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   Philip Wursta
Vice President
   William Brady
   Optimum Strategies and Solutions
Treasurer                                  Volume 14, Number 2                                                     Spring 2012
   William Maeglin
   Univest Corporation
Assistant Treasurer
   Dennis Matthews
                                                    TMA BUCKS PROVIDES
   Bucks County Community College
                                                 ‘NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING’
                                                SIGNS TO ALL BUCKS COUNTY
Robert Braubitz
                                               HIGH SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES
   Northampton Township

John Coffman
   Delaware Valley Regional Economic
   Development Fund
Michael Connor
   E.W. Kaufmann

Joseph DiGirolamo
   Mayor of Bensalem Township

George Flocco
   Bensalem Township Economic
   Development Corporation                                                               TMA Bucks executive director Bill Rickett,
Shirley Hart                                                                             Bucks County Community College dean
   Bucks County Area Agency on Aging                                                     Catherine McElroy, BCCC assistant director
Cheryl Kauffman                                 MA Bucks’ commitment to ensuring         of safety and security Mark Moore, and
   Woods Services

James Krull
                                           T    teen driver safety in Bucks County
                                           continues to show as the organization is
                                                                                         BCCC VP / CFO Dennis Matthews.

   Bucks County Technology Park

Jerry Lepping                              providing all area high schools and
   Visit Bucks County                      colleges with “No Texting While
Dr. Alan Miller                            Driving” signs for parking lot exits to
   Greater BuxMont Chamber of Commerce     remind student drivers of Pennsylvania’s
Richard Mindler                            anti-texting law that went into effect
   Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce
                                           March 8, 2012.
Jay Roth                                      The anti-texting law prohibits as a        TMA Bucks deputy director Steve Noll and
   Jacobs Engineering Group
                                           primary offense any driver from using an      Senator Tommy Tomlinson presented “No
Eric Stark
                                           Interactive Wireless Communication            Texting While Driving” signs to Bensalem
   Lower Bucks Family YMCA
                                           Device (IWCD) to send, read or write a        High School’s student government class
Lew Tarlini                                                                              leaders, Principal Bob Anderson and
   Pothole Killers                         text-based communication while his or
                                                                                         assistant principal Steven Louella on Friday,
Jeff Tihansky                              her vehicle is in motion and carries a $50    May 18.
   Ad Infinitem                            fine upon conviction of a violation.
Audrey Tucker                                 The TMA has been busy presenting
   Family Service Association of
   Bucks County
                                           these signs to schools this spring and will
                                           continue to distribute them at student
Sgt. Mark Wert
   Middletown Township Police Department   assemblies this fall.
                                              “A key component of our work as a
Executive Director
                                           TMA is driver safety with a particular
   William D. Rickett                      emphasis on high school aged drivers
                                           who are still gaining experience behind
                                                                                         Bill Rickett recently presented signs to the
                                           the wheel,” said TMA Bucks deputy             student officers at Middle Bucks Institute
                                           Continued on Page 4                           of Technology.
     MA Bucks announced on May
T    22 that Central Bucks High
School South was the overall winner
of the 5th Annual Bucks County
High     School     Seatbelt    Safety
Challenge. Central Bucks High
School South student drivers had the
highest overall seatbelt use (97
percent) over 16 other Bucks County
high schools that participated in the
   Central Bucks High School South
also posted a winning 12 percent
increase (85 percent in the fall to 97
percent in the spring) in seatbelt
usage from the fall baseline surveys
to the final surveys taken in April,
making this the first time that one
school has won both categories in        the junior class who embraced this      School Seatbelt Safety Challenge.
the challenge’s five-year history.       initiative and worked tirelessly to        At    Survival    101     sessions
                                         promote seatbelt safety awareness       (PennDOT’s seatbelt program aimed
                                         school-wide. Second, and most           at high school students) results of
                                         importantly, I am thrilled that our     how each participating school
                                         students have clearly received the      performed       were     announced
                                         message as they routinely wear their    encouraging the student body to get
                                         seatbelts as drivers and passengers.    involved and increase seatbelt usage.
                                         Seatbelt safety awareness and              The premier sponsor for this year’s
                                         distracted      driving    awareness    challenge was Verizon with AAA
                                         initiatives give students relevant      Mid-Atlantic,    McCafferty     Auto
                                         knowledge regarding potential           Group, Senator Tommy Tomlinson,
   Junior class leaders Adam Remick,     dangers in driving and specific tools   Univest, McMahon Associates and
John Mitchell, Liz Burke and Craig       to keep themselves safe.”               Visit Bucks County also sponsoring.
Magid were presented with a pair of         Central Bucks High School South         Follow-up surveys took place
$500 cash grants and perpetual           junior students were extremely          unannounced in April and the
trophy plaques by TMA Bucks              creative in promoting seatbelt          winning school was determined.
executive director Bill Rickett during   awareness as they created their own
a student assembly. The cash prizes      rap video spoof on YouTube to show
are donated by TMA Bucks and must        to all students.
be used by the school for safety-           “Titan” the CB South school
related purposes. Rickett also           mascot was also present periodically
presented the students with “No          after school in the student parking
Texting While Driving” signs that        lot holding signs to encourage
the TMA is donating to all Bucks         students to buckle up as they left
County high schools and colleges to      school.
be placed at parking lot exits              In fall 2011, baseline surveys on
reminding student drivers of             seatbelt usage by student drivers        Renewing your membership dues
Pennsylvania’s anti-texting law that     were conducted at high schools           and registering for TMA events
went into effect March 8, 2012.                                                   just became easier. TMA Bucks
                                         throughout the county without the
   “Central Bucks High School South                                               is now accepting membership
                                         knowledge of the student body or
is very proud and honored to have                                                 renewals, event registrations
                                         administration in order to ensure the
won the Seatbelt Challenge this                                                   and new member payments
                                         most accurate data sampling. All         online through PayPal. Just go
year,” said Class of 2013 House          schools were then challenged to raise
Principal Bill Miles. “First, I am                                                to for more
                                         seatbelt usage and participate in the    information.
        grateful to the members of       5th Annual Bucks County High
     he 5th Annual TMA Bucks Golf        planning to pursue a course
T    Outing was a success as nearly
$7,000 was raised for the TMA Bucks
                                         of post high school study in
                                         civil engineering, urban
Scholarship Fund on Thursday, May        planning,     transportation
3 at Bensalem Township Country           management or other related
Club.                                    field were able to apply for
   “Thanks to the generosity of our      scholarships from the TMA
loyal members, the golf outing was       Bucks Scholarship Fund and
once again a tremendous success in       had until Friday, May 4 to
raising money for the scholarship        submit their applications.
fund,” said TMA Bucks executive             These scholarships will be
director Bill Rickett. “Special thanks   one-time awards to be paid
and appreciation to our golf outing      directly to the college or
participants,      sponsors        and   other accredited secondary
volunteers. We would also like to        school the winning students will         is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit
extend a special thank you to the        attend beginning in the Fall of 2012     organization. Donations to the fund
Bucks County Technology Park and         and award announcements will be          may be sent in care of TMA Bucks
Bucks County Transport for their         made June 8 at the TMA’s annual          Scholarship Fund, Seven Neshaminy
contributions as premier sponsors.”      meeting.                                 Interplex, Suite 103, Trevose, PA
   Bucks County high school seniors         The TMA Bucks Scholarship Fund        19053.

      MA Bucks proudly announced           • Peter Stainthorpe, Lower
T     the formation of the TMA Bucks
Foundation and elected its officers
                                             Makefield Township
                                           • Steven Groman, PA State Police
                                                                                    to the newest member
                                                                                    of TMA Bucks:
and directors at its organization            (Ret.)
meeting in April.                          • Gregory Ventresca, Keystone            Archbishop Ryan High School
   TMA Bucks has established this            Redevelopment Group
foundation       to     enable     the
implementation and growth of                TMA Bucks, which hopes to
transportation programs that are         develop more driver safety programs
educational, community based,            for teens and senior citizens in Bucks      Come to the
charitable, and/or safety related.       County through the foundation, has
   The TMA Bucks Foundation also
will continue to award scholarships
                                         distributed scholarships to Bucks
                                         County high school seniors the past
to graduating high school seniors        four years through the TMA Bucks
across Bucks County through its          Scholarship Fund.
scholarship fund.                           TMA Bucks has been active in           Wednesday, June 13
   The following officers and            promoting teen driver safety through      TMA Strategic Planning Session
directors were elected April 18:         its Bucks County High School              8:30 a.m. to noon
   • Michael Connor, President           Seatbelt Safety Challenge and             Bucks County Community College
   • Tobi Bruhn, Bucks County            providing Bucks County high schools       (Newtown campus – Tyler 128)
     Community College, Vice             and colleges with “No Texting While
                                                                                   Open to membership to join us but
     President                           Driving” signs to place at student        space is limited. Email
   • Margaret Frederick, PNC Bank,       parking lot exits.               if you plan to
     Treasurer                              The TMA Bucks Foundation is            attend.
   • James Krull, Bucks County           incorporated      as   a    charitable
     Technology Park                     organization under section 501 c (3)
   • Sgt. Mark Wert, Middletown          of the Internal Revenue Code. All
     Township Police                     donations are tax deductible to the
   • Mark Roth, McMahon Associates       full extent permitted by law.

Continued from page 1
director Steve Noll following a AAA Mid-Atlantic anti-
texting law event at the Delaware River Joint Toll
Bridge Commission office in Morrisville in early
March. “We consider these signs a simple means of
encouraging safe driving behavior among younger
drivers on a consistent and long-term basis.”                  State Representative Steve Santarsiero, District 31,
   TMA Bucks purchased the signs through funds                 and member PA House Transportation Committee,
obtained from Senator Tommy Tomlinson’s office.                gave an update on the state of Pennsylvania’s
Senator Tomlinson sponsored Senate Bill 314, which             transportation funding situation at the TMA Bucks
was approved by the Senate in November 2011 and                legislative update/luncheon membership event at
was then signed into law by Governor Tom Corbett.              Parx East on Friday, April 13. Congressman Mike
   “The TMA is extremely appreciative to Senator               Fitzpatrick also spoke at the luncheon and issued
Tomlinson for providing the funds for these signs that         a federal transportation funding update. Both
will likely save lives by encouraging students to put          Fitzpatrick and Santarsiero stressed that a
down the cell phone when driving,” added Noll.                 bi-partisan effort is needed to accomplish long-
                                                               term, sustainable funding moving forward.
                                                               The event was sponsored by Urban Engineers.

     MA Bucks would like to               •   Carroll Engineering                 • PNC Bank
T    acknowledge the following
companies and organizations for
                                          •   Dublin Borough                      • QNB
                                          •   Dumack Engineering                  • Redevelopment Authority
renewing their memberships this past      •   Falls Township                      • Richland Township
quarter. We thank you for your            •   Greater Philadelphia Chamber        • Sanford Brown Institute
continued support! If you are a TMA            of Commerce                           (Bensalem)
Bucks member please encourage             •   Harris Fuels                        • State Representative Tina Davis
other companies and colleagues to
                                          •   ITT Technical Institute –           • Upper Makefield Township
join     us!   Have    them     visit
                                               Levittown Campus for more information.
                                          •   Lower Bucks County Joint
   • Automotive Training Center
                                               Municipal Authority
   • Ad Infinitem Inc.
                                          •   Dr. Alan Miller
   • ASI Inc.
                                          •   O’Donnell & Naccarato
   • Borough of Morrisville
                                          •   Optimum Strategies &
   • Borough of Quakertown
   • Bucks County Workforce
                                          •   Pennco Tech (Bristol)
       Investment Board

  Seven Neshaminy Interplex, Suite 103
          Trevose, PA 19053
Phone 215.244.9082 • Fax 215.244.9086
                                                                                               w w w. t m a b u c k s . c o m

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                                                            discussion, traffic restrictions in Bucks County and more!

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