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					                        Bellingham Scottish Highland Games
                              Saturday June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd, 2012
                                      Hovander Homestead Park
                                               Clan/Society Application and Contract
Organization Name:____________________________________________________________________________________

Print Name and Title: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________ City: _______________ State/Prov: _____ Zip/Postal Code ___________

Telephone: _________________________________                              Cell Phone (on field) _________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________Website __________________________________________
please print CLEARLY

CLAN FEE                     10 X 10 Space...........................................................................$25.00    $__________
                             Second space available as space permits Fee for second space $50.00                               $__________
                             no gate passes with second space

                           Gate Passes: Everyone must have a Gate Pass or ticket to enter the Games.
      When your application is accepted you will be mailed 2 Gate Passes per day, and any additional tickets you have purchased.

Saturday    ______ tickets @ $13.00 each Adult                                                                                $_______
Saturday    ______ tickets @ $10.00 each Child/Senior 60 & over                                                               $_______
Sunday      ______ tickets @ $13.00 each Adult                                                                                $_______
Sunday      ______ tickets @ $10.00 each Child/Senior 60 & over                                                               $_______
Weekend Pass ______ tickets @ $20.00 each Adult                                                                               $_______
Weekend Pass ______ tickets @ $15.00 each Child/Senior 60 & over                                                              $_______

TOTAL PAYABLE IN U.S. FUNDS ONLY………………….……………………………...........................$_______

       I have read the 2012 contract and waiver on the following page in full and agree to abide by the stipulations provided therein.

                Signature _________________________________________ Date this ___ day of ______________ 2012
                         Primitive Camping is available on site there are no reservations - first come, first serve.
                                 A list of other lodgings is available on our website: http:/

                               ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY APRIL 30.
                                  Mail completed entry form and all fees to:
                                DON & SYLVIA HUTCHENS- 360-201-4123
                                    P. O. Box 265 Bellingham WA. 98227
            This form is an application only. The application is not to be deemed as accepted until
                 you receive confirmation from the Bellingham Highland Games Association.
                                           2012 BHGA CONTRACT & WAIVER

                                                          Keep for your records.

                                  ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY APRIL 30.
                                     Mail completed entry form and all fees to:
                                   DON & SYLVIA HUTCHENS- 360-201-4123
                                       P. O. Box 265 Bellingham WA. 98227
               This form is an application only. The application is not to be deemed as accepted until
                    you receive confirmation from the Bellingham Highland Games Association.

   This is a legal contract that allows you to Participate/Exhibit/Vend at the Bellingham Highland Games from 8:00am Saturday until after the Closing
Ceremonies on SUNDAY. In return for the use of the space assigned to you by the Bellingham Highland Games Association, you hereby agree to abide by
 all the rules and regulations stipulated below and to attend for both days. In return, Bellingham Highland Games Association will promote and advertise
                               this event. The State of Washington has requirements relating to Food and Merchandise vending.
                                            It is your responsibility to be in compliance with the following agencies:

                                     Washington State Department of Revenue @ 1-800-647-7706
                                       Whatcom County Health Department @ 360-676-6720

  The Bellingham Highland Games Association is not responsible for any liabilities relating to your participation in this event. You are required to carry
                               insurance to cover any and all liabilities relating to your participation in this event.

                                 **NOTE --Please make note of the following times & field requirements**

1. The Games Association provides space only. Changing your assigned area after arrival will not be allowed.

2. No vehicles, trailers or motor homes will be permitted on the grounds during the games, except for food preparation booths as required by the Whatcom
County Health Department. No vehicles will be allowed to enter the field on Saturday after 7:00 am. All vehicles MUST be off the field by 7:30 am
on Saturday and Sunday. You may enter through the gate all day on Friday. All vehicles must be
parked in the designated parking area after unloading on Saturday and Sunday mornings. NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. Night security guards may be on duty Friday and Saturday evening. The Games Association and it’s organizers cannot be held responsible for loss or
damage. Participators/Clans/Vendors are responsible for securing their booths and products.
4. The hours of operation: Saturday 8:00am until after Closing Ceremonies and Sunday 9:00 am until after Closing Ceremonies . No takedown until after
the completion of the closing ceremonies on Sunday. For the safety of our spectators, absolutely NO vehicles will be allowed onto the field before the end
of the Closing Ceremonies on Sunday .
5. Participants/Clans/Vendors will receive 2 Gate Passes per day with acceptance of their entry form. No one will be allowed into the games area without a
ticket. ABSOULTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. If you need extra tickets, you can order them on the front of this form.
6. All Participants/Clans/Vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting Washington State sales tax.
7. Each Participant/Clan/Vendor must supply a small garbage can that can be emptied directly into a designated dumpster. No dumping of booth garbage is
allowed in public garbage containers.
8. Each Food vendor shall provide one 32-gallon garbage can with liners for the front of their booths. Food preparation boxes and garbage must be broken
down and taken to the dumpsters, not put into public garbage containers on the grounds. Complete clean up of area at the end of the day is required by
9. Participant/Clan/Vendor space fees are committed in advance to pay costs associated with the Games. There will be NO REFUNDS for any reason.

WAIVER: In consideration of your acceptance of this Participant /Clan/Vendor entry form, I hereby for myself, heirs,
executors and administrator’s, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against the
Bellingham Highland Games Association and/or Whatcom County, their agents, representatives, successors and assignees
for any and all damages, injuries, loss or thefts that may be suffered by me at or through the Bellingham Highland Games.
Having read this disclaimer notice and field requirements above in full, I state with my signature on the application form
that I accept and agree to the terms described herein. I agree to release any photo images taken of me during my
participation in the Bellingham Highland Games for use in promotion for the games.

                                  SORRY, No pets allowed on games field
                         Questions? Contact DON & SYLVIA HUTCHENS- 360-201-4123

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