurring radioactive nuclides), then riding back to     us a call.
our vehicles. More details later. Les Fraley,
coordinator.                                             If you have any large items or it would be more
                                                         convenient, A STORAGE PLACE, located just
The Plymouth Men's Fellowship will host a                off 287 between Ft. Collins and Loveland, at 232
                                                         E. County Rd 30, has donated us a storage unit.
breakfast prior to the "work Day" at Church on
                                                         You can simply drop things off there between the
Saturday, May 13th. Come have breakfast at 8:00
                                                         hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM. Just stop at the
and be fueled to begin work at 9:00. Everyone is
                                                         office and let them know you are dropping items
                                                         off for Plymouth. This will be available anytime
                                                         after August 1st.

 May 21st is the last day of Sunday school this year.
 We will be offering a Children’s Fellowship time during the summer worship services for
 children ages K- 5th Grade. This will begin on June 4th and continue through August 7th.
 Children will attend worship with their parents until after the “Passing of God’s Peace”,
 when the children may leave the sanctuary and gather in the North Room until the end of
 the service. We need adults who do not typically teach Sunday school to volunteer for a
 Sunday in order for this program to be successful. We plan to offer movies, music, games,
 and one “mystery” Sunday each month. This will be an important ministry for our own
 children, as well as any visitors to Plymouth during the summer. Contact Donna Greene
 for more details, or sign up in the Fellowship Hall on May 14th.

                                                    Page 4

CHECK                                                   XYZ:
IT OUT!                                                 Xtra Years of Zest (folks over 60)

                                                        The XYZ group will tour the National
                                                        Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
HATE CRIMES is the subject of an information
                                                        (NOAA) facility in South Boulder on Tuesday, May
resource packet from the UCC, available for you
                                                        9, then gather for tea afterwards at the Duchanbe
to borrow from the Peace With Justice library in
                                                        Tea House in downtown Boulder. We will meet at
the Fireside Room.
                                                        church at 11 a.m. to car pool, leaving by 11:15 to
Hate crimes range from jokes about to
                                                        arrive at NOAA by 12:30 to check in for the 1 p.m.
assassinations of individuals or groups because of
                                                        tour. (A volunteer to drive the church van would be
their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual
                                                        helpful.) Please sign up for the tour ASAP, but not
orientation. You may have observed some forms
                                                        later than Sunday, May 7, with your name as it
of hate crimes connected to the immigration
                                                        appears on your driver's license or other photo ID.
debate, the Dubai ports deal, or other current
                                                        Because of Homeland Security Dept. requirements,
events. The "Not In Our Town" organization is
                                                        names of participants will be submitted to NOAA in
working against hate crimes in Fort Collins; Phil
                                                        advance, and your photo ID must be shown for
Koester could tell you about this.
Often both the perpetrators and the victims of
                                                        After the tour, we will reassemble at the Tea House,
hate crimes are teenagers and young adults.
                                                        1770 13th St., by about 3 p.m. Metered street
Because of this, the resource packet has several
                                                        parking is available, so car pool and bring change.
sections geared specifically to teenagers. Charts,
                                                        The Tea House is a fanciful and unique structure
lists, graphs, background texts etc. are included.
                                                        contributed to Boulder by their sister city,
This packet would be helpful for adult or youth
                                                        Duchanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. Information,
groups, families, or people writing term papers. It's
                                                        photos of the facility and menus can be viewed at
in a black folder. To borrow it, just fill out the
                                                        their website, We will be
check-out card in the folder and leave the card in
                                                        making reservations for "Afternoon Tea" in
the marked check-out box in the PWJ library.
                                                        traditional British style (including tea sandwiches,
If you have questions about this library, call
                                                        pastries and pots of tea) at $14.95 (plus tax & tip).
Margaret Smith 493-3857.
                                                        Appetizers, snacks and beverages can also be
                                                        ordered from their "Tea Time" menu. Customers are
YOGA INSTRUCTOR                                         encouraged to look around and enjoy the elaborate
                                                        painted ceilings, carved wooden columns and large
NEEDED                                                  ceramic tile panels in the restaurant. We expect to
                                                        return to Plymouth between 5 and 6 p.m. Further
The Congregational Life Committee is looking            info is available from Jim Poole (472-5028) or Karen
for a volunteer to teach Yoga Classes. Several          Smith (282-9015).
members at Plymouth have expressed an interest
in doing Yoga. We are in dire need of a volunteer                    Disclosure Forms
who would be willing to teach evening classes. If
you or anyone you know would be willing to help         If you work with the Sunday School children or in
us out, please contact John Collier at 980-5003 or      one-on-one situations with others at Plymouth, we
email at:                                               need a completed disclosure form from you. A new                                form must be filled out each year. Last year’s forms
                                                        will expire at the end of April. New blank forms are
                                                        available on the glass table at the back of the
If you are not as close to God as                       sanctuary and in the church office. Please
you used to be, who moved?                              remember to return your completed disclosure form
                 ~Author Unknown                        to the church office in the next few days. Thanks!
                                                   Page 5
Sensitivity and Etiquette Towards                               Be aware of and sensitive to the fact that not
                                                        all disabilities are obvious or physical. In my
People with Disabilities                                psychotherapy practice, I worked with several
Continued from April Placard                            patients with Multiple Personality Disorder, now
           Another important principle is patience.     called Differentiated Identity Disorder. One patient
Often, the best gift you can give a person with         had a serious problem in that many different
disabilities is more time. Physically challenged        personalities drove, and then whoever was out
people need extra time to get dressed, to get in and    (conscious) had no idea where the driver had parked
out of the building, to use the restroom, etc. etc.,    the car, resulting in more confusion and panic
and it’s rude to pressure them or make them feel        attacks. Since she was a legally disabled person, we
guilty for “making people wait”. I can do many          got her a handicapped parking sticker, thus making
things well if I take my time, but if people pressure   the challenge of finding her car much simpler.
me to “hurry up”, it will take me twice as long.        However, she still had to endure the rude comments
The anxiety of trying to appease impatient,             people would make to her as she was leaving and
irritated people usually causes me to drop, spill and   entering her car because she “didn’t look
break things, and then have to spend even more          handicapped”.
time dealing with the mess. A task that I can
comfortably accomplish in 30 minutes will take me                Bear in mind that many people with chronic
an hour if I “try to hurry”.                            illnesses have “good days and bad days”. When you
                                                        see us on “a good day”, we appear, and often are,
        A common mistake people often make is           quite functional. However, you don’t see us on “bad
to assume a person can’t understand language            days” when we can barely crawl from the bed to the
because he/she doesn’t respond immediately.             bathroom.
Many people with neurological challenges need a
few extra seconds to input verbal information,                   Jesus Christ taught us to never judge by
process it, and then formulate a response. So ask       appearances, and it’s imperative to refrain from
your question or make your comment, and then            making inappropriate or disparaging remarks to
wait patiently several seconds for the individual to    people who might not “appear” to have a valid
respond. I think teaching people patience is one        disability. Remember the old saying, “When in
of the many great gifts individuals with disabilities   doubt, shut your mouth!”
bring to the world. And in our modern high tech
society filled with “busyholism” and “hurry                      Jesus also taught us with parables, so here’s a
sickness”, what a blessing!                             lovely one from India called “The Water Bearer”.
                                                                 A water bearer in India had two large pots
         Please be aware that many people with          that hung on each end of a pole that he carried
disabilities have more difficulty coping with           across his neck. One of the pots was perfect and
distractions, interruptions, crowds, noise, and         always delivered a full portion of water at the end of
changes in routines. It can be very stressful for us    the long walk from the stream to the Master's
to be interrupted or distracted with other              House. The other pot had a crack in it, so arrived
information or activities when we’re trying to          only half full. For two years this went on daily, with
concentrate on one speaker or activity. A good          the bearer delivering only one and a half pots full of
rule of thumb is to WAIT (Patience,                     water to The Master's House.
Grasshopper!) for the individual to complete the                 Of course, the perfect pot was proud of its
activity or information with which they are             accomplishments, perfect to the end for which it
engaged before presenting another activity, or          was made. But the poor cracked pot was ashamed of
more information. I often wish I had one of those       its own imperfection, and miserable that it was able
stoplights like freeway entrances have during rush      to accomplish only half of what it had been made to
hour so I could let in one “carload” of data at a       do. After two years of what it perceived to be a
time.                                                   bitter failure, it spoke to the water bearer one day by

                                                   Page 6

the stream.                                                     Blessed are you who love us
           "I am ashamed of myself, and I want to        unconditionally, for our greatest need is to be
apologize to you."                                       loved for who we are, not for what we can or
"Why?" asked the bearer. "What are you ashamed           cannot do.
of? "I am able to deliver only half my load because               “It is in the silence of the heart
this crack in my side causes water to leak out all             that God speaks.” Mother Teresa
the way back to The Master's House,” the pot said.
“Because of my flaws, you have to do all of this
work without the full value from your efforts,"
           The water bearer replied, "As we return to    NOVEMBER
The Master's House, I want you to notice the             ELECTION
beautiful flowers along the path.”                       INFORMATION
           Indeed, as they went up the hill, the old     ONA Committee
cracked pot took notice of the sun warming the
beautiful wild flowers on the side of the path, and
                                                         Because we are an Open and Affirming
this cheered it some. But at the end of the trail, it
                                                         congregation we want to share with our members
still felt bad because half its load had again leaked
                                                         information regarding legislation currently working
out. Again it apologized to the bearer for its
                                                         through the Colorado Legislature which would
                                                         allow many fundamental rights that married
           The bearer said to the pot, "Did you notice
                                                         couples take for granted but which are denied to
that there were flowers only on your side of your
                                                         same sex couples.
path, but not on the other pot's side? That's
because I have always known about your flaw, and
                                                         The legislation is called THE COLORADO
I took advantage of it. I planted flower seeds on
                                                         DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP ACT. It has
your side of the path, and every day while we walk
                                                         been approved by the House and is now working
back from the stream, you water them. For two
                                                         its way through the Senate. The ACT will take the
years I have been able to pick these beautiful
                                                         form of a referendum which would give partners
flowers to decorate The Master's Table. Without
                                                         in a domestic partnership the same benefits,
you being just the way you are, He would not have
                                                         protections, and responsibilities under state law as
this beauty to grace His House."
                                                         are granted to married spouses.
                                                         Some of these include:
         And finally . . . The Beatitudes for people
                                                         *The right to visit a sick or injured committed
supporting individuals with disabilities:
                                                         partner in the hospital.
         Blessed are you who take time to listen to
                                                         *The right to make medical decisions on behalf of
difficult speech, for you help us persevere until we
                                                         a partner, when they cannot do so themselves.
are understood.
                                                         *The right to family leave when there is a major
         Blessed are you who walk with us in public
                                                         illness or death in the family.
places and ignore the stares of strangers, for we
                                                         *The right to share the same room in a nursing
find havens of relaxation in your companionship.
                                                         home, so as to comfort each other during their last
         Blessed are you who never bid us to “hurry
up”, and more blessed are you who do not snatch
                                                          *Responsibility for financial support of a partner
away our tasks to do them for us, for often we
                                                         and the partner’s children.
need time and patience, rather than help.
                                                         *Most pension plans pay survivor benefits only to
         Blessed are you who see our gifts and
                                                         the legal spouse of the participant which means
strengths, and provide for us the assistance we
                                                         that, under current law, gay and lesbian workers
need to use them.
                                                         get no pension support for their partners.
         Blessed are you who ask for our help, for
we also need to be needed.
                                                         We will keep you up to date on the progress of
                                                         this Act in the Placard monthly.

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Living “Open and Affirming”                              members thanks to their participation in our ONA
                                                         Sunday service last year.
                                                            — GLBT Student Services at CSU, 970-491-
Plymouth Connecting with the                                    4342,
Community                                                       This office is committed to providing
by Jason Theil and Bob Kling for the ONA                    support services, programs and a safe gathering
Committee                                                   space for GLBT people, other sexual
                                                            minorities, and allies of the Colorado State
Northern Colorado is very fortunate to have an              University community.
active and vibrant GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual            There are many other organizations, as well as
Transgender) community. The ONA Committee                some great social and recreational programs, to
urges Plymouth members to be aware of, and take          know and enjoy in our thriving community.
advantage of, the great resources available:
     — Lambda Community Center, 970-231-                 SUICIDE AWARENESS
     The Lambda Center is the local GLBT
                                                          Did you know?
community center, with groups for all ages and an         *Every 17 minutes, someone dies of suicide
extensive library on GLBT topics. Check them out          *Colorado has the 7th highest suicide rate in the
online or stop by and visit. Plymouth is an              nation (40% higher than the national average)
institutional member and participates in the annual       *Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for
Pride in the Park festival. Our church membership        adolescents in Colorado
is represented on the Lambda board.                       *The elderly account for 20% of all suicides, yet
     — PFLAG – Parents, Family, and Friends              they represent only 12% of the population.
        of Lesbians and Gays                              *Over 90% of people who die from suicide suffer
     Local chapter: 970-407-0300,
                                                         from a mental illness, most commonly depression
PFLAG is a national organization and the local
                                                          *Depression is a treatable illness
chapter meets monthly at Plymouth. PFLAG
                                                          What can you do?
supports parents, families, friends, and GLBT
                                                          1. Participate in the 2006 Suicide Awareness 1 mile
people, and welcomes all. Several Plymouth
                                                         walk and Candlelight Vigil. Friday May 5 at Old
members are active participants.
                                                         Town Square. Registration and Sign in are at 6:00
     — NCAP - Northern Colorado AIDS
                                                         p.m. and the walk begins at 7:30. Contact
         Project, 970-484-4469,  or 635-9301 for
         Northern Colorado AIDS Project serves
                                                         more information.
HIV+ residents of Larimer, Weld, and 6 other              2. Come to Adult Forum at Plymouth, May 7, 9:30
northeast Colorado counties, and their loved ones.       a.m. on Depression and Suicide presented by the
It also provides prevention, outreach, and
                                                         Health Ministry Team and Suicide Resource
education in its efforts to stop the disease. Its
services are free and confidential. Our church
membership is represented on the NCAP board.
     — FORT PRIDE,
     Fort Pride is a high-quality online resource with
a community calendar, links, business resources,         The Health Ministry Team is seeking new members
news and MORE!!!! Check out this terrific                with experience in the health and/or human
website.                                                 services fields from a professional or consumer
     — Rainbow Chorus.              perspective. Examples of recent activities include
     This inclusive and affirming choral group unites    blood pressure checks, walking groups, and
gay and straight voices in a musical celebration of      Forums on heart health, stress, and mental health.
diversity and human rights. It includes some             For more information, contact Marietta
Plymouth members, and may be familiar to other           Zimmerman at 221-5474.

                                                   Page 8
A MONSTROUS thank you to the people listed below who did so much to make
the Capital Campaign a success.
Campaign Leader Emeritus: Ray Becker
Campaign Leader: Larry McCulloch
Campaign Consultant: Bea Stoner
Church Council Moderator 2005: Doug Robinson
Church Council Moderator 2006: Liz McGrew
Ministers: Sharon Benton & Hal Chorpenning

Capital Campaign Exploratory Committee: Betty Weber, Harry Halac, Tom Dille,
Sharon Smith, Steve Freeland, & Hal Chorpenning

Publicity             Admin. Support          Brochure            Recorder
Bill Tucker           Tobey Yadon             Marge Norskog       Verley Boulton
Jamie Kepros          Sue Yadon               Janet McCulloch     Tobey Yadon
John Hafnor           Allen Norskog           JoAn Bjarko
Marilee Long

Campaign Visitor       Prayer Team             Hospitality        Leadership Gifts
Team Leaders
Julie Karbula          Sharon Smith            Sally Gilmore      Paula Dille
George Worcester       Rick Riddoch            Gail Knoblock      George & Marilu Theodore
David Bernard          Jean Preslan            Claudia Karp       Harry & Carol Halac
John Henry Peck        Bob Winegarner          Jodie Rankin       Meredith Burns
Carl Mohr              Judy Clough             Mary Freeland      Curt Minter
Wil & Geri Stutheit                            Jane Repert        Larry & Janet McCulloch
Lauren Mingus                                  Truman Solverud    Paul & Lynn Soraci
Gail Gumminger                                 Judy Barth         Dianne Stober & Ben Slocumb
Caryl Beaty                                                       Terry & Keith Shultz
                                                                  Karen & John Smith
                                                                  Phil & Marcia Hoefer
                                                                  Wes Boulton
Campaign Visitors
Ginny Gibson                            Sue Rutherford            Sarah Lollar
Holley Gilliam                          Carole & John Oldemeyer   Larry & Janet McCulloch
Betty Clark                             Jean Sanfaçon             Jane Clark
Linda Smith                             Jamie Kepros              Megan & Zach Campain
Phil and Karen Moeckli                  Diana McHenry             Mary & Jim Fuller
Mary Mosier                             Wayne Carpenter           Tom & Paula Dille
Dotty Mattern                           Nancy Tellez              Sue & Tobey Yadon
Molly and John Nortier                  Doug & Mary Robinson
Mary Sue Rowan                          Jim Hazen
Don Preslan                             Linda & Lew Garton
Ruth Jakubauskas                        Larry & Kim Redd
Bruce Hansen                            Karen Nesler
John Dodson & Tia McDonald              Saralyn Laughlin
Curt Minter                             Breese Hinde
Carol & Harry Halac                     Liz McGrew
Sharon Smith                            Wes Bolton

                                                  Page 9
CAPITAL                                                   •     Our senior minister, Hal Chorpenning, has
                                                                been with us for 3½ years. He has been
CAMPAIGN                                                        involved in the Strategic Planning, Capital
UPDATE                                                          Campaign, and Long-Range Planning
                                                                committees. He will also serve on the
                                                                Building Committee.
At Celebration Sunday, Larry McCulloch, Capital             • Larry McCulloch has been a Plymouth
Campaign Committee chair, announced that we’ve                  member for 9 years. He is chair of the
raised $1,753,300. With additional commitments                  Capital Campaign Committee and a member
still coming in, that total is now $1,773,214. This             of the Follow-up Committee. Larry has
amount includes $71,127 for the church’s                        large program management and business
endowment fund as well as $85,000 for a new                     leadership experience.
organ. Once these two funds and the expenses for            • Liz McGrew, a 30-year member of
the Capital Campaign are subtracted, we have                    Plymouth, is moderator of Church Council.
$1,586,000 left for the Project Priority Committee              She has held various positions at Plymouth
to use as a basis for its recommendations.                      including Sunday school teacher, junior high
                                                                and senior high youth leader, Youth
The Project Priority Committee’s task is to make a              Advisory Council chair, confirmation mentor
recommendation to the Church Council on how to                  and class co-leader, and choir member.
implement the building master plan, given the          George Theodore, a 1-year member of Plymouth,
amount of money pledged and the maintenance,           is vice moderator of Church Council. He is an
renovation, and new construction projects we           electrical engineer, and he has been everything from
would like to do. Then, at a future congregational     a draftsman to CEO in architecture/engineering
meeting, the Church Council will make a                firms. George is the veteran of two capital
recommendation to church members on how to             campaigns with churches in Minnesota. He will also
implement the building projects.                       serve on the Building Committee.
                                                       The committee will meet on May 3, 8, 15, and 22.
The Project Priority Committee has been meeting        All meetings are at 7 p.m. at the church. These
weekly to prepare its ranked list of building projects meetings are open to all church members.
and loan options for the Church Council.
Committee members bring a variety of credentials       In addition to the above meetings, the committee is
to the task.                                           hosting an adult forum on May 21. Committee
      • Marge Norskog, committee chair, is a 20- members will update the congregation on their
         year member of Plymouth. She’s a past         progress, conclusions, and the next steps in the
         moderator of Church Council, and she’s on process.
         the Long-Range Planning Committee.
      • Judy Barth, a 21-year member of                Making Pledges and Payments
         Plymouth, is a past deacon and is currently If you haven’t done so, this is an excellent time to
         serving as church treasurer. Judy is a        make your pledge to the Capital Campaign. Please
         member of the Long-Range Planning             contact Larry McCulloch or Tobey Yadon. If you’d
         Committee, and she was involved in the        like to make a payment to the campaign, please
         development of the Larimer County             make your check payable to Plymouth
         Fairgrounds and Event Center.                 Congregational Church with “Capital Campaign” on
      • Don Bundy is an architect and a 22-year        the memo line and send it to the church office or
         member of Plymouth. Don has held              put it in the collection plate on Sunday. In a few
         various positions at Plymouth; he is          months you’ll start receiving additional Capital
         currently the chair of the Trustees. He will Campaign envelopes with your pledge envelopes.
         also serve on the Building Committee.

                                                 Page 10
                                 E WS
          T HN
       YOU                                        UCC YOUTH
                                                  IN ACTION!!

SR HIGH YOUTH                                             welcomes the big questions, but encourages them.
                                                          Thank God this is a place where our youth feel
KEEP ON ASKING                                            comfortable enough to ask such questions (and
THE QUESTIONS                                             seek answers) without fearing condemnation or
                                                          censure. Thank God we recognize the question
Why Do We Believe?                                        mark as a positive and powerful symbol of faith.
                                                          But then, we’re into punctuation these days:
This is the question the Sr. High Youth have              “Never place a period where God has placed a
challenged themselves with for the past several           comma” can be followed up with: “Hold a
weeks. Much more than just the theme of this year’s       question mark in your head at all times and your
Youth Sunday, such a question has given many a            heart will supply the answers.”
theologian and philosopher a lifetime of work. Such
a question has filled libraries with varied attempts at   Jamie Kepros
illumination. Such a question is at the heart of our
spiritual life. Such a question can be a scary one to
ask.                                                      OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO!
              Why Do We Believe?                          As in the past, we will be creating a bulletin board
                                                          to honor our Plymouth graduates...high school,
There are, of course, a multitude of factors that         college, and beyond. So that we may recognize
influence our individual life journeys – that influence   you appropriately, we need you to get us the
our faith (or lack of faith) lives. Those in their teen   following:
years are optimally positioned to ask such questions          1. A graduation announcement and a
and seek answers, or at least bits of answers, with a     graduation picture (wallet size is best)
passion and intensity that would make Plato proud.            2. A statement of your future plans.
Indeed, I sometimes wonder if we too quickly loose        Please get these to the church asap. Put them in
that sort of intensity for life’s big questions. Do we    an envelope labeled "Graduation" - Liz McGrew.
become satisfied in our routines? Do the grooves          If you have questions, please call Liz at 484-1871.
which our accepted beliefs form become so deep
within our minds and hearts that jumping out of
those grooves is difficult? Or may even seem
dangerous?                                                       THOUGHT FOR THE DAY
                                                          As children grow older, their innocent
                                                          acceptance of a loving God can become
                               Why Do We Believe?
                                                          confused. Bring their attention to a loving,
                                                          constant Source that doesn’t judge them, even
It is clear to me that those grooves of thought and
                                                          when they are judging themselves.
belief have not yet become ruts in the minds of our
youth. It is also clear to me just how fortunate we all
are that our church home is a place that not only
                                                  Page 11
                                E WS
          T HN
       YOU                                       UCC YOUTH
                                                 IN ACTION!!

Get to Know our Plymouth Children                               Ways You Can Help Our
and Youth! Attend our Progressive                                 Children Reach Out
Brunch & Opportunity Fair in the                               to Other Afghan Children
Fellowship Hall on May 14th.
                                                             1. Donate unopened, travel-size soap,
                                                                toothpaste, & toothbrushes that will be
We have many awesome, bright, gifted, funny,                    used to create personal gift bags for 40
talented, incredible young people lurking around this           Afghan children. We need these items
church. If you already spend quality time with these            by May 7th.
colorful characters, then you know what I’m talking          2. Purchase a copy of the Plymouth Easter
about. If you have not had the opportunity to get               Shadow Theater DVD for $10. All profits
involved in some way with our children and youth,               will be donated to the ARO school in
then May 14th is your lucky day. The Youth                      Kabul to provide nutritional snacks for
Education Committee will be hosting a Progressive               children. Each $100 we can send will
Brunch & Opportunity Fair. Information tables will              provide added nutritional support for one
be set up in the Fellowship Hall in a configuration             month. These will be available on May
that will allow you to check out all the ways you could         7th & 14th.
possibly connect, while also providing you with a            3. Margaret will have items available for
complete meal by the time you have completed the                purchase that were made by women in the
tour. We need Preschool Sunday school teachers, Jr.             Afghan Women’s Sewing Initiative.
& Sr. High Teacher Assistants, Trailguides,
Workshop Planning Team members, Community                 Junior & Senior High Mission/
volunteers to assist Jr. & Sr. High Youth Group
leaders, Sexuality Educators (training provided this      Rafting trip to Buena Vista from
summer) and adults to help with children’s church         June 22-25th.
this summer. Ask yourself where God might be              Several folks have expressed interest in
able to use you to enrich the Plymouth                    attending. We have a couple of seats left in the
experience for our youth, and stop by and chat            church van, and the option of driving a second
with our recruiters on May 14th.                          van if necessary. We are still finalizing the
                                                          costs, but are trying to keep them at a minimum.
   DON’T FORGET TO                                        Scholarship funds are available from a generous
                                                          and anonymous Plymouth member. Our plan is
REGISTER FOR SUMMER                                       to stay at the UCC church in Buena Vista, work
                                                          on a local service project, enjoy a half-day
          CAMP                                            rafting trip, hike, and share a lock-in and
Forms are available from the                              Sunday worship with the Jr/Sr High youth
                                                          group there.
       church office.                                     The deadline for signing up is May 21st.
                                                          Contact Donna Greene.
                                                 Page 12

                     MEMBER SPOTLIGHT
MARIA SWALL                                             BENJI
Maria has done various things                           YARRINGTON
in the field of social work and
public policy, including direct-
ing a statewide child care rate                         Benji is 10 (almost 11) and attends
survey in Texas, researching family                     O’Dea Core Knowledge and is in
group conferences in England, and                       the 5th Grade. At school, Benji is
serving as the Executive Director                       busy with Odyssey of the Mind, lunch-time
of a domestic violence and rape crises center in        intramural sports, Running Club, Hockey Club, and
Alamosa, Colorado. Most recently she has been the       the O’Dea Originals Choir.
attendance clerk and health tech at Benji’s school,
but is now looking at a new job doing grant-writing,    Benji’s parents are Maria Swall and Doug
fund-raising and strategic planning for a faith-based   Yarrington.
community organization group.
                                                        Benji likes to play video games and Game Cube,
Maria has lived in Fort Collins for six years now.      sword-fighting, drawing and acting in plays.
She is married to Doug Yarrington and they have
one child, Benji, also profiled here.                   When he grows up, Benji would like to direct
                                                        movies or write books.
She enjoys singing in the Rainbow Chorus, knitting
prayer shawls, reading and doing crosswords,            His activities at Plymouth include Goodness
Sudoku and Kukuo puzzles.                               Gorillas. When asked what his favorite thing about
                                                        Plymouth is, he replies, “The plays we do”.
Maria has been attending Plymouth almost two years
but started attending Taizé services when they first    When asked one thing that might surprise the rest
started. She serves on the Open and Affirming           of us about you, Benji replied, “I get to go to
Committee, where she chairs that committee.             Disneyland every other summer when I visit my
When asked what are her favorite things about           aunts in Los Angeles”.
Plymouth, she replies “Taizé services, stimulating
sermons and forums, great children’s programs and
all the progressive ideas”.
                                                        Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It
When asked one thing that might surprise the rest of    turns what we have into enough, and
us about you, Maria replied, “I love to sing and
perform on stage”.                                      more. It turns denial into acceptance,
                                                        chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It
                                                        can turn a meal into a feast, a house into
          CHURCH BLOOPER                                a home, a stranger into a friend.
                                                        Gratitude makes sense of our past,
The senior choir invites any member of
the congregation who enjoys sinning to                  brings peace for today, and creates a
join the choir.                                         vision for tomorrow.

                                                 Page 13

                                                     Male depression may include symptoms not
Please keep these                                    normally thought of as the classic symptoms
members and friends in                               associated with depression. As a result, depression
                                                     can be difficult to recognize in men, and doctors
your prayers.                                        may be less likely to suspect depression as the
                                                     cause of a man's complaints. In addition, men may
                                                     not be willing to admit that they are feeling
Recently in the Hospital
Linda Smith                                          Symptoms Associated With Male
Rachel Lieurance                                     Depression:
Dorothy Uhrich                                          •   Using alcohol or drugs to self medicate
Angela Kimball
                                                        •   Working excessively long hours
                                                        •   Watching excessive amounts of television
                                                        •   Becoming irritable or angry
Our Sympathy is with                                    •   Becoming violent to himself or others
Jane Nicolet on the death of her Aunt.
                                                        •   Creating conflict
                                                        •   Acting overtly or covertly hostile
                                                     Classic Symptoms of Depression:
CONGRATULATIONS                                         •    Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" mood
Debby, Laurie and Seth Clark have a new son/
                                                        •    Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism
brother, Alex, who they have adopted from
Guatemala.                                              •    Feelings of guilt, worthlessness,
David Greene on receipt of Outstanding Teacher          • Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and
Award in Occupational Therapy at Colorado State              activities that were once enjoyed, including
University.                                                  sex
                                                        • Decreased energy, fatigue, being "slowed
Dianne Stober on the publication of her book--               down"
Evidence Based Coaching Handbook: Putting Best          • Difficulty concentrating, remembering,
Practices to Work for Your Clients.                          making decisions
                                                        • Insomnia, early-morning awakening, or
                                                        • Appetite and/or weight loss, or overeating
                                                             and weight gain
Symptoms of                                             • Thoughts of death or suicide; suicide
Depression in Men                                       • Restlessness, irritability
by Mary Calvagna                                        • Persistent physical symptoms that do not
                                                             respond to treatment, such as headaches,
Depression—once thought of as a woman's                      digestive disorders, and chronic pain
disease—is appearing more frequently in men.         Two-thirds of people who suffer from depression
Nearly 20 million Americans suffer from depression   do not seek help. It is crucial, however, that
each year; over six million of these sufferers are   depression be diagnosed and treated—untreated
men.                                                 depression has been linked to suicide. Of those
                                                     who seek treatment, 80% experience significant
                                                     improvement and lead productive lives.
                                              Page 14

Here All Year                                                                        Plymouth
May is a month when we as a congregation tend to pay much attention to the           United Church of
young people in our midst. We just celebrated Youth Sunday at the end of April –     Christ
Senior Highers showcasing their talent, their passion, their wisdom and insight in
new and sometimes challenging ways. Mid-May brings Confirmation/Affirmation          AN OPEN &AFFIRMING
Sunday –inspiring us with the questions and desire they bring to faith and church.   CONGREGATION
The final day of Sunday School reminds us of how necessary children are to the       Gathered in 1903.
life of a congregation – not for their future contributions, but for their present
and their presence here and now. In the give and take of ministry, anyone who
                                                                                     (970) 482-9212
has worked with kids knows they give to us as much as we give to them. And
finally May brings Graduation Sunday. While we celebrate and honor graduates of
                                                                                     Church Staff
all ages and degrees, we tend to focus on those making the giant leap from High
School into adulthood. Their official years as children of the church are over,
and we lovingly, bitter-sweetly send them off. Whether we watched them grow          The Rev. Hal Chorpenning
from infancy or met them as teens, they are a part of our church family, and we       Senior Minister
hold hopes for them and their lives.
                                                                                     The Rev. Sharon Benton
Do you recognize these feelings? Are they a part of your experience as a member Associate Minister for
of this beautifully inter-generational congregation? Churches that don’t have all Congregational Life & Care
ages represented (those with only senior members, or those “family-centered”
churches that lack elders) long for the opportunity presented right here at
Plymouth. The mere thought of a Wisdom Party like the one Goodness Gorillas Donna Greene
held for Hilltoppers is wishful thinking in many places.                          Youth Education Director
If you’ve worked with Trailblazers or the Sr./Jr. High Community, you may be
familiar with the feeling I express for the young people of this church. If you    Alice Clark
                                                                                    Adult Education Director/
don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, right here is an opportunity to discover  Parish Assistant

Young people have so many places to spend their time, and church is less and         Karin Marsh
less often chosen as their first or even fourth option. When we do see them           Church Secretary
before us in worship we tend to think: “wonderful! Things are well with our 
kids” and then we let them “do their thing”. But they are here all year – not just
in May – and they need more from us than to see them irregularly. They need their    Carrie Hanson
church to engage them meaningfully.                                                    Music Coord./Organist

I believe that it is people who make a difference in anyone’s life. As privileged in Donna Solverud
                                                                                       Choir Director
love as many of our youth are – as cherished and supported as they are by their
families – they still need to experience the love of God through a community of
faith. They need us.                                                                 Jan Welch
Yes, I’m preaching … that’s what I do. The children and youth at Plymouth are
as much a part of my love for this congregation as the adults. They continue to      Alda Frucci, Porter Industries
teach me what it means to be a person of God and a follower of Christ. May we         Custodians
share with them all that we desire as community of faith.
                                                                                     John Collier
                                                                                       Newsletter Editor

                                                  Page 15
                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Plymouth Congregational                                                    Ft. Collins, CO 80521
United Church of Christ                                                    Permit No. 109
916 West Prospect Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526


           Let's all get together Saturday morning May 13th and spruce up our building
                                           and grounds!

               The Trustees have a few projects that need all of the many and varied
                 talents and strengths of all of Plymouth's members and friends.

           With many hands the work will go faster and easier...and you might even have
                            the joy of meeting a new person or two.

             Bring yard tools and cleaning equipment if you have them...or just bring
                                  your energy and enthusiasm.

                           Join us at the church at 8:30, May 13th!

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