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Lead Interactive Web Developer Information Architect - Younus Khan


									                                          Younus Khan
                                 32 Jonathan Circle, Merrimack, NH 03054
                                          Phone: 603-340-3904

        Information Architect / UI Design, Development and Usability Manager
   Visible, accessible and participative manager with a strong track record of over 15 years of UI design,
 usability, web strategy, content management and product development experience with large corporations
 as well as small businesses. Transforms marketing ideas for new and existing products into highly usable
   web based designs with primary focus on user experience. Has expertise in all aspects of information
architecture -- from navigation schemes and wireframes/storyboards to client requirements, technology and
analytics. Oversees development and deployment of internal/external websites and applications for complex
  and evolving marketing strategies. Possesses excellent analytical, organizational and creative skills with
                                 strong marketing and technical background.

                                      Professional Experience

Mesh Interactive, Nashua, NH                                                             2009 – Present
Marketing, advertising and web technology agency
Information Architect, Web Integration Specialist
      Manage architecture and development of highly functional and complex yet usable websites,
       systems and applications for businesses
      Create architectural designs, wireframes, prototypes and site navigation
      Manage designers and developers for website development in popular CMS including Joomla,
       SilverStripe, Drupal, Expression Engine, WordPress, Shopify, etc.
      Create web product requirement documents, specifications, functions and objectives
      Evaluate existing websites and applications and recommend solutions for improvement
      Perform user acceptance testing for various business sites and web applications
      Evaluate, recommend and implement SEO techniques
      Manage web production processes to increase company-wide productivity
      Create Facebook custom landing pages
      Develop e-commerce sites, applications and custom content management systems
      Manage regional and off shore web designers and developers

Tracey Edwards Company, Bedford, NH                                                      2009 – 2009
Provider of marketing, advertising and web solutions
Lead Interactive Web Developer / Information Architect
      Developed usable and highly functional web products, applications and tools
      Managed and mentored web designers, developers and contractors
      Prepared business proposals and estimates for clients
      Created architectural designs, wireframes and site navigation schemes utilizing usability and user
       experience design principles
      Organized, structured and labeled website contents
      Defined web product specifications, functions and objectives
      Evaluated existing websites & architecture and provide in-depth recommendations for site
      Developed custom Content Management Systems and reporting tools
      Organized and analyzed data
      Implemented social networking for B2C websites
      Defined online and offline marketing convergence techniques and guidelines based on Interactive
       'word of mouth', marketing techniques and the result measurement
      Recommended/implemented search engine optimization techniques to businesses of all size
      Performed heuristic evaluation and other usability methods
      Setup and managed web production processes to streamline and optimize resources and
       increase profitability
                                           Younus Khan

Linkwell Communications, Needham, MA                                                    2007 – 2009
Marketing and advertising services provider to health care industry
Consultant / Senior Information Architect
     Created, designed and deployed online versions of existing offline/print products
     Designed and managed website infrastructure
     Defined online product specifications, functional requirements and use of technology
     Prepared wireframes, prototypes, online demos and business presentations
     Managed and maintained product design and development
     Worked with cross-functional teams, clients, vendors and industry experts

Imagitas, Inc. – A Pitney Bowes Company, Waltham, MA                                    2000 – 2007
Provider of Public Service Enterprise, government agency/public interaction consulting and
solutions services

Director, Online Product Design, Development, Management and Usability                     2006 – 2007
Internet Product Development Manager                                                       2004 – 2006
Senior Web Designer                                                                        2004 – 2004
User Interface Design Manager                                                              2000 – 2003
      Designed, managed and maintained “MoversGuide Online” (MGO), the official change of address
       website based on strategic partnership with the U.S. Postal Service.
      Communicated and collaborated with USPS for strategic planning and on-going enhancements to
       the website and other products
      Served as a liaison between Marketing and Information Technology, Sales, Client Services,
       Account Management and Marketing Research to develop and deploy monthly website
       updates/releases and new products
      Refined and enhanced the design, flow and use of technology that resulted in higher revenues by
        doubling the MGO conversion (YOY increase of 5% each year from 2002 to 2007)
      Facilitated Imagitas’ online coupon program that resulted in extremely high CTR (over 10%)
      Enhanced and implemented the online coupon program for large clients (Fortune 100
        companies) yielding three times higher revenue
      Assisted with efforts and planning to streamline and integrate various web applications/systems
        that resulted in reduced costs, higher efficiency and quicker turnaround
      Oversaw onboarding of over 50 client ads creating a critical consistency in execution and a very
       successful coupon product
      Managed a team of designers, front-end developers, data analysts and contractors
      Created new product prototypes/wireframes and designed user interface. Transformed ideas for
       new and existing products into web based designs
      Created, managed and maintained database driven web projects and applications
      Supported and managed numerous online products from ideation to execution (prototyping,
       design, specs, product requirements, usability testing, etc.)
      Administered A/B testing and rapid changes to flow and content of the products/sites based on
       consumer feedback and marketing research
      Managed usability, accessibility and technical aspects of email marketing
      Evaluated, recommended and implemented use of new technology and solutions
      Setup cross-department processes to ensure highest quality products
      Managed relations with outside agencies including web consultants, accessibility experts and
      Implemented usability testing sessions for online products
      Implemented and maintained site-wide compliance with Section 508 (Accessibility) as required by
       the government, USPS and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
      Created product performance reports on regular and ad hoc basis for Senior Management,
       Finance and Account Management as well as the U.S. Postal Service
      Advised and supported Account Management, Graphic Design and other departments on content,
       flow and process
                                           Younus Khan

Hewlett Packard Company, Andover, MA                                                     1999 – 1999
Web Developer (Short-term, 4 month contract)
    Designed, developed and maintained dynamic and static websites for departments
    Created database driven Web applications and tools using HTML, DHTML, CFML, JavaScript and
     MS Access

Compaq Computer Corporation, Marlborough, MA                                             1997 – 1999
(Formerly Digital Equipment Corp.)
Media/Web Coordinator
     Designed and developed Compaq intranet/internet sites
     Designed user interface for online projects (using best practices in HTML, DHTML, CSS, web
      design, etc.) based on Marketing needs & requirements as well as usability studies
     Produced product demos (online & CDs) for Sales Force
     Provided technical and editorial support to the publishing process for biweekly sales and customer
      periodicals on various Internet/intranet sites and in print
     Worked with worldwide sales/product managers
     Prepared monthly electronic newsletter for Compaq sales force

                                           Technical Skills

Software: Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, MS Office
Wireframing Tools: MS Visio, Axure, Balsamiq
Programming/Markup Languages: C, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, HTML5, DHTML, XHTML, XML, CSS
Servers/Databases: Windows, UNIX, MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access
Writing: Business cases, product specifications & requirements, application manuals, analytical reports


University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA                                                  1995-1998
Computer Science/Information Technology

American Management Association, New York, NY                                            2006-2007
Certificate, Communicating for Results
Certificate, Project Management
Certificate, Preparing for Leadership

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