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                     THE FUTURE
          TODAY      STARTS HERE

Harassment, Bullying, and Cyber-Intimidation are real issues that can
                                                                                           Nov 2011: Issue 7
dramatically affect today’s schools. More bullying cases have parents turning to
the courts to hold schools more accountable. Please click the following link:               table of contents
parents-self-defense-courts/50363256/1 to view a USA Today article about one           HBC Program	                 Cover
$20 million dollar lawsuit exemplary of a growing number of civil court actions        What’s New and Who’s New 
taken by parents that accuse schools of failing to fully address bullying.
                                                                                       Liability Insurance	             6
Learning for Life has partnered with Summit Learning Company and VESI to               Online Career Interest Survey	   7
provide new online programs that effectively address these vital issues. Through
                                                                                       Exploring News	                  9
online educational videos and staff development courses, educators can better
teach students and parents how to recognize, address, and prevent these issues.

For more information, please visit: http://learning.learningforlife.org/digital-

!                                      !


                                                                                 LFL Strategic Plan

                                                                                 4 Pillars For Success

                                                                                 Defining the Vision and
                                                                                 Mission of Learning for Life in
                                                                                 the 21st Century.

                                                                                 Building a robust and
                                                                                 sustainable delivery system
                                                                                 through meaningful and impact
                                                                                 collaborations with local

What’s New In Learning for Life                                                  Learning for Life is a “value
We are into month eleven of the LFL 2011-2015 Strategic Plan. We have            added” solution for meeting
almost completed the first year of our Strategic Plan. We are still               the character and/or
experiencing many successes and achieving milestones quicker than                workforce development needs
anticipated. Listed below are some of our successes.                             of educational, business, civic
                                                                                 organizations and other key
Digital Curriculum and Online Career Interest Survey                             collaborative partners.

The digital curriculum, Proof of Concept has started. Grades 3-6 will be used.
                                                                                 Undiscovered pathways; new
The online Career Interest Survey is a reality. The pilot councils have been
                                                                                 markets and new delivery
recruited and have begun testing. The national launch date is slated for the
first quarter of 2012. Please read page 7 for more information.

Who’s New In Learning for Life

Please welcome Liz Ludewig to the Learning for Life family. Liz is our new
Director of Curriculum Programs. Liz is charged with developing curriculum
and training our customers and partners on how to utilize the In-school
curriculum. Liz brings over 27 years of experience in education and training        NEWS FLASH!!!
to Learning for Life. WELCOME.

New Public LFL Site
                                                                                 NCS SURVEYS
                                                                                 PRICING: Item 32040
The new web site debuted in February 2011. We listened to our customers
and made it much easier to navigate and find the items that you are looking
                                                                                 up to 19 pkgs = $2.99
for. In the first two weeks, we received over 150 referral requests to join or
                                                                                 per pack
start an Exploring post. As we receive the requests, we send out weekly
reports to council CEOs. Currently, we receive an average of 25 referral
requests daily.
                                                                                 20 pkgs or more=
                                                                                 $2.29 per pack

Eight Character
Traits of LFL
esteem for a sense of the worth or                          !
excellence of a person, a personal
quality or ability.

reliability or dependability.
truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness/
reliance on the integrity

                                                1. Local	
to be concerned/free from bias or                  Proposal	
injustice.                                         Learning	
steadfast persistence in adhering to a
                                                2. Proposal	
course of of action, a belief or a                 Marketing	
purpose.                                           electronic	
discipline and training of oneself,             3. Camille	
usually for improvement.                           prospective	
the quality of mind or spirit that
enables a person to face difficulty,            4. Donor	
danger, etc., without fear, bravery.
                                                5. Camille	
the character of an individual viewed
as a member of society; behavior in             6. Matt	
terms of the duties, obligations, and              amount.	
functions of a citizen.
Reference material - dictionary.com                Executive	

                                                7. Local	

Life Skills
the ability to cope with stresses and      Note:	
challenges of daily life, esp. skills in   or	
communication and literacy, decision-
making, occupational requirements,
problem-solving, time management
and planning.

    Now available for Homeschool, Learning for Life offers an affordable academic and
    character development program as an ideal supplement to help Homeschool students in
    PreK-12th grades (Ages 3-18) develop strong character traits while reinforcing the state and
    national standards.
    Learning for Life uniquely blends
    character development lessons with core
    academic subjects correlated to the state
    standards and develops the "whole"
    child with a focus on academics,
    personal safety awareness, ethics, and
    life skills. All Learning for Life
    programs are research-based and have
    proven to increase attendance and
    improve an overall positive school
    Program Overview

                                          -Bullying, Internet Safety, and Drug Abuse Prevention

                                             ies & student recognition

        Programs are available for students in each PreK-12 grade
        level/Ages 3-18 (including Spanish through 4th grade) and
        also available for students with special needs through the

    We are excited to offer our innovative academic & character development programs
    and hope you will consider adding Learning for Life to your school curriculum!
               Please visit our web site to learn more!        Email for more information:

                    LearningForLife.org                                  info@lflmail.org




                  Monthly Action Plan for November

Learning for Life Committee:
   • Review program, Group, and participation goal progress.
   • Review new group organization and renewal progress.
   • Review fundraising timetable.
   • Mail notice of District committee election.

   • Meet 8 new people
   • Follow-up with new people met last month

Marketing Team:
  • Publicize Outdoor Activity Day and other noteworthy Group activities.
  • Submit Learning for Life articles for Council newsletter.

Service Team:
   • Conduct monthly Group visits.
   • Critique last renewal process. Develop plans for coming year’s renewals.
   • Follow-up on new groups.
   • Follow-up on registration of new participants and new Groups.
   • Conduct Group renewals and submit paperwork to Learning for Life office.

Program Team:
   • Follow-up on activities & training plan.
   • Develop Learning for Life calendar for committee approval.

Fund Raising Team:
   • Recruit and orient fundraising campaigners.
   • Confirm all guests for Council Fund raising kickoff.
   • Conduct popcorn sale.
   • Prepare a grant request for submission.
   • Follow-up on timely billing of all renewed groups.

    *The plans are customizable and are on the LFL Internal site (MyBSA/Resources/Learning for Life)

                                              Mr. Hal Shevers           Ms. Sharon Sewell         Dr. Albert Gray
                                              Aviation                  Business                  Engineering

                                              Mr. Timothy S. Wall       Mr. Gary L. Briese        Dr. Frederick Eichmiller
                                              Fire/Emergency Services   Fire/Emergency Services   Health
        Career Field Chairpersons
                                              Mr. James Dunn            Ms. Michele M. Leonhart   Dr. Ted S.J. Davi
                                              Law and Government        Law Enforcement           Science

                                              Dr. David Briscoe
                                              Social Services

                                               Exploring Tidbits
                                 Liability Insurance for Participating Partners

    Participating organizations are covered with primary general liability insurance. This liability policy is primary
    for a participating organization except on automobiles or watercraft owned or used by the participating
    organization. A participating organization is defined as its board of directors and/or trustees, its officers and
    employees, in their official and individual capacity.

    If a volunteer is an employee of the participating organization, he or she is provided with primary liability
    coverage as long as Learning for Life guidelines are followed. A non employee (volunteer, parent, etc..) is
    provided with excess coverage. Most Explorer Advisors are employees of the participating partner, therefore
    they have primary liability coverage.

    Accident insurance is the responsibility of individual posts and its leadership. Many local councils provide
    accident insurance to their youth members by collecting a small fee each year. Contact your local staff to see if
    this service is provided, if not a policy can be obtained through your local council office at a small cost.

    *Safety First, Learning for Life Guidelines web page: http://exploring.learningforlife.org/safety-first/

                                          EXPLORING ON-LINE
                                        CAREER INTEREST SURVEY
                                                            FACT SHEET

Background: School districts across the country are shifting to on-line and digital formats for curriculum, testing, and surveying
students and parents. Learning for Life researched three different companies who have the experience and expertise to create an
on-line survey. We found that the AIM Institute of Omaha, NE provided exactly what we needed at a reasonable price.

Mid America Council in Omaha, NE                  !
worked with the AIM Institute to develop
an on-line career interest survey to meet
their local needs. This version opened
doors to schools that were not previously
opened to Mid America Council, resulting
in an 18% increase in Career interest
surveys over what were completed with
paper surveys alone and a 21% increase in
Exploring participation.

Access: The survey is accessed over a
secure website, so anyone with internet
access and a computer or smart phone
may complete the survey, including home
school students. Students may access
either during school, or individually outside
of school. (Mid America Council noted
1.1% of surveys were completed outside of
school hours based on a date / time stamp
on the data.)

Results: Results will be connected to a council based on student zip codes. The results are sent to a secure website that is accessed
by password. Passwords to access council results will be individually assigned to up to three council staff members. To prevent
access to student data, passwords will be disabled if / when an employee leaves the council. Results will be provided to councils in
the same format as the results from the paper surveys. This will allow a seamless merging of both paper and on-line survey results
so councils can tabulate council-wide results. Schools will not have direct access to their results, but must obtain them from their
local council.

Price: The on-line Career Interest Survey price will be an annual flat rate, based on council classification, for an unlimited number of
surveys. Councils may sign up to use the on-line survey for the calendar year and renew annually. Paper surveys cost councils
$0.10 per form, plus the cost of delivering the forms and results to school administrators. The on-line fee is approximately half of
what councils are paying for their current level of surveys. When the number of surveys increases, it becomes more cost effective
for councils. 	 	          	        	         	        	       	         	       	         	

School list & updates: Initially a nationwide school list will be loaded into the survey. Councils will have the opportunity to verify all
their schools are listed. School names will be provided on a drop down menu based on the state and city where the student attends

                                                Classification            Annual Price
                                                      500                   $600
                                                      400                   $700
                                                      300                   $800
                                                      200                   $900
                                                      100                  $1,000

  calendar                          november                          december                         january

  * denotes national                6                                 7                                1
                                    Daylight Savings Time             Pearl Harbor Day                 * New Year’s Day
  holiday, National
  LFL office is closed*                                               25                               16
                                    11                                * Christmas                      * MLK Day
                                    Veteran’s Day
                                    24                                 New Year’s Eve
                                    * Thanksgiving Day

Online CIS continued

school. All councils will have two generic options: “Home school” and “Other _______” in the unlikely event a school name is
omitted. As schools change (open, close, merge, rename), councils can notify Learning for Life and the on-line survey can be
updated quickly.

User’s Manual: A User’s Manual will be developed and provided to each council when they sign up to use the system. Paper
surveys: Paper surveys will not be eliminated as we need to be able to meet the various needs of students and school districts who
have different technology capabilities. This on-line survey will augment and expand capabilities for councils.

Career & hobby updates: When the current stock of paper surveys is depleted, the next printing will include new careers (such as:
forensic science, nuclear power plant operator, financial advisor, etc) and hobbies (such as: geo-caching, gaming, scrapbooking,
etc). The on-line and paper versions will be updated simultaneously so councils will have consistent results.

Value-added features: Value-added features are being negotiated to add to the survey site such as career assessments, career
field information, job search resources, and career planning information. The purpose of these features is to make this site “sticky”
– that’s technical jargon for being a website one uses on a recurring basis because it is useful. Such features could make the site
the desirable place for teenagers to learn about careers and how to participate in real-world career experiences through

Pilot & roll out: Learning for Life will make adjustments as needed and roll out the on-line survey nationwide in January 2012.
Pilot councils are: Binghamton, NY; Columbus, OH; Denver, CO; El Paso, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Memphis, TN; Pittsburgh, PA;
Portland, OR; St. Louis, MO; and Tyler, TX.

Council sign up: Information and sign-up procedures will be distributed in BSA Pouch Mail/October 2011 for the 2012 calendar

Questions: If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Doug Brown, Sr. Director of Exploring / Team Leader
at dbrown@lflmail.org, or call the National Office of Learning for Life at 972-580-2433.

                                                        A Special Thank You to All of
                                                        Our LE Academy Partners for
                                                        Another Fantastic Program.
                                                        We’ll See You In 2013.

Becoming A Member Of The Law Enforcement Community
Tips From The Top                                                                                      Leaders are made not born
                                                                                                       although many are born with
    The following tips were provided by LTC Sonya Friday to LE Explorers attending                     certain skills and abilities that make
the 2011 US Marshals Law Enforcement Academy in Washington, D.C. this past                             them more suited to be a leader
summer.                                                                                                nevertheless they are made

                    Here are some leadership traits and/or qualities that I do believe are             Success is a journey rather than a
                    important as you continue with your quest to join the LE Community at              destination
                    this point of your life:
                                                                                                       Know who you are – NO ONE
  Being able to put yourself in the other person's shoes,          SHOULD KNOW YOU BETTER
                    without empathy you can't build trust. And without trust, you will never           THAN YOU KNOW YOURSELF
                    be able to get the best effort from your subordinates
                                                                                                       You must learn to be a good
  is not the same as aggressiveness. Rather, it is the ability to clearly state   follower before you can ever be a
what one expects so that there will be no misunderstandings. A leader must be assertive                good leader
to get the desired results. Along with assertiveness comes the responsibility to clearly
                                                                                                       When in a leadership position
understand what followers expect from their leader.
                                                                                                       never ask your subordinates to do
                                                                                                       something that you are not willing
  You as a leader must recognize that you are no better or worse than other
                                                                                                       to do yourself
members of the team. A humble leader is not self-effacing but rather tries to elevate
everyone.                                                                                              The best lessons that you will ever
                                                                                                       learn will come from your mistakes
  Knowledge is the understanding of a science or art. Knowledge means that
                                                                                                       or mistakes of others – there is a
you have acquired information and that you understand people. Your knowledge should
                                                                                                       lesson in everything we do in life
be broad, and in addition to knowing your job, you should know your organizations                      but the question is are you willing
policies and keep up with current events.
                                                                                                       to learn it
  Is the integration of outward actions and inner values. A person of integrity is     Leadership is tough
the same on the outside and on the inside.
                                                                                                       The type of leader you are today
Unselfishness – that you avoid making yourself comfortable at the expense of others.                   will not be the same 5 years from
Be considerate of others; give credit to those who deserve it                                          now – in other words experience
                                                                                                       and growth are good things
Tact – that you can deal with people in a manner that will maintain good relationships
and avoid problems. It means that you are polite, calm and firm
                                                                                                       Always work to improve and
Endurance – The mental and physical stamina that is measured by your ability to
                                                                                                       hone your skills
withstand pain, fatigue, stress, and hardship.
                                                                                                       Know that your most valuable
                                                                                                       possession despite what you do in
                                                                                                       life – is TIME

                                              First Construction Post
                                                   in the State of

                                        Kids may get to build a career
Skilled Trades                          by Gregory J. Wilcox, Staff Writer, Daily News LA

                                        General contractor Mike Quiroga wants to show the Valley's high school kids that it's possible to
Volupat est ipsum quis                  hammer, saw and manage their way to a nice, middle-class life.
Praesent et dolor ac sapien vehicula    The owner of Mike's Roofing and Building is forming California's first construction-related
bibendum. Donec eu ante.                Explorer post, creating a program to help high school juniors and seniors learn about the building
Pellentesque quis est eu pede laoreet   trades.
elementum. Vestibulum ante ipsum        "We want to help them," said Quiroga, president and CEO of the roofing company he founded 39
primis in faucibus.                     years ago. "If some kids in high school want to see how the construction industry works we can
                                        take them under our wing and let them go from there."
Est eu pede laoreet                     Quiroga is working with the Van Nuys office of Learning for Life, the Irving, Texas-based
                                        nonprofit that started the Explorer program 62 years ago.
Mike Quiroga, owner of Mike's
Building in Van Nuys, is                Starting with an initial class of 10 students, Explorer Post 780 will meet monthly at the Van Nuys
                                        office of Mike's Roofing. Members will have the chance to meet with guest speakers, learn to use
partnering with a nonprofit to          various tools and visit job sites and materials manufacturers.
create California's first               "They are going to be working the estimators, see how a roof is installed and see how hard the
construction Explorer program.          work is," Quiroga said. "Some people like to work with their hands instead of sitting in an
(Hans Gutknecht/Staff                   office."
Photographer)                           Explorer programs are designed to help teens learn about various careers, from police and fire
                                        service to health and social services.
                                        Quiroga's post will fall within Learning for Life's skilled trades group - one of only nine
                                        nationally with this designation, spokeswoman Debbie Williams said.
Careers To Watch                        Although the construction sector was hammered during the Great Recession, Nancy Sidhu, chief
                                        economist at the Kyser Center for Economic Research in Los Angeles, thinks the new post is a
                                        good idea.
1. ELECTRICIAN                          "Programs like this are definitely very interesting and the construction industry is one where
                                        there is an opportunity for so many different kinds of skills, both blue collar and white collar,"
2. CARPENTER                            she said.
                                        Brenda Bradford, manager of the Learning for Life office in Van Nuys, said she hopes similar
3. PLUMBER                              posts can be formed.
                                        "It's a matter of finding companies like Mike's, who are willing to take on the kids," Bradford
4. WELDER                               said. "Mike is just so community-service oriented that it was a good fit for him."
                                        There are currently 24 Explorer programs in the Valley with about 800 cadets enrolled, she said.
5. HEATING, A/C AND                     Most are first-responder oriented but there are three aviation posts, along with medical, military
                                        and media arts posts.
                                        "This is a good reality check in terms of confirming whether this is what they really want to do,"
   MECHANICS AND                        Bradford said. "I have had some fire Explorers who thought they really wanted to fight fires until
   INSTALLERS 	                         they actually tried it."
                                        She thinks there will be a lot of interest in the construction post because the sector offers so many
                                        employment opportunities.
                                        "Some kids might decide that architecture is what they want or building inspection. It will expose
                                        them to so many different aspects that they can find what they are interested in."

                                           Fact Sheet

                  2012 NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT
                       EXPLORING CONFERENCE
BACKGROUND: The National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference is conducted every
other year and is attended by thousands of Law Enforcement Explorers and adult leaders. They
come together for a week of team and individual competitions, seminars, demonstrations,
exhibits, recreation and fun.

DATES: July 16-21, 2012

LOCATION:        Colorado State University – Fort Collins. Colorado

COST: The conference fee is $475 per Explorer or adult, plus a non-refundable Post registration
fee of $100.


Team competition events: Arrest and Search, Bomb Threat Response, Crime Scene Search,
Crime Prevention, Domestic Crisis Intervention, Shoot/Don’t Shoot, Crisis Negotiation (formerly
known as Hostage Negotiation), Burglary in Progress, Traffic Accident Investigation, Traffic
Stop, White Collar Crime, Emergency Field First Aid and Drill Team.

Individual competition events: Police Physical Performance Test, Air Pistol Competition,
Pistol (9mm) Competition, Sample Police Written Examination, Bike Policing Competition and
Non-Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (NEVO).

Seminars: Explosives Investigations, Combating Terrorism in America, Executive Protection,
Leadership Development, Fugitive Investigations, Gang Recognition and Identification, Hate
Crimes & Terrorism on the Internet, Narcotics Trafficking and Interdiction, Protecting our
National Borders, Protect Yourself: Self-Defense, Psychological Profiling, Surveillance Methods
and Technology, Advisor Workshop, and other presentations.

Conference Features: Dynamic opening and closing shows, exciting entertainment night,
Career Fair, Exploring U.S.A., Rally Demonstration, nightly Jump Club dance, election of
National Youth Representatives and retail Cop Shop.

REGISTRATION: All Law Enforcement Explorer Posts registered with Learning for Life are
eligible to attend the conference. The 2012 National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference
Guidebook will be available in the summer of 2011. The conference is usually a “sell-out” event
and registration is on a first come, first served basis. Please be on the lookout and visit our web
site in June.


                                        Fact Sheet


BACKGROUND: The National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference is conducted every
other year and is attended by thousands of Law Enforcement Explorers and adult leaders. This
year, we are inviting Fire and Emergency Services Explorers to join in on the fun. We will come
together for a week of team and individual competitions, seminars, demonstrations, exhibits,
recreation and fun.

DATES: July 16-21, 2012

LOCATION: Colorado State University – Fort Collins, Colorado

COST: The conference fee is $475 per Explorer or adult this includes meals and housing, plus a
non-refundable Post registration fee of $100.


All Fire and Emergency Services Exploring activities will take place at a local Fire Training
Center. The Explorers will be housed on the Colorado State University campus in the dormitories
and transported to the training center.

In addition, the Explorers will be invited to the dynamic opening and closing shows,
entertainment night, rally demonstration, and the nightly jump club dances.

More information will be provided in the very near future.

REGISTRATION: All Fire and Emergency Explorer Posts registered with Learning for Life are
eligible to attend the conference. The 2012 National Fire and Emergency Exploring Conference
Guidebook will be available in the summer of 2011. The conference is usually a “sell-out” event
and registration is on a first come, first served basis. Please be on the lookout and visit our web
site in June.



                                                          written by Sgt. Jim Halsey

    Cadets of Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post #2015 recently won numerous top honors at a Law Enforcement Explorer Cadet
    competition held in Paso Robles, California, from September 23rd – 25th, 2011.

    The Twelfth Annual Central Coast Law Enforcement Explorer Competition hosted 490 law enforcement explorer cadets from 45 various law
    enforcement agencies throughout California, Nevada and Arizona.

    The competition was extremely demanding, testing the physical & mental strength and operational expertise of competing Explorer Cadets.

    The Explorer Cadets competed in a variety of law enforcement related scenarios, including: Felony Suspect Detainment and Arrest, Vehicle
    Traffic Enforcement Stops, DUI Investigations, Vehicle Searches, Building Searches, Domestic Violence Investigations, Suspect Interview and
    Interrogation, Emergency Medical Aid, Patrolling, Hazardous Response/Active Gunman and a host of other law enforcement related tasks.
    Additionally, Explorer Cadets competed in individual and team physical agility tests.

    The Douglas County Sheriff’s Explorer cadets did exceptionally well, garnering wins in the following categories:
            1st Place: Domestic Violence
            2nd Place: Felony Suspect Detainment and Arrest
            3rd Place: DUI Investigation
            3rd Place: Emergency Medical Scenario
            3rd Place: Physical Agility Obstacle Course
            4th Place: Bicycle Patrolling Skills
            5th Place: Shooting Skills
            5th Place: Hazardous Response/Active Gunman

    Additionally, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Explorer Cadets won numerous individual achievement awards

    Due to the outstanding law enforcement knowledge and skill demonstrated by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Explorer Cadets during the
    competition, they scored 3rd place overall out of the total 45 competing Explorer posts, an outstanding achievement due to an extremely
    competitive field of teams, including teams from San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office, Riverside Police Department, El Dorado County Sheriffs
    Office, California Highway Patrol, and several other large California law enforcement agencies.

    In addition to the competition awards won by the DCSO Explorers, Explorer Captain Matt Sampson was selected as one of the top cadets,
    winning a $500.00 academic scholarship and a new laptop computer.

                                                                                          The competition was the culmination of several months of
                                                                                          extensive training and practical application administered
                                                                                          by DCSO Youth Services Deputies Chris Griffith and
                                                                                          Teresa Duffy.

                                                                                          DCSO Explorer Cadets display their awards won
                                                                                          during the Twelfth Annual Central Coast Law
                                                                                          Enforcement Explorer Competition held in Paso
                                                                                          Robles, Ca.

                                                                                          Pictured from L-R: Cadet Lieutenant Conner
                                                                                          Michitarian, Cadet Gio Hernandez, Cadet Jessica
                                                                                          Pomeroy, Cadet Chelsea Osborn, Cadet Megan
                                                                                          Rooney, Cadet Allie Testa, Cadet Ali Montoya, Cadet
                                                                                          Sergeant Jessica Jaramillo, Cadet Megan Robinson,
                                                                                          Cadet Kim Russell, Cadet Adam Dack, Cadet Captain
                                                                                          Matt Sampson


                                                        2011 Vermont Law Enforcement Explorer

             On August 14, 2011, Customs and Border Protection Explorer Post 585 of Highgate Springs, Vermont hosted its third
             annual Law Enforcement Academy for youth ages 14-21 at Boy Scout Camp Sunrise in Benson, Vermont. The
             Academy educates young people interested in pursuing law enforcement careers. CBP Post 585 is one of many
             Explorer posts throughout the United States that provide boys and girls with career experience and training in a
             structured group setting.

            The Camp Sunrise program began in 2009 with Post 585 Chief Advisor Toby Mitchinson, Advisor Jennifer Carey-
            Decoste, and Rutland Police Post 20 Chief Advisor Greg Sheldon. Nine Explorers from the two posts attended. Since
            then the academy has grown significantly with twenty-four participants from four Explorer Posts in 2011. Advisors
            and Explorers participated from CBP Post 585 from Highgate Springs Port of Entry, CBP Post 2100 from Champlain,
            NY Port of Entry, Post 20 from the Rutland Police Department, Post 613 from the Middlebury Police Department, Post
            111 from the Brandon Police Department, and Post 13 from the Fair Haven Police Department.

            The training was mentally and physically rigorous. The Explorers proved their dedication to the program with their
            commitment and the quality of their daily efforts. Each day began at 0600 hours and ended with lights out at 2200
            hours, breaking for meals only. The youths formed four squads with a single platoon leader. They began their routine
            with drill and the raising of the flags, followed by classroom instruction and hands on learning. Instructors emphasized
            leadership, team building, practical skills and understanding the basic principles and role of law enforcement.

Explorer Academy Class Photo                                                     Passive K9 Demonstration

2011 National                  Keith Clark, Chairman        Richard Pieper, Sr.         Larry Scott

                               Bray Barnes                  Kevin Ryan, PhD             Dane Watkins
Learning For Life
                               Hon. Rob Bishop              Helen Stiff-Willams, PhD    Don Bean

Committee                      Robert H. Lane, Ph.D         Tom Whalen                  John Wolfgang

                               Erik Lingren                 Dr. Carlos Hamilton         Michael Todd

                               Ronn Lucas                   George Mitchell             Fr. Bernard O’Conner

                               Frank McAllister             James W. Palmer, Jr.        Fred Markham

                               Joe H. Pickens               Bradley E. Haddock

                                              EXPLORERS SCENE AROUND TOWN

                                 On Monday, October 13, 2011, Explorer Sgt. Jessica Ramos of the Monterey
                                 Park Police Department Explorer Post 300 registered with the San Gabriel
                                 Valley Council, was recognized by our local news, ABC 7 Eyewitness News as
                                 a “Cool Kid”, which is an important segment and recognition for youth. For
                                 further info on her “Cool Kids” interview follow this link, http://
As a Monterey Park Police Explorer, she takes pride in giving back to her community. She was recently
promoted to Sergeant. She is very fortunate to have positive role models like the Monterey Park Police Officers
and staff at the Boys and Girls Club who support and constantly encourage her.

When interviewed, Explorer Ramos said, "Law enforcement has always intrigued me. I want to do science,
forensic studies, like CSI, FBI. I'd like to do that". She’s not only involved in the Explorer program; but she is
also on many other community programs throughout the San Gabriel Valley. Explorer Ramos enjoys helping
others. She has learned to give back to the less fortunate by donating her time to feed the Homeless, Food
Banks and Special Olympics for the Blind.

Explorer Ramos plans on going to college and major in Criminal Justice. She is exemplary in her community.



                Monthly Action Plan for November

Exploring Committee:
   • Review program, Post, and participation goal progress.
   • Review new post organization and renewal progress.
   • Review fundraising timetable.
   • Mail notice of District committee election.

   • Meet 8 new people
   • Follow-up with new people met last month

Marketing Team:
  • Plan for career interest survey.
  • Publicize Explorer program conference.
  • Publicize Fall Exploring Activity and other noteworthy Post activities.
  • Submit Exploring articles for Council newsletter.

Service Team:
   • Conduct monthly Post visits.
   • Follow-up on new posts.
   • Follow-up on registration of new Explorers and new Posts.
   • Coach Advisors on how to conduct Post Officers’ seminars in new Posts.
   • Assist with Explorer program conference.
   • Conduct Post renewals and submit paperwork to Exploring office.
   • Conduct Firstnighters. Ensure new Explorer paperwork is submitted to Exploring office.

Program Team:
   • Follow-up on activities schedule.
   • Conduct Fall Exploring Activity program.
   • Conduct Advisor meeting as part of the program conference.
   • Survey new posts to determine effectiveness of Post Officers’ seminar.
   • Develop Exploring calendar for committee approval.
   • Prepare and conduct Fall Exploring Activity.

Finance Team:
    • Recruit and orient fundraising campaigners.
    • Explain fundraising at Advisor meeting.
    • Confirm all guests for Council Fund raising kickoff.
    • Conduct popcorn sale.
    • Plan for Fund raising Breakfast (set location, determine invitation list, secure event sponsor)

                                          Dr. Diane E. Thornton          Doug Brown                      Liz Ludewig
Learning For Life                         National Director              Sr. Director of Exploring       Director of Curriculum

National Staff                            William Taylor                 Camille Travis
                                          Director of Exploring          Director of Marketing and
                                          Support Staff
                                          Debbie Williams                Cathy Hardrick                  Matt Henthorn

                                      MISSION STATEMENT                                       PREK-12 VISION
                                            “To develop and deliver engaging,                  “To provide engaging and relevant
                                      research based academic, character,                 PreK-12 solutions that positively impact
                                      leadership and career focused programs              academic performance, social maturity,
                                      aligned to state and national standards that        character development, and career education
                                      guide and enable all students to achieve their      for all students.”
                                      full potential.”
                                                                                          CAREER EXPLORING VISION
                                                                                               “To provide positive and meaningful real
                                                                                          world career experiences and leadership
                                                                                          development opportunities for all teenagers
                                                                                          and young adults in their chosen field of

                    LEARNING FOR LIFE
                    1329 WEST WALNUT HILL LANE
                    IRVING, TEXAS 75015


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