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					The Roaring Twenties

  U.S. Society in the 1920's
      Post-War America: "The 1920's"
Women's Changing Roles
                              The Business Boom
• Flapper Image
                               • Consumer Economy & Credit
• Working Women
                               • Rise in Productivity
• Suffrage (19th Amendment)
                               • Henry Ford (Automobiles)
Gangsters & Crime
                              African-American Life
• Prohibition (18th
                              • Harlem Renaissance
                              • Ku Klux Klan
• Organized Crime
• The "Speakeasy"
                              "The Red Scare"
                               • Sacco & Vanzetti
The Jazz Age
                               • Immigration Restrictions
 • Culture
 • Notable Musicians
The Role of Women in the 1920's
     Stylish new dresses       19th Amendment - Suffrage
   o Hemlines change from 9          W
                                   o  omen's Right to Vote
     inches above ground to        o Ratified in 1920
     above the knee!               o Began in newly added
   o Changes social behavior         western states
   o New hairstyles
  Before         After
Emergence of the Consumer Economy
                 Factors that sparked buying:
                  • higher wages, clever advertising,
                    new products, lower costs,
                    available credit

                  • electric power demand surged -
                    washers, dryers, vacuums, etc..

                  • Henry Ford's "Model-T"
                    o Assembly Line -
                        specialized labor
                        mass production
Gangsters & Prohibition
18th Amendment - Prohibition
•    Effects of...
    o Made Alcohol Illegal
    o Increased Bootlegging
    o Illegal bars called "Speakeasies"

Organized Crime - Gangsters
   o Al Capone (Scarface)
    o   Bootlegging
    o   Emergence of F.B.I.
          J. Edgar Hoover
    o   St. Valentine's Day Massacre
The Age of Jazz

Cultural Influence
•   Grew out of African-American music in
    the south (ragtime & blues - New Orleans)
                                                Notable Musicians
•   Many questioned morality of...              •   Louis Armstrong
     o Dance clubs                              •   George Gershwin
     o Jazz clubs                               •   Duke Ellington
     o "Suggestive dancing"                     •   Benny Goodman
•   Affected all arts...                        •   Cab Calloway
     o Poetry                                   •   Bessie Smith
     o Painting
Life of African-Americans in the 1920's
The Harlem Renaissance
 • Cultural Center in NYC
 • Jazz & Literary Awakening
    o Langston Hughes (poet)
    o Claude McKay
    o Countee Cullen
 • Population Boom

Revival of Ku Klux Klan
 • White Supremacist Group
 • Membership moved north
 • Crimes against:
    o African-Americans, Jews,
      Catholics, & Immigrants
 • Rise of NAACP
                          The Red Scare
                        Fear of Communists & Anarchists

Sacco & Vanzetti                          Immigration Restrictions
  Italian Immigrants
•                                         • More Americans turned to "Nativism"
   o Nicola Sacco                             o tolerance of native born,
   o Bartolomeo Vanzetti                       Protestant, white Americans
         Both Anarchists                  • Predjudices grew against...
                                              o African Americans
• Both Arrested for armed robbery             o Mexican Americans
   o Many Americans questioned their          o Catholics
     arrest                                   o Jews
        blamed for being immigrants          o Other Immigrants
        blamed for radical beliefs        • Immigration Restriction Act
                                              o Passed by Congress - 1924
• Unfair jury found them guilty               o Restricts number of immigrants
   o Higher courts upheld verdict               entering the country
                                                   specifically southern & eastern
• Sentenced to death despite protests               Europe

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