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Senior Graduation Book
     Class of 2011

                        CLASS OF 2011 SCHEDULE and INFORMATION
           Dates may be changed by the administration of MVHS if deemed necessary.
January       -Distribution of cap and gown order forms and diploma forms

March 16      - Senior Class meeting during SET in Auditorium
              - Distribution of senior booklets.
              - Distribution of announcements: Cafeteria

April 26      - Applications for Academy Certificates and Academy Achievement Awards due

April 29      - Deadline for submission of Community Service Hours to be considered for
                Graduation ceremony participation.

May 18        - Senior Class meeting during SET in Auditorium

              - Senior Permission slips due to Main Office

May 20        - All financial and administrative obligations settled by 3:00 pm
              - All Media materials and/or obligations due

May 21        - PROM 7:30PM-11:30PM Valley Mansion-Hunt Valley, MD
              -after prom party follows sponsored by Parent Boosters

May 25        - Exams for Seniors only Mods 1and 3

May 26        - Exams for Seniors only - Mods 2 and 4
              -Senior Class meeting during SET Auditorium
              - Final senior locker clean-out.

May 27        - Graduation practice at MVHS 9:45 -12PM (full attire)
               - Class of 2011 Graduation Picture – 12PM Tentative location: Gymnasium
              - Graduation ticket distribution (as soon as picture is concluded)

May 30        -Senior Dinner Cruise-National Harbor
               5PM depart MVHS and return 11:30PM
               (optional, only for seniors who will be graduating)

May 31         -Senior Awards Ceremony 10AM (full attire) Seniors: report to gymnasium by 9:45AM

June 1        - Graduation practice McDaniel College 12:00PM – 2:00PM
                (report time 11:45AM Gill Gym) (all graduates required to attend)
                (caps, tassels, & shoes for practice)

              - GRADUATION 7PM McDaniel College
                Seniors must arrive and be in location by 6PM.
                (Full Cap, tassels, shoes and gown required)

                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

Principal's Letter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Advisor’s Letter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Class Leadership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Caps and Gowns/ Dress Code . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Policies Affecting Seniors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Rehearsal Requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Senior Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
Graduation Tickets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
Graduation Seating . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
Forms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

         Special Needs Seating
         Hearing Impaired Guests
         Senior Permission Slip
         Non-Participation Graduation

Dear Seniors,

It is my privilege to offer to you my sincerest congratulations on your upcoming
graduation. The Class of 2011 is obviously a special class that will always have the
distinction of being the first graduating class of Manchester Valley High School.
Together we have been able to transition an unbelievable school facility into a
school of which our students, parents, and community can be proud. We have
shared many fond memories and appreciation for the time spent at Manchester
Valley as we faced the challenges and enjoyed the successes together. I wish to
personally thank you for accepting and supporting me as your principal.

Many times the high school experience looks overwhelming when you enter as a
freshman, but seems so short in retrospect. The added challenge of changing
schools half-way through your high school career is especially difficult. You have
handled this challenge with determination, dignity, and class. Your physical,
intellectual, and social growth over these past two years has been phenomenal. You
have left your mark on our school that has established a positive culture that will
become the foundation for the future of our school. It is my hope that each of you
experienced many fond memories as well. I am confident that our teachers and staff
have provided you with all of the skills necessary to be successful with whatever
new challenges that graduation brings.

Please take the time to thank your parents and those “special” teachers that have
made a positive impact in your life. I encourage you to serve our school well
throughout your life as a proud member of our inaugural distinguished alumni.
Continue to carry the Maverick banner throughout your life. You will forever be a
special class for me that will not be forgotten. It has been my privilege to work with
such a great group of fine young men and women. My sincerest wishes for success
in all that you endeavor.


Randy J. Clark

Dear Class of 2011,

        In just a few short weeks you will take part in Manchester Valley High School’s first
graduation. This is a momentous occasion for both our school and our community. But
more importantly it is a very significant event in your history. For this class, it will not just
be a celebration of another “first” for MVHS, but it will also be a time to honor all of your
accomplishments over the last twelve years.
        As we move closer to graduation, it is important for you to reflect on what you have
achieved, especially over the last four years. During your time at both North Carroll and
Manchester Valley, this class has been presented with many opportunities and challenges,
and consistently you have handled them well.
        You started off great during your freshmen year, fundraising hard knowing that
your class would be responsible for paying for more than the average class. In your
sophomore year, you continued to do well, and this became evident when you won hall
decorating and hosted a very successful sophomore picnic. While at North Carroll you
embraced what it meant to be a Panther and showed pride in your school and your class.
        During your junior year, you were presented with the awesome opportunity of
opening a new school and starting the traditions that would last for years to come. At first,
there was resistance as many of you were hesitant to break your ties with your old school.
However, that quickly changed, and as Spirit Week approached you decided that you were
going to show the underclassmen what it meant to be a Manchester Valley Maverick. As the
year progressed, you continued to define what it meant to be a part of our community,
leading the way with participation and energy. Your Junior Prom was nothing less than
special as so many of you came to share the night with your friends and classmates.
        At the beginning of this year you again proved that you were ready to be leaders in
our school. Your senior picnic was a success with laser tag and “The Wrecking Ball.” A few
weeks after, you dominated Spirit Week again and fought hard to make sure you won Penny
Wars and the Spirit Days for the second year in a row. It was awesome to see you all on
your feet in your senior t-shirts at the Pep Rally and even more amazing to see you storm
the center of the gym as you won the Spirit Saddle for the second year in a row.
        We hope that you understand the significance of all that you have done. As your
class advisors, we are very proud of all of you for your involvement, spirit, and pride. Also,
we want you to make sure you do everything you can to enjoy the rest of your senior year.
Come to all of the events that have been planned, participate in school activities, and
continue to support each other in the classroom, on the playing field, and on the stage. Be
sure you celebrate your success; you have so much to be proud of!

Good Luck,

_____________________________________           _________________________________________
Mr. Riddle                                      Ms. Schaeffer

                          Leadership: Class of 2011

Senior Year            Junior Year              Sophomore Year         Freshman Year
2010-2011              2009-2010                2008-2009              2007-2008

President:             President:               President:             President:
Mike Long              Mike Long                Evan Ford              Megan Cronhardt

Vice President:        Vice President:          Vice President:        Vice President:
Christina Wingate      Christina Wingate        Madison Chilcote       Evan Ford

Secretary:             Secretary:               Secretary:             Secretary:
Jill Porter            Mandy Gates              John Reid              Matt Rehak

                       Treasurer:               Treasurer:             Treasurer:
                       Mark Perry               Jeff Phipps            Andrew Kooker
Chad Nazelrod
                                                Historians:            Historians:
Historian              Historians:                                     Madison Chilcote
Madison Chilcote                                Megan Wilson
                       Madison Chilcote
Advisors:              Advisors:                Advisors:
                                                                       Ms. Megan Mattson
Mr. Thomas Riddle      Mr. Thomas Riddle        Ms. Megan Mattson
                                                                       Mr. Thomas Riddle
Ms. Lauren Schaeffer   Ms. Lauren Schaeffer     Mr. Thomas Riddle
                                                                       Ms. Amy Pritchett
                                                Ms. Amy Pritchett
                                                                       Assistant Principals:
Assistant Principal:   Assistant Principal:     Assistant Principal:
                                                                       Mr. Troy Barnes
Ms. Christina          Mr. Jeff Hopkins         Mr. Jeff Hopkins
                                                                       Mr. Ken Fischer
Dougherty                                                              Mr. Ron Laczkowski
                                                                       Ms. Angie McCauslin

Caps and gowns are the official and traditional costumes for students in many countries
of the world. In most cases, students wear caps and gowns only at graduation exercises
and on other special occasions. Graduating seniors at Manchester Valley High School
are asked to wear their caps, gowns, appropriate dress attire and dress shoes at the Senior
Awards Ceremony and Graduation.

Since these activities are voluntary for the graduate, and because we respect our
graduates, their families, and invited guests; seniors inappropriately dressed will be
removed from the lineup prior to these events and will not be allowed to participate in a
formal capacity.
               Appropriate Dress to Wear Under Caps and Gowns
To coordinate with their blue graduation gowns, gentlemen must wear the following:
    White dress shirt
    Dark tie (bow ties won’t work because of the way the gowns are cut)
    Navy blue or black dress slacks (NO tan or khaki-colored trousers)
    Dark brown or black dress shoes or dress boots. Dress shoes/boots are those
       which have a hard leather sole and must be polished. (Boots must be non-military
    Dark socks

To coordinate with their silver graduation gown, women must wear the following:
    Dark colored dress shoes – shoes are to have a pump-style heel. Dress sandals are
       appropriate; no dress-up flip-flops are permitted
    An appropriate non-patterned, light colored dress (the dress cannot show through
       the gown)
    Jewelry is perfectly permissible as long as it is not worn on the gown itself
    Service awards and honor pins may be worn on the gown or cords

The gown cannot be ironed because it will melt. It should, however, be removed from
the bag and allowed to hang loosely for at least one week prior to the ceremony.

The cap should be placed upon the head with the longer point of the crown to the back.
The shorter point should be centered on the forehead, down far enough so that the top is
level and parallel to the floor. The tassel is draped over the left temple. Tassels should
not be pinned or sewn but should be permitted to hang naturally.

The changing of the tassel from the left to the right side is an action practiced in many
schools. It is intended to give the graduate a feeling of personal significance and to mark
graduation. The changing of the tassel will be conducted, after all participating seniors
have received their diploma covers.


In order for seniors to be eligible to participate in graduation exercises, they must
complete the Maryland state graduation requirements by the end of the fourth marking
period of their senior year. Seniors who are required to attend summer school after the
date of graduation to make-up or meet requirements will not be able to participate in
graduation exercises until the following year. Check with your child to be certain that the
requirements have been or are scheduled to be met and that course work is being
completed satisfactorily.

Student Obligations
Before a senior is permitted to attend the senior prom, get graduation tickets, and before
school records are approved for release to colleges or potential employers, all assigned
detentions and outstanding financial obligations must be cleared. Seniors who have any
questions regarding obligations should check with the teacher, coach, media center
personnel, or the main office. Seniors with unresolved detention or financial obligations
must resolve all obligations prior to the first graduation rehearsal. Seniors with
outstanding obligations will not receive graduation tickets until all obligations have been
met. Seniors who have not met all obligations and who have not completed academic
responsibilities for graduation will not be permitted to attend and/or participate in
rehearsals and/or the graduation ceremony. Diplomas for these seniors will be issued in
the main office only when obligations have been met.

Yearbooks ordered by members of the graduating class will be distributed near the
middle of May at a date and time to be announced. The inclusion of a senior portrait in
the senior section of the yearbook is the responsibility of the individual. If the senior’s
picture does not appear in the senior section, either the student did not have his/her
picture taken by Lifetouch/Prestige on the scheduled date or on the make-up day, or the
senior did not arrange for the photo to be submitted by his/her "other" photographer.
Yearbook spring extended editions will be mailed to graduating seniors’ homes over the

Community Service Learning
Students will not receive a diploma until all seventy-five (75) hours have been submitted
and verified. Student service learning hours must be submitted to the Counseling Office
no later than April 29 to be eligible to participate in commencement activities. Students
who are enrolled and passing courses that grant them hours will have those course hours
automatically applied and do not need to submit any forms.

Final Examinations
All seniors must take a final exam or have a culminating activity in each course. Final
examinations will be administered on May 25 – Mods 1 and 3 and on May 26 – Mods 2
and 4. Because attendance at graduation rehearsals is critical, any make-up examinations
must be arranged prior to the graduation rehearsals.

NO EXEMPTIONS will be given. All exams must be completed by 9:45 AM on May

Senior Permission Slip
Many senior activities are scheduled for part of the school day after senior finals are
completed. In order for seniors to leave school when activities are not scheduled, seniors
wishing to leave school premises during scheduled school time must return a signed
senior permission slip to the main office before being excused. The permission slip is
found in this booklet and must be returned to the main office by May 18. Once done,
seniors will be able to leave school at the conclusion of rehearsals and events.

Participation in Graduation Exercises
Seniors and their parents are reminded that only seniors who have met all graduation
requirements and have fulfilled all obligations as of May 20 are entitled to participate in
graduation ceremonies. Students and parents with concerns about meeting requirements
are encouraged to contact the student’s counselor immediately. If a senior becomes
ineligible to participate, we will inform the student and parent. However, in no case,
will a student be allowed to participate in any graduation program or practices
unless all graduation requirements have been met.

Rehearsal Requirements/Awards Ceremony
To insure a smooth graduation, all seniors participating in graduation are required to
attend all rehearsals unless otherwise noted. It is also expected that seniors attend the
Senior Awards Ceremony. Refer to the senior schedule and information in the beginning
of this book, for the times and dates.

Seniors who are on work release are required to be at the rehearsals as scheduled. Please
inform your employers of this obligation to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Your attendance
is mandatory to ensure a smooth performance. Some topics to be covered at the rehearsal
are: Rules and Conduct, Processional and Recessional Order and Seating, Dress, and
Answers to Questions presented by members of the class. Failure to attend will lead to
non-participation in the graduation ceremony.

On each rehearsal day, seniors are required to report at the specified time. Please
remember that school may be in session for the remainder of the student body. Only those
seniors who have justifiable business are to be in the classroom areas. We request that no
seniors return as visitors while school is in session.

On May 27 graduating seniors will report directly to the MVHS auditorium at 9:45AM
for their first rehearsal. Commencement attire including cap and gown and proper
footwear must be worn. Seniors are required to remain in school in the area of the
cafeteria, auditorium or gymnasium until all rehearsal needs have been met.

Following the first graduation rehearsal, the Class of 2011 Cap and Gown Group
Picture will be taken. Information about ordering and the cost of the picture will be
forthcoming. Immediately after the picture, Graduation Tickets will be distributed to
those graduating seniors who have satisfied ALL financial and/or administrative
obligations. See Student Obligations on page eight.

On May 31, seniors will report to MVHS Gymnasium by 9:45PM for the Senior
Awards Ceremony. Each graduating senior is allowed up to (4) four guests. The

ceremony begins at 10AM. Full commencement attire including cap and gown and
proper footwear must be worn. All graduates are required to attend.

On June 1 - seniors will report to McDaniel College by 11:45AM for graduation
rehearsal (this is mandatory for all seniors crossing the stage). 12PM-2PM is graduation

On June 1 - students should report to McDaniel College at 6PM for graduation in full cap
and gown. The ceremony begins at 7PM.

Rules of conduct, processional and recessional order, seating, and school policies
regarding seniors and graduation will be explained at rehearsals. Senior questions will
also be answered during the rehearsal sessions.

Graduation Tickets
Admission to graduation is by ticket only. Each participating graduating senior will be
allotted ten (10) Commencement ceremony tickets.

Lost Tickets or Forgotten Tickets
Unfortunately, we will not be able to honor replacement ticket requests or allow entry for
“forgotten/lost” tickets. It is important that you keep your tickets in a secure location and
remember to bring them to the graduation ceremony. Your family member(s) must have
a ticket to gain admission.
Seating at McDaniel College and Lobby Restrictions
Seating for graduation at McDaniel College is on a first-come, first-served basis. No
seats may be reserved. Doors to Gill Hall will open at 6PM for guests holding a ticket for
admission. Please ask that your friends and family members attending the graduation
ceremony be seated by 6:40PM to avoid interference with the processional into the
ceremony. The ceremony will begin promptly at 7PM.

The main lobby will be closed and locked for BOTH the Processional and Recessional.
We anticipate locking the lobby doors at approximately 6:50PM and then again ten (10)
minutes prior to the conclusion of the ceremony. During these lock down periods – no
family members or guests may be present in the lobby. The lobby will be reopened
following the processional and recessional. Family members and guests who will need to
exit the complex will do so by the exterior exit doors and not do so by the main lobby
during the lock-down periods.

Handicapped and Special Seating
There will be a reserved area for physically handicapped and hearing-impaired guests.
Seats in this section will be counted in your allotment of ten (10) tickets. There is a limit
of one guest seat in handicapped seating area for each ticket in the handicapped reserved
area. If you require handicapped seating please complete appropriate forms included at
the end of this booklet and submit the written request form to the Main Office by May
Announcement of Names
Every parent, guardian, family member, and guest wants to hear his or her graduating
senior’s name announced during the ceremony. Unlike a recreational or sporting event,
where yelling and shouting are encouraged and permitted, the Commencement Ceremony
                                        - 10 -
should have an aspect of regality and formality. In order to permit each family to hear
their senior’s name called, we are asking that during the reading of names ALL
APPLAUSE and OTHER CELEBRATORY SOUNDS are held until the end. Artificial
noise makers are prohibited and will be confiscated.

Rules on Conduct
Rules of conduct, professional and recessional order, seating, and school policies will be
enforced at all times. Any student who violates any of these conditions will forfeit their
privilege of obtaining their diploma during the ceremony.

Procedure for Walking Across Stage and Receiving Diploma
Each graduate’s name will be called in a specific order. Each graduate will wait at the
bottom step until the top step is clear. Once cleared, move from the bottom to the top
step and wait until your name is called. When your name is announced, step forward to
receive your diploma cover. Extend your left hand to receive the diploma cover, and then
shake hands with the Board of Education presenter with your right hand.

Recessional lines will proceed directly to Gill Gymnasium where graduates will pick up
their diploma envelopes containing the diploma and other items. The diploma tables will
be arranged alphabetically. If all obligations have not been met, your envelope will
contain only a notice indicating you have an obligation to complete.

Graduation Pictures and Video
In order to ensure the appropriate dignity for the graduation ceremony and an
unobstructed view for guests, photographers from the audience are being asked to take
pictures from their seats. Members of the audience will not be permitted to be present in
or near the senior section or stage area. Video cameras are allowed only in the bleachers,
not on the main floor of the gym.

In addition, a professional photographer from Lifetouch will be taking pictures by
advance request of each senior as the diploma is awarded. If these pictures are desired,
they must be ordered and paid for in advance. Order forms will be distributed when they
become available and must be returned by the stated due date.

A video/DVD will be produced by Professional Video Associates, Inc. and may be
purchased. A video/DVD order form may be found in the back of this booklet. The
order form may also be found on the school web site at

Distribution of Diplomas
The distribution of diplomas will conform to the procedure used in all Carroll County
high schools. Diploma covers will be presented to the graduates at the ceremony. This
method will allow the final arrangements for graduation to be completed before the end
of the day. Diplomas will be distributed immediately following the graduation ceremony
to all seniors who have met all of their obligations. A diploma may be withheld for
inappropriate behavior during the ceremony.

                                          - 11 -
Announcements and Name Cards
Obtaining name cards and announcements is the responsibility of the individual senior.
Receipt of a graduation announcement does not automatically insure a ticket to the
graduation ceremony at McDaniel College. Admission to the graduation ceremony is by
ticket only. Each person you intend to invite to graduation must be given an admission

The etiquette observed when sending announcements is as follows:

   1.      Announcements are provided with an inner, un-gummed envelope and an
           outer envelope, or with one envelope only. Either is socially acceptable.
           You should address the envelope yourself, using a pen with blue or black ink.
   2.      The outer envelope should carry the full mailing address. Do not abbreviate
           “Street” or “Road” or the state.

   3.      The inner envelope should carry names only in the form you would use in
           conversation: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or Helen and Tom, or Aunt Margaret.

   4.      If children are included list them by name on the inner envelope, but not on
           the outer envelope, unless only one envelope is used.

   5.      If the announcement does not have a personal cardholder, insert your card in
           the announcement with its back to the announcement.

   6.      Insert the announcement in the inner envelope with the folded edge at the
           bottom and the front facing the flap. Do not tuck in the flap.

   7.      Insert the inner envelope in the outer with the flap of the inner envelope facing
           the address side of the outer envelope.

   8.      Seal the outer envelope neatly and send it by first class mail.

   9.      Announcements should be mailed to arrive at their destination approximately
           two weeks prior to the date of commencement.
Thank You Notes
Good manners and accepted social practice dictate that you thank someone for a
graduation gift, for a favor, or for some courtesy extended to you.

Never fail to acknowledge a gift. A prompt acknowledgment lets the sender know that
the gift has arrived. Whenever possible, be specific in one way or another. If you merely
say, “Thanks for the gift,” the sender may think that you’ve forgotten what it was that
was sent you or that you have no use for the gift. Tell how you are using the gift or how
you plan to use it. Try to make a favorable comment about the gift, or quote something
complimentary, which someone has said about it. If the present is a sum of money, tell
what you plan to do with it. A thank you note should be enthusiastic and sincere, but
never “gushy.” If you are especially pleased, say so, but don’t pretend. Your thank you
note should be handwritten.

                                           - 12 -
Additional Information
Those students who must attend summer school in order to meet graduation requirements
will not be allowed to participate in any graduation ceremonies or activities and will be
given their diploma upon successfully completing summer school.

All students participating in Graduation activities MUST be at all practices. Only those
students excused by Mr. Clark or by an emergency will be an exception. If you do not
attend a practice, your name will be dropped from the list participating in Graduation

Your cooperation is expected at all the practices. Cooperation will allow us to finish
earlier and also do a better job in Senior Graduation activities.

After dismissal, all seniors are expected to leave the school grounds. You are not to visit
other schools in the area.

Unanswered Questions
If you have any questions or concerns regarding senior activities, please call Mr. Riddle
or Ms. Schaeffer, the Senior Class Advisors.

                                          - 13 -
                           Special Needs Seating

Plans are being formulated to reserve an area for family members who may be wheelchair
bound or are having mobility problems. Should you have a family member who needs
this special seating, please complete this information form and return it to the Main
Office, by May 18.

Please note: Only one additional family member is permitted to sit with the family
member with special needs. Each person seated in this section must present a ticket for
admission to the graduation ceremony. Tickets for seating in this area are included in
your allotment of ten (10)

Student’s Name:                                              Advisor:

Number of special needs seats requested:

                          Hearing Impaired Guests

Should you have a family member who needs interpretive services, please complete this
form and return it to the Main Office, by May 18.

Please note: Only one additional family member is permitted to sit with the family
member who needs interpretive services. Each person seated in this section must present
a ticket for admission to the graduation ceremony. Tickets for seating in this area are
included in your allotment of ten (10)

Student’s Name:                                              Advisor:

Number of interpretive service seats requested:

                                           - 14 -
Students who do not return this form by May 18th will be expected to remain in the
auditorium following all senior rehearsals, assemblies, and activities

Please note: Only those students who have participated in all graduation rehearsals,
have obtained and worn the appropriate attire as outlined in this handbook, and
have met all graduation requirements may take part in the graduation events.

Please detach and return the form below to the Main Office by Monday, May 18, 2011.

   I authorize my son/daughter
   to be released from Manchester Valley High School at the conclusion of
   graduation events, on May 27 and May 31 and June 1. I will arrange for
   transportation for my son/daughter to attend a rehearsal from 11:45AM. to
   2PM. at McDaniel College on June 1. I understand that my son/daughter is
   not to be in MVHS or on school grounds after the graduation rehearsals
   and events. Exceptions to this rule must be cleared through the Main Office
   in advance. I also understand that if my son/daughter voluntarily
   participates in our school’s graduation activities, he/she agrees to wear the
   required appropriate attire as outlined in this handbook.

Student Signature                                Date

Parent/Guardian Signature                        Date

                                       - 15 -
       Non-Participation in Graduation Ceremony

By signing this form, you are notifying the administration of Manchester
Valley High School that you will not be participating in the graduation
ceremony at McDaniel College on June 1, 2011. Please return to the Main
Office by May 2, 2011.

Student’s Signature                             Date

Parent/Guardian Signature                       Date

                                 - 16 -

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