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					                                         Lucia Bellini
Hair color: brown         JTS Talent &Casting     
Eye color: blue           481 8TH Ave Suite 506
Height:    5' 8"          New York, NY10001
Weight:    130            Phone: 646−875−5016
                          Fax: 646−688−5485

Jane and Jane                          Alice            Anastasia Cipolla
Comfort Food                           Vampire          Salome Buelow
Trust No One                           Rebecca          Manuel Moniz
Blind Date                             Kerry            Sammie Amachree
The Perfect Neighbor                   Rachel           Eric Michael Espiritu
The Chestnuts                          Lupus            Alvaro Perez
Macabre Muse                           Goth Girl        Dan Devine
Disconnected                           Tanya            Amir Adelar Minder
Faith No More                          Anne             Lucien Noe
Sex Machine                            Lucia            Norman Schwartz
You Snooze You Lose                    Mary             Emmet Gibney
Newton                                 Lucy             SeWoong Bae
Wild Flowers                           Lulu             Dessance Resler (Music Video)

Happy Hour                             Fearless Girl    Michael Horn, Michael Chekhov Theater, New York
Reasons To Be Pretty                   Stephanie        Bruce Ornstein
Beirut                                 Blue             John Pallotta
The Dreamer Examines His Pillow        Donna            John Pallotta
Fast Girls                             Abigail          Bruce Ornstein
A Matter of Husbands                   Young Woman      Bruce Ornstein
Months On End                          Paige            Bruce Ornstein
The Penetration Play                   Rain             Bruce Ornstein
The Children's Hour                    Karen            Bruce Ornstein
No Exit                                Estelle          Bruce Ornstein
Dinner With Friends                    Beth             Bruce Ornstein
Same Time Next Year                    Doris            Bruce Ornstein
Closer                                 Anna             Nick Landry
Fools                                  Sophia           Zenon Kruszelnicki

Scene Study                            Bruce Ornstein
Scene Study                            John Pallotta
Meisner Technique                      Nick Landry
Acting For Film                        Norman Schwartz
Scene Study                            Zenon Kruszelnicki
Scene Study                            David Robinette
Acting For Television                  Bob Goodman
Improvisation Techinque                Sam Turich
Voice And Movement                     Mary Workman
Voice And Movement                     Glenn Kalison
Stage Combat                           Brad Lemons

Special Skills
Fluent Italian, Basic French and Spanish, Improv, Good Comedic
Timing, Ballet and Modern Jazz Dance Training, Valid Passport,
Tennis, Ski, Cooking, Bar Tending, Moped Driving, Manual
Transmission Driving.

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