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					    Who is the TeleManagement Forum?
                           Over 350 members including:
             – Service Providers
             – Network Operators                               
             – System Integrator
             – Equipment Vendors
             – Independent Software Vendors
          Mission: To help service providers and network operators automate their
          business processes in a cost- and time-effective way.
              Provide guidance on the shape of business processes
              Agreeing on information that needs to flow from one process activity to another.
              Identifying a realistic systems environment to support the interconnection of
               operational support systems.
              Enabling the development of a market and real products for integrating and
               automating telecom operations processes.

EAB-06:037222 Uen Rev PA1    Ericsson Internal   1        e-tom model        2006-08-29
    What is eTOM?
       “enhanced Telecom Operations Map”
       A business process framework:
              Reference framework for categorizing all the business activities that a
               service provider will use.
              These activities can be combined in many different ways to implement
               end-to-end business processes that deliver value for the customer and
               the service provider.
       Not a business model:
              Does not address strategic issues or questions of who a service
               provider’s target customers should be, what market segments should the
               service provider serve, what are the service provider’s vision, mission,
              A business process framework is one part of the strategic business model
               and business plan for a service provider.
                                                    enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM): The Business Process Framework For The Information
                                                                       and Communications Services Industry, GB921, Version 3.5 (Draft April 2003)

EAB-06:037222 Uen Rev PA1   Ericsson Internal   2                 e-tom model                           2006-08-29
       eTOM business process framework: level 0
      Strategy, Infrastructure & Product                                Operations

         Strategy &           Infrastructure             Product          Operations             Fulfilment     Assurance          Billing
         Commit               Lifecycle                  Lifecycle        Support and
                              Management                 Management       Readiness

            Market, Product and Customer


               (Application, Computing and Network)



     Enterprise Management

              Shareholders                                        Employees                                   Other Stakeholders

EAB-06:037222 Uen Rev PA1            Ericsson Internal        3                         e-tom model                 2006-08-29
    Horizontal process groupings

                           Market, Product and Customer processes:
                            Sales and channel management; marketing management; product and offer
                            management; Customer Relationship Management and ordering; problem
                            handling; SLA management; billing.
                           Service processes:
                            Service development and configuration; service problem management and
                            quality analysis; rating.
                           Resource processes:
                            Develop and manage the enterprise's infrastructure, whether related to
                            products and services (ie. telecoms networks), or to supporting the
                            enterprise itself.
                           Supplier/Partner processes:
                            Interaction with suppliers and partners, including managing the Supply
                            Chain that underpins product and infrastructure, as well as supporting the
                            Operations interface with its suppliers and partners.

EAB-06:037222 Uen Rev PA1       Ericsson Internal   4         e-tom model        2006-08-29
  Vertical process groupings

                           Strategy, Infrastructure and Product processes (“SIP”):
                            Develop strategy; commit to the enterprise; develop and manage products;
                            build infrastructure; develop and manage the Supply Chain. These processes
                            direct and enable the Operations processes.

                           Operations processes:
                            Enable direct interaction with the customer; support customer operations and
                            Fulfilment, Assurance, Billing (“FAB”) are the day-to-day,
                            real-time core of Operations.

                           Enterprise Management processes:
                            Set and monitor strategic corporate goals and objectives;
                            provide support services required throughout the enterprise.
                            (Generic processes required to run any large business.)

EAB-06:037222 Uen Rev PA1           Ericsson Internal   5         e-tom model        2006-08-29
Network Management & S.A. & Billing
~ eTOM
                                                                     Customer Handling Process

                            Ops Support
                                                        Fulfilment          NM & Service Assurance                Revenue
                            & Readiness
                            CRM Support                                                         Customer
                                 &                                           Problem                                Billing &
                                                          Order              Handling           QoS/SLA            Collection
                             Readiness                   Handling                              Management

                            Service Mgmt              Service                Service
                                                                                               Service Quality     Service &
                            & Ops Support          Configuration            Problem
                                                                                                Management          Rating
                             & Readiness            & Activation           Management

                              Resource                                      Resource             Resource           Resource
                             Mgmt & Ops              Resource
                                                                            Trouble             Performance      Data Collection
                              Support &             Provisioning
                                                                           Management           Management        & Processing
                                                                       Connection Technology

                                                                     Domain / Element Managers

                                                          Telecommunication Network

EAB-06:037222 Uen Rev PA1           Ericsson Internal         6                          e-tom model                  2006-08-29
   Service Provisioning according to eTOM
Service Provisioning
  Configuration &           Operations Support
    Activation of           & Readiness                   Fulfillment           Assurance         Billing
 End-user Services,
Resource Allocation

                                                   Customer Relationship Management

                                                        Service Management & Operations

                                                    Resource Management & Operations

                                              Supplier/Partner Relationship Management

EAB-06:037222 Uen Rev PA1      Ericsson Internal    7                   e-tom model         2006-08-29
    Service Layer and eTOM

     Service Network          Strategy, Infrastructure & Product
     It’s about developing
     a controllable
     environment for
     creating, launching,
     managing &
     charging for services                                                 Planning, developing & delivering services,
     beyond voice                                                          including functionalities necessary for
                                                                           defining strategies for service creation &
                                                                           design, managing & assessing performance
                                                                           of existing services & ensuring capabilities
                                                                           are in place to meet future service needs
                                                                           Planning, developing & delivering
                                                                           resources needed to support services &
                                                                           products including functionalities
                                                                           necessary for defining strategies for
                                                                           development of the network & other
                                                                           physical & non-physical resources,
                                                                           introduction of new technologies &
                                                                           interworking with existing ones & ensuring
                                                                           capabilities are in place to meet future
                                                                           service needs

EAB-06:037222 Uen Rev PA1    Ericsson Internal   8           e-tom model     2006-08-29
EAB-06:037222 Uen Rev PA1   Ericsson Internal   9   e-tom model   2006-08-29

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