The-Wave by xiaopangnv


									The Wave – Character Reactions

Chapter 6

The Students in the classroom were all in their seats quietly
sitting up straight.
Robert Billings – Hair combed and shirt tucked in looking put
Ben Ross – was stunned at the situation and thinks they are
making a joke. He realizes they still remember what he talked
about. Ben takes the experiment further:
  1. Gives them a new motto
       a. “Strength through community”
  2. Teaches them a salute
  3. Names the movement “The Wave”
David Collins – has courage to introduce “The Wave” to the
football team to get them to be more focused and act more like
a team.
Football team - will go along with “The Wave” idea as long as it
enables them to start win games.
Chapter 7

Laurie Saunders – Thinks her mother is taking the idea too far

Laurie’s Mother
Personality – worry wart, bright and perceptive, persistent
Interests – Ran the league of women voters
– Doesn’t like what the teacher is doing. Thinks they should be
focusing more on history rather than community building.
Thinks the idea is militaristic. Thinks people should be
individuals b/c that is what made our country great. Not wrong
to cooperate but people should be individuals. Popular thing is
not always the right thing. Thinks it is wrong for the teacher to
manipulate the students.
Laurie’s Father
Interests – likes to play golf to relax and get out frustrations
Personality – Easy going
- Thinks it is ok to be a part of a group. Likes the idea that the
students are paying attention. When people work together
they get more accomplished. Sure they can trust the teacher
b/c the teacher would not do anything wrong. Thinks that
Laurie’s mother is over reacting.
Ben Ross – Is so over-focused on his project that he can’t eat
dinner. He loves how the students are coming into class and
how they are turning into human beings.

Christy Ross – Tells Ben he is like Frankenstein and his students
might turn on him. Kids are only working b/c they are scared.
They just like that your making decisions for them. Thinks that
Ben is going to become a guinea pig in his own experiment.

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