Eagle Historical Society Board Meeting

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					                         Eagle Historical Society Board Meeting
                                June 4, 2007 at 7:00 pm
                                      Red Men Hall

Called to order at 7:05 pm

Present: Don, John, Betty, Helen, Terry. Excused: Pat and Linda Unexcused: Steve

Minutes of May 7 meeting were read and approved with one correction.

Presidents report: Mix up on raffle tickets. They said 07 instead of 08 and we printed
new ones and corrected the ones that had been sold already.
-The 08 birds were delivered by Gaton. He brought 6 birds. Need to pay for three birds
and the other three next year.
-Open house – Jean was really busy and she could really use some help. Thanks to Steve
and Roxanne for the ice cream and for Bonnie and Joan calling around for the pies. And
thanks to Jan Roy for her help. Jean got a good amount of prizes and she had the idea to
have everyone start at the store and then proceed to other buildings. Ralph opened up
NCO Quarters. Store, pies, and raffle brought in about $1,400.00.
-Sarah was hanging around at NPS and causing problems with the tourists and was
begging for food. She was told to leave and her mother got angry with Jean. No one
should be present while the tours are going on. Michelle also contacted Linda to get the
city involved. Terry should write letter to address this in the future. Problem solved
itself this time.

Treasurers report was given and is attached.

Jean worked all night getting the state grant finished. She asked to be excused. She has
been working with the tours. New locks and keys for the buildings were purchased by
Terry while in town.
Jean talked to Dennis about the generator move and that is in writing.
-Annual Meeting – Linda Johnson is still planning on coming for the program about an
original map of this area.
-Ballots should be ready to mail soon

Old Business:
-Use of NCO Quarters – Meeting with Terry, Jean, John, Maura, and Pat with Lenore.
She wanted to talk about the use of it. The agreement for use of the mule barn, nco
quarters, and a memorandum of agreement. Looking for paperwork. Lenore will be back
on June 13th at 1:00 for another meeting. She is doing research. Will also take the
walking tour.
 -Upgrade to HA city tours – Cassy read a statement by the local group wanting to
maintain Eagle as it is. Their goals, impact of HA Tours. They want EHS to partner with
them as well as NPS, BLM, HA, City Council. Need to invite all organizations to
meetings. Discussion. No action at this time, need to review.
-Annual Meeting will be July 7th at 6:00 pm with program to follow
-John Borg did the Memorial Day Service

New Business: July 3rd potluck - 40 mile usually donates ice cream – need root beer.
Don & Terry will do set up for the potluck on Tues morning. Bake auction also.
-Nellie’s 90th Birthday – Think about what to do
-BLM working agreement with EHS – need to read over and make sure things are being
done by both parties. Still making plans for housing the generators.

Public comments: Cassy wanted to know if anyone can attend the meeting on the 13th
with BLM? Lenore wants community involvement.
-Need Artifact awareness and education – make posters stating this is a historical site
-Next meeting will be July 16th.
-Linda needs someone else to count ballots because she is on it.

Motion to adjourn by John.

Approved: 22 October 2007

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