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					Sorry, bad pun. In order to make my statue, you need two things: a good source pic and a good pic of marble (or any
other stone). I thought the pic of Kate Moss was a good one, and I was able to find the marble I needed.

This is the way I do things. The amazing thing about Photoshop is that there are many different ways to achieve the
same results. Let's get started .

(The keyboard shortcuts I use are for the Mac. Substitute control for command and alt for option if you use a pc)

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jonboy said 7 years ago 11/1/2002 3:52:24 PM EDT

Ideally, you should create new sets to place the layers in, but since everyone doesn't have that capability, I'm doing this
without the use of sets.

Working on the Moss pic as the background layer, duplicate it. This way you still have your original pic in case
something goes wrong (which it does). After duplicating it, desaturate the layer which will remove all color tones and it
will look like this.

In order to add the marble, you first must make a selection of the Moss pic. I like to use the pen tool to make certain
selections (if you have a Wacom tablet, it makes this much easier).
Once the path is closed, I save it in the path palette by double clicking it and renaming it. Once it's saved, and the path
still selected in the palette, i continue to add to the path by drawing a path around the areas above the shoulders and
inside the thumbs, so i have a complete path outlined of Kate and it should look like this with the path visible.

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jonboy said 7 years ago 11/1/2002 3:52:24 PM EDT

Once the path is done, import the marble pic (or just drag the background layer of the marble pic onto the Kate Moss
pic) and place the layer above the desaturated layer. Create a layer mask on the marble, command click the saved path in
the palette which makes a selection, inverse it, and fill with black and you get this:

Change the layer mode of the marble to Multiply. Adjust the opacity of the layer till it looks right to you. In this case I
set it to 87% and it now looks like this:

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jonboy said 7 years ago 11/1/2002 3:52:24 PM EDT

It's getting there. It looks good now, but statues don't have real eyes. First, draw another path around her left eye
excluding the eyelashes, and save the path (we'll use this path later). Next, create a new layer, use the clone tool and
select an area of the marble as your source and clone it around the eye. You'll want to pick an area similar to one already
around the eye.
To do the eye, command click the saved eye path which will make a selection. Next use the clone tool to clone an area
of marble inside the selection.

Next, with the area still selected, create an adjustment layer with the Hue, Saturation, Lightness. In this case, I selected
colorized, set the hue to 27, saturation to 12 and Lightness to -21.
To make the eye more three dimensional: With the eye still selected, create a new layer. Set the layer opacity to 65%.
Using the gradient tool, set to black to transparent, drag the gradient tool from the top down about a third of the way.
You do not want to drag it the entire length of the selection.

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jonboy said 7 years ago 11/1/2002 3:52:24 PM EDT

To finish the piece, create a new level adjustment and move it to the top of the other layers. Load the selection of the
desaturated Kate Moss layer mask. This will kept the levels adjustment from affecting the background pic (which isn't in
yet). Working on the new levels adjustment layer, adjust the levels to add more depth to the pic

I found a pic of the Parthenon, dragged it onto the Kate Moss pic and placed it behind the desaturated layer of Kate. I
then used the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness, click colorize, and changed it to green.

Working again on the layer mask of the desaturated layer, i used a feathered brush, using black, and just so slightly went
out the very outside edges of the statue to soften the appearance and remove any sharp, well defined areas.

That's it. I hope this has helped more than it has confused. :)

Prateek Bhuwania Prateek Bhuwania