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within the mood for a longer full day tour, apply for a complete tour of the region - the very best of

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									Costa Rica Vacations - Explore The Enchanted
Costa Rica is a small country within Central America located on the isthmus connecting North and
South America. This shares north of manchester with Nicaragua and south-eastern border with
Panama. Surrounded by the gulf of mexico on the western and the caribbean Sea on the east, this
particular tropical nation is rendered with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Actually meaning "rich
Coast" -- Costa Rica is one of the most famous holiday destinations of the world.
Health tourism is one of the major points of interest in panama and nicaragua , Vacations. The foot of
the Arenal Volcano in San Carlos is home to many organic hot comes. Located just 3 hours from the
capital town San Jose - Baldi Hot comes Resort -- Hotel & Spa is the leading hot springs vacation
resort in the country. It provides only the best , world-class facilities and lodging.

Whether it is the soothing warm seas of the spa bath Spa, the natural vapor coming from the warmth
of Arenal Volcano, the massive pool slides or even the Aqua-Spa -- Baldi hot Springs vacation resort
- resort & health spa has everything.
With temps ranging from 93°F right up to 152°F, the spa bath Spa is the first option for those suffering
from muscle contractions. The organic Sauna is famous feature at the resort. Just about all steam
within the sauna is formed from the organic heating associated with water through the Arenal
Volcano. With their pool slides, Baldi ensures that childrens' amusement is actually taken vehicle of.
Using its package associated with therapeutic encounters - energy springs, volcano mud bath and
much more, it is the Baldi Aqua-Spa which remains the USP of the resort.
Luxurious rooms with assorted in-room facilities makes the vacation resort a hit with regard to Costa
Rica vacations. Tourists have continually talked about the quality of support and effiency of their
employees. To preserve the of the purity of the natural environment how the hotel is made in, it has a
non-smoking lodging. The rooms are situated in a rainfall forest environment and this additional
enhances their elegance and comfort. A radio internet service, every day stocked small bar, organic
hot water and in-room deep massages are just a few of the various providers that are offered. The
spacious rooms are equipped with air-conditioners and lcd TVs. All the rooms possess a private patio
and offer an exquisite veiw of the rainforest and the Arenal Volcano. The hotel employees ensures
that all their guests possess a memorable encounter on panama and nicaragua , Vacations.
Leisure & Activities
Baldi Hot comes Resort -- Hotel & Spa has an exciting plate of half-day tours and full-day excursions
to choose from. Half-Day tours consist of safari drifts , canoeing, kayaking , white-water white water
rafting and hiking. Go on the safari float by canoe or for the day-out on the magnificent Arenal Lake
with a kayak. For the more experience seeking visitors , there is a special white-water white water
rafting tour. If water actions are not your own thing, then you can even go for a hiking trip. If you're
within the mood for a longer full day tour, apply for a complete tour of the region - the very best of
Arenal, or even choose from among the longer canoeing options. As part of all their Costa Rica
Vacations tours, it's ensured how the guests are accompanied by a multilingual naturalistic tour guide.
Transport and your meals are taken care of and the safety and well being associated with guests is
offered prime importance.
It is said that any kind of vacation is actually incomplete without having tasted the very best local
meals. The same holds true for panama and nicaragua , Vacations. Aside from a host of facilitites,
the hotel also has three dining places. The dining places have only the choicest typically the most
popular food items on the menu. All of them serve a variety of delectable vegetarian and non-
vegetarian food, inluding pastas, preparing salads , sea meals , grilled items and desserts. The
Virgita and Da-Vinci Restaurants within the resort are especially known in the region for their culinary
delicacies. The chefs at the restaurants have attained knowledge in brushing their understanding with
the nearby food ingredients to produce probably the most famous dishes. Connoisseurs associated
with food and drink have raved about these types of restaurants over the years.
Having obtained a five-star rating through guests and critics, as well Baldi hot Springs vacation resort
- resort & health spa is the pioneer in panama and nicaragua , Vacations. This encompasses all the
aspects of a perfect hotel & spa and has been the top choice of scores of tourists over the years.

Costa Rica vacations

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