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									VAC Meeting Minutes

Vendor Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
North Bay Regional Center, Napa
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1. Attendance
a. Meeting            VAC Meeting held on May 8, 2012 was called to order at 10:10 AM (PST).
called to order.
b. Roll call.         VAC Membership
Quorum met?             Lisa Carbone (Dungarvin)
   Yes       No         Elizabeth Clary (Old Adobe Development Services)
Approve                 Margaret Farman (UCP of the North Bay)
05-08-12                Donna Feingold (Moving Forward)
agenda with no          Kelley Hanson (PACE Solano)
additions:              Stan Higgins (Oaks of Hebron)
   Yes       No         Mike Huckins (Bay Area Respite Care)
Minutes                 Saanen Kerson (Vine Village)
Terri moved and         Darelyn Pazdel (Pride)
Elizabeth seconded      Terri Rowland (Milestones)
Unanimously             Linda Washington (Bayberry, Inc)
approved.               Liz Sutton (North Bay Industries)

                      NBRC Staff
                        Alfonso Carmona
                        Laura Cepoi
                        Michi Gates
                        Joanne Giardello (NBRC)
                        Bob Hamilton
                        Pamela Madden Krall
                        Dave Johnson
                        Emily Davidson

                      General Members
                        Mitzi Burnett (CA Mentor)
                        Ashley Cleary (IABA)
                        Kandi Cotter (Liberty)
                        Andrei Manano(Wellness)
                        June Ursini (Dungarvin)
                        Allen Maroun (Wheelcare Express)
                        Karen Farnsworth (CPA)
                        Steve Sweet (On Our Own)
                        Lisa Ann Carbone (Dungarvin)
                        Mary Eble (Northbay Housing)
                        Carin Lawrence (Becoming Independent)
                        Omar Celestial, (SDS)
                        Candace McGuire (NBRC Vendor
                        Bob Phillips (Area Board 4)
                        Michael Quigley (Wheelcare Express)
                        Dori McDonnell (Lifehouse)
                        Steve Dendas, R&D
                        Shannon Horalson (Liberty)
                        Edie Thomas (Connections For Life)
                        John Shea (Options 3, Inc)

VAC Meeting Minutes                                   1                                        10/17/12
                          Matt Martin, Bayberry
                          Chris Willis, The ARC Solano
                          Leticia Leon, R&D

2.                                                   Summary                                      Action/Follow-Up
Agenda Changes            No changes or additions
or Additions
3.                                                   Summary                                      Action/Follow-Up
Community                 Holiday Schedule 2012/2013: Discussed proposed holidays for
Concerns                   the new fiscal year and determined “days off” for the holidays that
                           fall on either Saturday or Sunday. The 4th of July will be observed
                           on a Wednesday, Columbus Day on Monday, October 8th and
                           Veteran’s Day on Monday, November 12th. The full holiday
                           schedule will be reviewed by NBRC and then distributed to the
                           vendor community.
                          Applicant/Vendor Disclosure Statement: The vendors asked for
                           clarification around how to complete the Disclosure Statement.
                           They specifically wanted to know who needed to be listed on the
                           form. Stan indicated that Page 1, Part 2 better defines who should
                           be listed on page 3. Laura clarified that members of the agency’s
                           Board of Directors and high level management staff charged with
                           administrative oversight of the programs should be included.
                           Laura confirmed that the agency address could be used for the
                           Board of Directors. This form can be found on the NBRC
4. Report                                            Summary                                      Action/Follow-Up
Group Reports             Napa Solano provider group: The group discussed the
                           Applicant/Vendor Disclosure Statement that is due to NBRC on
                           July 1st. The Vendors would like clarification around completing
                           the form. Discussed if the agenda item, Policies and Procedures,
                           is an informational item or an item on the agenda for input from
                           the vendors. Recapped the highlights from the NBRC board
                           meeting including, the labor commissioner’s ruling on the
                           Bayberry, Inc. case, the C4 allocation, and Project Connect, a
                           grant opportunity in all three counties providing early intervention
                           mental health services and supports for individuals and families.
                           Discussed that there is no news from the stakeholder groups. Edie
                           provided the group information from the Solano Transit Authority
                           and the group discussed mental health services and supports in
                           Solano County and the addition of a Crisis Stabilization Unit in
                           July. Terri showed the group the flier for the June Vendor Faire
                           and reported that she would be meeting with Pamela to finalize
                           details prior to the VAC meeting. The group also discussed
                           transportation and the transition to the new transportation broker.
                          Sonoma provider group: Petaluma Transit talked to the group
                           about the transportation network in Sonoma County and mobility
                           training. They also discussed the new legislation for behavioral
                           support for individuals with autism. The Bay Area chapter of
                           Easter Seals has consolidated. Pat Straub is the new contact for
                           Easter Seals in our area. Transportation was discussed.
                          Area IV Board: The Autism Community Team is hosting a Town
                           Hall Meeting on May 21, 2012 from 5:30 – 7:30 at NBRC and
                           another one on May 24, 2012 at Becoming Independent in Santa
                           Rosa. The topic will be the new mandate for Private Insurance to
                           provide behavioral services. This will be a format where people
                           can ask questions regarding the new mandate. The current plan is
                           to have additional meetings in the fall. There has been discussion

VAC Meeting Minutes                                       2                                            10/17/12
                          at the Area 4 Board meetings regarding the lack of information
                          around services that NBRC is currently providing or is able to
                          provide. Bob requested that information regarding available
                          services be posted on NBRC’s website. The Area 4 Board will
                          have grant money for program development. Bob will provide
                          additional information as it becomes available. NBRC Service
                          Policies were presented to the board at the May Board Meeting
                          and passed. Bob was unclear about the relationship between new
                          policies and old procedures. He feels as if the policies should be
                          vetted and that the public should have input. Information
                          regarding the May revise should be available this week. DDS is
                          looking to make up 100 million. The primary election is in June
                          and there will be re-districting. The people that get the top 2 votes
                          will be on the ballot. The Area 4 Board and Staff at SDC are
                          sponsoring the Opportunity Fair that will be held at SDC from
                          10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 6th.
                          Employment Services Task Force: The June meeting will be
                          canceled due to the NBRC Webinar Series on Employment. The
                          group will meet again in September.
                         Public Relations: The Vendor Fair will be held on Wednesday,
                          June 6th from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the parking lot at NBRC.
                          This is the same day as the Opportunity Fair at Sonoma
                          Developmental Center. Set up will begin at 2:00 p.m. NBRC has
                          25 tables that the vendors can use and Margaret Farman from
                          UCP offered additional tables and chairs if needed. There will be
                          approximately 30 vendors in attendance.
                         CDSA: Had a leadership retreat to brainstorm the Strategic Plan
                          for next year. The Legislative Conference was last month and it
                          went very well. The Bay Area Caucus meets on 5/17/12 and the
                          Annual meeting will be in Berkeley from September 11 th through
                          September 13th. .
                         NBRC Board Report – Kelley Hanson reported that there was a
                          feature presentation regarding Project Connect NBRC - a Tri-City
                          Early Childhood Mental Health Collaborative. The board also
                          approved Service Policies, discussed the labor commissioner’s
                          ruling on the Bayberry, Inc. case, the C4 allocation, and that
                          NBRC is projecting a $12 million deficit in the POS budget and a
                          $100,000 deficit in the Ops budget. It was Michael’s Statti’s last
                          board meeting and the board recognized his 6 years of service
                          with a plaque and provided him with a birthday cake to celebrate
                          his birthday.
                         ARCA and Executive Director Report: The ARCA Annual
                          Meeting is on June 22, 2012 at the Embassy Suites in Sacramento.
                          The May revise should be out on Monday 5/14/12. The NBRC
                          Annual Board meeting will be held on 6/6/12 where success
                          stories for both families and staff will be shared. NBRC is in the
                          process of revising their website. Joanne Tsai and Barbara Powell
                          were seated on the NBRC Board of Directors. ARCA discussed
                          Senator Steinberg’s meetings regarding disparity of services for
                          children among ethnic groups. The Regional Centers were under
                          the microscope as the result of one horrific case in which a family
                          was not being heard and not receiving the appropriate services for
                          their child. The hearings focused on the amount of money spent
                          by each Regional Center. Bob announced that the ANEWDAY
                          2012 conference on employment and housing for people with
                          developmental disabilities will be on September 18th and 19th in
                          Pasadena California.
                         Stakeholder Advisory Group: Mike Huckins reported that the
                          last stakeholder meeting was on March 1, 2012. He indicated that
VAC Meeting Minutes                                      3                                        10/17/12
                          he will most likely get information regarding the budget shortly
                          before it is distributed state wide. Mike believes that revisions to
                          the budget will happen last minute and behind closed doors.
                         Disaster Preparedness: The Committee is meeting after today’s
                          VAC meeting. It will be a brief meeting to discuss next steps.
                         CASACC: Service Advisory Committee Chairs conference call
                          was not held yesterday.
5. Report                                           Summary                                        Action/Follow-Up
Policies and             What is the purpose behind the Policies and Procedures agenda
Procedures                item? How is the process of providing input regarding Policies
                          and Procedures defined? The VAC has asked to be included in the
                          process. The intent of the Services Policies approved at the May
                          board meeting was to keep them very broad so that they would not
                          have to be re-done every time there is a change (i.e.; in trailer bill
                          language). Bob indicated that he would like to include all
                          stakeholders in the process. The Board will talk about process and
                          what is required of the Regional Center at their next board retreat.
                          The Regional Center will make dispense information as it
                          becomes available. The VAC thanked Bob for giving the vendor
                          community an opportunity to weigh in.
6. New Business
                         The vendors requested a meeting with R&D Transportation to
                          discuss the transition to their brokerage services. Dave Johnson
                          will be the point person and work with Elizabeth Clary to arrange
                          the meeting.

7. Report                                           Summary                                        Action/Follow-Up
Announcements            The Napa Coalition has a disability committee that meets on a
                          regular basis. Next month’s meeting is scheduled for 6/5/12 at
                          noon and will be in the DA’s Office. The topic will be
                          employment. Donna mentioned that it would be nice to have a
                          representative from NBRC attend the meetings.
                         The second annual Artability Festival will be on Saturday, October
                          20, 2012 on the River Front in Napa. It will be from 1:00 p.m. to
                          4:00 p.m.
                         Alchemia is performing a play based on Bullying. It is running for
                          a few more weeks at the Playhouse in Santa Rosa. Additional
                          details regarding the performance can be found on their website.
                         Senator Steinberg’s office is collecting feedback regarding the
                          autism bill. If providers have concerns they should write a letter to
                          Darryl Steinberg’s Office.
                         The Section 8 Housing list is open in Santa Rosa. Mary or Patty
                          will come to your program site and assist clients with filling out
                          the appropriate paperwork. North Bay Housing Coalition will
                          conduct a meeting on how to purchase a house on May 22nd. The
                          meeting will be held in the Napa City/County Library on Coombs
                          St. from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. A Leadership Breakfast regarding
                          housing in Solano County will be held at the Flamingo Hotel in
                          June. Please contact Mary Eble for additional information.
                         Transportation routes in Fairfield have been re-routed. Benicia
                          will begin re-routing in July. Public hearings will be held in
                          Benicia and community input is welcome.
                          ANKA has contracted with Solano County to establish a Crisis
                          Stabilization Unit in Solano County beginning in July of this year.

VAC Meeting Minutes                                       4                                             10/17/12
8. Adjournment
                        Meeting adjourned at 11:45 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:
Kelley Hanson

VAC Meeting Minutes                                       5   10/17/12

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