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                                Bryan Kumar

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Create Profit-Pulling Sales Letters - FAST!                                Bryan Kumar

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             The Fastest Way to Create Profit-Pulling Sales Letters!

Dear Reader,

In this special report, I'd like to share with you the fastest way I know how to
create powerful, profit-pulling sales letters.

Mind you, creating effective sales letters from scratch is no easy task. You have to
be a pretty good copywriter to pull that off, and it usually takes years to get to that
skill level. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding himself.

However…there are "shortcuts" you can use to put a fairly decent sales letter
together, even if you don't have any copywriting experience! You can 'cheat' your
way there by using a few tricks of the trade that I'll share with you.

But, I won't leave you hanging. I'll go a step further and also show you the basics
of creating powerful sales copy, just in case you ever decide to (or need to)
actually write your own sales letter, from scratch.

It's a great skill to have no matter what business you're in, or even if you're not in
business! You may just have to write a letter to your boss one day, trying to
convince him to give you a raise.

Few people have the power to use words to motivate, persuade and influence
others. Take the time to learn this skill and it will serve you well. Guaranteed.

With that said, let's get to the shortcuts!

To your success,

Bryan Kumar

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Create Profit-Pulling Sales Letters - FAST!                           Bryan Kumar

     A Dirty Little Secret That Top Copywriters Aren't Telling You

Here's the big "secret" that most people don't know...

Some of the most highly-paid copywriters, don't create their powerful (and
expensive) sales materials from scratch. Nope. That would take too much
time and too much effort! They simply "steal" brilliant marketing ideas and
sales materials that have worked well in the past.

They 'steal' and borrow from tested ideas and ads that have actually pulled
in millions of dollars.

They just "recycle" what has been proven to work instead of wasting time
on creating new stuff that could very easily fail.

Yes, that also means that some of the best marketers and copywriters can
still create projects that fail at times. No one is exempt from failure. That's
why they're smart enough to borrow from their past successes - to increase
their chances of future successes.

So…how can you use this strategy in your business?

Well, first of all, let me make it very clear that I'm not asking you to copy
other people's work word-for-word! That can get you into a lot of legal
trouble (and it's also wrong, ethically.) When I say "steal," what I really
mean is "model" after a successful ad or site.

Start by searching for the top moneymakers in your field/niche. Just go to
the popular search engines, like and search for the product that
you're selling.

Example: If you're selling calculators, search for web sites of the top
calculator sellers and look at their site. Study the format and layout of their
site, study the sales letter. Then, "model" your site after those successful

But, how can you tell whether a particular site is successful or not? If it's a
well-known company that is obviously doing very well with their product,
you can usually assume they have pretty good sales copy.

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Create Profit-Pulling Sales Letters - FAST!                            Bryan Kumar

However, if you're not sure whether a particular site/salespage is worth
copying, simply read it. That is the best test of good sales copy. If by reading
the page, it convinces you to buy the product, or persuades you enough to at
least consider checking the product out, you can bet it's a great sales letter.

Not only is this the fastest way to create your own sales letter, it is also a
sure-fire way of dramatically increasing your chances of success. When you
model past, proven sales models, you are usually guaranteed the same or
similar levels of success.

Imagine having a sales letter that is converting one out of every 100 web
visitors into buying customers. That means, out of every 100 people that
visit your site, one of them buys from you.

Now... what if you "stole" a powerful headline from an already-tested,
successful sales letter for a similar product and instantly doubled your
profits -- overnight! By changing only the headline of your sales letter!
And, what if you started changing other parts of your sales letter using the
tested, successful sales letter and continued to double, triple, quadruple your
profits! (Keep in mind that all these changes barely takes you a few minutes
to do.)

Do you think you can handle quick and easy profit gains like these? Hey, if
this strategy works for the best in the business, why shouldn't it work for
you? More importantly, why shouldn't YOU use it too and see the same kind
of immediate profit gains for your business?

The truth is, if you're not using this simple strategy to increase profits for
your business, you're just working too hard! And, you're wasting too much
time on trial-and-error.

There is an easier, better, faster way to creating profit-pulling sales letters.
And I just revealed it to you above. ;-)

Use it, and watch your profits soar -- almost overnight!

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Create Profit-Pulling Sales Letters - FAST!                         Bryan Kumar

                            Speak The Right Language

Most men would agree that women seem to speak a foreign language. Of
course, most women would claim that men just don't understand them.

And, you know what? They're both right!

Women DO speak a different language than men, even if they are both
speaking English (or Swedish, or German) while they talk to each other.

It's because women think, see, and feel the world very differently than men
do. Therefore, they vocalize their thoughts and feelings differently. While
men and women may both be speaking in English, the actual words and the
way women describe their world (and their experiences) can usually be
worlds apart from that of men!

There are very few men who can seduce a woman by using just "words" --
while most others still believe that buying her things and kissing up to her is
what works.

How is this rare group of men able to make a woman melt, with just words?

Simple. They have learned the 'language' that women speak. They have
learned, and they understand, how women view, and experience the world.
For this reason alone, they are able to touch women in ways that most men
will never know!

But, what does all this have to do with marketing and making more profits?

How can the language YOU speak (or don't speak) cause you to lose out on
huge profits?

Same reason. If you're not able to convince others to buy from you, you just
haven't learned to view the world the way they do. You have not learned to
see, hear and FEEL the world through your customers’ shoes.

And you have not learned to speak to them in the language that will make
them want what you have!

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Create Profit-Pulling Sales Letters - FAST!                          Bryan Kumar

You may be speaking English, you may be using words that they
understand, but you're just not speaking their language.

That's the absolute #1 reason why most sites don't make any money. In other
words, you have to know your target market! You have to understand your
customer...their pains and struggles, their pleasures and motivators.

Change that and your income can skyrocket immediately! Almost overnight!

Do you want to learn how to do this? Well, I'll tell you then. ;-)

Here's an easy way to do it...

Go to sites like or and read testimonials.
That's not a misprint. I did say "testimonials."

Search for a book or product that's similar to what you're selling, and read
the testimonials that satisfied customers have submitted for those products.

Then use the words and phrases from those testimonials as 'models' to help
you design your sales letters and web pages. Use the style in which those
customers talk and express their views.

I can't tell you how powerful this is. You'll have to do it yourself to see the

It works like magic!

This is also the reason why testimonials help a letter pull in a lot more sales!
Yes, testimonials do create credibility. But there's more!

See, the words in those (real) testimonials speak to the customers like
nothing else can. The customers can immediately relate to others who 'speak
their language' and feel the way they do. It resonates with them.

Nothing will create a bond faster between you and your customer than
learning to speak their language.

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Create Profit-Pulling Sales Letters - FAST!                          Bryan Kumar

The more you study their words, the better you will become at writing
compelling, captivating, and "bond-creating" sales letters that ‘speak’ to
your customers!

The above method is a shortcut way to get there.

That's two powerful shortcuts to creating throat-grabbing, profit-pulling
sales letters that make them buy now!

               The Quick-Start Formula To Creating Powerful
                        Sales Copy From Scratch!

The above two techniques, while simple, are very powerful. Just by
modeling proven salesletters and learning the language of your customers
can put you ahead of most marketers. No question. They're your shortcuts
to creating profit-pulling sales letters, even if you have no experience with
creating sales letters.

And while the above two techniques can dramatically improve your sales
and profits, I highly recommend that you also learn how to use the right
components that make the sales letters persuasive, convincing, motivating...
to get people to take action!

Here's the quick-start formula for creating sales copy that makes them buy:

1. Use a powerful, benefit-rich headline.

The headline is, of course, the most important part of your sales letter.
Without it, your letter is doomed to failure. These days, that's no big secret.
And yet, most sites and sales letters have unbelievably weak headlines.

People are bombarded with ads and sales messages all day long. So, in order
to get their attention, your headline has to be powerful. And that's the
purpose of your headline…to get their attention…to peak their curiosity, to
get them to wanna find out more and continue reading the rest of the letter!

Everything starts with the headline. So, spend time in creating a powerful

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Create Profit-Pulling Sales Letters - FAST!                         Bryan Kumar

One of the best, time-tested formulas for creating a powerful headline is the
"How to..." opener. For example, if you're selling a weightloss product, you
can simply use a headline that states…

       How to Lose Weight Fast!

Notice that I added the word "fast" at the end. That works great because we
live in a society where people want instant gratification. If you can show
them how to do something fast, without much work, you'll usually get their
attention. You can add the words "quick and easy" to just about any headline
and increase your response rate dramatically.

2. Continue the thought with a powerful opening paragraph.

Now that you've got their attention and perhaps promised a benefit through
your headline, it's time to build on that promise, curiosity to get them to
continue reading the rest of your letter.

Your letter can do that simply by starting with something like this…

       Dear Friend,
       Would you like to finally lose that weight safely and quickly?


       Dear Friend,

       Finally, you can lose all the weight you want -- quickly, easily, and

3. Benefits, benefits, benefits!

Immediately after the opening paragraph, it's time to entice, persuade, and
overwhelm the reader will powerful, juicy, irresistible benefits! Don't beat
around the bush. Get to the meat of it right away!

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Create Profit-Pulling Sales Letters - FAST!                          Bryan Kumar

It's important to know your product inside out! Make a list of all the benefits
your customer will get by using your product. Then list them using bullets,
starting with the most desirable benefit to the least. Here's an example of
what was used for a "seduction secrets" product.

• How to approach any woman, with complete confidence and charm, and
  show her that you're the kind of man she will want to go out with!

• How to easily rig the dating game so that SHE starts chasing you! This is
  something very few men know how to do... and now you can be one of

• Find out once and for all why all the jerks and "bad boys" get the women!
  And, find out how you can start using what they know to draw hot
  women to you like moths to a flame!

• How to say just the right words, at just the right times, so that women
  drop all their defenses, fears, and prejudices, and want you to seduce

Bulleted benefits work like magic! They're irresistible! Use them!

4. Show Proof!

People are skeptical. They've been burned too many times. Plus…they
believe that salesmen and marketers are plain liars.

So, your job is to establish credibility and trust quickly.

You can do this by offering testimonials from satisfied customers, showing
verifiable proof that your product does what you promise, and when possible
getting a celebrity or authority to back up your claim.

Some sales pages showcase a powerful testimonial immediately after the
headline. It's worth trying for your product. You can also lace your page
with testimonials, each one separated by several paragraphs of the copy, or
even between a bulleted list.

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Create Profit-Pulling Sales Letters - FAST!                          Bryan Kumar

You can also use pictures and charts to make your case, and prove the
effectiveness of your product. Anything that makes your claims more
believable is helpful.

5. Offer a guarantee / take away the risk!

Offering a moneyback / satisfaction guarantee has been proven to increase
sales. People generally associate risk to buying from a stranger. Again, they
have been scammed in the past so they have a reason to doubt the seller.

A guarantee lowers the risk of ordering. Customers are more at ease
knowing that if the product is not what they expected, they can simply return
it and ask for a refund.

Whenever possible, offer a 'risk-free' guarantee.

6. Establish your scarcity

People always want what they can't have. When there's less of something,
people want it more. It's a proven fact. And you can use this to your

People don't like "missing out." So, explain clearly to them that you have a
very limited supply available and/or only for a very limited time. And be
specific about your limitations.

Don't just say "this offer is for a limited time only." Instead, give them a real
date, such as, "This offer will be over on Friday at 5:00 pm." That makes
your deadline more real.

The same goes for the 'limited quantity' statement. Tell them exactly how
many you have available and why it will be in their best interest to get it
before you run out.

Create urgency!

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Create Profit-Pulling Sales Letters - FAST!                         Bryan Kumar

7. Tell them to 'take action now!'

Most marketers are very passive about telling the reader to act. Don't ask
him to act. Don't beg him to act. TELL him to act! You've spent the last
page and a half (or more) in convincing him why your product is something
he absolutely must have.

Don't leave him hanging. Now is the time to close the deal. Don't assume
that the reader will automatically place the order. Take him by the hand
every step of the way.

Tell them to order now and tell them how to order! Tell them to click on the
link or pick up the phone or whatever it is that you want them to do.

Don't be passive with this step.

Well, there you have it! Your quick-start formula to creating profit-pulling
sales copy! Study them, master them, use them!

There is nothing you will ever do, in your marketing career, that will be as
important or as profitable as learning to write your own powerful sales copy
that brings in the cash every day!

Your future really is in your hands, when you learn how to move people
with your written words! It's the kind of power few people have! Imagine
having that kind of persuasive power over people.

Imagine being able to take any product and create sizzling sales copy for it
that starts pulling in thousands of dollars in sales for you. Imagine doing this
over and over for as many products as you want and creating multiple
income streams that bring in the profits each month.

That's the power you now have in your hands. By using the above
techniques and strategies, you'll be able to move people into the buying

And lastly…

Copyright © 2005-2010 by Bryan Kumar &                     10
Create Profit-Pulling Sales Letters - FAST!                                              Bryan Kumar

If you would really like to learn to seduce your customers into buying from
you, from the very first time you make contact with them, I have a FREE
resource that you can take full advantage of. You can find more information
about it below.

To your copywriting success!

Bryan Kumar

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