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					Working in Leeds

Are you thinking about changing jobs and moving to Leeds but want all the facts,
consider the following guide to living and working in Leeds.

Yorkshire is the UK’s largest county and home to one of the most dynamic cities in
the UK, Leeds. Leeds is the fastest growing city in the UK with a population of over
750,000 people. Awarded 'Best City for Business' by the Occupier Market
Intelligence Service (OMIS 2008), Leeds is now the second largest employment
centre in the UK outside London, with 420,000 people employed in the city. More
jobs have been created in Leeds than in any other UK city outside London over the
past two decades. Despite this, it maintains its rich culture and heritage, its vast
historic landmarks, excellent shopping and tourism opportunities.

As a place to work, Leeds is one of the leaders in many sectors including financial &
business services, law, manufacturing, retail, tourism, media and the public sector.
Leeds has become an important hub outside London.

Keep connected and use the many transport links in Leeds. With easy access to the
major motorways, excellent bus and coach routes both locally and nationally, cycle
lanes and train routes that include a 2 ½ hour journey to London, Leeds is easily one
of the best cities to commute within. It offers the ease of public transport with the
luxury of accessible routes if you would prefer to drive. Inter-Yorkshire travel is made
easy with direct trains to Sheffield, York, Huddersfield and Doncaster.

Living in Leeds is reasonable with the average house price is £166k compared to
£280k in the South East. In relation to salaries, the average salary in Leeds is

As a place to settle, Leeds offers a fantastic outlet for an urban buzz in the city
centre to lush green countryside. The city is a mixture of modern versus architectural
significance and is the home of slick apartment buildings, one off buildings and
classic town houses. With facilities on the door stop Leeds City centre is unrivalled in
the North for its range of theatres, museums, galleries, a thriving music scene, major
shopping destinations and it is a centre for sports & leisure, entertainment and

A stone’s throw away, you reach the suburbs and can access the countryside. Well
connected with excellent schools, shops, transport routes and entertainment. Leeds
is a diverse, popular and industry rich city to work in with facilities that ensure new
inhabitants are not disappointed.

For more information and for the latest jobs in Leeds please visit Leeds jobs.

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Description: Are you thinking about changing jobs and moving to Leeds but want all the facts, consider the following guide to living and working in Leeds.