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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                          APRIL 2012
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           • Distinct bright yellow colour helps equipment stand out to teachers.
           • Labelled as school property making it easy to identify.
           • Durable and hardwearing to withstand playground use.

                           Australian Football                                                     Rugby League Ball                                                       Touch Ball
Three ply synthetic ball. All weather use. Distinct school colours and   Three ply synthetic cover. All weather use. Pimple grain finish.       Three ply synthetic cover. All weather use. Pimple grain finish for
markings.                                                                Distinct School Series colours and markings.                           excellent grip. Distinct School Series colours and markings.
9-480             Full Size                           ea       $13.90    9-145             Senior                            ea        $13.90   9-403               Senior                           ea       $13.60
                                         Bulk Buy 10+          $12.50                                            Bulk Buy 10+          $12.50                                            Bulk Buy 10+         $12.20
9-481             Size 4                         ea         $13.60       9-146            Mod                            ea         $13.60      9-402             Junior                          ea         $13.30
                                       Bulk Buy 10+         $12.20                                             Bulk Buy 10+         $12.20                                              Bulk Buy 10+         $12.00
9-482             Size 3                         ea         $13.30       9-147            Mini                           ea         $13.30
                                       Bulk Buy 10+         $12.00                                             Bulk Buy 10+         $12.00
9-484             Size 2                         ea         $13.00
                                       Bulk Buy 10+         $11.70
9-485             Size 1                         ea         $12.50
                                       Bulk Buy 10+         $11.20

                                b Union B l
                          Rugby U i          Ball                                                   Soccer Ball B ll                                                       Rubber Soccer Ball
Three ply synthetic cover. All weather use. Pimple grain finish.         Three-ply synthetic cover, 32-panel ball. Distinct yellow/black        Terrific rubber recreational soccer ball. Butyl bladder bright yellow/
Distinct School Series colours and markings.                             colouring with "This is a School Ball" printed on it.                  black colouring for easy playground identification. Marked with "This
9-190             Size 5                            ea        $13.90     9-290             Size 5                              ea     $13.90    is a School Ball".
                                        Bulk Buy 10+          $12.50                                                Bulk Buy 10+      $12.50    9-320              Size 5                              ea       $10.90
9-191             Size 4 Midi                    ea         $13.60       9-291             Size 4                              ea     $13.60                                              Bulk Buy 10+            $9.80
                                       Bulk Buy 10+         $12.20                                                  Bulk Buy 10+      $12.20    9-321              Size 4                              ea       $10.90
                                                                         9-292             Size 3                              ea     $13.30                                              Bulk Buy 10+            $9.80
9-192             Size 3 Mini                    ea         $13.30                                                  Bulk Buy 10+      $12.00
                                       Bulk Buy 10+         $12.00

                           Rubber Basketball                                                         Netball                                                                 Rubber Netball
Durable super nylon wound rubber ball. Three ply 100% butyl              Synthetic three-ply, all weather, 18 panel netball. Durable pebble       Butyl bladder. Nylon wound. Distinctive yellow colouring and labelled
bladder will stand up to the most rigorous use. Excellent Pro Grip       grain finish for sure grip. Distinctive yellow colouring and labelled    "School Ball" for easy identification.
cover.                                                                   "School Ball" for easy identification.                                   13-125              Size 5                          ea      $10.70
4-180              Size 7                           ea       $11.60      13-115              Size 5                              ea      $13.90                                          Bulk Buy 10+           $9.60
                                        Bulk Buy 10+         $10.40                                                  Bulk Buy 10+        $12.50   13-126              Size 4                          ea      $10.30
4-181              Size 6                           ea       $10.80      13-116              Size 4                              ea      $13.60                                          Bulk Buy 10+           $9.30
                                                                                                                     Bulk Buy 10+        $12.20
                                        Bulk Buy 10+           $9.70
4-182              Size 5                           ea       $10.40
                                        Bulk Buy 10+           $9.40
4-183              Size 3                           ea         $9.30
                                        Bulk Buy 10+           $8.40

                                                                   School Rubber
                                                                                                                                                                                    School Rubber
                                                      Playground Balls – 3 Ply
                                                                                                                                                                     Playground Balls – 2 Ply
                                                      Heavy-duty butyl bladder.
                                                                                                                                                                     Butyl bladder. Low inflation.
                                                      Nylon wound. Textured finish for easy grip.
                                                      33-285        8"                   ea         $8.30                                                            33-280          8"                ea         $6.40
                                                                            Bulk Buy 10+            $7.50                                                                                    Bulk Buy 10+         $5.80
                                                      33-286        6"                   ea         $7.80                                                            33-281          6"                ea         $5.80
                                                                            Bulk Buy 10+            $7.00                                                                                    Bulk Buy 10+         $5.20
                                                      33-287        5"                   ea         $7.30                                                            33-282          5"                ea         $5.10
                                                                            Bulk Buy 10+            $6.60                                                                                    Bulk Buy 10+         $4.60


               Flexible Field Marker Set                            Flexible Dome                                         Marking Cones - Number Set
Boxed set of 50 markers, includes carry stand.        Marker Set                                             Set of 10 cones, numbered 0-9. Cones are 23cm high and come with 14cm high numbers.
Five colours per set. Colours may vary.               Boxed set of 40 markers, includes carry stand.         Colours may vary.
Size: 20.5cm diameter x 5cm high.                     Four colours per set.                                  44-103                                                                   set of 10                  $26.90
44-061                             set $35.50         Size: 20cm diameter x 7cm high.
                                                      44-060                            set $45.90

               Space Stations Set                                                                            Flexible Witches Hats - Mini
Great way to start & finish activities. Stations come as a set of 6 - Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow &    Durable and flexible plastic witches hats return to original shape if crushed. Size: 19.5cm high.
Purple. Size: 31cm square.                                                                                   44-058-B         Blue                                                                      ea        $3.70
44-170                                                                               set of 6       $16.50   44-058-G         Green                                                                     ea        $3.70
                                                                                                             44-058-O         Orange                                                                    ea        $3.70
                                                                                                             44-058-R         Red                                                                       ea        $3.70
                                                                                                             44-058-Y         Yellow                                                                    ea        $3.70
                                                                                                             44-058-W White                                                                             ea        $3.70

                                                                                                                           Prices include GST. Items marked                              attract extra freight.
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                                                                                                                                                                        Colour Ribbons
                                                                                                                                                          Size: 20cm x 5cm
                                                                                                                                                          Pack of 50

                                                                                                                                                             $35.00                                pk

               School Hockey Sticks                               Street Hockey Sticks                                     Indoor Hockey Sticks
Wooden stick with distinct black handle features     Strong moulded plastic shafts, blades and caps.         80cm shaft.
yellow stickers, labelled "THIS IS A SCHOOL STICK"   80cm shaft. 1.06m long.                                 11-120-B      Blue          ea    $8.90
for easy identification.                             33-522-B Blue                       ea $13.50           11-120-G      Green         ea    $8.90
Senior                                               33-522-G Green                      ea $13.50           11-120-R      Red           ea    $8.90
11-100         36"               ea      $13.90      33-522-R Red                        ea $13.50           11-120-Y      Yellow        ea    $8.90
                       Bulk Buy 10+      $12.50      33-522-Y Yellow                     ea $13.50
Junior                                                                                                                                                    Great Effort Good Sport Team Player
11-101-34 34"                    ea      $11.90                                                                                                             47-116-G        47-116-S          47-116-T
                       Bulk Buy 10+      $10.70
11-101-33 33"                    ea      $11.90
                       Bulk Buy 10+      $10.70
11-101-30 30"                    ea      $11.90                                                                         Bucket of 60
                       Bulk Buy 10+      $10.70                                                              Plastic Wiffle Balls – 72mm
                                                                                                             41-254                     ea $105.00

                                 Minkey Ball
                   Yellow polyvinyl material.
                                                                                                                                                                      Plastic Wiffle Ball 72mm
                   11-207            ea $4.20
                                                                                                                                                       Airflow training balls made from durable plastic.
                         Bulk Buy 12+ $3.80                                                                                                            Hockey ball size.
                                                                                                                                                       5-682            72mm dia           ea      $1.60


                                                                                                                                                                      Evolution                 Tennis
                                                                                                                                                       A robust O-Beam training racquet, ideal for
                                                                                                                                                       schools and beginners. All yellow aluminium frame
                                                                                                                                                       and shaft. Black grip. Racquet labelled with the
                                                                                                                                                       words “School Property”.
             X-Out Tennis Ball                                      Coaching Tennis Ball                                                               Senior 27"
Very durable ball. Excellent for playground use      Quality training ball for all tennis court surfaces.                                              19-160          L2 4"         ea        $27.90
and coaching.                                        19-210                                  ea      $2.60                                                                  Bulk Buy 10+        $25.00
19-208                             ea    $1.90                                                                                                         Junior 25"
                                                                                                                                                       19-161          LO 4"             ea     $27.90
                                                                                                                                                                               Bulk Buy 10+     $25.00
                                                                    Bucket of X-Out
                                                     Tennis Balls
                                                     Excellent Value. Sturdy plastic bucket with handle.
                                                     Includes 100 tennis balls.
                                                     19-213           X-Out               ea $189.00
                                                                                                                                                                      Delta              Tennis
                                                                                                                                              O-BEAM   Racquet
                                                                                                                                                       Strong robust I-Beam construction with mid size
                                                                                                                                                       head. All yellow aluminium frame and shaft. Black
                                                                                                                                                       grip. Racquet labelled with the words “School
                                                                                                                                                       Property”. Ideal for beginners.
                                                                                                                                                       Senior 27"
                                                     Bucket of Coaching                                                                                19-162          L2 4"         ea        $22.90
                                                     Tennis Balls                                                                                                           Bulk Buy 10+        $20.50
                                                     Excellent Value. Sturdy plastic bucket with handle.                                               Junior 25"
                                                     Includes 100 tennis balls.                                                               I-BEAM   19-163          LO 4"             ea     $22.90
                                                     19-214           Coaching            ea $279.00                                                                           Bulk Buy 10+     $20.50

Prices include GST. Items marked                           attract extra freight.
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                Softy Australian Football Coaching Ball                                    Soft Coaching Rugby Ball                                                Coaching Basketball
Innovative design to assist in performing the drop punt. Shows the        Innovative new design to assist coaching junior rugby players basic       Bright yellow rubber ball. A great training aid. Can be used for left or
beginner where to place hands to have the best possible grip before       passing skills. Shows correct hand placement for the traditional rugby    right handed shooters.
kicking. Soft touch foam ball with tough outer skin. Available in size    pass. Soft touch foam ball with a tough outer skin. Size: Mini            4-176             Size 7                              ea       $13.90
2 only.                                                                   9-149              Mini                              ea       $10.90                                                Bulk Buy 10+         $12.50
9-431                                                ea       $10.90                                                                                4-177             Size 6                              ea       $13.50
                                        Bulk Buy 10+             $9.80                                                                                                                        Bulk Buy 10+         $12.20
                                                                                                                                                    4-178             Size 5                              ea       $13.00
                                                                                                                                                                                              Bulk Buy 10+         $11.70

                                      HOLDS                                                  HOLDS                                                      HOLDS
                                        5                                                      10                                                         15
                                      BALLS                                                  BALLS                                                      BALLS

              Carry Net - Small                                        Carry Net - Medium                                        4 Strip Mesh Carry Bag                              Super Mesh Carry Bag
Made from lightweight mesh. Toggle closure. Holds      With toggle closure. Made from lightweight white         Reinforced vinyl and mesh bag with comfortable         Reinforced vinyl and mesh bag with comfortable
approx 5 x size 5 balls. Balls not included.           mesh. Holds approx 10 x size 5 balls.                    shoulder strap for easy carrying or hanging.           shoulder strap for easy carrying or hanging.
41-315                                 ea    $6.90     Balls not included.                                      Features toggle closure. Holds approx 15 size 5        Features toggle closure. Balls not included.
                                                       41-313                              ea    $8.90          balls. Balls not included.                             Large
                                                                                                                41-308                               ea $22.50         Holds approx 12 x size 5 balls
                                                                                                                                                                       41-310                               ea    $19.50
                                                                                                                                                                       Holds approx 9 x size 5 balls
                                                                                                                                                                       41-311                               ea    $17.90

                                                                                                                                 Slimline Double
                                                                                                                Action Pump
                                                                                                                Stylish, slimline double action pump with angled                      Inflating Needles Pack -
                                                                                                                head. Expels air when pushing and pulling the air      Thin
                                                                                                                canister. Includes inflating needle.                   Suitable for hand pumps & stirrup pumps.
                                                                                                                37-796                               ea     $6.90      37-903                        pk of 6    $2.20

                Rechargeable Air                                      Cordless Handy Pump
Compressor                                             Pressure guage with display. Hand grip for
This unit is a cordless, rechargeable, high volume,    comfortable, portable inflating. Cordless operation
high pressure pump ideal for inflating balls, rafts,   with a rechargable battery. High pressure up to
airbeds as well as car and bike tyres. The handle      150psi. Ideal for balls. Includes an inflating needle,
allows the unit to be easily carried to where it is    plastic nozzle and battery charger.                                      Dual Action Pump
required without the need for a power connection,      37-783                                 ea $89.00         with Pressure Gauge
although also has the ability to be charged/plugged                                                             Micro dual action pump with inbuilt pressure gauge                    Inflating Needles Pack -
into a power socket. Weight 2.9kg.                                                                              to assist with correct ball inflation. Includes 15cm   Thick
37-786                                ea $149.00                                                                flexi cord and inflating needle.                       Suitable for compressors and stirrup pumps.
                                                                                                                37-797                                  ea $16.90      37-902                        pk of 6     $2.20

                                                                                                                             Prices include GST. Items marked                              attract extra freight.
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                                                                                       Cotton Netball Bibs
                                                                         Printed Cotton Drill with elastic join on sides. Available in the following colours.
                                                                         Senior - 37cm(W) x 47cm(L)                                Junior - 31cm(W) x 41cm(L)
                                                                         Netball bibs come in a set of 7.                          Netball bibs come in a set of 7.
                                                                         13-302-B          Black              set     $39.90       13-305-BL           Black          set      $37.90
                                                                         13-302-NB         Navy Blue          set     $39.90       13-305-NB           Navy Blue      set      $37.90
                                                                         13-302-RB         Royal Blue         set     $39.90       13-305-RB           Royal Blue     set      $37.90
                                                                         13-302-SB         Sky Blue           set     $39.90       13-305-SB           Sky Blue       set      $37.90
                                                                         13-302-Y          Gold               set     $39.90       13-305-Y            Gold           set      $37.90
                                                                         13-302-R          Red                set     $39.90       13-305-R            Red            set      $37.90
                                                                         13-302-M          Maroon             set     $39.90       13-305-M            Maroon         set      $37.90
                                                                         13-302-BG         Bottle             set     $39.90       13-305-BG           Bottle         set      $37.90
                                                                         13-302-G          Emerald            set     $39.90       13-305-G            Emerald        set      $37.90
                                                                         13-302-P          Pink               set     $39.90       13-305-P            Pink           set      $37.90
                                                  Senior        Junior   13-302-W          White              set     $39.90       13-305-W            White          set      $37.90

                                                                                         Numbered Basketball Bibs
                                                                         Ten nylon mesh bibs with screenprinted digits. Digits are 20cm high on the back and 10cm high on the
                                                                         front. Ideal for training or for competition. Numbered 4 to 13.

                                                                         Senior - 37cm(W) x 47cm(L)                                Junior - 31cm(W) x 41cm(L)
                                                                         4-002-B            Black             set     $52.50       4-003-B             Black          set      $50.50
                                                                         4-002-G            Emerald           set     $52.50       4-003-G             Emerald        set      $50.50
                                                                         4-002-M            Maroon            set     $52.50       4-003-M             Maroon         set      $50.50
                                                                         4-002-R            Red               set     $52.50       4-003-R             Red            set      $50.50
                                                                         4-002-RB           Royal Blue        set     $52.50       4-003-RB            Royal Blue     set      $50.50
                                                                         4-002-Y            Yellow            set     $52.50       4-003-Y             Yellow         set      $50.50
                                                                         4-002-P            Pink              set     $52.50       4-003-P             Pink           set      $50.50
                                                                         4-002-W            White             set     $52.50       4-003-W             White          set      $50.50
                                                  Senior        Junior   4-002-SB           Sky Blue          set     $52.50       4-003-SB            Sky Blue       set      $50.50

                                                                                       General Sports Bibs
                                                                         Durable nylon with elastic join on both sides. Excellent aid for training and modified games.
                                                                         Cannot be numbered or decorated.
                                                                         Senior - 37cm(W) x 47cm(L)                                Junior - 31cm(W) x 41cm(L)
                                                                         9-725-B            Blue               ea      $5.20       9-727-B             Blue              ea     $5.00
                                                                         9-725-R            Red                ea      $5.20       9-727-R             Red               ea     $5.00
                                                                         9-725-Y            Yellow             ea      $5.20       9-727-Y             Yellow            ea     $5.00
                                                                         9-725-G            Green              ea      $5.20       9-727-G             Green             ea     $5.00
                                                                         9-725-W            White              ea      $5.20       9-727-W             White             ea     $5.00
                                                                         9-725-P            Pink               ea      $5.20       9-727-P             Pink              ea     $5.00
                                                                         9-725-BL           Black              ea      $5.20       9-727-BL            Black             ea     $5.00
                                                                         9-725-SB           Sky Blue           ea      $5.20       9-727-SB            Sky Blue          ea     $5.00
                                                  Senior        Junior   9-725-PU           Purple             ea      $5.20       9-727-PU            Purple            ea     $5.00

                                                                                       Fluro Training Vests
                                                                         High quality 100% polyester singlet style vests available in fluro colours are ideal for any sport.

                                                                         XLarge - 72cm(W) x 71cm(L)                                Junior - 48cm(W) x 59cm(L)
                                                                         9-750-FO           Fluro Orange       ea     $11.50       9-752-FO            Fluro Orange      ea     $7.50
                                                                         9-750-FY           Fluro Yellow       ea     $11.50       9-752-FY            Fluro Yellow      ea     $7.50
                                                                         9-750-FP           Fluro Pink         ea     $11.50       9-752-FP            Fluro Pink        ea     $7.50
                                                                         9-750-FB           Fluro Blue         ea     $11.50       9-752-FB            Fluro Blue        ea     $7.50
                                                                         Senior - 59cm(W) x 64cm(L)
                                                                         9-751-FO           Fluro Orange       ea      $9.50
                                                                         9-751-FY           Fluro Yellow       ea      $9.50
                                                                         9-751-FP           Fluro Pink         ea      $9.50
                                   XLarge       Senior          Junior   9-751-FB           Fluro Blue         ea      $9.50

Prices include GST. Items marked       attract extra freight.
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                                                                                                                          Event Timer                                            Sports Timer 898
               Colour Stopwatches                                                                            • 1/100 second precision with split counter (for       • 3 row display shows total time elapsed, split
Set of six stopwatches with 1/100 second                                                                       first 30 minutes)                                      time and lap time
precision and a split counter for the first 30                                                               • Counts up to 23hr 59min 59sec                        • 100-lap/split memory

                                                               SE T OF 6
minutes.                                                                                                     • Calendar                                             • Pacer Function / Stroke frequency

• Measure up to 23H 59M 59S.                                                                                 • Clock (12/24 hour format)                            • Measurement, time, date
• Calendar                                                                                                   • Daily Alarm with snooze                              • Calendar display
• Clock (12/24hr format)
                                                                  $                  GREAT                   • Hourly Chime                                         • Water resistant
• Daily alarm
• Hourly chime
                                                                                     VALUE!                  • Lanyard included
                                                                                                             • LR44 1.5V Alkaline battery included
                                                                                                                                                                    • Lanyard included
                                                                                                                                                                    • CR2032 3.0V Lithium battery included
• LR44 1.5r alkaline battery included                                                                        46-141                            ea     $9.50         46-050                            ea $57.50
46-132                         set of 6 $49.00                                                                                     Bulk Buy 10+       $8.50

                                                                                                                                   FL AT

               Teamster Bottle                                       Share Safe Drink Bottle
Unique design with chin rest eliminates mouth         Innovative share safe lid is designed to eliminate
contact with the water outlet and directs the         mouth contact with the outle nozzle, reducing the                      Easy Store Drink Bottle
water straight into the mouth. Minimises the risk     transfer of germs when sharing bottles. Simply         Carrier
of germ transfer which is ideal for teams where       position the mouth away from the nozzle and            Durable moulded plastic bottle carrier folds down                     Team Drinks Barrel
bottles are shared. Includes "Clearview Strip".       squeeze the bottle for a steady stream of fluid.       flat for easy storage and carrying when not in use.    Keep your team hydrated with the 30 litre drinks
Holds 800ml.                                          Holds 750ml.                                           Holds 6 bottles. Suitable for all HART drink bottles   barrel. The barrel features handles, tap and wide
9-700                                 ea     $8.50    9-723                                ea       $5.50    listed here. Bottles not included.                     screw top opening.
                         Bulk Buy 50+        $7.70                             Bulk Buy 50+         $5.00    9-720                                ea $13.90         9-707                                 ea $35.00


               Fitness Spots                                         Foam Fitness Dice                                       Fitness Dice Set                                      Skipping Ropes
Handy set of 10 which can be used and taken           Add the element of surprise to your warm ups           Set of two heavy duty fabric dice. Toss one &          Quality rubberised PVC rope with tough, colour
anywhere. Great for exercise circuits and warm        and workouts with these fun fitness dice. Roll the     then the other to determine how many & which           coded plastic handles. Length can be adjusted if
ups. Includes: Push-up, plank hold, tuck jump, star   dice and then perform the exercise and number of       exercise will be performed next. Exercise choices      required.
jump, lunge, bicycle, v-sit, squat, sit up & dips.    reps that come up. Set contains 2 foam dice with       are Jumping Jacks, Push Ups, Toe Touch, Arm            6-300-1.8 1.8m - Orange ea                 $3.40
Each spot is 25cm diameter                            a PU coating. The numbered dice is printed with        Circles, Sit Ups and One Foot hops.                    6-300-2.1 2.1m - White             ea      $3.60
6-550                         set of 10 $41.50        numbers 2 to 20 in increments of 2. The Exercise       Repititions include 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10.                   6-300-2.4 2.4m - Green             ea      $3.80
                                                      dice features 10 exercises: Burpee, Lunge, Push        Size: 10cm square.                                     6-300-2.7 2.7m - Red               ea      $4.00
                                                      Up, Star Jump, Dips, V-Sits, Plank Hold, Squats, Sit   33-074                          set of 2 $11.50        6-300-3         3m - Blue          ea      $4.20
                                                      Ups and Tuck Jumps. Size: 18cm                                                                                6-299           4.5m - Yellow      ea      $4.90
                                                      6-717                               pr $52.50                                                                 6-300-9         9m - Purple        ea      $5.90

                                                                                                                          Prices include GST. Items marked                            attract extra freight.
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Sports Goal
Free standing, triangle shape goals made from high
impact PVC. No tools are required for assembly.
Includes metal stakes, net and carry bag. 53mm
PVC pipe.
Size: 244cm(W) x 151cm(H) x 110cm(D)
      9-868                         ea $99.00                                                               CARRY
                                                                                                                       Rectangular Pop Up Goal
                                                                                                         Pops up in seconds. Portable & lightweight, the rectangular shape provides a more realistic target.
                                                                                                         Includes a handy carry bag. Size: 123cm(W) x 93cm(H) x 93cm(D)
                                                                                                         9-845                                                                                   pr       $89.00

               Hockey Goal                                                                                              AFL Goal Post Set
Lightweight portable goal made from powder coated metal tubing with a heavy duty net. Supplied in kit    Each set includes:
form, the posts simply click into place and are easy to assemble with no tools required. The net comes   • 4 Goal Posts – White PVC Poles – each 2.2m high
with an in-built velcro sleeve to easily attach to the goal.                                             • 4 Point Posts – Yellow PVC Poles – each 1.8m high
Size: 180cm(W) x 120cm(H) x 70cm(D)                                                                      • 1 Compact Carry Bag with reinforced ends, side zip pocket, sturdy handles & shoulder strap.
      9-829                                                                               ea $239.00          44-006                                                                         set $145.00

               Base Netball Post                                    Portable Netball Goal                                Basketball Tower - Senior                            Basketball Tower - Junior
Portable post suitable for indoor or outdoor use.    Sturdy free standing metal portable netball post.   Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Moulded base     Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Moulded
Moulded base with steel upright and ring. Base       Adjustable height from 2.18m to 3.05m. Supplied     with wheels can be filled with water or sand to      base with wheels can be filled with 143L
can be filled with 60kg of water or 90kg of sand.    with four pegs for easy anchoring to ground. Also   stabilise the tower. Durable acrylic backboard       water or 163kg sand to stabilise the tower.
Height adjustable in ten different heights from      comes with a net.                                   with powder coated steel rim and weatherproof        Durable backboard with powder coated rim and
2.40m to 3.05m. Net included.                             45-242                         ea $89.00       nylon net. Height is easily adjusted from 245cm      weatherproof nylon net. Height adjustable from
     4-449                           ea $149.00                                                          to 305cm.                                            190cm to 305cm.
                                                                                                               4-450                           ea $450.00          4-451                          ea $220.00

Prices include GST. Items marked                          attract extra freight.
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              Adjustable Post Pad
The HART Adjustable Post Pad can be used to cover all those
unique and odd shaped posts where there is no standard
pad available. It can be used on round poles, square poles,
playground equipment, umpires chairs, posts with winches,
drain pipes and many other applications.
Features strong adjustable velcro straps for a secure fit while
also allowing the pad to be easily installed and removed no                         Dome Kit
matter what the shape of the post.                                Great for plyometric and agility training. Hinged joint rotates 360°.
The pad can totally cover all poles measuring up to 560mm         Crossbars can be set to any height or angle. Bases can be filled with
in circumference/perimeter. Even small circumference poles        sand or small pebbles to provide stability. Can also be used indoors as
can be covered because the foam can wrap around itself.           is, or as agility poles.
The long straps allow for larger posts up to approx 1000mm        • 4 HART Domes with Caps (fillable)
circumference/perimeter to be partially covered. Fully            • 6 HART Poles (two piece)
enclosed with highly durable UV stabilized vinyl with 30mm        • 4 HART Standard Connectors
thick impact absorbent foam. Suitable for use indoors or          44-021-B             Blue                            set       $69.00
outdoors.                                                         44-021-G             Green                           set       $69.00
9-636 120cm high with 4 straps                   ea $109.00       44-021-R             Red                             set       $69.00
9-685 180cm high with 5 straps                   ea $149.00       44-021-Y             Yellow                          set       $69.00
9-637 250cm high with 7 straps                   ea $179.00

     HOW TO ORDER                                                                           FREIGHT
   [WEB]                                                    ORDER VALUE                                 FREIGHT CHARGE
                                                           Australia Wide                              (Excluding Bulky Items    )
                         • The fastest way to receive your order.
                         • See stock availability and place orders on                     UP TO $100                                  $11.50 (INC GST)
                           your account.
                                                                                          $101 - $300                                 $17.50 (INC GST)
   [PHONE] 1300 764 719                                                                   $301 - $600                                 $25.50 (INC GST)
                         • Customer Service Centre open between
                           8.00am and 5.00pm (EST) Monday to Friday.
                                                                                          $601 - $1000                                $32.50 (INC GST)
                         • Please have your product codes, delivery                       ABOVE $1000                                 FREE
                           address and your method of payment ready.

   [FAX]                 1300 764 767                                                                      Throughout the brochure, some items are
                                                                                                           marked with a truck. These items are usually
                         • Don't forget to include product codes and                                       large or bulky items and attract an additional
                           descriptions.                                                                   Freight and Handling Charge. Please contact
                                                                                                           us for a quote to your location or calculate on

                                                                                                              Prices include GST. Items marked                 attract extra freight.
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