; AR-CSR 2012 Brochure - Convener's Remarks
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AR-CSR 2012 Brochure - Convener's Remarks


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									I am most delighted to welcome you to the 2nd edition of the Africa CEO Roundtable &
Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (AR-CSR™) 2012 scheduled to take place from
June 20-22, 2012 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria. The theme this
year - “Public – Private Synergy: Expanding Economic Opportunities for Sustainable
Development”, seeks to make a case for responsible public/private synergy as well as
illustrate how the content and effectiveness of three contemporary elements of the global
economy, that is - corporate social responsibility, the achievement of the millennium
development goals and the opening up of centrally planned economies to market forces -
are being, or might be, effected by the appropriate ‘bottom up’ and ‘top down’ incentive
structures and enforcement mechanisms devised by the society of which they are part.

Over the past 30 years, the concept of sustainability has evolved to reflect perspectives of
both the public and private sectors. A public policy perspective would define sustainability
as the satisfaction of basic economic, social, and security needs now and in the future
without undermining the natural resource base and environmental quality on which life
depends. From a business perspective, the goal of sustainability is to increase long-term
shareholder and social value, while decreasing industry’s use of materials and reducing
negative impacts on the environment.

Common to both the public policy and business perspectives is recognition of the need to
support a growing economy while reducing the social and economic costs of economic
growth. Sustainable development can foster policies that integrate environmental,
economic, and social values in decision making. From a business perspective, sustainable
development favors an approach based on capturing system dynamics, building resilient
and adaptive systems, anticipating and managing variability and risk, and earning a profit.

This platform remains relevant to discuss issues of Sustainable Corporate and Economic
Development, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as the enhancement of
a public-private synergy for the attainment of a credible business environment in Africa,
through comparing notes, learning new trends and providing support for organizations and
practitioners alike on the constantly changing direction of businesses across the world.

A few things stand the AR-CSR™ out: the quality of the resource persons and participants,
whose attendance and contributions make all the difference in setting the agenda for CSR
and Sustainability as well as pointing out the glaring gaps for all to see. Corresponding
opinions, experiences and discussions which make the experience invaluable both for
corporate strategy and policy resource, have in a short time carved a niche and made this an
important event in the African Business Calendar.

The CEO Roundtable will feature much more sensitive and in-depth issues on economic
transformation through active partnerships with government. We are looking forward to
the resolutions and ideas which will shift the focus of all stakeholders to pursue innovations
that can create shared value across supply chains.

We are pleased to welcome on board, our Strategic partners for the 2012 edition: Friends of
the Global Fund, Africa (Friends Africa) and the Centre for African Peace & Policy Studies
(CAPPS) Consult. We are certain that their wealth of experience and expertise will be of
immense value to the content and execution of this initiative as well as its spin off projects.

The subsequent pages provide you with information on how your organization can
participate actively in this emerging discourse through attendance and possible areas of
partnership with this initiative. Your comments, ideas and suggestions are highly welcome.
Please reach me directly on: ini@thistlepraxisconsulting.com or the team at: info@ar-

I trust you would not miss this opportunity.

I warmly invite you to the AR-CSR™ 2012 and look forward to welcoming you in Abuja in
June 2012.

Sustainably Yours,

Ini Onuk
Lead Consultant/CEO
ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited

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