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									                                    Monthly Police Report
                                       January 2011

Auto Accidents:
                         1/8 - The operator of a vehicle travelling westbound on Beverly Road suffered an
                         apparent seizure, causing his vehicle to mount the curb at Beverly Road and
                         Park Road, knocking a light pole to the ground. Operator was transported for
                         treatment of seizure. Vehicle towed from scene. All proper forms were filed and
                         summons issued for damage to Village property.
Aided Cases:
                   1/2   A Nassau Drive resident was transported to North Shore Hospital suffering with a
                         rapid heartbeat.
                   1/3   A Beverly Road resident refused transport to hospital after being found on
                         bedroom floor. Aided fell from bed during night, was helped to her feet, and
                         refused medical attention.
                   1/3   A Beverly Road resident was transported to North Shore Hospital for evaluation
                         after a visit to her physician for a checkup. Aided responded to physician due to
                         falling from bed during the night.
                   1/7   A Nassau Drive resident was transported to North Shore Hospital due to
                         confusion, and drifting in and out of consciousness.
                   1/8   A resident of Bayside NY was transported to North Shore Hospital for treatment
                         after suffering an apparent seizure while driving on Beverly Road. Aided involved
                         in an auto accident at that time.
                   1/9   A resident of 1 Kensington Gate was transported to North Shore Hospital for
                         treatment due to head and back pain, suffered when aided fell from bed.

Ambulance Calls:
                         The Vigilant Fire Company Ambulance responded to all of the above aided cases
                         except the aided on 1/9 to which Manhasset Lakeville Fire Company Ambulance
                         The Department responded to15 active alarms during the month, all were found
                         to be false burglar alarms. One residence was found to have an unlocked door;
                         interior of the home was checked and found to be secure, door locked by PD.
                         Assistance was given to Great Neck Estates Police Department 22 times, and
                         received from Great Neck Estates Police Department 9 times.
                         1/7 - A reported lost/stolen ” Dealer” license plate report was taken from a
                         Beverly Road resident. Proper forms filed and computer notifications made.
                         1/31 – A reported grand larceny report was taken from a Beverly Road resident
                         when it was discovered that $50,000 had been fraudulently removed from victims
                         bank account via a wire transfer. Proper forms were filed, Detectives were
                         notified for investigation. Funds were returned to victim.
                         1/23 – The Vigilant Fire Co. responded to a CO2 detector alarm at an Arleigh
                         Road residence. Found to be due to a faulty detector.
                         1/24 – The Vigilant Fire Co. responded to a smoke alarm at an Arleigh Road
                         residence. Found to be due to food burning on stove. Smoke condition only.
                         1/25 – The Vigilant Fire Co. responded to a reported fire at a Nassau Drive
                         residence. Found to be due to a faulty kitchen range. Officers turned off gas to
                                    Monthly Police Report
                                       January 2011

                        the range, resident advised to have unit serviced. No damage reported
                        1/28 – The Vigilant Fire Co. responded to a smoke condition at a North Drive
                        residence. Cause found to be due to a rag being left in the oven. Smoke damage
                        1/31 A Beverly Road resident reported the theft from several bank accounts of
                        money in the amount of approx. $50,000. The money was fraudulently removed
                        from the victims account by wire transfers. Money was later returned to victim.
                        Nassau County Detectives were forwarded all pertinent information for

Vacant Homes:
                        The number of homes reported vacant during the month was 28. All were found
                        to be secure.

        - Snow plows were called into the Village on numerous occasions during the month due to
           inclement weather. Matt Byers coordinated the use of snow removal personnel.
        - On 1/2 an Officer closed w/b roadway at Beverly Road and Arleigh Road due to a dangerous
           icing condition. The Officer spread sand and salt at that location and reopened the roadway
           when condition improved.
        - A North Drive resident was assisted with a problem involving a rented car.
        - GNEPD was assisted at the scene of an unresponsive 3 year old child.
        - An elderly resident of 1 Kensington Gate was assisted back into bed after falling to the floor.
        - An Officer issued a summons to a delivery truck driver when the truck damaged Village
           property. The truck became disabled on Greenacre Court, blocking the roadway and was
           removed after repairs were completed.
        - Village Clerk was transported to the bank and post office by Officers on several occasions
           throughout the month.
        - Officers responded to a North Drive residence on several occasions during the month due to
           an ongoing custody issue. Lt. spoke with Judge involved in situation regarding this issue and
           was ordered that no police intervention was required due to a court order and that the Judge
           would issue the appropriate orders at his discretion.
        - A Beverly Road resident was assisted with a guest parking situation at a large family
           gathering during a snow storm. Parking was secured with the assistance of the Village plows
           and cooperation from the guests.
        -   A Beverly Road resident was assisted in gaining entry to her home when her locks became
        - An Arleigh Road resident reported a suspicious male Hispanic knocking on her door. Subject
           located and identified prior to being sent on his way. Advised of solicitor ordinances in the
        - An Officer secured the scene of a dislodged manhole cover on East Shore Road, shutting
           down one s/b lane, until the water authority secured the hole with a metal plate.
        - A Bridle Path resident reported a possible harassing phone call. An Officer contacted the
           caller and warned him to desist from such calls; apparently a case of drunk dialing.
        - A dispute between neighbors on Bridle Path regarding a snow plow pushing snow onto
           neighbor’s property was resolved. Plow driver advised of snow moving laws.
        - A motorist was freed from a snow bank on Beverly Road.
        - A North Drive resident reported hearing strange noises in her back yard. Officers thoroughly
           checked the entire area with negative results. There were no footprints in the snow around
           the residence.
        - An Arleigh Road resident complained of loud music coming from a Beverly Road home.
                                    Monthly Police Report
                                       January 2011

             Resident on Beverly advised of situation and voluntarily complied with Village Ordinance.
        -    Assistance was given to NCPD and Kings Point PD for the search of an individual seen
             trespassing in the rear yard of a Kings Point residence. Ongoing situation.
        -    A report of children on Nassau Drive throwing snowballs at passing vehicles was rectified.
             Children apologized to motorist and promised to only throw snowball at each other.
        -    Several light outage reports were forwarded to GN Electric for repairs throughout the month.
        -    A power outage in the area of Police Headquarters was reported to LIPA.
        -    A North Drive resident was assisted in getting out of her garage during a power outage.
        -    Assistance was given to KPPD and NCPD K9 on Steamboat Road in the search for a subject
             involved in an attempted Burglary.
        -    Several residents were asked to remove their cars from the roadways in order to expedite
             snow removal during the month.
        -    A report of solicitors on Bridle Path was investigated. Found to be youths from NY Youth
             Group going door to door. Group supervisor contacted and supplied with Village’s “Do not
             solicit” list and advised of Village Ordinances. Claimed that they will comply. Monitored.
        -    Building Dept. notified of workmen at homes with no building permits on several occasions.
             All workmen referred to Building Dept for permit info.
        -    A report of 2 suspicious males on North Drive was found to be lost workmen looking for an
        -    Numerous snow shovelers were asked to stop throwing snow into street; all complied.
        -    A Nassau Drive resident reported that as he walked under a street light the light went out.
             Felt that this was suspicious and requested PD response. Officer checked light and area, and
             reported light outage to GN Electric. Resident escorted home.
        -    A report of a downed power line on Beverly Road was investigated and found to be a
             cablevision wire. Utility notified.
        -    Several pieces of mail and packages were picked up from vacant homes throughout the
             month and secured at Hqts. until the residents return.
        -    It snowed…..Alot!

                 Car #657 was patrolled 926 miles. The odometer now reads 28985 miles. Oil and filter
                 change and Inspection service performed. Wiper blades replaced. Hub cap replaced.
                 Car #658 was patrolled 1453 miles. The odometer now reads 80146 miles. Headlamp
                 replaced. Brakes checked for adjustment due to unusual noise.
                 Service was performed on HQ generator after it failed to start during a power outage.
                 New oil filter ordered.
                 New parking tickets and warning tags order from printer.

       Lt. Conlon: Off 12h sick 1/7. Attended NC Police Reserves meeting 1/24.
       PO Costello on vacation 1/5 through 1/13. Attended “train the trainer” NYSPIN training 1/18 &
       PO Fiore off 1 hr personal time 1/6.
                                   Monthly Police Report
                                      January 2011

                                   Parking               VTL              Other

               LT. Conlon                3                 4
             SGT Giraulo            10             6
               PO Judson             4             4                1
             PO Nasta     2                  4
             PO Costello             0             7
               PO Fiore              3                     5                2

             Totals:                22            30                3

VTL: 17 Stop Sign violations. 5 Speeding violations. 1 Cell Phone violation. 2 Seatbelt violations. 1
Unlicensed operator violation. 2 No Insurance violations. 1 Failure to notify DMV of address change
violation. 1 Equipment violation..
PARKING: 10 No Parking 2am thru 6am violations. 9 Parked in excess of 2 hours violations. 1 Parked
without “K” permit violation. 1 Parked within 30’ of a stop sign violation. 1 Parked with an expired
registration violation.
Village Ordinance: 2 Damage to Village Property violations, 1 Property maintenance violation.

                                         Respectfully submitted;

                                         Lieut. Michael Conlon

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