Photoshop Tutorial - turn into statue by deathadderprateek


									Step1. Open your portrait (file>open or ctrl+o)

Step 2. Desaturate your photo; image>adjustments>desaturate or shift+control+u

Step 3. Open your stone texture file, and drag it into your face photo. Change the layer blend mode to multiply.

Step 4. Now you’ll need to eliminate the eyes. using your pen tool draw a path around her left eye and make a selection
(go to your Paths Pallete, click on the work path, and click the ‘Load Path as a Selection’ in the bottom of your pallete).

Step 5. Use the clone tool and select an area of the stone texture as your source and clone it around the eye. Go to curve
adjustment and play around with the curve to adjust her new eye brightness/contrast. Choose your blur tool, and smooth
the edges of the new eye. Here’s what I come up with:
Step 6. Now repeat step 4 and 5 to do the right eye.

Step 7. To make the eye more three dimensional: create new layer, change the blend mode to ‘linear burn’ and change
the opacity to around 20-30%. Choose the brush tool and choose black foreground color. Start to burn the area around
the eyes with your brush tool. Play around with your opacity to get the perfect result. Here’s mine:

Step 8. To add three dimensional effect to your statue: Create new layer, choose gradient tool, set radial gradient, white
to black and apply it to your new layer.

Step 9. Change the blend mode to linear burn, and play around with the opacity for your desired result.

So here she is with her new look..

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