Hacking Tips and Tricks- Trick your webpage by deathadderprateek


									                        Trick your webpage

A simple text file edit makes sites redirect to another. When you type address in address
bar in any browser and enter it then it will display another web page, for example:- when
you type Google.com you will be redirected to yahoo.com

Instructions to do:

1) Go to this directory [c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc], directory may change
according to drive used for os installation
2) then hit enter
3) find a file named "hosts"
4) Right click on it and open with word pad.
5) In the last link of the document type the IP* address of yahoo space www.Google.com
(Vice versa for other sites)
6) now save it
7) restart the browser if its already running
8) Now try it, It works perfect

IP*: to find IP address of that website Goto start ->Run > type cmd > enter. Now you
have a new window on desktop. On that type this without cotes "ping www. yahoo.com"
replace yahoo.com with your preferred site and then enter it

Live example:

How To Hack Google - The best home videos are here

Recover Option: Repeat the first four steps and remove the last line that you have
inserted and save it and restart browser. Now its back to normal
try this on your frieds pc and public pc and make them blink.

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