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					               Senate Meeting December 6, 2010
                                  Scribe: Senator Melanie Fonden

Let the minutes reflect that Senate started at 5:02pm.

Role was take by Senate Chair Heather Edin.

Senate Chair Heather Edin calls to pray.

Treasurer Taylor Martin prayed.

Senator Bernardo Garcia motioned to approve minutes for Novemberer 29th, 2010.

Senator Nathan Morache seconded the motion to approve minutes for November 29th,

Let the minutes reflect that the motion to approve minutes for November 29th, 2010
was passed by a unanimous vote.

5:25 Heather Edin turned discussion to Senator Brett Koga, representing the
Constitutional Committee.

      Committee would like to Amend Article II, Section 1, Letter B
      Proposed change in italics:
               “Take at least twelve credits per semester during the term of service. An
   NUSG officer is permitted to take less than 12 credits if the following two conditions
   are met:
       1. Must be a 2nd semester senior, scheduled to walk in May
       2. special permission granted by director of Student Programs

      By law currently state all NUSG officers must be full time students
      Senator Brett Koga motioned to amend the by laws within Article II, Section 1,
       Letter B
      Senator Liliya Semenyuk seconded the motion to amend the by laws within
       Article II, Section 1, Letter B
      Discussion opened on the topic of the amendment to the by laws within Article II,
       Section 1, Letter B

       -   Senator Bernardo Garcia believed that a senator should be a full time student
           to represent constituents
       -   Senator Liliya Semenyuk brought up that it was specific to seniors, second
           semester, and needs special permission
       -   Senator Brett Koga said they worded this carefully for special situations
       -   Senate Chair Heather Edin said we shouldn’t penalize students who are ready
           to graduate
       -   Senator Kelsey Brazier asked if they are expected to work a number of hours
           as a NUSG officer, still on campus
       -   Advisor Andy Hall said yes, they have requirements and restrictions on
           outside schedule
       -   Senator Chelsea Macbeth asked if currently this officer would get kicked out
           of NUSG
       -   Andy Hall replied that they do not qualify for the position
       -   Senator Chelsea Macbeth asked if that seat needed to be replaced
       -   Advisor Andy Hall replied yes, or it would need to be fulfilled
       -   Senator Kelsey Brazier asked if this senator would be able to continue to serve
           in this NUSG term
       -   Senate Chair Heather Edin said yes, it matters on the classes they take next
       -   Senator Brett Koga said his committee talked about this in detail, and asked
           for 2/3 majority, saying it takes immediate affect
       -   Senator Liliya Semenyuk said that this was true unless we state otherwise
       -   Advisor Andy Hall says we need President Carl Erickson’s approval
       -   Senator Bernardo Garcia asked if this would apply next semester
       -   Senator Kunal Moryani said this is special
       -   Advisor Andy Hall said this is individualized to meet a specific person
       -   Senate Chair Heather Edin asked if there was more discussion, and moved to

Let the minutes reflect that the motion to Amend Article II, Section 1, Letter B
passed unanimously, and will be passed onto the president for approval.

5:38 Senate Chair Heather Edin turned discussion NU student organizations club
    The Young Turks Society of NU
    Senator Liliya Semenyuk motioned to approve the Young Turks Organization and
       recognize them
    Christian Dawson seconded the motion to approve the Young Turks and
       recognize them as an official club
       - Senator Kunal Moryani didn’t understand the purpose
       - Senator Nathan Morache said it was to meet and discuss historical events
       - Senator Zach Boeckel – to provide an area to discuss openly
       - Senator Kunal Moryani – their focus
       - Senate Chair Heather Edin – history majors to exercise academics and discuss
       - Senator Kunal Moryani – why do they need a club?
       - Senator Andy Hall – why do we need NUBA or NUSS?
       - Senator Nathan Morache – they can bring in a speaker
       - Senator Kunal Moryani asked who advisor is
       - Senator Liliya Semenyuk said it was Darin Lenz
       - Senator Brett Koga: opportunity for history majors, it will give them an edge
           to do more with their major
       - Senator Liliya Semenyuk said debate team don’t get together just to argue, it
           looks good on their applications for future opportunities
       -   Kelsey Brazier asked if this group has already met, and just now wants to be a
       -   Senate Chair Heather Edin – it was previously a club
       -   Advisor Andy Hall – it was a club, but now wants official recognition as a
           university club
       -   Senator Liliya Semenyuk: President will be Shelbe Kukowski – getting
           involved in current events like Obama rally
       -   Senator Liliya Semenyuk calls the question of attendance, because they only
           need to go to half of the meetings to put their club attendance on resume
       -   Senate Chair Heather Edin felt they should have autonomy to delegate their
           own club decisions
       -   Senator Nathan Morache said it’s not that you can’t miss more than 14/28
           meetings. In Article 2, section 1, C you cannot miss more than 14 meetings in
           a row, and 28 meetings overall.
       -   Senator Liliya Semenyuk asked, aren’t there 28 weeks in a school year?
       -   Senator Heather Fried asked, is this something we would consider approving
           or would we want them to refine it?
       -   Senator Janae Lavern wants them to refine their application
       -   Senator Heather Fried “Young Turks” doesn’t sound credible for history
       -   Advisor Andy Hall: asked what does Senate suggest?
       -   Senator Chelsea Macbeth: Attendance policy
       -   Senator Janae Lavern: We don’t say we can go to minimum senate meetings,
           and name is unrecognizable
       -   Senator Kunal Moryani asked: can their president come to the meeting?
       -   Senator Liliya Semenyuk: reminder that each senate member must bring in
           one guest each year
       -   Senator Christian Dawson moved to table the vote
       -   Senator Liliya Semenyuk moved to postpone it and appoint someone to
           contact them
       -   Senator Nathan Morache: we can send this to a committee, or postpone, or
           table the matter.
       -   Senate Chair Heather Edin: we should put it to a task force
       -   Senator Nathan Morache: needs simple majority
       -   Senator Christian Dawson moved to put it to a task force
       -   Senator Nathan Morache asked who this specific task force would be
       -   Senate Chair Heather Edin will appoint this task force
       -   Senator Zachary Boeckel seconded
       -   Senate Chair Heather Edin called the question

Let the minutes reflect the Turk Society of NU application is moved to task force by
unanimous vote.

5:52 Heather Edin turned discussion Treasurer Taylor Martin
    Reminder of volleyball money we moved out of our budget this year
    Frisbee court has two expenses, one for T signs, $1000, and other expenses to
      equal about $4000
    Meeting materials this year was $60
      New table for the perch to replace a broken table, $150, commuters are already
       using this new table
      Copies for October were $10
      Out of this years budget we have spent a little over $200, then another $3000 for
       volleyball court
      We have a little over $6500 in our budget
      He will keep us updated with volleyball expenses and Frisbee court, keeping in
       contact with Vice President for Student Development, Paul Banas
       - Senator Liliya Semenyuk asked if there were expenses taken out for Frisbee
           court as well this year
       - Treasurer Taylor Martin replied no
       - Advisor Andy Hall asked if we had over $7000 to spend
       - Treasurer Taylor Martin said our overall budget is $10,000
       - Advisor Andy Hall said $11,000
       - Senator Nathan Morache said $5500 per semester
       - Treasurer Taylor said we have $8000

5:56 Senate Chair Heather Edin called to ask if there was a motion to adjourn the

5:56 Senator Heather motioned to adjourn meeting.

Senator Kunal Moryani seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting.

Let the minutes reflect that senate adjourned at 5:57 pm by unanimous vote.

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