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					5. Rent Payment

Automatic Direct Bank Transfer – the most convenient
method of payment.

                                                          5. Rent Payment
 (1) Payment Date

 (2) Payment Method

 Applying for Bank Transfer

       Applying at Banks or
       Credit Associations       (Japan Post Bank)


5. Rent Payment

                  (You will be informed of the payment date by postcard.)

                    Transferable Dates and Steps to Delinquency

                       In cases were we can not withdraw the rent pursuant to
                       the above paragraph , UR will send you the bill for the
                       rent and others. Please be requested to transfer and pay
                       the charged amount on the bill by your mode of payment
                       within by the due date to the UR-designated bank
                       account. (Note that you can not use the postal transfer.)

                                              Calculation of Interest on Arrears

                    Changing Institution for Transfer
                                                                                           5. Rent Payment
  (3) If Payment is Late

  (4) Common Area Charges

Every month, you are required to pay a common areas charge with your rent.
As is described in your lease agreement, the common areas charge is used to pay for
interior stairway lighting and other electricity supply, sprinkler water supply, garbage
disposal, maintenance and administration for water supply and other facilities, cleaning
of common use areas (excludes staircases of mid-rise housing as a general rule), lawn
and garden upkeep, and other charges necessary to ensure a pleasant common living
environment for residents.
The common areas charge is a source of income for UR, and it is required in order to
maintain a pleasant living environment for residents. Every year, UR appraises income
and expenditures per apartment block and informs residents in writing of both the
previous year's income and expenditures and the expected running costs for the current
Additionally, UR is responsible for managing the common areas charge and will review it
in the event of changes in the cost of living or similar reasons.
                  Reference Sheet Corporation-Approved for UR (as of December of October 2007)
                  List of Designated Financial Institutions Financial Institutions (as 2011)
                                                                                                                                                                     Post Office
                                                                               Bank                                                     Credit Association        (Japan post bank)

                                       Mizuho Corporate       Mizuho              Tokyo-                 Resona                 Saitamaken        Kawaguchi
                                                                                  Mitsubishi UFJ
                                       Saitama Resona         Sumitomo Mitsui     Hokkaido               77                     Hanno             Chiba
5. Rent Payment

                                       Ashikaga               Joyo                Musashino              Chiba                  Tokyo Bay         Yokohama
                  East Japan area

                                       Chiba Kogyo            Tokyo Tomin         Yokohama               Daishi                 Miura Fujisawa    Shonan
                                       Yamanashi Chuo         Hachijuni           Hokuriku               Shizuoka               Kawasaki          Tokyo Higashi
                                       Suruga                 Yamaguchi           Fukuoka                North Pacific          AdachiSeiwa       Asahi
                                       Sendai                 Towa                Tochigi                Tsukuba                Seibu             Johnan
                                       Keiyo                  Higashi-Nippon      Tokyo Star             Kanagawa               Shiba             Johoku

                                                                                                                                                                      All Post Offices (account transfer only, no payment over the counter.)
                                       Yachiyo                                                                                  Sugamo            Ome
                                       Mitsubishi UFJ Trust   Mizuho Trust &      Chuo Mitsui Trust      Sumitomo               Tama              Sawayaka
                                       and Banking            Banking             and Banking            Trust & Banking

                                       Mizuho Corporate       Mizuho              Tokyo-                 Resona                 Shizuoka          Gifu
                                                                                  Mitsubishi UFJ
                                                                                                                                Tono              Okazaki
                                       Hokuriku               Hokkoku             Shizuoka               Suruga
                                                                                                                                Ichii             Seto
                  Chubu area

                                       Shimizu                Ogaki Kyoritsu      Juroku                 Mie
                                       Hyakugo                Tokyo Star          Gifu                   Aichi
                                       Nagoya                 Chukyo              Daisan                 Mitsubishi UFJ Trust
                                                                                                         and Banking
                                       Mizuho Trust &         Chuo Mitsui Trust   Sumitomo
                                       Banking                and Banking         Trust & Banking

                                       Mizuho Corporate       Mizuho              Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ   Resona                 Kyoto             Kyoto Chuo
                                       Sumitomo Mitsui        Hyakugo             Shiga                  Kyoto                  Osaka             Hirakata
                  Western Japan area

                                       Kinki Osaka            Senshu Ikeda        Nanto                  Kiyo                   Settsu Suito      Kobe
                                       Chugoku                Hiroshima           Tajima                 Hyakujushi             Hyogo             Amagasaki
                                       Shizuoka               Tokyo Star          Kansai Urban           Taisho                 Nisshin           Hiroshima
                                       Minato                 Momiji              Mitsubishi             Mizuho Trust &
                                                                                  UFJ Trust and          Banking
                                       Chuo Mitsui Trust      Sumitomo
                                       and Banking            Trust & Banking

                                       Mizuho Corporate       Mizuho              Yamaguchi              Fukuoka                Fukuoka           Fukuoka-
                  Kyushu area

                                       Saga                   Eighteenth          Shinwa                 Higo                   Onga
                                       Miyazaki               Kagoshima           Nishi-Nippon City      Tokyo Star
                                       Fukuoka Chuo           Minami Nippon

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