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									                     Fights against Social Problems In The Books of Premchand

Premchand was a great author who wrote a lot of famous books in Hindi and Urdu. But, he is
prominently known as a Hindi writer. Today, his books are even more popular than they were in own
time. He was a public author who fought against the social problems by the means of his literature.
A number of stories and novels were written by him, which gained a huge popularity. Some of his
famous novels, which gained a widespread popularity, include Nirmala, Godaan, Karmabhoomi,
Rangabhoomi, Gaban and more. Some of his novels have been translated into English also. These
novels can be witnessed today in every offline and online books store.

Premchand attacked the social evils brilliantly. His famous treatise Nirmala is the best example in
this regard. In the first portion of this novel, Premchand explains the plight of a widow, who wants to
marry her daughter with good bridegroom because of her inability to give the dowry. Finally, she is
forced marry her with a person, who is much older than her. Such inappropriate matches were
common in some areas of India during Premchand’s era, so he raised voice against them through
this book.

On the other hand, depiction of psychology can also be seen in some of his novels. Karmabhoomi
was one of his novels, in which this depiction could be witnessed in the form of family relations and
the feelings of a male and a female towards each other. Moreover, Premchand has shown his skills
in taking the family stories to the social context. The story starts from the family quarrels between a
father and a son, but it further proceeds to the problems like untouchablity and many other social
problems of India.

These books have captured the nerve of Indian society in the real sense. Rural India has been
depicted to a great extent in these novels. The culture of India at the time of British rule has also
been perfectly described in these books. You can also find the encounters with English people in
some of the novels. The abovementioned novel Karmaboomi is a perfect example, in which problem
faced by the Indians during era of English people have been explained.

On the other hand, the influence of the contemporary movements can also be witnessed on
Premchand’s novels. Author seems to be influenced with Mahatma Gandhi in many of the novels.
Books like Karmabhoomi and Rangaboomi depict the movements in the Gandhian style. Some
analysts claim the impact of Karl Marx also at some places.

Apart from all, these novels also entertain the people and are good to read in the spare time. You
can know about the more novels and stories of Premchand on the online books stores.

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